2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 01

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Summary: Submissives learn that every cunt has its own unique flavour

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the original idea for what turned out to be a very lengthy, complex story in the vein, I hope, of my ‘Catching Mommy’ series except without the incest (mostly).

Note 2: Edited by H.S., Robert, and Sophia for editing this story.

Note 3: New edit September 2016 by Tex Beethoven.

This is the third part of a series. And although you could probably read it as a stand-alone story, I’m not sure it would make a lot of sense, since parts one and two were heavy on plot and character development. That said, if you don’t want to read parts one and two (which I think are two of the better stories I’ve written… so I highly recommend you do), or if you’ve read them already but need a refresher, here it is:

2 Mistresses Part One: A Study in Seduction

Mistress 1: Carolyn Adams is a successful businesswoman in her forties with years of experience seducing young straight women. At a high-end bar, she meets and seduces a sweet, beautiful actress and turns her into her submissive pet by using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Carolyn believes in sweet seductions and uses the allure of lingerie, and especially stockings, to enhance her exotic appeal.

Mistress 2: Samantha Summers is a spoiled, rich woman in her twenties who enjoys seducing older, straight women. While Carolyn is tender and thoughtful about her seductions, Samantha is aggressive and threatening in hers. On a flight, she dommes the first-class flight attendant by using her bitchy persona and beauty to get what she wants. Samantha believes in domination and control and uses threats and her fragrant red bush to draw women in. Unlike Carolyn, she hates stockings and almost never wears them.


2 Mistresses Part Two: Creating Submissives

Mistress 1: Carolyn Adams brings her newest pet home to live with her and begin to learn the rules of true submissiveness.

Mistress 2: Samantha Summer seduces a celebrity and brings her home to make the innocent movie and television star into a complete lesbian cum slut.


The Main Cast So Far (although there are many minor characters who will come and go throughout the story):


Carolyn Adams: Seductive mid-forties Mistress, entrepreneur of a ‘for women’ website and CEO of the fast growing “Elegance Stockings” brand.

Mindy: Sweet southern girl who moves to Los Angeles to become an actress and ends up being seduced by Carolyn and finding her true purpose in life as a submissive.

Carmen: Beautiful Latina who was once Samantha’s pet but has since become Carolyn’s live-in pet and the one responsible for Mindy’s training.

Pam Thomas: The current ‘it’ girl in Hollywood, a submissive to Carolyn and the spokesperson and model for Carolyn’s “Elegance Stockings” line.


Samantha Summers: Dominant mid-twenties Mistress, rich socialite, who wants revenge on Carolyn for stealing Carmen.

Chloe: A former no-nonsense police officer, who after being dommed by Samantha, quits her job and becomes her personal sex-slave assistant.

Laura Madison: Twenty-one years old, 36C breasts is an ex-Disney television star who unlike many others has maintained her moral code post-Disney… until last night.

Day 1 of Pet Training

Samantha Summers

Laura woke to find herself completely naked with something around her neck. As she sat up and looked around, last night came flooding back to her. She had had lesbian sex with a total stranger. ‘Shit!’ What if some tabloid had seen her get into Samantha’s limousine, or what if this woman sold her story to the news? One careless night and her entire image could be ruined.

Suddenly, Laura’s pussy began buzzing just as Samantha walked in, naked except for a small strap-on cock and said, “Good morning, my pussy munching, pussy gaping and soon to be ass taking Southern bimbo.”

Laura remembered similar words really getting her off last night. But that was last night. This was today and the insatiable lust that drove her into a wild wicked night of lesbian submission was gone completely and replaced by complete anxiety . She stammered, even as the buzzing continued in her cunt, “I-I-I need to go.”

“Not until I fuck that ass of yours,” Samantha said, the remote control for the egg in her pet’s pussy in her right hand.

“Please,” Laura said, the intense buzzing already distracting her, “I need to go now. My boyfriend will be worried sick.”

“Don’t worry, I texted him last night from your phone telling him you were staying at a friend’s,” Samantha said, canlı bahis not lying; she had done that shortly after Laura had passed out from an overdose of extreme sexual pleasure.

“What did you say?” Laura asked, concerned.

“It doesn’t matter,” Samantha sighed. “You’re my slut now, not his.”

“Yesterday was a mistake,” Laura said, completely mortified that she had let herself succumb to this situation last night. She moved her hands to her pussy to get whatever was inside her out.

“Stop now, slut!” Samantha ordered, as she stalked to the bed.

Laura obeyed, startled by the sudden dominant tone.

“You’re in denial,” Samantha explained, pushing the twenty-one year old onto her back. “You’re my slut and I’m your what?”

“Please, last night wasn’t me,” Laura protested. “It was a mistake!”

Samantha laughed as she got on the bed. “Did I make you get into my limo?”

“No,” Laura admitted, as she felt the woman’s hand go to her buzzing pussy. She didn’t know why she’d entered Samantha’s limo. Sure, she’d had a couple drinks, but not enough to not know what she was doing. No, she hadn’t been blackmailed… she chose to go. She couldn’t explain it… she had felt compelled to obey, to feel more of the surprising pleasure that the seductress had given her with only a single finger.

“Did I make you eat my pussy?” Samantha asked, as she tapped the girl’s clit.

“Nooooo,” Laura moaned, the double pleasure already transforming her once again into the lustful slut she had been last night.

“Did I force you to declare me your Mistress?” Samantha questioned, always enjoying when a pet had second thoughts. Only once, early in her life as a Mistress, had a ‘turn’ broken away the next day. And only one other time had a committed pet left her… Carmen had been stolen by Carolyn… that was the reason for Samantha’s burning desire for revenge, and she planned to take that revenge very, very soon… with the invaluable help of this very same confused celebrity. That said, she was a little concerned with the behaviour of Governor Green of late… something else she would have to deal with very soon.

“No,” Laura again admitted, as the woman’s finger went inside her and again found her g-spot. “Oh, fuck.”

“‘Oh fuck,’ what, my little cunt-licking celebrity?” Samantha questioned, knowing the brief resistance was already over.

So horny again, so unable to think straight, she again declared the obvious, “Oh fuck, Mistress, I need to come so bad.”

“But I thought you wanted to leave?” Samantha teased, as she grasped the vibrating egg that was inside the new slut and held it on her g-spot.

“Fuuuuuck, Mistress,” Laura screamed, the pleasure so intense she was worried she would pass out again like she had last night.

“What?” Samantha asked, moving the egg away as quickly as she had put it there.

Laura’s orgasm was soooo close… and then abruptly went on hold when the vibrating thing inside her was stolen away from her g-spot. “Please, Mistress,” Laura begged. “Don’t stop.”

Instead, Samantha pulled the egg all the way out and put it, still vibrating, in Laura’s open mouth. “Clean this up for me, my pet.”

Laura had no choice, and she could taste her pussy on the egg. To her surprise, her own taste was quite good. Her head was spinning. This was so wrong, yet felt so right. Once she overcame the moral compass that she had always lived by and allowed her body to accept the intense pleasure this woman gave her… well, obedience then came naturally. She suspected her resistance to her new Mistress was simply from old mental habits still clinging to her psyche that were stubbornly rearing their heads.

Samantha continued, as she placed her cupped hand in front of the new pet’s mouth, “So, are we done with your silly protesting?”

Laura spit the egg out of her mouth and nodded, giving in completely to the pleasure and to her internal need to obey this captivating Domme, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, because once you submit to me, you are mine,” Samantha explained, before adding, after a pause for dramatic effect, “forever.”

Laura’s eyes stayed big at the words ‘fist-taking’ and ass-begging’ just as she felt her cunt filled and stretched unnaturally. “Ooooooooooooooh,” she moaned loudly, as she realized that some identities can be assumed almost instantly. Her cunt was throbbing in overwhelming pleasure, was stretched to the limit, and indeed she was now a fist-taking slut.

“God, you look hot with your ripe, tight body filled with my fist,” Samantha purred, as her entire hand, up to the wrist, was now inside the once innocent girl. It was amazing how twelve hours could transform someone.

“Oh fuck, so full,” Laura weakly groaned, her head again going light, as her Mistress began moving inside her… fist-fucking her.

“I will give you pleasure no man can even begin to give you,” Samantha purred, as she slowly fist-fucked the overwhelmed, trembling, moaning movie star.

“Oh, shit, fuck, God,” Laura babbled, unable to even put bahis siteleri a couple of words together as the fist-fucking created a pleasure she couldn’t even fathom.

“Do you declare yourself my slut, Laura Madison?” Samantha asked, knowing this scene was being filmed. After Carmen’s betrayal, she had learned always to have blackmail evidence on hand in case a pet ever changed her mind or betrayed her. She had video and picture evidence of all her pets except Governor Greene, whose security team had always ensured that the two women were alone and unobserved during their trysts.

Laura could barely talk… never mind think… or was it the other way around… the pleasure… oh God the sweet pleasure… overwhelming her body and mind. Did her Mistress want something? Ooh, the riveting pleasure… Was there a question? Her feverish brain searched her memory and found one. Oh yes. She tried to answer the question, knowing that she wanted this pleasure again, knowing she was compelled to obey without hesitation as soon as she could concentrate hard enough… Finally she recalled how to speak and said eagerly, “Yes, Mistress, I am your slut.”

“Use your name,” Samantha ordered, stopping the fist fuck, now with half of her forearm deep inside the actress’s tight body. “Use your name,” Samantha ordered, stopping fist fucking her with her entire arm deep inside the tight actress’s body.

Laura couldn’t believe how full she was, how close to eruption she was. She declared, loudly, wanting to be fist fucked more, harder, “Laura Madison is your submissive cunt-eating, fist-taking slave, Mistress Samantha.”

“And ass-taking?” Samantha questioned, wriggling her fingers around deep inside the girl’s box.

Laura didn’t want to be ass-fucked. That said, she hadn’t thought she wanted to eat pussy before last night. She had hated dirty talk until last night when her orgasm had been intensified because she was being called a plethora of filthy names. And she had never even considered the idea of getting fist-fucked before this exact moment, and she never wanted it to end. So although the idea of getting ass-fucked did not appeal to her, she realized it was likely that it didn’t appeal yet; so she answered willingly, “My body is yours, Mistress.”

“Say it all with your name, slut,” Samantha ordered.

“Laura Madison is a cunt-eating, fist-taking, ass-begging, submissive bimbo who is completely at the will of her beautiful Mistress,” Laura declared, desperate to make her Mistress happy enough to resume fist-fucking her. Her craving to come was overriding everything else in her world… it was flooding away such inconsequentials as her common sense and her squeaky-clean public image. Truthfully, talking like a complete slut and being used as a complete slut was actually quite liberating as she seemed to be telling herself the truth about herself for the first time ever!

Samantha, happy with the declaration, pulled her fist out of the submissive celebrity. “On all fours,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Laura weakly obeyed, soooo frustrated. She so needed that orgasm, and it was denied again!

Samantha called out, “Lube, Keiko.”

Keiko, who had been watching the entire scene from the doorway, lube already in hand for when needed, her own pussy sopping wet, instantly walked in and to the bed.

“Please get the pet’s ass ready,” Samantha instructed.

“Of course, Mistress,” Keiko nodded, before asking for clarity, “The full anal prep or the quickie?”

“Oh, I think our new pet deserves the full anal prep,” Samantha drawled, as she rolled leisurely onto her side to watch.

Laura remained on all fours, nervous and excited. Everything Samantha had done to her had brought intense pleasure, and her orgasm last night had been the most extreme one of her life. Anal sex was forbidden… taboo… although according to her Southern Christian upbringing, so was lesbian sex and fisting and submission… and even having sex with a boyfriend, a threshold she had crossed years ago.

If asked, Samantha could have told her that according to some liberal churches, none of these activities are prohibited in the Bible. The single sexual prohibition actually mentioned there, ‘lying with mankind as with womankind’, had been intended only to forbid a practice, quite prevalent at the time, of predatory men sodomizing young boys.

Keiko got onto the bed, pulled the girl’s ass cheeks apart and began rimming her.

Laura moaned softly, surprised that having a tongue licking her asshole could feel so good.

Samantha explained, “Your ass has many pleasure spots, yet it is one of the most ignored centers of sexual pleasure. Which is a shame, because I have seen many women and men have their greatest orgasms from having their asses fucked.”

Laura couldn’t fathom a man taking it in the ass, although she did know of a few celebrities who were openly gay. That said, she had never imagined them on all fours, like she currently was, having their asshole licked or fucked… until now.

Keiko bahis şirketleri loved rimming a girl. It was so nasty and taboo in theory that it only heightened her own sexual pleasure… as all submissive acts did.

“How does it feel, Laura?” Samantha asked.

“Weird,” Laura answered, before adding, “but nice.”

“Ass eating is another act of complete obedience by a submissive,” Samantha explained.

“I understand,” Laura nodded, assuming she meant that would be doing what Keiko was now doing at some point.

Keiko moved to part two of anal preparation by lubing her own finger and sliding it inside the very tight ass of the new submissive. She knew this young lady was going to scream bloody hell when Mistress’s cock slammed inside her virginal back door.

“Ooooh,” Laura moaned, surprised by the digit suddenly sliding into her ass. It was slightly uncomfortable, but not as painful as she had feared. She felt the finger slowly stroking in and out before beginning to wiggle inside her, exploring forbidden territory. Mistress Samantha got onto her knees in front of her.

“Get my cock ready for your asshole, my cock-sucking, ass-taking submissive,” Samantha ordered.

Laura nodded, “Yes, Mistress,” as she opened her mouth and began bobbing slowly on the thin long cock, unable to fathom that entire length going inside her ass. It was like eight inches long, easily double the length of the finger exploring inside her at the moment.

Samantha allowed the beauty to suck on the cock for a couple of minutes, giving Keiko the time needed to gape the girl’s ass. If not sufficiently prepared, the pain of a big hard cock, fake or real, slamming again and again into a virgin ass would be so intense that, as the recipient thrashed around uncontrollably in pain, neither participant would gain any pleasure. If a submissive had been bad, Samantha would often take her ass with only lube, or if she was in a really bitchy mood, slam it in without lube, but that was rare. And even the assertive Samantha would never do that to a virgin ass. Even more, although she was a ruthless Mistress, and one who could without a moment’s hesitation ruin the career of a disobedient submissive, she could also be somewhat caring if the pet was unconditionally loyal and obedient… which she believed, even though this morning had seen a brief moment of defiance, Laura would soon be trained into.

“She is ready, Mistress,” Keiko announced, after gaping the young star’s ass (with two fingers of each hand and pulling them apart as far as she could) for a couple of minutes.

“Come and get your reward for your obedience, Keiko,” Samantha said, before looking down at the horny star. “You will bring Keiko to orgasm, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Laura nodded, as she felt both her holes suddenly deserted. She watched as the two women changed places, and then found herself staring at Keiko’s shaved pussy. She leaned down and began licking. Hands arrived on her hips… She froze… Keiko had to remind her to resume licking.

“Ready to get ass-fucked, my slut?” Samantha asked, rubbing her cock up and down the squeaky-clean star’s ass cheeks. Exhilaration coursed through her. She was thrilled that she had not only seduced one of the hottest young celebrities on the planet, but she was about to become the first person ever to fuck her tight ass.

“Not really,” Laura laughed half-heartedly, before adding, “but I’m no longer in charge of decisions like that.”

“You learn quickly, my slut,” Samantha laughed, as she positioned her cock at the star’s slightly gaping asshole.

“Yes, Mistress,” she nodded nervously, as she resumed licking the Asian’s pussy, which oddly didn’t have much of a taste at all. She tried to focus all her concentration on doing a good job, to distract her attention away from the sodomy that was about to transpire.

Samantha slowly inserted the slender strap-on inside the star’s ass, watching her reaction intently.

Laura grimaced. This new pain was surprisingly sharper than the recent one from Keiko’s fingers.

Samantha suggested, “Relax, my pet.”

“I’m trying,” Laura answered, feeling like she was being stabbed.

“Once the pain fades, you will love taking it in the ass,” Keiko reassured, her Japanese accent making her gentle words sound like she was reading from a fortune cookie.

“I hope so,” Laura smiled.

“Now get back to licking my pussy, my celebrity cunt-licker,” Keiko ordered.

Laura was surprised to receive a firm order from the soft-spoken Asian, but she obeyed, licking her pussy as the cock slowly probed deeper into her ass.

“That’s it slut, lick my pussy, be my servant,” Keiko ordered, feeling a huge rush at the knowledge of a major celebrity licking her pussy. It was unfortunate that she could never tell anyone. Her arrogant words were actually meant kindly, the gentle ‘onna no hito’ distracting the new pet’s attention at least slightly away from the pain in her ‘ketsu’.

Laura thought the words were absurd, she was already licking pussy. Being called ‘servant’ was somehow worse than ‘slut’ or ‘pet’. The pain, meanwhile, was not fading, but getting more intense. Just then she felt her Mistress’s body resting against her ass-cheeks.

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