A Cow’s Cravings Ch. 03

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Finally. Friday afternoon. Rebecca was more impatient than she had ever been. It was now just a matter of minutes before Chris would ring the doorbell.

Two weeks had passed since Rebecca and Chris talked to each other for the first time. Since then, they had talked on the phone every single day. A lot about sex, obviously, but other things too. They had pretty much shared everything there was to know about themselves with each other.

When she was about to meet him for real, it almost felt like he was already her boyfriend. She did not like the idea of a distance relationship however, she firmly believed that you could not be in a relationship with a person you have not met face to face, but somehow it felt like they had actually met before.

Rebecca had planned her last pumpings so that her tits would be full by the time Chris arrived. It was not necessary but to her it was important. Chris had seen her tits lots of times by now so this was no first impression thing, she just wanted to have as much milk ready for him as possible. And now when he could be there any minute Rebecca’s tits felt like they were about to burst. Though she was not really sure if it was because they were really full or because she was impatient to finally let Chris suck on them, or perhaps a combination of both.

At first she had seriously considered to be topless, then she said to herself that it was a silly idea and she was an idiot for even coming up with it. Instead she ended up wearing a grey tank top but no bra, all to make it as pleasing as possible to Chris. He would obviously suck her tits no matter what, but her deep cleavage and hard nipples poking through would hopefully make it happen a lot sooner.

Then the doorbell rang, and Rebecca’s heart skipped a beat. She forced herself to wait for a few seconds, she did not want to make it obvious that she had done nothing but waiting for him for the last thirty minutes. She opened the door and there he was, a man almost a head taller than her with brown eyes and dark brown hair. He was even more handsome in real life.

“Hi, Chris!” she found herself almost shouting at him, but he did not seem bothered.

“Hello, Rebecca.” he said with a natural smile and took a step into her apartment. Without saying canlı bahis anything he gave her a hug, and she did not hesitate to hug him back. It was not the kind of hug you give someone acquainted. It was rather the kind of hug you give someone you hold dear but have not met in a long time. They had not met before, but to Rebecca it felt like they had always known each other.

They were standing there for quite a while, just holding their arms around one another. She felt great. Perhaps a little too great, for she soon started to feel something she was all too familiar with: her tits started to leak. They let go and noticed that her milk had not only stained her top, but Chris’ shirt as well.

“Is that your way of saying that you’re happy to see me?” he asked jokingly, smiling much wider than he did before.

“I’m sorry,” she said, but she was not. “They’re so full right now.”

His eyes were fixed on her chest and she could tell by the look on his face that he was dying to get a taste of it. She did not want to miss this opportunity for anything in the world. Not letting a second go to waste, she reached up and kissed him and in the very same instant she took her hand and placed it on her breast. There was no objection to this, she could soon feel a hand on her other breast as well.

He was not a very good kisser but she did not mind, for he sure knew how to handle her engorged tits. His palms gently caressed them, moving across her bust in large but slow motions, eventually stopping to let his thumbs go in circles around her nipples. By the time he got to this latter point, Rebecca threw her head back and gave out a loud moan. His hand had not touched her skin yet but she was already overwhelmed by sensation. He kissed her cheek, then slowly made his way down her neck while his hands tenderly pinched her nipples. Her body shivered. This was too much. She could not wait any longer.

She grabbed his wrist and led him to the bedroom. She told him to take off his shirt and lay down on the bed, to which he quickly obliged and as she watched him do so she finally understood that this was not just another of her fantasies. And she was going to drain him harder than he had ever been drained before.

Chris had just placed his head on bahis siteleri the pillow when Rebecca removed her wet top, revealing to him her enormous leaking tits. She then took off her trousers and panties in one go before letting him have one long good look at her completely naked body.

“Oh my god!” Chris moaned. “You’re so beautiful, Rebecca.”

She grabbed his pants by the knees and started to pull them off him and a few seconds later his hard cock sprung up and landed on his stomach, and then his balls came out in full view. Rebecca gawked. She had already seen his balls many times, but to see them like this was something completely different. She leaned over and grabbed one of them. It was so big that it completely filled her hand and it made her dizzy to feel how heavy it was, knowing a large part of that weight was cum.

“I hope you have a lot stored up for me.” she said without letting her eyes off his balls.

“I’ve been saving it all day for you. They’re so fucking full.” He knew what she wanted and the way he said it made him sound really desperate to give it to her. There was no need for him to worry, Rebecca was already planning to make him cum more than once.

She crawled up and straddled him. She was already so hellishly horny and dripping wet that he could, with relative ease, slide into her. They both sighed in delight as his manhood slowly filled her up. Despite the fact that she was turned on like never before, she felt both calm and satisfied in this very moment. She took a few seconds to breathe it all in, and then she started to ride him. Her full breasts laid heavily on his chest. Now, she thought, it was time for her to feed this hungry beast.

“Chris, suck on my udders. I want you to milk me.”

He grabbed Rebecca’s swollen tits and got right to it, his mouth milking one while his hand milked the other, all while she gently rode his cock. Her milk started to flow instantly. She tried to maintain a slow pace, but the sight of him sucking on her breasts and the sound of him gulping made it very difficult. She intended to fuck him harder eventually, but she wanted to let him peacefully enjoy her milk for a while.

She could not hold it for long, she soon started to increase the speed. Chris responded by bahis şirketleri sucking more intensely, swallowing ounce after ounce of her sweet creamy milk, and she could tell that he loved it. She loved it too. As his mouth, hand and cock pleasured her at the same time she felt that she was slowly approaching climax. Her tits were not uncomfortably full anymore but she still had a lot more to give him. She was impressed by his determination. It seemed to her that he intended to drain them completely, which aroused her even more.

The tempo of her riding continued to increase, steadily. The harder she fucked him the closer she got to orgasm, and the closer she got the harder she wanted to fuck him. All of a sudden she started to think about his balls, and how they were filling up with even more cum right now. Considering how much they produced she wondered if she would get him to a point where there simply was not room for any more.

Having climax within reach, the thought of his insane load made her go att full speed. And so did he. His sucking got fierce, as if he was afraid he would never get to drink her milk again. He moaned between the gulps, gradually louder. He was also getting close.

“Oh fuck, Chris, I’m cumming!”

Her whole body trembled in waves of uttermost pleasure when she finally reached her peak. The muscles failed her and the world became blurred before her eyes as she screamed wordlessly for him to give her more. In the heat of the moment his hands let go of her breasts and grabbed her hips to push her limits even further. He took full command and started to ram her pussy with his big cock. Her arms could no longer support her and she fell down on him while he kept shoving himself deep inside her, over and over again.

Then he stopped abruptly, and she felt him shiver throughout the entire body. His hands grabbed her hips harder, then he pulled out.

“Shit!” she could hear him say through a groan before she felt the first spurt of his load land on her back. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his heavy breathing and the subtle sound of cum splattering the sheets when he emptied his cramped balls. The incredible amount that only he could muster spread across her bed, her back, legs and ass. She could not imagine how great it must have felt for him to unleash this day’s worth of sperm.

“I’m sorry. I tried to hold back.” he panted when his orgasm finally subsided.

“Don’t worry, Chris.” She kissed him. “We can do it again in a few hours.”

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