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As always, I thank my volunteer editors profusely. This is a story that took me by surprise emotionally, and it took some work to get it into shape.

Imagine a cool evening in the summer when the sun is about to set and the day’s heat is breaking. You are in a green park with a small pagoda for concerts and, in the distance, fields for playing soccer and open spaces for kite flying. Beyond sight, a fountain sprays its water into the air, and maybe if the world is quiet enough and you listen very hard you can just hear it from where you now sit. The park is looped by a well-laid white sidewalk along which old women walk slowly talking with their friends, young couples stroll with their children, and triathletes with well-toned bodies run past them all as they dream of finishing the Ironman. Not a hundred feet beyond the sidewalk’s edge lay the beaches of Waikiki with its small surf washing the feet of tourists and locals alike, while the ever-hopeful surfers out in the distance wait for the perfect swell.

It takes a little more effort when you get to 32 to keep the body you want. I remember eating anything I wanted to a decade ago, but now that just doesn’t work. To stay in shape I swim early in the morning at my favorite beach, and then twice a week I go for a run in the evening, when the sun is going down and the air is cool. Besides keeping my stomach flat, I treasure these times most of all for the clarity they bring to my mind. When I’m in stride, it’s hard to worry about the day’s little problems.

My little adventure started at mile 3. That’s where the sidewalk loops around a hedge and merges with a path from the opposite direction. I turned the corner and was immediately faced with a sight to behold. She was jogging in a pair of tiny red running shorts that hung so low on her hips you knew she shaved part of herself. On top she was adorned with a charcoal gray athletic bra that her bosom filled out nicely. She was taller than me – maybe 5’9″ or 5’10” – and had her long black hair in a ponytail that bounced with each step. Her body was long and lean and yet curved. These were all the details I could catch as I ended up a couple steps ahead of her on the path.

I kept jogging, but my sweat-induced meditation was broken, because all I was thinking of now was her. I wanted to look again, but didn’t want to blatantly turn my head and stare. I just continued running, hearing her footsteps behind mine and feeling her presence. I wondered if she was even looking at me. Was I worth looking at in my dark blue athletic shorts? Would she notice my flat stomach exposed by my short t-shirt? Or was she looking up my legs to my rear, watching it move beneath the fabric? I knew the answer was “no”. After all, the chances of her also being a lesbian were low, and I was about 10 years older than her to boot.

I finally turned my head slowly to see her again. As I did, she looked me right in the eyes and smiled, not 3 feet behind me. I turned my head back immediately, my cheeks turning crimson.

She had caught me checking her out.

She was just running along, listening to the I-Pod strapped to her right arm, and she’d gotten caught behind an older woman whom she was too polite to pass and who was eyeing her. I didn’t turn my head again and decided to run a little faster.

I don’t know why I sped up. Was it to get away from her? Maybe I wanted to show I could still hang with her 22 year old body. For whatever reason I did it, I could still hear her behind me. Her long legs were taking fewer steps than mine, but they didn’t seem to be getting any further away or closer. I sped up again.

My legs were beginning to feel a slight burn as I lifted my knees higher, moving faster down the sidewalk. I could feel more sweat on my body being met by the cool air breezing past. My t-shirt was getting damp; my breaths were deeper, more controlled. However, my body kept up the pace, and the feeling of the surprising power tingled through me. Yeah, I still had it.

But I could still feel her footsteps. In fact, they sounded closer than before. She must be right there. Right at my hip.

I sped up again. The pace was now beginning to take real effort. My mind and body began to focus. I spoke inwardly to myself. Breathe. Keep your body relaxed. Feel your feet hitting the pavement.

But her footsteps echoed in my mind.

I finally turned my head to find her not one pace behind me. She was just as beautiful as I was imagining her. She grinned at me and then suddenly put on a burst of speed, pulling even with me.

So that’s how it was going to be?! I sped up too, keeping pace with her. We were both breathing hard. “Race you to the fountain,” she threw at me in one breath, and then took off, leaping ahead of me. Well, fuck.

I wasn’t going to be outdone that easily! I shifted my body into overdrive and we were flying. I hadn’t run so fast in years. Not with such delight. And I was immediately next to her again, actually pulling ahead. She looked at me, this time not with a smile as much as shock, güvenilir bahis and sped up too, finally putting her true abilities to the test. We were running side-by-side as fast as we could down the track. Soon it was hard to tell who was ahead though, as we had to dodge people, getting around the stroller, the woman with the small dog. I was going as fast as I possibly could.

My body felt so alive. My blood rushed through my body warming me before the cool air cooled me back down. But in the back of my mind was always her. I was going to give her everything I had. Wipe that smile off her face. Oh, but what a smile it was and how beautiful she looked when she wore it.

The fountain was in sight now. My lungs and heart were beginning to tire. After all, it was a mile to the fountain from her challenge and we weren’t pacing it. We came together again on the sidewalk still side by side. I stole a glance at her, and she was completely focused. I wanted to bump her, not so I could win, but so I could touch her. I got my mind quickly off of her and back on winning.

There’s a time to think with your heart and a time to let your mind get what your heart wants.

Everything else faded. I just saw the fountain ahead and heard her deep full breaths next to me. I concentrated on my legs and just moved them a little faster than I thought I could. The fountain was almost there.

She was right by me.

Faster. Just a little faster…

I heard the sound of the water, the sound of her breath.

Almost. . . there. . .

Move it, M-Y!

Slap! My hand touched the concrete of the fountain.

I had won.

Wow, I had won!!

“I can’t believe you beat me!” she yelled.

I didn’t answer. I just walked in circles trying to get my breath back. Damn, my body was bursting. My lungs had never worked so hard, but I hadn’t felt so elated in months.

“I can’t believe you beat me!” she yelled again, trying to regain her voice between deep breaths. “You’re amazing.” Deep breaths.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I couldn’t help but grin.

“I’ve never run so hard,” she continued. “My body is burning up.”

“Same here,” I replied. What an idiot. My first words to this angel were “same here”?

“When you sped up the second time in front of me…” she paused for a deep breath. “I just had to race you. I was sure I was going to win.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Leg length. Long legs,” she explained, kicking them out to explain. “And I run everyday.”

“I really wanted to win.” I was still walking, my lungs beginning to relax.

“I can tell.” She extended her hand and smiled again. Oh, that smile. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks. And thanks for daring me. I haven’t run like that in years.”

She laughed. “You’re welcome. I’m just kinda competitive.”

“I’m not. Usually.”

“Why so competitive this time?”

I blushed, unable to think of an answer I dared confess. She looked even better now. Little beads of sweat covered her lean body. I wanted to watch them glide down her smooth, muscled abdomen. Oh, how the water reflected the sun on her golden skin. “I don’t know,” I said, turning redder again.

She looked at me and her cheeks became pink as well. “You’re amazing,” was all she said. Was she checking me out? Her eyes seemed to wander along my legs. I couldn’t blush any harder at this point. “I’m Susana. Susana Kim,” she said.


There was that look again I’ve been hit on enough to catch the glances, but I knew there was no chance I had just gotten in a race with the world’s hottest lesbian. I bottled up the hopes and pushed them back down. Instead, I merely pointed at the sidewalk to indicate I wanted to keep walking with her.

“Do you jog here a lot?” she asked.

“Twice a week.”

“Four times here, but usually mid-morning. I had to change times today.”

I looked up to see the red glow of a sunset as the sun disappeared behind the mountains to the west. The surfers were packing their boards up to call it a night. I loved this time. “Isn’t it too hot then?”

“I like the sun on my skin.”

And my tongue? I wanted to ask, but kept silent. I finally got out, “Do you go to the University?”

“Graduated a couple of years ago, which was a bit early. You?”

“10 years ago.”

She seemed to stumble a little. “What? At 15?”

“Very funny.”

“No really.”

“At 22.”

“Huh. I was debating if you were 25 or 26 when I was running behind you.”

“You’re very kind,” I managed.

“Maybe you just have a great ass.”

I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows at that. She saw my expression and giggled. “Oh well! I knew you’d be straight, but I had to test it. Don’t take offense.”

My heart started thumping. And I thought it was beating hard when I was running! That was nothing compared to this. When running, I made my mind focus on the task at hand. But now, when my angel was hitting on me, I couldn’t think clearly at all.

I lowered my head and then quietly said, türkçe bahis “Actually, I’m not.”

She stopped in her tracks and turned to me. I just looked up at her with my hands on my knees still breathing. She seemed to be searching my eyes for something. I watched a droplet of sweat roll along the curve of her neck.

“Not what?” she asked. I don’t think she believed what I’d said.

“I’m not straight,” I told her simply, raising my hands from my knees and walking beside her.

“Huh,” she said and without a further word we started walking again.

“Does that surprise you?” I asked.

“I just don’t trust my luck,” she returned.

“We just met.”

“I know.”

“I love those red shorts, by the way,” I said and felt my eyes twinkle with mischief.



“When you were running ahead of me, I absolutely hated your shorts.”

I looked at my plain blue cotton running shorts that stopped about mid-thigh. She was right. They were kind of boring.

“Yeah, they were in the way of what I really wanted to look at,” she finished.

Oh my, I thought. This was her second mention of my cute rear already. Maybe swimming was helping me out more than I realized.

“You’re very forward,” I replied.

“I know.” She actually sounded a bit chastened. This woman was a really curious mix of self-confidence and sensitivity. “It gets me in trouble a lot.”

I took her hand in mine. “I like it.”

We walked in silence for a minute hand-in-hand. I felt drops of sweat from our arms periodically slide over our fingers and on to the sidewalk below. After a bit she quietly asked, “Are you seeing anyone?”

“No,” I answered and felt my voice break. I could sense our hands slowly caressing one another, unable to stop our bodies from touching. “You?” I asked.


We continued walking. Our blood was pumping through our bodies, heating us up. I love good exercise.

Our hands began to wander more. Her hand would grasp mine as if she intended to not let it move, but then it would move beyond her control and touch the slip of stomach that my top didn’t cover. My hand also moved of its own accord along her back before I took it away again. But when the hands were together, they kept sliding up and down one another, unable to stay still.

“Where are you going now?” she asked.

“Car lot by the beach. You?”


“Oh. That’s just past, right?”


I noticed our breathing getting shallower. The tension between the two of us was becoming unbearable.



“I’m leaving the islands next week. Grad school at Berkeley.”

I closed my eyes, not letting the information overwhelm me. There goes another one, I thought.

“Unless you don’t want me to go,” she continued.

I froze. In her sexual excitement, she was willing to give up Berkeley to pursue something with me, a woman she had just met. It was crazy! This was just lust, wasn’t it? It wasn’t logical for it to be anything more. I tried to calm the thoughts running through my mind. It was my job to be the older one here; to tell her what was proper.

I took both her hands in mine and leaned forward to kiss her lips tenderly. Our lips brushed against one another, warm and inviting. I felt her breath on my face as I moved my head back from the soft kiss.

“I feel the same way,” I answered, “but you must go. It’s not just feelings. There’s all sort of other things in our lives we have to think about. I would be devastated to take you away from that. I am guessing it is something you have been working towards for years.” She put her head down slowly. “I won’t ask that of you,” I insisted.

We started walking again. The sun was down now and fewer people were around. The heat of the day was gone, but I felt no relief at the moment, because my heart was on fire.

She leaned over as we walked and kissed the side of my face. “We have a week though.”

I smiled. “Yes, we do.”

“That’s 188 hours.”

“Mmm,” I agreed. “I won’t calculate the minutes.”

“It’s a lot.”

“Yes, it is.” Almost grinning now.

“You can do a lot in a week.”

“You can do a lot in an hour with the right person.”

“I have an hour right now,” she said clutching my hand tight.

“I’ve got as many hours as you can give me,” I let her know.

“I’ve wanted you since I saw your cute little butt in front of me.” Her delightful aggressiveness was back.

“I thought you were a dream when you came around that corner.”

“I have an idea,” she said, pulling me towards the beach. I followed happily, not sure what she had in mind, but if she had any one of the thousands of ideas I had right then, then I was about to be the happiest woman on the planet. Half way there she stopped and unlaced her running shoes. I copied her and soon we were barefoot, walking, then skipping, then running hand in hand through the grass to the beach.

We hit the beach laughing. I pulled her into the ocean, the cool water lapping güvenilir bahis siteleri at our ankles and then turned to her again. Our lips met and this time there was no hesitation––only passion. Passion that we only had a week. Passion that we had just met. Passion that what we had hoped for on first sight was becoming reality. We held each other’s hands, as our lips tasted one another, as if we might explore the other person’s heart by exploring their bodies.

After several minutes we pulled back. I wanted her more than anything, but as I looked around, there were still many tourists along the beach. My dream of making love to her on the sand would have to wait. She saw me looking at the interfering tourists and smiled. “Remember, I had an idea. Follow.”

She led me a little ways down and then began to ascend the steps of one of the orange lifeguard stations.

The steps lead up to a flat second floor where the lifeguard would sit to watch the swimmers. Behind that flat area were two doors not three feet tall that closed off a small space behind it that was semi-private. It wasn’t locked and Susana pulled me into the little room.

“People can see us,” I told her.

“Not if we lay on the floor,” she responded with a grin and lay back on to the wooden planks, holding her arms out for me. I looked out to see some people strolling a little ways away. I wasn’t really an exhibitionist! Then I looked down at her looking up at me hopefully, and there was no way I was passing this up. I descended to the floor on top of her and our lips met again. This time we kissed in earnest.

Her mouth was wider than mine and she covered me with it. I searched for her tongue, finding it and taking it into my mouth sucking it into me. Oh what heaven. I felt her tongue moving against my lips moving from side to side. I ran my fingers through her hair as I sucked her mouth, and then our tongues met and wrestled again for victory. I quickly licked her face with my tongue, licking the sweat from her silken skin, tasting her, letting the salty feel of her linger on my tongue. I was still staring at her golden face, when she too attacked me with her mouth. We started to struggle over who would lick the other’s skin next. I wanted to giggle as our competitive spirit came alive again in this new fashion. Our hot breath mingled in the small space between us. I could feel the air from her body dallying around my mouth, nostrils, and eyes before I breathed it inside of me, taking a further piece of her into me. We grinned as we both tried to dodge the other’s tongue in order to lick our partner’s face. I went for her nose when she got me on the chin. She got her tongue on one of my eyelids and laughed at my reaction. But while her happy voice rang out, I made my move and got a tickling lick on each side of her mouth. She touched at the places I had licked with her hands, while still smiling at me. All I could see was her smile and her shining white teeth.

She suddenly grabbed my head so I couldn’t move and then moved her face up to lick my forehead.

“Hey, no fair!” I complained. And then I saw her inviting neck and covered it with my mouth, licking her salty skin, still covered in sweat. She moaned lightly at this new sensation. “Never mind,” I said as I continued to run her tongue around her neck.

“Oh, I am so gonna make you orgasm first,” she claimed.

You can never hear that too much, I thought.

“Oh, really?” I said, and pulled her ear lobe between my lips, at the same time placing my hand between her thighs, rubbing lightly.

She let out a squeak and then her breaths became very shallow as I continued rubbing her through those tiny red running shorts. The first sensation was the slickness of the material. The second was the feel of her outer labia through the fabric. Then after just a second, it was the slow warmth emanating from her, seeping into my hand. She was hot, steaming. I started to notice the smell in the air from her. I closed my eyes, smelling the sex, smelling her body, a body that was excited about, of all things, me.

Soon, she recovered enough to say, “Uh huh, I am,” and pushed her hand down my own shorts, finding my pussy under the soaked panties.

I gasped as her fingers pressed against my wet insides and said, “We shouldn’t do too much.” Both of us were breathing hard as we touched each other. “I’m very loud,” I explained. “I say things I shouldn’t.”

She started licking around my ear now, as she rubbed my panties into me. “Well, then, this time, be quiet, or we’ll have to put something in your mouth.”

I pushed away from her and sat up so that I was straddling her hips. I took the hand that had been touching me and pulled it up to my face. “Something like this?” I asked and sucked three of her fingers into my mouth.

Her face took on the loveliest little pout that said, “Oh, I didn’t expect something that good” and watched me, as I licked up and down her fingers.

“Talk about hot,” she said, closing her eyes and concentrating on the warm feel of my mouth on her fingers. “That run, you, and now this.” I said nothing and only licked her palm with my tongue and then began to nibble down her arms until my body was folded over hers, our breasts touching. “C’m here,” she said and started kissing me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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