A Cosplay Coupling Pt. 01

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It was time for the annual cosplay convention, and Eric and his wife Erin were incredibly excited. As they drove to the venue, their car filled with luggage, boxes full of foam items for their costumes, and booze, they talked about all the fun things that were to be done while there. One of their favorite things to do at the convention was to make love to one another while in costume. However, this was a very hard thing to coordinate, as they always split the room with their closest friends.

In past years, Eric and Erin managed to sneak away from their roommates for the weekend and get the room to themselves for a quickie in bed.

“I know that we have to make sacrifices to save money,” Erin said, “but I really hate that we can’t just have sex whenever we want.”

“I know,” Eric said, “I wish that we could just have a little time for some privacy where we don’t have to rush anything. I hate just having quickies. When I make love to you, I want the full experience.”

“What is the full experience?”

“Oral. I want oral. We never go down on one another anymore, and you give one hell of a blowjob.”

“I only blow you when you shave, you know that.”

“I do, and I’m smooth as a baby’s butt down there!”

Eric and Erin laughed, not at the situation, but at their comfort level with one another. They knew that they had the type of relationship where they could talk about anything openly and honestly.

“Ok, I can buy into those terms then, on one condition?”

Eric smiled, he loved it when he knew he was going to get a blowjob, “And that condition is?”

Erin paused and thought for a moment before she spoke, “I want this full experience to happen when everyone is asleep in the room.”

Eric’s eyes widened. “What?”

Now it was Erin’s turn to smile. “You heard me, if we’re doing this, I want some danger added to it.”

They laughed as Eric agreed and held hands excitedly. This was certainly going to be their best convention yet.

The first two days of the convention came and went far more quickly than any of the friends could have realized. During the day they went their separate ways, playing games, listening to seminars, walking the massive hall where dealers sold their fun and unique items. At night, they would all convene for dinner and some drinks, and usually attend a drinking songs event afterwards.

Eric started noticing on day two that his friend’s wife, Jenny, would start to become much more affectionate towards him after these drinking sessions. At first he second guessed himself, he told himself he was imagining that she was making eyes at him, or licking his lips at him. However, it wasn’t until she held his hand secretly behind his back as he walked next to his wife that his suspicions came to reality.

She quickly escalated her affection from hand holding to squeezing his buttocks and rubbing her hand along the inside of her leg, drawing his attention to her vagina. It was covered in a thin, blond pubic hair that was neatly trimmed short.

He had been thinking about it constantly the past couple of days, especially at night when he and his wife didn’t have sex. He would lie in bed, his penis erect, as he would think about her Jenny’s vagina. He imagined the pubic hair would tickle the tip of his penis as he eased it into her vagina. He imagined what her moans would sound like in his ear, and he imagined all the different places that he would ejaculate on and inside of her.

His favorite was to image that she was riding on top of him and after he came inside of her, she slipped off of his penis, and then flipped around and blew him.

Each morning his alarm would sound just as she was about to flip over and blow him. Each morning he would reach over across the bed and caress his wife’s breast and canlı bahis slowly inch into her backside, pulling his member from his underwear and thursting it inbetween her legs. Each time he did this he was met with a rejection from his wife. Each morning after rejection, as he walked to the bathroom to masturbate, he would look at Jenny, sleeping in the bed next to him with her husband. He could always see her hard nipped resting on her average sized breasts under her thin tank top.

Saturday is when Eric finally broke.

After another rejection from his wife, Eric’s expectations shattered, he had accepted his hopeless fate that he would ever get to achieve the goal that the couple set out to do on their drive down. Worst of all, he was more upset that he wouldn’t get a blowjob!

He tried not to let it affect his day at the convention though. Saturday was the day he had been looking forward to most of all. Saturday was the day that he and his wife, and Jenny were all donning their costumes for the convention.

Eric had chosen Space Lord, one of his favorite cosmic comic characters.

Erin had chosen Lady Tif, the powerful hand sidekick of a great god of a warrior.

Jenny had chosen Caster, one of the many villains that Lady Tif stopped from destroying the world on a constant basis.

Eric had dressed that morning in a rather short amount of time, Jenny and Erin were a different story altogether. The girls prepared their costumes and makeup in separate bathrooms, and dressed separately as well. Erin, who had woken up a little late had gone into one bathroom and shut the door while she put her face on.

It wasn’t until Erin locked the bathroom door behind her that Jenny came out of the bedroom.

“Hey Eric, I need a little help putting on my corset, would you mind?”

Eric being the helpful person he is smiled and stood to walk into the bedroom with Jenny to help her. Jenny stood with her back to him as he entered the room. The bright green corset was wrapped around her stomach as she attempted to clasp it from the front. She wore a black bra and black leggings with green circles that ran up and down them.

“What do you need me to do?”

Jenny looked over her shoulder, “Oh good, I need help tying this up in the back. You just need to tug on the fabric back there and it should tighten itself up.”

Eric grasped the soft fabric, and just before he pulled, Jenny cried out.

“Oh wait! I can’t put this on while I’m wearing a bra!”

Eric dropped the strings and spun around as he watched her reach back and start to unclasp the bra she was wearing. “No problem”, he said “just let me know when you’re ready.”

The room was silent for a moment and then he heard Jenny’s voice say “Ok, I’m ready,”

When Eric spun around he was standing face to face with Jenny. The green corset had been dropped haphazardly on the ground along side of her bra, and she stood in front of him topless. Her pale skin made her pinkish nipples seem darker than he imagined them to be, and he noticed that her nipples were erected.

He quickly looked up from her bosom to meet her gaze. She smiled wryly and grasped him by the belt and pulled her close to her. He came to stop between her legs as she spread them wide. Then her hand shifted from his belt buckle and came to rest on his penis.

Eric was speechless.

Jenny moved her hand up and down his crotch. “My, my,” she said “no wonder Erin loves you as much as she does.”

Slowly, never breaking eye contact with Eric, she unzipped his zipper, reached into his pants, and pulled out his erect penis. Her fingers felt soft against his shaft as they rubbed up and down it’s length.

Eric looked over his shoulder. Though he finally was getting what he wanted (though not from his wife) he bahis siteleri knew he needed to be careful if he was going to walk this path. He pushed back on Jenny’s shoulders and pulled his penis from her grasp.

“We can’t. God how I want to, but we can’t. Erin is right in the other room!”

Jenny just smiled back at him and leaned further back on the bed, pulling her tights from her waist and down her legs, freeing one foot from them as they hung loose from the other. She spread her legs and revealed her vagina to Eric. She ran her fingers around and over her lips.

“Are you sure?” she said in a very sultry voice. She pulled her fingers away. “I’m so wet right now though.”

Eric was at a crossroads. He had never cheated on his wife before, but she had made a promise that she hadn’t lived up to yet. As he backed into the hallway he looked at Jenny.

“Hold on for two seconds.” Then he rushed over the threshold to the bedroom and over to the second bathroom door. He knocked lightly.

“How are you doing in there babe?”

There was silence for a moment and then Erin said, “I’m fine, going slow though. I think I’m going to be here for a while. Will you help me with my corset when I’m done?”

“Of course!” Eric shot back without a moment’s hesitation. “Ok, well take your time in there, I’m not going anywhere!”

His erect penis still sticking out of his pants like an arrow on a compass, it pointed in the direction of Jenny’s bedroom and seemed to pull him back in with unstoppable force. Jenny smiled upon his reentry. When Eric approached, Jenny grasped his shaft again. She leaned in close and gently rubbed the tip of his penis against the soft lips of her vagina. He could feel how wet she was.

“Before we do this, here are the rules.” Eric said firmly. “We don’t tell anyone about this ever. This is a one time thing. Oh yeah, you’ve got to give me a blowjob.”

Jenny’s face twisted for a moment. “A blowjob? I don’t really do that.”

“It’s non-negotiable,” Eric said. “If you want me, that’s what you’ve gotta do.”

Jenny thought as she stroked his cock. “OK, but you can’t come in my mouth.”

Eric smiled. “There’s only one place I want to come Jenny.” Then he leaned in and kissed her. She fell backward as Eric parted her legs and eased inside her. The thrill of doing this, with the bedroom door open even, was so exciting for Eric. He looked at Jenny as she smiled and turned her head side to side as he slowly inched himself inside of her.

She winced for a moment when he finally got his entire shaft into her then relaxed as Eric started thrusting into her rhythmically. She was warm, just like he had dreamed over the past couple of nights. Trying to be as quiet as possible he thrust slower and deeper into Jenny. She let out a soft moan. “Yes,” was all she said.

Eric decided that since he was in a once in a lifetime opportunity he might as well try some things he had never tried with his wife before and see how it was received. As he thrust inside of her, he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Jenny’s body wriggled in ecstasy, Eric could even see her abs tensing and untensing.

“Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop.” Jenny whispered her cries as she gripped the comforter on the bed. Eric thrust faster into her, their bodies thumping together on the end of the bed. When suddenly their pleasure stopped.


The couple froze in terror. Eric’s wife was calling out of him, and they hadn’t heard the bathroom door open!

“Eric I can’t see where you are, I don’t have my glasses. Can you help me?”

Eric pulled his penis from Jenny’s vagina and rushed to the door to close it just a crack. Jenny seemed to scramble to find some clothes. Eric snapped his fingers at her, then wagged his finger as if to say, not yet bahis şirketleri we’re not finished.

Eric crawled up on the bed and lay on his back, his penis shooting straight up in the air. Jenny crawled over to him, and Eric merely pointed as his penis. Jenny, reluctant to give blowjobs to her husband was now facing something that she knew she had to do. They had made a deal.

She crawled over to his penis and slowly lowered her head. She used the very tip of her tongue to lick his shaft and test the waters for a moment. When she did that, Eric let out a soft sigh of pleasure. This encouraged her to try licking a little more, and tickled his balls.

Eric was in so much pleasure that he almost forgot to answer his wife. “Of course I’ll help you Erin, you just need your glasses?”

When Erin responded she sounded much closer toward the room. “Yeah, just my glasses if you don’t mind.”

Eric groaned with delight as Jenny had now taken his full member into her mouth and was sucking his cock slowly and passionately. “No problem babe! You go back into the bathroom and I’ll bring your glasses to you in a sec!”

“Ok thanks!”

Then he listened to her footsteps recede back into the bathroom, when he heard the bathroom door click he let out another pleasure filled whisper and fondled Jenny’s hanging breasts. “Yes, keep going, oh man this feels amazing.”

Jenny slurped and sputtered on Eric’s penis as she sucked on it, taking a break every so often to come up for air and jerk him off for a moment. She looked back at him, wagging her rear end in his face. He saw her vagina was gaping open, wet with her juices.

“Come here,” was all he said as he spun her around and planted her on top her his penis. After a moment of riding they found their rhythm. Jenny was breathing faster now, and her breasts were jostling with each thrust.

“I’m going to come Jenny. Oh god I’m going to come.”

Jenny smiled, “Where are you going to come baby?”

Eric felt the excitement rise inside of him as he edged closer to ejaculation. He took a firmer grip on Jenny’s rear as they thrust in unison, her soft pleasureable squeaks matching his moans.

“Tell me where you’re going to come Eric, tell me so I know to be ready.”

The pleasure was too much for Eric, he couldn’t hold on any longer. He gripped Jenny’s rear tighter and pushed her down harder, thrusting his entire penis inside of her. Then he whispered, “Inside you,” to Jenny.

Jenny’s eyes widened and she tried to pull away, but Eric’s grip was too strong, then she felt his warm ejaculate shoot inside of her. She loved the way it felt inside of her, and she finally came just as she felt another pulse of ejaculate enter her.

She slowed her pace at how she rode Eric until she came to a stop.

“I can’t believe you just did that…but I’m so glad you did.” she whispered to him as she rose off of his cock, letting the semen drip from her vagina and onto his penis as it lay erect against his stomach.

Eric laid back and smiled. Jenny was turning around to crawl off the bed, when Eric said “Oh, Jenny,” Jenny looked back at him and Eric inched a little closer to her. He ran a finger through her hair and gentle caressed her head again. She smiled. Then Eric rose his hips higher into the air and inserted his penis back into her mouth.

Jenny fought for a second, and then accepted that he wasn’t taking no for an answer. His penis was still hard as a rock, but it tasted different now. It tasted salty from his semen, and it tasted like her.

Eric, not able to help himself this time let out a loud moan as Jenny blew him, and then he came for a second time quite unexpectedly. Jenny recoiled in horror as his semen dripped from her mouth and onto his stomach. She spun back and looked at him in anger, then her face soften and she smiled.

“Next time, you’re going to eat my pussy after you come inside of it,” was all she said. Then she slurped up the remaining semen on her face, and entered into the bathroom door.

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