( 10 ) Steve gets a load of new guys this time

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The last long weekend at Steve’s had earnt us $1500, not bad as we enjoy the fucking, but seeing as he is charging the guys to cum along and fuck us, Its only fair we get some of the money.

So when Steve said he wanted to arrange another long weekend, we set it up for 2 weeks time, saying to make sure Carol comes along, but not to tell her about the money, as she might get upset.

Friday night we got to Steve’s around 6 pm, a few cars aready praked in his drivway told us things would start straight away, so stripping of we walked in, the guys more than happy to see us, cocks stood up as Joy walked in naked.

We soon got thier cocks wet in our holes, more guys turned up later as we were kept them all busy, my ass was opened up and a good load of cum dropped in very quickly by one of the new guys, Joy also had a fresh cock filling her pussy as another guys fucked her mouth, while she sucked a cock or two.

Steve took Joy, impalling her frimly on his cock, then told another guy to shove his cock in with his, both fucking her ass nicely. She always looks good with two or three guys using her, I went over and stuck my cock in her mouth as another cock eased into my ass, as he thrust into me, my cock went down her throut, Steve looked up with a appreicative smile, he knows now that we will be here till Sunday having fun, and now we both make some money too.

They fucked Joy for ages, before filling her ass with their cum, she swung around, sucking both cocks dry as steve ate the cum from her hole.

As the night progressed we both took on all the guys, and took turns having his dogs fuck us too, I guessed about 20 guys were here tonight, as Joy took on the black horse for her first one this weekend, the guys love seeing her ass or pussy taking his bog cock, they always cheer her on, I watched her let Steve shove his cock in her ass, Joy sniffing the amyl as Steve gave the horse plenty of mares scent to get him going.

She took it all in her ass, the flared head bulging her body as it held the cum inside her hole, then whilst still coming, he pulled back, more cum splashed over her body and the guys around her, I went canlı bahis over licking horst cum from her body with the help of a few other guys, others fucked her gapping ass or pussy as we did.

I took on the next horse, his cock going in nicely, it sure does help sniffing the amyl though to loosen our anus, as thier cocks are huge, but once in, what a feeling.

He fucked me for about 5 minutes before filling my body to over flowing, if the head holds firm the pressure of the cum can hurt a bit, my orgasm kept coming as he flooded my bowels to the max, then as I had one huge orgasm his cock slipped out, cum shot over my back, as I tried to hold in as much of his cum as I could.

Once I could walk, I stood over Joy, and let it drop into her mouth, she ate it all as I went down kissing her and sharing his load, a cock shot up my ass and fucked me whilst I bent over.

By early morning we had both taken on all the dogs and horse’s, as well as the guys, our holes more than contented we told them it was time for some rest, ready for the long weekend to come.

All day Saturday guys turned up and used our bodies, when either of us felt ready we took on a horse to give them a show, Joy always gets the most guys watching, which is expected, bt I enjoy them just as much, we saw Steve talking to the guys, some we had never seen, others had fucked us before, but still more turned up.

At one time whilst I was taking a break, I spoke to Steve, and asked him how come there were so many guys here, he had put a advert in one of the contact mags and shops, telling people about the orgy, so he was busy talking to them on the phone and of course taking the money when they arrived for a lot of the time.

I told Steve that even we had a point where our bodies couldn’t go any further, so no more than 50 or so today please, and laughed as I wobbled away.

Joy was going well, most of the time she was happy with two or three fucking her, knowing if we let the horses fuck us to much our holes would get to sore, but still the amount of cum pooling under her was growing quickly, some guys will only fuck with a condom, but often pull bahis siteleri that off to blow over her face or in her mouth, but most like to fuck us and fill our holes with cum, feeling the heat from other guys cum inside us, is also a turn on for a lot of guys too.

As the sun went down things got busier, we kept up the pace, taking on two or more guys at a time to keep them all happy, I saw Joy really going of when three guys used her and made her cum just about constantly, when I saw thier cocks, no wonder each one was about 8 inchs long and thick.I’ll say this carefully, we don’t have many dark guys turn up, because where we live the numbers are low, but when I saw a nice big dark cock aimed at my butt, I pushed back hard, his meat felt great, filling my ass nicely he took his time working my g spot and sending me higher than any other guy had today, he was really good, I turned and told him I want your number before you leave please.

I sucked on a few more cocks and then asked him if he wanted to dp me with another cock, he smiled and said could I take it, I replied, can only try, with that I found a willing hard cock and lay over him, sliding him in first I asked the dark guy to shove his cock back in, he went slow but soon found his balls slapping against my ass, both worked up speed as my orgasm took over my body.

All too soon one of them jerked and shot me full of cum, looking back it wasnt the dark guy, so once more another hard cock was sought out and I slide on that, going back to enjoying two more cocks fucking my ass, then a wilder more intense jerking, as both guys set one another off, that was it, I shook and went crazy in a huge anal orgasm, when we slowed and I lay next to them, the dark guy said that was great, he had never dp an ass before.

I said want to see how I can open up for cocks like that, he smiled, so walking out side and lay on the frame, Steve led the horse up and his cock went in my cummy ass, and with some amyl and a few more strokes the full lenght filled my ass, my mouth now stuffed full of a growing black cock.

He really enjoyed seeing me take on the horse, his cock was hard in seconds, my mouth bahis şirketleri having trouble getting more than half in, then when the horse blew his cum deep inside me, I thought i was going to choke on his cock, he pushed it so far in I gagged big time, then the horse pulled back, cum shot over us both, his cock pulled out of my mouth as he was hit by reams of horse cum.

He lay in front of me now, shocked by the sight he had just seen, horse cum showing up white on his skin, I stood over him and dropped out more, including what every cum was left from his session too, his face was one of pure delight.

I asked his name, Lewis said hello, and told me that was worth every dollar he had paid, I said its not over yet, come with me, and told several other guys to join us, going in the shower, I knelt down, soon my body was a wash with piss, Lewis looked on stunned, but I saw him grab his cock and wait, as his piss started he aimed it at my face, hot piss streamed out, joining the stream from other cocks.

I told him to stop mid stream then bent over, sliding his cock in my ass once more, then said let the rest go now, at first he had trouble but my ass soon felt the heat of his piss inside me. I asked Lewis if he had ever tried water aports before he nodded No, holding his hand I got him to kneel, my cock now let fly, washing the horse cum from his beauifull body.

Lewis and a few others joined me in the shower, before we headed back for more fum, Joy was now taking one of the horses, so Lewis went out to watch her ass being ripped apart by him, as I was bent down and used once more.

The rest of the night and Sunday went along much the same, as Joy and I took on every guy that turned up, and gave then a show with the dogs and horsees, but Sunday after noon we had to call it quits, our bodies worn out, and every hole twice as big as when we arrived.

We made sure we swapped number’s with Lewis, and told him to call soon, he was more than happy and left smiling. Joy spoke to Steve as we left, her dress still in the car, but he gave her a small bag, saying thanks, as we drove home, Joy opened the bag, over $2000 she guessed, not bad for a good fucking, Lewie would be more than happy fucking us free next time we said too. It was a shame Carol hadn’t turned up but more cocks for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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