A BBW’s New Life

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It had been a long thirteen years. Three years ago I’d accidentally seen my husband at a restaurant during lunch with a young woman. My only friend had invited me to lunch and I’d met her at that restaurant.

We’d had lunch and I was just returning to my car when I noticed my husband drive into the restaurant. I started to get out of the car and say hello when another car pulled in next to him. A younger woman got out of her car and walked to my husband. They kissed long and passionately.

I was shocked and had great difficulty driving home but before he was off work I drove to his place and waited. He and the woman came out and each got into their own car.

When she pulled away my husband followed her to an apartment and they walked upstairs together and kissed as she opened the door.

It was the beginning of the end for me with him.

I’d married him at nineteen just as he’d finished University. He was four years older and there were five years things went well but then it seemed suddenly he’d changed.

He didn’t want me to work nor have my own friends. I was a stay-at-home wife because he insisted. We had no children and he didn’t like me leaving the home except to do the errands he assigned me such as grocery shopping.

After that first five years our relationship became more and more dissociated it seemed. At first the sex slowly dropped to about once a month but then after six years it ended and I’d been without since that time and not knowing why. I began trying everything but each time he pushed me away and then began cursing me and telling me to leave him alone. He moved out of the bedroom into another room. After eight years I began gaining weight. I’d always been chunky but now the weight slowly grew putting me over two hundred by year eleven.

After catching him with the other woman I felt sorry for myself but still wanted to try and salvage something from our marriage. He would have none of my suggestions and I remained committed but then as our thirteenth anniversary approached and arrived he didn’t even acknowledge me. A month later I began my own effort to pursue protection of my interests. I borrowed a camera from my parents and began taking photos of the two of them together.

Another two months and I sat down with my husband and told him what I knew and I wanted him to stop. He cursed me and I was afraid he was going to hit me then he called me more serious names and told me I was fat and I was responsible for everything that was wrong.

With my Dad’s help I found a lawyer, gave him the pics I’d taken and information he said he needed then filed for divorce. When my husband found out he swore I’d get nothing and he moved out.

My lawyer then subpoenaed my husband’s financial records including tax returns and payroll information.

I’d never known what was happening in our finances except for the checking account but it turned out after telling me for years that his pay had been cut. He told me he’d never received a raise and was afraid to leave the company but now I’d found he’d been lying to me.

He would cash his check before coming home and then give me what he wanted to put in our checking account. He had withheld large sums without my knowledge. My lawyer found that he’d had at least six mistresses during those years and gave them lavish gifts including paying their rent and assisting them in car payments. It had been going on for years.

When we’d completed ten years of house payments my husband had insisted on selling and buying a much smaller place. I didn’t realize how much equity we’d built up in the house and he didn’t tell me. I didn’t even realize how much the house had appreciated in value over those ten years. I was the perfect patsy for him.

The newer house had been equipped with a long, narrow new swimming pool in the backyard. The yard had been fenced with eight foot high wooden slats and two outside gates that were equipped with combination padlocks. The realtor had told us the former owner had put in the pool to increase property values but then the housing market bottomed out. My now ex husband had offered half the requested selling price and was amazed when the offer was accepted. Also my ex had no interest in the pool and told me I could either drain it or decide to clean it myself because he was not going to pay for pool cleaners. I had no alternative but to begin cleaning it although we neither one used it for those years. I didn’t like my body and didn’t want to see myself in a swimsuit. I did drain the pool and refill it every year and because I did all the check writing after he deposited the money I managed to not mention the increased water bill those months. My husband wouldn’t be bothered paying the bills and had turned the monthly tasks over to me to write a check.

When the divorce was final I’d received the house, the good car with sizeable cash and security settlement plus a good portion of his wages each month. He was also required to pay my attorney fees. casino oyna I would never have to work and could actually afford to live well but I chose to stay in the smaller house and not spend the money foolishly. His last girlfriend left him then and a month later he came to me, apologized and wanted to move back in with me.

I said no and chased him from my property.

I was despondent with no education or real job training except as a clerk in a store my last year of High School and so after a year feeling sorry for myself I made up my mind to carry on and take care of things I’d neglected so long. I didn’t have to work but wanted to after I’d prepare myself.

My first problem was the excess weight I’d put on. It was hard because I really hadn’t had any exercise since the marriage. I almost couldn’t breathe and I tired so easily but I set small meaningful goals and slowly the pounds began to fall away.

After four months I’d lost twenty-five pounds and bought a treadmill. That too was extremely difficult but I still managed and fought the urge to give up. I began thinking then of a world cruise because I’d always wanted to see how the world survived.

When I’d lost forty pounds I was still nearly two hundred. I listened to someone on a TV news report discussing the merits of bicycling and swimming as two ways to maintain body fitness although they stressed sex was still number one to stay slim. I didn’t have any hope for sex, and so I found a used bicycle at a cyclery that was in really good condition. Then I called a pool supply and scheduled them to clean and maintain the pool.

It was hard keeping my balance as I rode back and forth in my driveway. I felt like a Hippopotamus on carnival stilts when I was on the bike. Finally I put the bike in the car and drove to a local park each day and rode the bicycle path. When I started at the Park I had to stop and rest as I caught my breath every quarter mile or so but I persevered and finally made it the full distance without resting. I was proud of my accomplishment and finally crossed that one seventy-five weight mark.

The pool people had drained and washed the pool then refilled it and it looked good to me. The pool kid was young but came around once a week to clean and maintain it. I thought I was still too fat and didn’t have a suit to wear so I’d lock the gates then swim naked. I began slowly to increase the number of laps I could complete using the length of the pool.

After I’d looked at myself naked in the mirror a few weeks later my thighs and legs were stronger and beginning to show some definition. My tummy had shrunk some and when I turned my ass it showed a little less of the cottage cheese while my breasts were still large but getting smaller and sagging a little less. I was beginning to have some confidence in all that I’d been doing although I knew there was a lot more that needed doing.

I could make two trips around the bicycle path non-stop when I finally had the nerve to be seen on the streets of my home.

I didn’t want new clothes yet and wouldn’t refill my wardrobe until I was near my desired weight goal. However I needed something better than I’d been wearing on the bike path before being seen on the neighborhood streets.

I went shopping and purchased two outfits. The pants and tank top were form fitting which wasn’t my desire but I’d live with it because it would remind me how fat I still was. I also decided to bicycle in the mornings while most of the neighborhood was away at work then swim after a quick rest.

My first trip then was a morning and I received a lot of strange looks from neighbors that were at home. I’d been riding the neighborhood for over a month before I was recognized by anyone and I felt good about it as she asked how I’d lost ‘All that weight.’ I felt good at being recognized for my accomplishment and we talked for a few minutes before I finished my ride.

I’d always ridden and returned the same direction when I rode but then I grew tired and changed my route by returning from the opposite direction.

On my first trip of the new route as I returned home I noticed the guy next door studying me as he finished mowing his lawn. He smiled and forgot to wave.

I’d known the guy since we’d moved in but only had a few short talks with him. He was very tall and single living alone but was near my age. I’d never had any sexual thoughts of him but now as I waved back I recognized for the first time that he really was a desirable looking man.

I’d started my swimming and still hated the idea of me in a swimsuit but I liked the feel of the water on my skin and loved the sun afterwards. At first I didn’t have a lounge and just sunned myself on a large beach towel but then one day I had two lounges delivered and set up in an area where I could get shade in the afternoon.

I still did my own yard work because it gave me even more exercise and I was beginning to love physical exertion a bit.

Then one morning after slot oyna my swim and bike ride I was working at the side of the house and the single guy next door came out. He whistled softly but I heard him and turned around. He was smiling and said hello and I smiled back.

“You’re working up a sweat.” he said and I turned toward him again and noticed his hunger as his eyes swept me. Could he actually like what he was seeing? I wondered.

Then he actually said “You look good on a bike.”

I said “Me? I’m too fat.”

“Not from what I saw the other morning. You looked good in those pants and that tank top suited you well. I’ve wanted to see more of it.” he continued as his eyes kept moving. I was embarrassed and turned my eyes down but quickly saw the excitement in his pants. I wanted to keep him talking and said “You liked what you saw?”

“I liked it very much. Your thighs and butt really look good in those tight pants. They draw a man’s eyes and his spirit. You fill out that tank perfectly too.” he said then continued with “You look really good in those shorts today.”

I’d never been complimented like that before any time in my life. “Well if you saw the fat under them you wouldn’t say that.” I added and my face flushed.

“I’ve seen it and you look even better naked.” he smiled.

“You’ve seen me naked?” I almost screamed. “When? Where? How?” and then he interrupted me.

“Whoa. Relax. I shouldn’t have but I heard you swimming last week and there was a knot hole in the fence right in front of me. I touched it and it fell out in my hand. Maybe it was providence but I leaned over and peered at you. I couldn’t look away after that and when you got out of the pool and used that towel I almost let you know I was watching.” he told me.

I was embarrassed before but now I was unable to speak and knew I was red everywhere from blushing.

But then I looked up again and heard my voice saying “You should have let me know but maybe you’ll come over for a swim someday.”

“If I come over it may not be just for a swim.” he added confidently and yet he looked uncertain.

“Well I swim every morning. I’ll start leaving the gate unlocked when I swim.” I said but had no idea where the thought or the voice came from. I was remembering the comment on sexual exercise as best for controlling weight or I think I was.

It was my turn then to undress him visually and I liked what I thought.

“I’ll be over in the morning. Don’t forget to unlock that gate.” he smiled and went back into his house. My eyes followed his cute, tight ass as he ascended the steps. He almost had to bend over to clear the top of the doorway.

My thoughts continued of him that day and through the night. I contemplated not swimming nude in the morning but finally the excitement of it and perhaps the first time again with a man in a long time made me cast the thought aside. I would swim nude and invite him to do the same.

I was up early, enjoyed some tea and a slice of dry toast before going out for my bike ride.

The ride was fun for the first time and I hurried to finish it and get home. When I was home I hurried, unlocked the gate and went inside to take a shower.

When I came back out I didn’t seem him and walked to the pool hoping he’d show up before I was finished. As I prepared to dive in I heard that whistle again and he was sitting in the shade at the corner of the pool area and his eyes were definitely interested. I hadn’t noticed him there when I came out.

“Oh! I didn’t see you.” I volunteered.

“I’ve been waiting and I missed seeing you until you came out a moment ago. You look like every girl a man could hope to see.” he said with a smile.

I couldn’t form the words so I dove in and blushed as I swam. When I was finished I swam an extra two laps and then to the edge of the pool where I could see him. “Would you hand me that towel?” I asked and pointed to where I’d left it just outside the sliding glass door to the house.

He didn’t say anything but got up and walked to the towel, picked it up, tossed it over his shoulder and came to me. “Let me help you out of the water.” he said without handing me the towel. He stretched out his hand and I took it.

He literally lifted me out of the pool and when my feet had me standing he looked deep into my eyes then leaned far over and kissed me.

I didn’t resist and as the moment passed I remembered my thoughts of the previous night and returned his kiss with tongue.

When we broke the kiss he removed the towel from his shoulder and began drying me with it. His hands were powerful and everywhere at once. I wanted him to drop the towel and use bare hands. “The cool water and your wet breasts with this cool breeze do nice things to your nipples.” It pleased me as I glanced down at them and saw them formed perfectly.

Then surprisingly he picked me up across his arms and carried me to my lounge. “May I pull the other lounge closer?” he asked politely.

I canlı casino siteleri nodded and he brought it over directly against my own then sat back and pulled me again into his arms for another kiss that left me tingling and wanton.

“Your husband has been gone a long time.” he said still smiling.

“We’re divorced now.” I told him.

“Does that mean you’re available and even perhaps available to another man?” he asked.

I nodded again.

“How would you feel if I got naked too but perhaps not for swimming?” he whispered against my ear.

My resistance was shot and instead of answering directly I dropped my hand to the obvious arousal in his pants and it began hardening even more. It felt so good as it tried to escape and the idea drove me to climax.

“Let me help.” he said then stood and quickly stripped before sitting again. I removed my hand only for the moment as the pants fell away and then I returned it with an eagerness born of desperation.

“May I touch you?” he asked.

“You didn’t ask before you kissed me.” I said.

“You’re right.” he said and suddenly I felt the crush of a hand on my breast and his fingers on the nipple as his other found my center. The years of need were melting as I brought my other hand to join my first and it was better than my very first time holding a man.

“It’s been so long for me. I wonder if I can still satisfy a woman.” he said with deathly concern.

“It may have been even longer for me and it feels that everything is right.” I breathed and squeezed my hand as my body responded to his touch. His fingers moved from my center and slid easily back and forth between the lips.

“Shall we try?” he asked.

“Yes.” I breathed back against his ear.

In an instant he had me on my back and was working it slowly in. It was so large but felt so necessary to me that I responded and drove against him in desperation forcing it deeper.

“I’ve wanted to do this a very long time and yet when I saw you in those tight pants, a second skin around your thighs then the firmness of your ass and hint of what was in front beneath them I had to hope to talk with you.” he answered back.

“You are doing more than talking with me now. You’re fulfilling a long need and it couldn’t be better.” I added as I began working his full length.

He drove hard returning every movement I made and then I heard him saying “It feels as good as it did when you looked at me. I hope I’m not hurting you.” he continued.

“You are larger than I’ve known or hoped. Shh! Show me what you’ve been needing and wanting.” I told him and he sprang alive more demanding than anything I’d dreamed.

“I’ve enjoyed sex before but nothing has ever been like this. Sex with you is unbelievably good.” he whispered as he drove hard and fast with an eagerness I’d never known.”

After he’d filled me and I’d had uncountable episodes of extreme pleasure he asked “Was it okay? Did I do any good?”

I was still gasping for air but managed to say “You’re the best I could ever want. I could do it again with you anytime you’re ready and every time would be better than the last.”

“I’ve had sex but never had a woman make love to it the way you just did.” he told me as he recovered his breath.

“Then you haven’t seen anything yet. I don’t intend to let you go home until you’ve finished what you started.” I said and rolled him to my side. I sat up, smiled gratefully and crawled down to enjoy and pleasure it the way I’d always wanted and never could. It was sweet in my mouth and better in my throat. He’d recovered faster than I even thought possible and we needed more.

“Will you still want me later if I give you a present now?” I said as my tongue slid across and caressed the head.

He moaned and nodded before he said “Anything you want.”

“Why did you want me? Hasn’t a girl ever chased you before?” I asked as I enjoyed the warmth after a perfect union.

“I’ve had many opportunities in the past few years. Two months ago I got groceries and then as I paid for them the girl at the store folded my receipt and gave it to me. She’s always sweet then went I’d loaded the car and got behind the wheel I pulled out the receipt to verify the charges just as I always do. A note fell out and it was her telephone and address with a note saying that if I called her she’d come over to me and stay as long as I liked. She’d drawn hearts and kisses all over it.” he said.

“Did you take her up on the deal?” I asked with a worried smile.

“No. Like I Said she’s nice but I just wasn’t interested in her.” he added.

I was smiling when he finished and asked him “And yet you’re interested in me? How long has it been since your last time?”

“It seems strange but it was about the same time you moved in next door. Perhaps my body knew more than it told me” he said with a smile and arched his back driving it deeper into my hand.

“I’m glad you waited. It’s been longer than that for me. I found out my husband has been cheating me, as well as cheating on me for a lot of years. I didn’t even know you might be interested next door or I might have invited you over long ago.” I said in my most devilish sounding voice.

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