30 Days as a Sex Slave – Day 03

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Hans woke up feeling very refreshed until he discovered that Gaylee was gone. Her husband Jarold was there sleeping quietly with his wife Maureen. He looked in the bathroom and then went outside but she was missing.

Why he didn’t tie her up last night was a stupid mistake he would not repeat. He would find her and she would be his sex slave again.


Two hours before Gaylee had taken off trying to get a ride to Winslow to her good friend Tom’s place. As much as she could guess this place was really in the wilderness.

Finally, she saw a car and was able to flag it down.

“I need help” she shouted to the young man who appeared to be a Northern University student.

“Climb in,” he said as he introduced himself as Craig.

“I’m Gaylee.”

Craig looked at the lush body scantily clad in front of him and lust immediately filled his head with naughty thoughts. She was older than he was but definitely a MILF that was well-toned and nicely put together with gorgeous 32DD breasts, an asset to have. Gaylee noticed him looking and let him look.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“You’re very attractive.”

Gaylee didn’t hesitate in pulling her t-shirt off to reveal an incredible pair of tits that stood out like two round grapefruit hard and firm waiting to be tasted.

“Why don’t we get comfortable for a few minutes,” she purred.”

“Let me slide over and get comfortable for you Gaylee.”

Gaylee watched as his pants and briefs disappeared revealing a huge cock she smiled at knowing how nice it was going to fit in her cunt. Not wearing any panties she pulled her skirt up revealing a shaved pussy. She sat on his cock and felt it slide nicely into her wet pussy.

She kissed him using her tongue to feel the inside of his mouth as Craig concentrated on her ear lobes and neck licking them with his tongue before she returned to kissing him.

“Your pussy is so hot and wet for me.”

“I wanted to fuck you when I first saw you. You have such a nice cock,” she said pushing her pussy lips harder and harder on his cock.

“Let’s fuck really hard. Show me who is in control,” Craig said.

As the cock got a little longer the passion in Gaylee grew and she kissed longer with more tongue and deeper into his throat. His lips were on fire and he had no intention of moving until Gaylee pushed his head into her breasts and he began to suckle on her nipples.

“Your tits taste like ripe fruit to me. I’m gonna eat you for breakfast Gaylee.”

“Fuck me with that big fat cock. It feels so good. Let me ride that cock, Craig. Your so big you’re filling my cunt with your cock baby.”

It was Craig’s turn to kiss Gaylee and his kiss was a good one making her ride his cock, even more, going deeper, and taunting him to blow his load as they pumped each other like two teenagers. What incredible fucking they were getting. Neither had any desire to stop. Riding his cock was releasing all of his tension and she felt the same way as her juices were freely flowing from her body creating a sloppy horny mess he wouldn’t trade for anything. It was such a good fucking.

Not neglecting her incredible rack I attacked her breasts like I had a ravenous appetite and wanted to eat her breasts like a meal. I kneaded and bit her 32GG titties as I had never seen anything so big, firm, and beautiful before. She was a goddess and Craig couldn’t get enough of her. Of course, his bonus right now was fucking her hot pussy. He was addicted to her beautiful body while she was riding his fuck pole.

“Would you pose nude for me Gaylee?” he asked

“Of course darling. I love to pose nude for men.”

“I’m gonna cum for you darling.”

“Fill me full of sperm.”

Craig bit down hard on her nipple as he squeezed the other one like a ripe cantaloupe and filled her cunt full of cum as she bounced up and down on his aroused tool.

After they calmed down she offered to get out of the car and pose nude next to the car for him. A small remembrance of the hot time they had together. She prominently showed off her shaved pussy and naked breasts to full advantage. Then she explained that canlı bahis she needed to go to Winslow to meet a friend and asked if it would be okay. How could he say no and in a matter of moments they were on the 40 going east toward Winslow a 50-mile drive they could make in an hour without traffic.

They stopped for food on the way at an IHOP and Gaylee feeling frisky unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out which had recovered and began licking his shaft with her lips and tongue.

“I want you to cum in my mouth Craig. I need to drink your semen. I need a lot of cum juice.”

“Suck baby. Give it to me,” he said.

It wasn’t too long before Craig had an 8″ boner which Gaylee was sucking on like a lollipop ready to take his cum down her throat or face or both his choice. She loved all kinds of sex, as much as she could get and this blowjob was just a bonus for her.

Craig succumbed to her charms and came quickly shooting all over her face and open mouth leaving a huge mess they really had no way of cleaning up. Being topless with a face full of cum attracted a trucker who cheered them on.

They stopped on their way to Winslow and picked up some toilettes so she could clean up before arriving at her good friend Tom’s.

Tom was surprised but so happy to see Gaylee that the passionate tongue kiss got her all excited again and she was ready to strip naked right in the driveway and start fucking him. She resisted and went into his cool house. Once inside the house, where it was cold Gaylee started kissing Tom like there was no tomorrow. She was naked again resting her pussy against his cock which was getting harder by the minute.

Tom was busy playing with her big titties kneading and feeling the flesh as well as pulling on her nipples. He loved her breasts so much that there was no way he was going to keep his hands off her.

Craig who had already recovered from his blowjob also came over and getting on his knees began to eat her pussy. Tom was in heaven playing with her magnificent pair and being kissed and touched like he hadn’t been for a long time. Gaylee was happy because her pussy was being satisfied along with her romantic inclinations and her very sensitive titties were being worshipped yet again.

Tom had dropped his pants so he was nude too and getting more excited by the minute as well as Gaylee who was now getting the full treatment. Her kissing was out of this world and her lips and tongue were so active his cock was now on fire. Tom switched gears a little bit grabbing her legs and pulling her up he held her legs and slid his cock into her hot wet pussy letting it slither to the end of her cunt. As he slid back and forth taking Craig’s place, who immediately shoved his hard cock into her mouth and began pumping back and forth again. Was he going to cum in her mouth again?

Her pussy was on fire and dripping she was so hot. Her mouth was full, Tom had his hands on her ass cheeks filled with firm flesh, her hard firm breasts were smashed against his chest, she was giving out more kisses and touches to Craig’s cock, and the sloppy wet pussy was ready to explode.

He could no longer hold back anymore and they both came over and over again. He filled her pussy full of cum squeezing her as tightly as he could pushing on her breasts with his mouth and her nipples.

Craig exploded in her mouth again filling it full of more semen. She loved cocksucking almost as well as titty fucking and having her pussy filled with cum.


Craig left and Gaylee decided on a hot bubble bath to get herself clean from the two days she spent with Hans and his friends.

“You are going to join me?” she said

“Of course,” he said.

“I think the tub is big enough for both of us,” she said with more sex on her mind.

“A good cleaning has to make you feel better after what you’ve been through.”

Gaylee was first to leave for the bathroom while Tom went around and locked doors and windows. He took a quick look out the window to make sure no one was watching the house. Everything seemed to be okay. What to do about Jarold was another story and one to be dwelt with soon.

Yes, Gaylee bahis siteleri was free for the moment but she left her husband at risk.

The water and suds felt good on her body as she slid into the water. Tom slid into the tub facing her with his legs on either side of her.

The water felt good and the view was spectacular as Tom looked at Gaylee half-naked and half-covered with soap bubbles He could see part of her breasts, pussy, legs, and stomach as she lay quietly in the pool of water smiling at Tom seemingly content at what was going on with the two of them.

Tom got up and found the razor and a little bit of shave cream which he lovingly applied to her sexy legs. She lifted them up and he shaved them as best he could which seemed to be good enough for her as she smiled and purred to what he was doing for her.

Gaylee seemed to be getting excited as the touching of the legs and shaving the hot pussy seemed to excite her as she put a couple of fingers into her pussy. Could she be horny again?

Tom finished up his shaving and rinsed the shaving cream off of her and then just stared at the lush body sitting in front of him. He stared long and hard at her breasts which were partially covered with soap bubbles an erotic picture of her that Tom got up from the tub and went and grabbed his camera to take a picture of her. When she saw the camera she playfully posed for him sticking her chest out. She was an incredibly sexy woman who had everything in the world to offer a man.

“I’m glad you want nude photos of me, Tom,” she said. “Are you going to cum on them and send them to me?”

“I will Gaylee if it makes you happy,” he said. “Of course if I had my way I’d just fuck your titties and shoot a big load on you right now.”

“Later, baby. Later,” she said. “Right now I want you to fill my pussy up with your cum.”

“I want to fuck you again.”

Tom pulled her up out of the water and held her as close as he could to him feeling her pussy and breasts. He kissed her again deeply using his tongue to get her excited before taking it out of her mouth and licking her ear lobes and neck which turned her on even more. He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

The passion had already ignited between them and Tom was in a hurry to fuck her like crazy, hard and fast so he couldn’t lay down quickly enough. He slid his big hard cock into her waiting pussy and shoved it in hard and deep sliding it in and out while she squirmed underneath him. She felt so good he knew that his seed was going to explode in her pussy. When Gaylee was hot to fuck, and she was right now, Tom wanted to take full advantage of the situation. The missionary position was ideal for Gaylee because he could fuck her hard and deep and at the same time enjoy her wonderful breasts which he was addicted to. He could squeeze and knead her beauties to his heart content. He would lick the underside, push them up so he could get watch the nipple the nipples pop up and get hard.

The problem that Tom had with Gaylee was that she felt so fucking good that he wanted to cum way too quickly. Gaylee liked it when she had several men lined up and she could be a fuck toy for them. The woman could never get enough.

Tom was ready to cum and his 8″ cock was ready to flow lots of cum in her pussy filling it with the semen she wanted. She screamed as he pumped rope after rope deep into her pussy satisfying her for at least a little while.


Gaylee collapsed on the bed into a deep sleep. She was exhausted from the two days she had spent under the thumb of Hans and his friends. Jarold was another story and Tom pondered what to do. Could he get the police involved? Could he somehow overpower them? For now, Gaylee was safe and being tired himself he drifted off to sleep.

Three hours later they woke up. Gaylee seemed to be in good spirits and she motioned Tom over to her giving him a sloppy kiss, hugging him.

“You know we have to do something as far as my husband is concerned I could just go back and turn myself back into them. I don’t want Jarold to be hurt in any way. What do you think?

“I think I should go back and try to get bahis şirketleri him free if I can while you stay here safe.”

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course I would.”

“Okay then. Come over here before you go Tom.”

“Okay, Gaylee.”

“Let me give you a boob job before you leave. That’s the least I can do for you. Would you like to fuck my big titties?”

“Of course I would. I love fucking your big firm tits.”

“Get over here and have some pleasure before you leave.”

It didn’t take Tom very long to mount Gaylee and slide his big cock into her cleavage. She pushed her breasts together to make the cleavage tight and as she cupped and held them together he fucked them hard wrapping his cock in her pillows, watching his cock slide in and out.

She was all smiles as she knew this is what he wanted to do to her. He loved the feeling of her tits almost as much as her pussy,, could visually see the fucking taking place, and Gaylee encouraged him with her dirty mouth and pictures. Tom loved to photograph Gaylee in the nude.

Unless Tom had other ideas Gaylee was going to take his load on her face, something she liked to do like a naughty gross act.

Tom let go with another load for Gaylee this time on her pretty face and a pearl necklace for her, something he likes to do. He loved to see the pool of hot cum on her neck, the hot sticky semen in the cleavage, and the cum mess on her face.

Tom got dressed and left his place heading for Flagstaff and a confrontation with Hans and his two thugs. It didn’t go well for Tom as Hans had anticipated what Tom would do, followed him, and was able to capture him quite easily along with Gaylee who they had staked out all along. Advantage Hans.


“Gaylee I am so disappointed that you chose to disobey me for the third time in so many days. I am going to have to punish you so that you never do it again.

Hans had Gaylee tied up on the bed spread-eagled with ropes on her arms and legs and Tom tied securely to a chair-bound so tight he was unable to move at all. Both of them were naked. Eric, Klaus, and Adolph were with him all eyeing the naked body of Gaylee as she struggled spread-eagled on the bed.

“My plan for Gaylee is going to be simple,” said Hans. I’m going to arrange a little party for Gaylee at Northern Arizona University for her with the football team. We’ll tie her up on the 50-yard line and then let the 60 member squad have there way with her, doing whatever they want to.

I want her to make sure that this never happens again, that she will be an obedient slave for us and do our bidding. I don’t want her hurt because that would be no fun for us. We want to fuck her over and over again until she is unable to walk anymore. For now gentleman you may do what you wish while I make plans for our little party on the football field.

Gaylee who was aware of what was going on pleaded for mercy for her husband who at this point hadn’t been harmed but was still in the cock cage and would be made to watch everything that was going to happen to his wife in graphic detail.


With Tom and Jarold tied up but was able to see everything that was going on the four of them stripped down and gathered around the bed.

“It’s a shame she has been so nasty to us,” said Hans. “She has such a nice body. Go ahead guys and do what you want before we take her over to NAU.”

Hans walked over to her first and slid his big cock into her excited pussy. Even though she was afraid Gaylee was turned on to the fact that she was in a reluctant situation that excited her. She was being taken against her will and she was excited about the fact.

Hans played with her breasts and bit her nipples as he pumped her pussy over and over again. While Hans was fucking her Klaus and Adolph were also busy at work fucking her tits and mouth fucking her with Eric waiting for Hans. His0″ cock would do some sort of damage to her, including pain. Hans thrust into her pussy as hard as he could drive her into a climax even though she was tied to the bed. He came filling her full of cum. Her mouth was being filled with cum and her tits were being drenched with more cum. Eric fucked her with his 10″ cock before taking it out and shooting it all over her pretty titties.

Tomorrow with the football team would prove to be interesting for all involved.

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