1derful Tease Ch. 03

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Tease 3

Saturday morning…

The phone rang sometime around nine. I listened to the phone at the top of my bed chirp out the second string.

“Hello.” My dad said coughing to get his voice as he sat up and slid up against the head board.

“No I’m up. I was just eating some toast is all.” He said in a groggy voice.

I rolled over and looked up at him silently. With a silent whisper I asked, “Is that Mom?”

He nodded his head as he closed his eyes for a brief moment. “Yeah um, Tonight?” He looked at me, and smiled as his hand caressed my cheek so tenderly.

I smiled back as I placed my arm over his lap quickly noticing he was still naked. My head came to rest next to his thigh.

“Yes, I am alone. Why?” He looked back down at me placing his finger over my mouth.

I sucked it playfully as he pulled it away suddenly.

“He wants you to do what? With who?” As he brushed his fingers through my hair.

My hand felt his limp penis as it dangled between his legs. Blindly I bobbled it up and down with my fingers. It was funny as it would flip up, and pause a moment then droop down. I placed my head on his lap so I could see more. He continued to talk to mom. I knew she was what was important to him right at the moment. Part of me was upset, and the other part knew what was real.

I heard dad say, “It has to be tonight? What time? OK.”

I looked up at him and just frowned taking in a deep breath. I continued to play with his weenie. It was beginning to grow. I watched, as every flick made caused it to grow like a magic mushroom. It grew in every direction at once. I gave of a small giggle as it was funny it looked like a sponge growing.

“And who exactly is going to be having sex with you.” I looked up in shock. “You don’t exactly know the other guys name? Don’t you think you better at least get some condoms? Because you aren’t going to do it without one, especially if we don’t know him.”

For a second I wondered if dad had forgotten I was in the room. I felt like I should hide or something.

“Mm Hmm, Yup I know him.” Dad looked down at me and smiled again letting out a little silent laugh as he breathed through his nose.

I smiled as I looked at his penis and holding it up I saw it drip a small drop of precum. My thumb traced it gently over the head making it super slippery to my touch. The head just swelled in size as I played with it. I took note looking intently he was definitely bigger than James I am not sure how much bigger, but it was big. More so it was fat.

“What time?” He said into the phone.

I brought the tip near my mouth and placed it against my lips. The skin was warm and so soft to the touch on my lips. I parted my lips and proceeded to allow the head to glide over my tongue. It was not the easiest trick to get the head into my mouth. I sucked down a little as my teeth cleared the soft top of the head.

Dad’s hand pushed on my forehead firmly, I sucked down hard he pushed me back. The cock popped out of my mouth with a sclr-pop. I laughed out loud.

Dad placed his finger to his mouth. Then talking into the phone, “Oh that is just Kay, she just came into the kitchen.” He gave me the evil eye stare glare.

I held his cock firm and sucked it again and this time I let out an “Mmm” as I sucked on it. He placed his hand on my forehead again I began to get real loud with my “Mmm” until he stopped pushing then I was quiet. I jerked at his shaft as it was too big to really swallow him in my mouth. Once every so often I would stop, Taking breaths as I released the soft head to lick it top and bottom.

Dad spoke into the phone, “You know what I can’t make it tonight. _____ Yeah, Kay just reminded me I promised to take her out to eat tonight as we never did go the other weekend. You know?” He was silent.

I stopped, leaving the knob just in my mouth as I listened.

“I know we will have to do it some other night. No, No, Yup ___ No you go, but please be careful. Ok I love you too. _____ Oh no sorry, she just went into the bathroom. Yes I will tell her, Ok, Bye.” Dad hung up the phone.

I continued to suck and stroke his cock as he placed the phone back. Then he watched me with a meaningful stare. He didn’t say anything just watched. I don’t know what he was exactly looking for, but I kept looking up at him. This went on for another five to ten minutes.

Jerking rapidly on his shaft and sucking hard with my lips. Dad adjusted him self so he was now kneeling in front of me then facing the other way. He pulled the covers off and just pulled my body toward his bringing my pussy right to his tongue. I let out a little peep of a moan as he lapped with his wet tongue. My mouth barely made his erection as I slipped my lips over it once more.

I could hear him sniffing and licking as his thumb and finger of one hand played with my clit and his other hand kneaded at my ass, drawing me into his tortuous assault. He was giving plenty of tongue action that was for sure. canlı bahis şirketleri As if he had never done this before his anxious mouth kissed and licked like a professional.

My legs wiggled as I felt his finger enter my anus. They shook like frog legs stretching and curling as I began to orgasm into his mouth. I wanted to scream and I wanted to make his cock cum so bad. I jerked furiously hard on the shaft only pausing as I shuddered out another orgasm. I had as much cock as I could take into my mouth. I then rubbed his testicles as though I was polishing an apple. My other hand getting tired was still jerking him rapidly.

I felt his tongue reach deep into my pussy as it wiggled around the opening, his mouth made a suction noise as he devoured all I had to give. I couldn’t take much more and let out a scream of ecstasy briefly as my mouth all wet sucked back on his hard cock.

Dad stopped, and sucked hard on my crotch right near my pussy he would kiss my leg and then kiss my pussy then suck the inseam of my leg. Dad let out a roar as he bit my leg. His waist thrusted toward me in small humps as his cock just passed through my lips.

I could feel the strain passing through his cock as he slapped my ass and said, “I am coming!”

I worked too hard to let him not cum at this point. I held it just past the edge of my lips and he jerked in my hand as the cum all warm and silky flew into my mouth like a small squirt gun filled with warm water that you drink from the tip. I felt it hit the roof of my mouth, I swallowed. My hand jerked him, again he shot off another stream. I had just caught my breath as another stream let go. Some of it dripped out in my breath. I sucked again drawing some light left over cum out with the suction of my mouth. His balls twitched and grew tight in my hand as I sucked. I was suddenly noticing the taste from the residue. It had a partially very light salty taste mixed with a slippery gel texture.

Dad said, “Ok enough, it is getting sensitive.”

I took a last big suck as I let it fall out of my mouth. I laid down my head on his stomach. I could feel the dribbles of cum that had dropped to his stomach on the side of my forehead. But I was fine with it for the moment, as my pussy shook and I could actually feel it still tingling as it slowly dripped. Dad would just give it a quick kiss like he was worshiping it pausing long between.

Not long after I had gotten up and took a shower. When I returned to my room Dad was gone I figured he also went to shower and stuff. I just threw on a pair of bike shorts and a tee shirt made my way to the kitchen. I started a brew of coffee and some toast. Then went to brush out my hair before it became entangled and knotted.

I returned to the kitchen and was smattering jelly on the simple toast. Dad came up from behind me and placed his arms around me squishing me into the counter a bit. He kissed me gently on the top of my head and then kissed at my neck. The kiss sent shivers and goose bumps down my body. I was laughing as I told him to quit it because it tickled. I scrunched my shoulder, and head to block him at the same time.

He spanked my ass and had a seat at the table waiting, and looking at me with a smile as I served him. I was delighted to hold his attention. I was even happier to know I wasn’t the only one just loving the moment.

Dad said, “Kay we need to discuss what we are going to do, you know?”

I just shook my head yes, as I bit into the toast making a mess.


To sum up the conversation as to not drag this part out into the next two chapters. I did not want my dad to inform my mother of what we were doing. Nor did I want him to divorce my mother, so that it was just him and me. I wanted in many ways to have him all to my self, but in many ways I like the way our family was. Dysfunctional family, yes but together, the three of us.

I understood this meant when she was home or about, it was inevitable we could not be so open with one another. I also knew that Mom was not home most weekends and worked most days during the week. The hard part was to acknowledge, and I had to accept he would still have to be with her in the various intimate ways.

We also agreed it was really great sex, but we should not make too much of a habit of it. I think that was said so we had a rule to break. The reality I gathered was we shouldn’t be doing this incase something goes wrong. However he did not want to stop any more than I did. Actually I think he wanted it more than I did. Dad being older than I, he was able to hide it better.

There was a lot of little stuff like no more teasing or any kind of stuff that might get us caught. More or less this consumed the day pretty much. I know what your thinking it looks like dad got his cake and ate it too, that really wasn’t the case. I had just as much say in what we agreed upon, and it was my choice to keep it quiet. We both knew things could change, but for right now this is how canlı kaçak iddaa I wanted it.

Really it was a long conversation and a lot more involved. We both needed to know exactly where the other person stood in, what happened and what to expect in the future. Not to disappoint anyone, but it wasn’t about sex. It was about what happens now because of sex, but not the sex that hasn’t happened yet.


Sometime around 430ish Erica came over. Dad had made nice greetings and then kind of disappeared. Erica and I more or less talked about nothing as we played scrabble. It was still warm outside but it was almost too muggy to be anywhere but within the air condition.

Dad only came back around six to ask if we were still going out tonight. I looked at Erica who dad turned and invited her to come out with us. He smiled at me and said, “You both need to dress appropriate though as this is a nice place not jeans tonight.”

Erica twisting her head with a stupid looking grin said, “Ok. Let me call my mom and tell her. I am sure it will be alright.”

While Erica was on the phone I followed dad to his room. “Why did you invite her? I don’t mind it is just.” I was suddenly at a loss for words.

Dad closed the bedroom door and pressed me against the wall giving me a little kiss on the lips. “We have all night. Besides you can’t ignore your friends. Remember we agreed everything is to remain the way it was before?”

I looked at him, “I know it was just tonight. ____ Well, to be honest after talking all day I am really, you know?”

Dad laughed, “No, I don’t know, so why don’t you tell me?” Kissing me a little more and I felt his hand press against my bra-less breasts.

I reached out and cupped his crotch through his shorts. I laughed through my teeth as I bit on his lower lip. I looked at him and wrapping my arms around his neck asked, “What does daddy want me to wear?”

Dad smiled and looking me over he says, “You know that black mini skirt you have?” I nodded biting my own lower lip.

Dad removed my arms kissed my forehead and opened the door. I heard him say, “Erica if you like I can drop you off and we can wait as you get ready it is no big deal.”

I walked out to the kitchen a second later as Erica was saying how she was going to just run home now and get ready. Dad was quick to leave us alone. Erica asked “What are you wearing?”

I looked at her and said with a grin, “I don’t know, I was thinking my black mini. What do you think?”

“Is that going to be ok with your dad?” She said, with a look of surprise.

I walked her toward the door being quiet I said, “Who is chicken now?” Raising my eyebrow toward Erica as I smirked with great pleasure in my voice.

Erica replied, “Bite your tongue girl, you know it ain’t me!”

I looked her in the eye calling her bluff, “No panties either! Huh, beat that!”

Erica said, “Fine with me and I’ll up you with no bra to boot!” Erica sticking her tongue out at me like she just won.

I smiled, “You’re not going to win tonight honey, now get out of here! You bad girl! We’ll see you in a little bit.” We exchanged a quick light hug and off she went.

I was getting ready standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I was all dressed up but I can never have enough time to make minute changes to my hair and make-up. I could hear Dad calling from the kitchen but ignored him for the moment.

The phone rang and I could just barely hear him say, “Ok we will be there in a moment if Kay ever comes out from the bathroom.”

I placed down the brush and turning off the light, I exited quickly to the Kitchen. Dad was hanging up the phone looking at me crossing the kitchen says, “That was Erica.”

Pausing to gawk at me, “I told her we would be right over.”

I smiled, “How do I look?” giving a slow twirl not to mess my hair.

“You look ___ you look, dam you look very good.” he said. Then he came closer to me and I felt his hand caress my ass. As his fingers curled the fabric just below my cheeks they tickled the underside of my ass. Then as I pushed his hand away he looked at me with a grin saying, “You’re not wearing panties?”

I had small heels on, the black mini, a matching blouse, and some accent jewelry. I was feeling pretty darn hot as I strolled to the door entering the garage pulling down the skirt as much as possible. Opening the door to the garage I felt Dad lift my long hair off my back and could hear him smell the fragrance before it slid out of his hand flopping back. I never looked but just said, “You’re demented you know that?” turning I smiled as he chuckled to my response shaking his head.

I walked over to what dad referred to as his toy. Dad said, “What about Erica did you forget?”

I gave him a dumb look with my tongue out, “Duh, no I didn’t forget. Hmm let me see Erica is going to dress something like this.” Using my hands to display what I was wearing. “Do you really want her sitting in the back?” I fluttered canlı kaçak bahis my eyes at him. Then paused waiting for the no answer that never came. “I didn’t think so. If we take the little car we will just have to share the front seat, won’t we?”

Dad nodded his head then replied, “I thought you didn’t like me looking at Erica?”

I laughed, “That was then, this is now. You can look just behave, and remember I come first. Got it, good lets go!”

I climbed into the little sports car as it sat so low to the ground. Dad entered the other side and looked right up my skirt. I pulled the fabric down as it barely hid anything. He looked at me and said, “Are you sure about this?” Starting the car as the garage door opened.

I spread my legs wide as the skirt became nonexistent, “Why is this going to bother you?” I held my gaze on him as he viewed my nakedness.

Placing the vehicle in gear he sped off out the door saying in a deep voice, “Not at all” placing his hand over my pussy.

I pulled his hand away and exclaimed to him, “Just drive! Maybe if you behave we will see about later.” Dad had a pout face on, I was laughing at him. “Just think of tonight as a big tease from me to you.” I leaned up and over, and kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled and said, “OK! But tease me good!”

The little car revved high as it down shifted and we turned into Erica’s driveway, coming to a stop. Dad got out and was greeting with Erica’s mom as she came over to the car. Erica was first getting in. I looked at her as she was dressed nice in a fluttery summer skirt that was much longer than I expected, but it was still mid thigh. Erica squished me over as I still looked at her strangely.

“Don’t say a word!” Erica said, reaching far and closing the door.

I laughed as I said in a baby voice, “Mommy dress me please!” then ducking as her hand slapped the back of my head. “Ouch you over dressed bitch! That hurt! And push over.” I knew she couldn’t.

Dad re-entered the car and said as he backed out, “Erica you look very nice.”

This prompted Erica to stick her tongue out at me. I just snared at her and said, “Don’t stick that thing out at me unless you intend to use it.”

Erica blushed in the mixed company and didn’t reply. It remained fairly quiet until we arrived at the restaurant. We exited the tiny car and made our way to the front door.

I stopped and asked dad, “So what do you prefer the sexy look or the girl next door?” Erica’s mouth opened in disbelief and dismay.

Dad rolled his eyes shaking his head, “I’ll take one of each if that is not being too greedy?”

It was not the answer I was looking for but it would suffice. We both took an arm and continued our way into the place. It was packed with people right to the door.

My dad is good he already made reservations for a private cooking table. The place was one of those Japanese restaurants, where they cook in front of you. We were immediately seated with about six other people. Erica was still on one side I was on the other.

I found myself suddenly not as comfortable as I had been up until this point. The chairs were actually like bar stools and the mini skirt was never intended for sitting never mind stools. I pulled in close to the table/counter and did my best to not expose everything to anyone who walked by. I caught a few stares but pretended I didn’t know what they saw.

We ordered and it was entertaining to watch the Chef toss shrimp and other parcels of food around. We carried on with some conversations, and soon enough it was over. Instead of having desert we all opted for going out for ice cream.

After our delightful meal we were soon back in the parking lot. This time I agreed to sit on Erica’s lap to the ice cream place and she would sit on me back home. Erica sat in the car, and then I tried one way then another to get in. It was impossible with the mini skirt to not be exposed. Erica was laughing while she was taking in the moment. She in a moment’s time watched my Dad’s response, and exactly what I was displaying to him as I finally entered her lap.

I finally replaced the skirt to a location it would cover most of my privates, and then closed the door. This was not much better for being comfortable, but dad seemed to like it.

We barely started moving and I felt the skirt rising up my leg. Wasn’t much so I pulled it back down in place. Within a second it was up again. I turned my head so I was looking at Erica and loudly whispered, “Nock it off!” my eyes glaring like I was angry.

She did not pay attention so I continued to fuss with the skirt hem for another six times or so. Then I turned back to her and said quietly, “I’m not going to fix it again if you don’t cut it out!”

Erica laughed and dad asked, “What’s so funny?”

We both just said, “Nothing!”

Erica still persisting slid the skirt up a little to tease me again. I held my arms crossed as I whispered “I’m not! So nock it off!”

Erica whispered back in my ear. “You love it don’t you?” as she slid it up a hair more.

From my slightly leaned back position I could see the edge of my puffed up lips from between my bent waist. My legs were closed but that just pushed the skin to accentuate the mounded crevice.

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