A Buddy at Home

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Ever have one of those days/nights where you wanted to find that sexual release but couldn’t seem to find any eager partners? I had one of those days when I was younger but ended up finding that eager partner from an unlikely source.

Living on the outskirts of town, a small town at that, your options are usually limited in finding that adult fun that everyone craves from time to time. My parents and I lived in a small three bedroom home that was centered in the Midwest farmlands. We had an older farmhouse next door that had a younger couple in it, and they allowed a young woman to move in with them who had just had a baby and her boyfriend then kicked her out.

Several months after she moved in there, they all got into a disagreement and she then in turn moved in with my family. She was a nice girl, she wasn’t what people would refer to as a looker, but she always had a smile on her face or was kidding around so it was always comfortable to be around her. One night, I was on the phone in our converted garage. The garage became an office halfway finished, so it had a phone where you could jump on it and not be bothered by anyone else in the house. I was talking to a friend of mine and this girl, whose name is Shelly, was sitting on the floor between the kitchen and the living room which placed her right in the doorway to the garage/office.

For some reason everyone was getting into some sensual talk in the living room. I couldn’t hear much of what was going on or what was being said because I was sitting there on the phone. Shelly, sitting there in the doorway, was giving me a nice look at her while I was talking on the phone. I kept looking at her noticing her hair which was blonde and just past her shoulders, my eyes then travelled down more noticing her tits. Her tits weren’t huge, but they were more than enough for any guy. She was wearing a top that was crème-colored and cut down to just above her cleavage. Then I noticed how her shorts hugged her hips and ass. The longer I looked, the hornier I got. Then I reached that point where I could no longer stand it. I was going to try to make a move and see what happened.

As the talk in the living room progressed, I could tell it was affecting Shelly more than she was trying to let güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on. She began fidgeting there on the floor, so the thoughts she was getting had to be really hot and making her horny. I quietly got off the phone with my friend and sat there staring at Shelly every time she moved around. Soon my cock sprang to life and was aching for release. At one point in the conversation, someone mentioned sex and everyone started laughing so I know a sex joke was just thrown. Shelly sat there listening, but was still fidgeting about like she was trying to get comfortable. At that point, I decided to say something. Quietly, I got closer to the doorway, even Shelly didn’t see me approach. I whispered Shelly’s name twice before she turned and looked at me in the darkened room still with a smile on her face from the joke.

“Hey, if you need someone to fuck, I’ll do it.” I whispered to Shelly from the doorway. Shelly still with a smile on her face glanced back into the living room as everyone was still sitting there laughing and having a good time. I thought to myself that I put the offer out there and she wasn’t going to go for it since she was older than me anyway. To my surprise, as I was still sitting there in the dark at the door, Shelly glances back over at me then looks back at the living room and putting her head down just a few inches like she was glancing down began to shake her head yes. “Was that for me?” I asked again and again Shelly shook her head yes, so I now knew that it was a definite that Shelly was going to let me fuck her. The only question was when and where since I was still young enough to not have a driver’s license.

As the fun began to subside in the living room and everyone began going their separate ways to their rooms and such, I wandered out of the garage and into the kitchen. Shelly came out in the kitchen the same time and tugged at my arm.

“Stay up late tonight, ok?” Shelly asked with a sheepish grin on her face.

“I’m up late every night.” I responded and Shelly grinned at me and wandered to the bedroom she was sharing with one of my sisters.

Later that night, everyone was in bed and I was still in the living room watching TV. My mom was asleep on the couch as per güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri normal and I was just sitting there watching the normal soft porn that was being shown on Cinemax. Once mom went to sleep, she never woke up till the following morning so I was always safe watching that.

As I sat in the chair watching some chick getting rammed from behind I hear one of the bedroom doors open back in the hallway. I looked back and it was Shelly coming out of my sister’s room. She rounded the doorway and started into the bathroom and turned the light on. Just as she started into the bathroom, she stopped and looked out at me and motioned at me to come back there. I glanced at my mom to be sure she was out, then got up and walked back to the bathroom. Shelly softly grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom. She closed the door very quietly and locked it then leaned up (she was a good 6 inches shorter than I) and started kissing me.

Shelly had replaced the top she had on with a white top that had some lace on it around her tits that covered enough to keep anyone guessing and wanting. Her kiss was long, deep and very passionate. My cock became rock hard almost immediately after she started kissing me. She stopped kissing me and looked at me and grinned again and whispered “Man, I was hoping someone would fuck me tonight, I’ve been SO horny. I’m glad you asked to.” Shelly went back to kissing me and I reached up and began playing with her tits through her top and noticed her nipples were extremely hard. With her top holding her up with spaghetti straps, I pulled her tits out and pulled one to my mouth then the other one. Shelly let out a soft moan as I sucked on her and began to rub my cock thru my pants I had on.

Shelly pulled her tits out of my mouth and hands and looked at me and said, “this thing feels like you need to have this out instead of cramped up in there”. With that, she reached and unfastened my pants and pulled them down releasing my cock at her. She wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it like a woman possessed. She kept watching it as she was jerking on it. I kept watching her tits bouncing hard and fast while she did it. Shelly let out a low moan and dropped to her knees. Looking up güvenilir bahis şirketleri at me she whispered “I’m going to suck your cock. When I’m done with it, you can fuck me anyway you want to fuck me.” Shelly proceeded to pull me into her mouth. I leaned back against the wall watching Shelly pulling on my hard cock while she sucked it. I could tell she’s done it a lot because she knew exactly what she was doing. I felt my cock wanting release and whispered to Shelly “I’m going to cum” and she didn’t stop or miss a beat. She kept sucking me like I was the last cock on earth. I held her head as my cock jettisoned the load she was wanting so bad into her mouth. She softly let out a low moan as she felt my cock release into her mouth. She stayed on my cock sucking every drop out of me. She got up and looked at me and then whispered “you’ve got to fuck me. I can’t take it no more. I want your cock in my pussy. Please give it to me.” She quickly spun around and dropped her shorts and bent over the toilet spreading her legs wide to me.

My cock was still hard from the blowjob she had just given me, and seeing her now in this position begging for me to fuck her, just made it harder. I walked forward and Shelly reached between her legs and pulled me towards her hot and wanting pussy. She pushed my cock into her pussy and let out a low “oh god” as I slid into her balls deep. She pushed back on my cock with each thrust of my hips towards her. I held on to her hips as I kept driving into her. Shelly was letting out muffled grunts with each pump into her. “Oh my god, I’m cumming!” she whispered back at me over her shoulder as I continued my cock’s onslaught into her hot pussy. She pushed back hard a couple more times as she started a low moan trying not to let anyone else in the house know she was getting fucked in the bathroom. Just as Shelly started cumming I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot my wad into her. Shelly started grinding back on my cock as I was cumming. We stayed like that for a while until we both thought we heard a noise then we quietly got ourselves back together.

Shelly kissed me again before leaving the bathroom and whispered “Thank you so much. I really needed to feel some cock. Can we do it again?”

I promised Shelly we would fuck again. Was she kidding? I have a fuck buddy in the house and she thought we wouldn’t do it again? We often fucked late at night in the bathroom. Sometimes we’d even find ourselves alone to do anything, which we did. It’s always nice to have a buddy so close that you can relieve each other’s tension.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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