A Damsel in Distress Ch. 02

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While Rosemarie was in the bathroom, I called my friend and her cousin Wally, and gave him, Ralph’s phone number. I told Wally to find out everything he could about Ralph.

It is amazing what a computer genius like Wally, can find about a person, from just a simple phone number!

When Rosemarie finally came out of the bathroom, she sat down across my lap and put her head on my shoulder. Then she sucked in her breath she said, “Please Meat, don’t do anything that will get you into trouble. I’m not worth it; I’m just a dirty fucking whore.”

Seeing her hurting like this was killing me. However, hearing her repeatedly calling herself a whore and down grading herself was starting to get me mad. I said, “Stop it Rosemarie, you’re not a whore! What happened to you was not your fault! That bastard, drugged you, and took advantage of you. You were powerless to stop him.”

Then I put my arms around her and rocked her like a baby. She wrapped her arms around my neck, laid her head on my shoulder and sniffled.

I kissed her on the cheek, as I whispered to her, “its okay, Honey. I will take care of that prick! Everything is going to be all right. ”

I could smell her sweet perfume, as I began massaging her neck and shoulders with one hand while I rubbed the fingertips of my other hand up and down her spine.

Rosemarie sucked in breath and she rubbed her watery eyes on the sleeve of my tee shirt. Then she looked at me with her big red blood shot eyes and said, “Meat please believe me, I’m not a whore!”

I answered her, abruptly and said firmly, “Stop it Rosemarie, enough is enough. I know you’re not a whore.”

She looked stunned for a second then she sniffled as said meekly,” Okay.”

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, there was just, something about this girl, this young woman, that was making me feel strange inside, I wanted to make her feel safe and secure. However, most of all; I just wanted to make her happy!

I gently caressed her cheek with my fingers tips, while I tenderly kissed her forehead, eyelids. When I kissed the tip of her nose, she giggled. As I kissed her cheeks, I could taste her salty tears.

Rosemarie was breathing hard trying to catch her breath, as she whispered innocently, “Meat I want you to really kiss me.” She turned her head towards me, closed her red blood shot eyes, and opened her mouth a little, waiting for me to kiss her.

I closed my eyes, parted my lips and brushed them lightly a-crossed hers.

When our lips touched, I felt a little shiver go through her body. Our lips joined together tenderly at first, then the tip of her tongue darted between my lips, into my mouth as her arms tightened, around my neck

Then she pulled her lips away from mine, put her head against my chest, and sobbed, “Oh Meat, I’m so scared of him.” I dropped my hand from her cheek and let it fall down on her lap.

I kissed on the forehead again and whispered to her, as reassuringly as I could,” You do not need to be afraid of him anymore. I’ll talk to Ralph, and I’ll make sure, that he stays far, far away from you.”

Then she looked into my eyes and kissed me on the cheek. Then our lips met again, as I lightly ran my fingertips over the side of her face, brushing them over her ear.

Rosemarie shuttered and sucked in her breath and sighed,” Ahhh Honey, please do not do that? It makes me shiver,” when she felt my fingers tips caressing her ear.

As our kiss intensified, our hungry mouths, locked together feverishly. When the tips of our tongues touched, I got an intense erotic thrill that traveled right down to the tip of my pulsing penis.

I instinctively ran my hand up her ribcage to the side of her breast, and then I moved my hand over boob and squeezed it.

Rosemarie let out a little sigh of desire, when she felt me massaging her bust.

She suddenly pulled her mouth off mine, slid off my lap, laid down on her side, next to me on the bed. She gazed up at me, with an unmistakable sexual longing in big brown blood shot eyes and sighed passionately,” Honey please, I want you to…I need you too.”

I turned on my hip, rolled over on my side, and laid down next to her.

Rosemarie’s face was flushed and she had this dreamy lustful look, in her haft-closed eyes, and she was breathing heavily through partially opened mouth. I turned my head slightly, parted my lips to match hers, closed my eyes, and tenderly covered her sweet soft lips with mine.

When our lips touched, I felt her body began to tremble. Then Rosemarie darted her tongue into my mouth.

As tips of our tongues touched and began playing. I started getting little erotic chills that ran wildly throughout my body causing even move blood, to surge into my already stiff pulsing erection.

We continued to kiss deeply, passionately, with our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I could not help myself and cupped her soft full tit again, causing her to shudder in erotic pleasure.

Rosemarie gasped, as she covered my hand with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hers, holding it firmly on her boob. As I rubbed my thumb roughly across her, stiffen nipple. She started trembling, and unconsciously lifted her knee up and pressed it against my hip. Then she began grinding her pelvis, against mine.

Rosemarie was going wild. She pushed her tongue deeper into my mouth, and swirled it around mine, while I pinched and pulled on her harden nipple.

Rosemarie pulled her tongue from my mouth, and pleaded in her soft voice, between our parted lips. “Oh God Honey Please, I want you, to do it, to me…So bad.”

I was totally lost in the pended up sexual desire that I had for her. I had my mouth a faction of an inch from hers, as I excitedly blew my words into her mouth,” Tell me, tell me what you want, Rosemarie?”

I wanted to hear her, saying those words to me, for so long. The words that I have masturbated to, so many times, trying to imagine her, telling me that she wanted me, to fuck her!

In all honesty, there was something else that, I have always wanted to hear her say to me.

Then she answered, “I want you to make love to me. ” My heart began pounding in my chest as I though to myself, Oh God, she wants me too; she really wants me to…

Then she asked, “Does that mean; I really am a whore? Tell me the truth, what’s wrong with me?”

I sucked my breath, and tried not, to sound frustrated, as I said, “Honey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you! You’re human, with human needs and desires.”

She sighed as she asked, in her soft cute little girl’s voice. “Meat, does mean that you really like me, or are just saying that, so you can use me?”

I kissed her eyelids, as I answered, “Rosemarie, I’ve always liked you, and I’ve always wanted you, to be… my girl friend.”

As soon as those words came out of my mouth. I knew that, I made a complete asshole out of myself…again!

Then she shocked me as she said. “Oh Honey, you should have told me, that you liked me before? Because I have always liked you too.”

I did not know what else to say or do, so I kissed her.

She sighed as our mouths joined together again and locked in another deep passionate kiss, with our tongues playing with each others; first in her mouth, and then in mine.

As we searched each other’s souls with our tongues, I rubbed my hand over her ass cheek, and squeezed it, while I fondled breast with my other hand. When I pinched her swollen nipple between my thumb and index finger, Rosemarie reached over, grabbed my ass cheek, and dug her fingertips into it. Then she stated roughly thrusting her hips forward, slamming them, against mime.

The feel of her soft warm body pressed tightly against mine, was starting to drive me crazy, with desire. I could not help myself; I took my hand off her tit, placed it on her thigh, and slid it under the hem of her skirt up over her hip.

Then I got brave and moved my hand over the soft warm spongy cheek of her shapely butt, as I pulled her against me, the short skirt of her little black dress rode up to her waist. I held her against me, by the warm cheek of her butt and began pumping my hips harder against her.

Rosemarie unconsciously slid her leg over my hip and began passionately pushing herself back against me.

We continued to kiss, and ramming our hips together with my bulging erection pressing against her panty-covered mount of Venus. She forced her tongue back into my mouth, and pulled me over on top of her.

The sweet scent of perfume and the feel of her soft warm body under me was intoxicating me, and driving me crazy with desire and lust. Rosemarie wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, and whispered softly between our lips, “Honey. I want you to,”

“Oh God Rosemarie, tell me what you want,” I begged.

She paused for a moment, as if trying to find the right words. Then she sucked in her breath and said sweetly,” I want you to make love to me”

Her words were like music to my horny ears. However, because of her screwed up emotional state of mind, I forced myself to get off her. “Rosemarie, are you sure you want to do this?” I asked,

“Yes” she replied loudly without hesitation, “and went on to say,” Honey; I have wanted you to do it, to me, for as long, as I can remember. When I’m, you know…When I’m playing with myself, I’m pretending it’s you doing it to me.”

Holy Shit, I almost came in my pants, when she said that!

Then she got a hurt look in her eyes as she asked, “Don’t you want to do it to me? I always though you wanted to do it, to me.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’ve wanted her for so long, that it just didn’t seem real.

I did not want to screw up her head and ruin it. So naturally, I answered her stupidly, and said, “Oh God Yes Rosemarie, I’ve wanted you forever. But are you sure, you really want this, Honey?”

Yes.” she responded, “Yes Meat, I really; want you to, do it to me. Now stop acting güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri like a jerk, and let’s do it.”

My heart was pounding as I took her hand, pulled her up off the bed and onto her feet. I wrapped my arms around her waist, slid my hands down over her shapely buns, and pulled her against me.

As our lips touched, I slid my tongue into her warm moist mouth. She put her arms around my neck, as the tips of our tongues touched, we flicked the ends of them against each other’s.

When she felt my hands on her soft, yet firm rubbery ass cheeks, she shuddered and jerked her hips forward jamming her self, against aroused manhood.

As I slid my hands down to hem of her dress, Rosemarie pulled her mouth off mine, lifted her arms up, so I could pull her dress up, over her head. Then I dropped it on the floor.

Rosemarie was beautiful standing there in her black lacy panties. Her large breasts have just a slight sag to them, but they were upturned and perky, her large dark reddish brown gumdrop size nipples were stiffen and swollen.

She has a nice waistline with a sexy looking naval, lovely full hips and thighs, with long beautiful legs, that I wanted to have wrapped around my head. I just could not help myself, and stood there like a fool, for a moment gawking at her beauty.

Then I whispered,” Oh God Honey, you are so beautiful.” Rosemarie blushed as she said, “Oh God Meat, thank you, and you’re such a hunk, that I get wet every time I look at you.”

I was still starring at her and I could make out the outline of her dark triangle of pubic hair through her thin black lacy panties; I could also see the soft fine hairs on her thighs.

What can I say? I love girls with dark complexions, and hair, with big brown eyes and hairy pussies.

Rosemarie blushed as I admired her, and asked, “Don’t you think I’m too fat and hairy?”

“Hell No I think you’re perfect, I think you’re the most beautiful, sexist woman, in the whole world.” I replied.

Rosemarie was blushing and smiling as she peeled off her panties and dropped them on the floor. Then she pulled my tee shirt up over my head; and dropped down on her knees in front of me, and unbuckled my pants.

As she pulled my pants and under shorts down, my cock sprang out, and hit her on the nose.

She gasped and asked,” Meat are all guys, penis’s this big? Wally and Janie said that you have the biggest dick, they have seen!”

I was blushing, and shaking my head from side to side, trying not to laugh as I said,” No Rosemarie, my cock is no bigger than other guys.”

Her eyes were wide as she held it in her warm clammy hand. She looked it over as if she was examining it. Then she cupped my testicles and squeezed them, causing me to jump and groan.

She was wide eyed as she asked,” did that hurt you?”

I answered,” No, but if you do that, too hard, it will.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”, she replied them she continued pulling down pants and my under shorts.

As she stood up, Rosemarie said,” Kick off her pants and take off your shoes and socks, “Then she sat down on the edge of the bed facing me.

I did what she told me to do, and stripped.

We looked into each other’s eyes as I cupped her full breasts and rubbed my thumbs over her swollen nipples. She smiled; sucked in breath, closed her eyes as I pinched and pulled on her erect nipples, sending little shivers of passion all through her body.

Rosemarie reached down and put her warm hand on my rock hard cock and squeezed it again and began stroking it up and down, causing me to groan,” Rosemarie, please don’t do that or you’ll make me cum.”

While I played with her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Rosemarie started muttering softly,” Oh God Meat, it’s so big and hard, it’s not going to hurt me, is it?”

“No,” I giggled as I kissed her and slid my hand down over her hairy mount of Venus until my hand was over her pussy. Rosemarie looked up at me, said,” I don’t think you should be touching me there.”, then she took my hand off her vagina.

Then she wiggled around on the bed until she was lying flat on her back in the middle of the bed. Her large breasts fell slightly towards her sides. Her huge dark areolas had goose bumps all over them and her gumdrop-sized nipples were all puffed up and hard.

Her stomach was flat and her mount of Venus had a nicely trimmed triangle of dark brown pubic hair on it, over her completely shaved snatch.

While Rosemarie waited for me to lie down next to her, she subconsciously spread her legs causing her pussy to open slightly, exposing the light pink colored inner lips of her vagina.

I lay down on my side beside her. Rosemarie cuddled up by my side. She looked at me with that, dreamy kiss me; look in her big dark brown bedroom eyes.

I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, as our lips met, I instinctively put my hand between her thighs again and covered her vagina.

As Rosemarie has felt my hand on her snatch, she jerked güvenilir bahis şirketleri her hips up, pushing pussy against my hand, and sighted softly, between our parted lips, “Oh God Honey, why are you doing that to me? That’s so nasty, but it feels good.”

I sucked her, lower lip into mouth and flicked the tip of my tongue from side to side across it. Rosemarie started squirming around against my hand and I could feel her legs beginning to quiver.

Rosemarie managed to suck my lower lip into her mouth, just as I slipped my middle finger between the wet folds of her tender womanhood. She gasped, and moaned,” Oh God Honey, you’re not supposed to be, doing that to me!”

Then her innate primal carnal desirers, must have taken took control of her. Because she arched her hips up, off the bed trying to get my invading finger deeper inside her warm moist pussy.

I kissed her cheek, nipped her ear lobe as I tenderly rubbed my fingertip a-crossed her little bundle of nerves. Rosemarie was panting, “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, “as lifted and lowered her hips against my hand.

When I sucked on that hot spot between her neck and shoulders, Rosemarie shuttered and had a mini orgasm. Moaning, “Oh God Honey, Please do it to me, I want to feel you, inside me.”

I ignored her because I wanted to make it last. I kissed over her shoulders and down her chest until I had my lips on her breast. When I licked around her large bumpy areolas, and flicked the tip of my tongue, a crossed the tip of her stiff swollen nipple, Rosemarie’s body started trembling and she began gasping, and panting,” Ahhh, ahhh.”

She was wildly jerking her hips up and down, trying to get my finger deeper inside her. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth and nibbled on it. When I pushed my middle finger deeper into her, extremely tight warm wet love cannel. She bucked her hips up and had another mini orgasm.

She was so hot and horny, that she panting and pleading, “Oh God Honey, please you’re driving me crazy I need you, to do it to me, now.” Then she pulled me over on top of her.

As I got on top of her, I held myself up over her by arms length, looked down into her eyes, and asked her again, “Are you sure?”

She nodded her head up and down, as she said in a slightly frustration voice,” Good God Honey, you are driving me nuts! Now will you please; do it to me?”

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it over her vagina, as I grinned down at her and asked playfully, “Tell me what you want?”

Rosemarie was breathless muttering, “Ooooh God Honey, Please I want this sooo bad and I’ve wanted you for so long. Now stop fooling around, and do it to me!”

When she felt the head of my cock slip between her moist pussy lips and nudge up against her tight wet opening, she sucked in her breath and sighted,” Please be gentle with me, Honey.”

In answer, I lovingly kissed her forehead, as I slowly eased the head of cock into her warm moist hole.

Rosemarie’s eyes rolled back in her head in ecstasy, and she gripped the bedcovers. As felt me going into her, spreading her open, and filling her with my hard swelled manhood.

She bit my ear lobe and whispered, “Oh God Honey that feels so good. I …”

But she didn’t say anymore, as I pushed myself deeper into the depths of her womanhood; Rosemarie wrapped her legs around my waist and began mumbling, and moaning in a low voice” Oh God Honey, Please push it, all the way into me.”

The deeper into her I went, the louder she moaned.

When the head of my man meat hit her cervix, she nipped my neck and gasped,” Oh Christ Meat that feels sooo good.”

As I slowly started sliding in and out of her, I noticed that every time, the head of my cock hit her cervix; she gasped and the muscles inside her love cannel would clamp tighter around my cock causing her to jerk her hips up sighing, “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh. That’s it Honey, do it harder. Please Honey, do it faster. I think I’m going to have an orgasm.”

Christ I was going insane from being inside this beautiful wanton wonderful woman; that I have wanted, for as long as I could remember. I could not help myself, I wanted to be gentle and loving with her, but knowing that she liked it hard and deep was driving me nuts with a wild animal lust, that I could not control.

I quickly began to ram it all the way into her and then slowly pull it almost all the way out of her and then slam it, all the way back into her again. Causing her to gasp, and lift her hips up, to meet my every down ward thrush.

The next thing I knew Rosemarie was digging her fingertips into my shoulder blades, jerking and bucking wildly under me, while she sucked on my neck, unknowing giving me a love bit; that was driving me insane with lust.

Then she arched up hips, as her whole body went rigid, and the muscles of her womanhood clamped around my invading penis. Then I felt a warm rush of fluid gushing out of her pussy, around my cock, and soaking the bed under us.

Rosemarie’s body was still quivering and shaking from her orgasm, the muscles inside her pussy were still holding me deep inside her warm wet box.

With her arms around my shoulder and her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, Rosemarie whispered into my ear, “Ooooh, God Meat that was awesome. Now I want to feel you coming inside me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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