A Dark Man Pt. 02

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A Dark Man Pt. 02Chapter 6 — LynnLynn climbs into bed with me, Fey has gone to her room tonight. She wants to sleep.Lynn is curious tonight, “Do you really think mom and dad set me up?”I answer honestly, “Yes.”She hesitates, “Did they intend for me to die?”I again answer honestly, “No, I think they really did want me to save you. Our parents needed you to connect with me, then they knew I’d have you order clothes online. Then they’d find me.”Lynn comments, “That is some real planning and effort, just to get you.”I smile, “That means they are running short of money. It takes a lot of money to keep the right people happy, or they double cross you. Mind you, they aren’t desperate. They see a trend and hatched a plan. That’s why the delay, so they can fix their books. They have to be really careful; they have to remember what they used me for, and it was probably under several aliases.”Lynn looks confident, “I bet you know how to find out exactly what happened and who put me at risk, right?” I nod my head, yes. “I thought so. I don’t want to be asked. If you need to do something, just do it. I find it funny though, you love me more than our own parents. That really hurt hearing that today.”Lynn leans over me in bed, kisses me, and then lays her head on my chest.Lynn asks me, “When do I find out about me? Whether or not I get to live.”I am honest, “Every moment that you breathe, I’m endangering my business and my life.”I feel tears fall on my chest. Lynn is breathing rapidly, which means she is scared.Lynn surprises me, “You know I can never be a cop again, right? My experience with them wasn’t so great. I was thinking more about personal security. I’m good with a gun, and my client can pass me off as a girlfriend when needed. I can also help you reduce stress. I was thinking of getting a boob job so I can be pretty like Fey. Then I can also be your sex toy.”I roll her over, so I am on top, and with some anger, I tell her, “NO boob job!”She is stunned and says, “But they aren’t nearly as big?”I am exacerbated, “Fey has a bigger frame and can handle the extra weight. Your body is thin and athletic. Bigger boobs would ruin you. As long as you have nipples and orgasm when I play with your boobs, they are fine with me. I don’t need two Feys, I need a Fey and a healthy-looking sister. I also don’t want a dumb, bimbo sex toy. I want a lover, a partner, someone I can trust and who has a tactical mind.”Lynn smiles at me, “Can I still be slutty? Especially when we go to Capone’s?”I smile now as well, “Yes, you can still get your slut on. I didn’t know you had a slut side.”Lynn is giggling, “I didn’t either. It was my evil brother. He corrupted me. Now shut up and fuck me.”I get up out of bed, and I order Lynn, “Strip.”I go into my closet and come out holding some nylon ropes with padding around strategic places. There are knots and a steel chain. I use a small pole to push the chain up to the ceiling and over the hook, so it is secure. I hand the two handles to Lynn. She looks at me like I am crazy. I open one of the holes in the rope and instructs Lynn to push her leg up and through the hole. She has a smile on her face now.Once in and the plastic cushion is under her thigh, I help push her body, so the rope and cushion go behind her back. She leans back on that rope and cushion. On her own, she threads the loop for her second leg. She is now suspended in the sex swing. Her legs are naturally pulled apart by the ropes. I check, and it looks like everything is in place and safe. I need to verify that no rope is cutting into her smooth skin.Typically, where the body weight rests are wide straps rather than rope to help distribute the weight. I found that by adding the cushions, it is more comfortable. The look on Lynn’s face confirms that she is in no pain. Quite the opposite, really. She uses her hands to spin herself around. I have the swing anchored into a steel beam in the ceiling. It and the chain can easily hold our combined weight plus about ten other couples.I get down on my hands and knees. I place a big kiss on Lynn’s pussy lips. Her legs are naturally spread wide while in the swing. She is horny and waiting to be fucked. However, she is not one to pass up a good pussy licking.I am slow and delicate as I trace her pussy lips going from clit to her brown star and then back up to her clit on the opposite side. My tongue goes back and forth, so the inner and outer lips both get a lashing. My tongue runs over her clit, causing an orgasm. The swing holds her legs in place as I continue my mission. I miss just above her clit for several minutes, making sure I use lots of tongue to arouse her more. I want her exploding several times before I enter her.Even with the same technique for several minutes, she orgasms. Typically, I must use more variety. Now that I have given her several minutes of vanilla, it’s time for some fireworks. My bottom lip runs across her clit as I apply suction to get as much contact with skin as possible. I then reverse the suction by humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as I force my lips forward to try and hold that skin to skin contact.Generally, I only hum a few bars, but today, I am inspired, and she gets the whole song. I mean, it’s not like it’s Don McLean’s “American Pie,” but still, she got the entire song, and she loved it. Lynn couldn’t sit still in the swing. Her breathing is deep, and her legs jerk from time to time. She made it very hard to eat pussy at a high level.I understand why. Fey described my techniques as a rollercoaster that lasts for thirty minutes. The ride is fast, takes away your breath, and then rises and falls in intensity. Most roller coasters are around a minute in length. Thirty minutes is more fun but at the risk of being dangerous because it’s too much fun.As Lynn recovers from her orgasm, I gave her a few moments to compose herself and catch her breath. This is something that I do with Fey, I never want to hurt her. I start with light kisses that evolve into harder kisses, then a quick tiny touching of my tongue which graduates to full wide lapping of my tongue like a lollypop, only to finish with a paintbrush style where I lick going up and down on the backstroke.Lynn can’t take it anymore. She explodes in a hard orgasm. She hangs limp in the swing, her body swaying slowly due to her scream and flexing of each body part as the orgasm hits. Now, I can see the aftermath is like the aftershock of an earthquake. She slowly swings back and forth with my fingers to help swing her into further relaxation.As Lynn wakes up, she has tears in her eyes. Not at all what I expected, and she can see the confusion in my eyes.Lynn sniffles as she softly speaks, “There isn’t anything that I can do for you that will ever come close to what you just did for me. Even willingly being your sex slave would not give you the same satisfaction.”I laugh at her, “No, but then I like smart women. I don’t want a dumb bimbo; I want someone with free will that willingly pleases me. I love your desire.”I stand up to spin her, I move so I am behind her. My hands cup her breasts, a full handful, but not overflowing like Fey. On the positive side, Lynn’s nipples stand high and proud. Not much gravity pulling them down. Her nipples are fascinating, easily twice the typical length of a pencil eraser. When aroused, they’re hard and look out of place on her chest. I love them.Right now, the nipples are hard and begging to be played with. I answer their call. I draw my long pudgy fingers along the sides of the nipples. I can’t do that with many people.I lovingly say, “Your breasts are perfect. If you had nothing, I could understand you wanting something but adding to your perfect breasts would ruin the look. These are natural and alluring. Anything more prominent with an unnatural look would ruin them. Believe me, these are fine with me and let’s face it, whose opinion matters more right now? Nobody’s.”I massage the breasts for a few minutes. We both enjoy the feeling. I stop and
pull the nipples, earning me a scream of pain, yet knowing that I also sent a bolt of lightning straight to her pussy, which is partially what caused her to scream.I pull away, stand up and spin Lynn twice. I then push her back, and as she comes forward; I slow her down as she aligns with my cock.Lynn looks at me in surprise, “I don’t think Fey would be happy with you. There are still weeks of healing that needs to happen. I don’t want to hurt you, I can wait.”I look at Lynn with a smirk on my face, “Just because you can hold out, doesn’t mean that I can. However, because of Fey, I’m using the swing. There will be no weight on my shoulder, no need to bend or strain. I will be rolling my hips, but that should not affect my shoulder … much.”I know I will feel this, but I really NEED a fucking, and Lynn is ready, willing, and able. I won’t make this a marathon session. She gets fast, I won’t even be rough, that would cause me to use my muscles. When I check Lynn, she is horny, leaking, and in bad need of a fucking. I can see the need in her face. Her pussy has bloomed, she is wide open for me. I don’t disappoint her.My cock goes straight into her body. I love the swing. The angles are different, and a floating body is a much different fuck than doggie. They are similar, but my access is much better like this. There is no bed in the way I have access and can see everything. There are infinite positions, I used the last one Fey used. Lynn seems to like it as well.I won’t change the positions like I do with Fey, that would require using my strength to manipulate her body. I want to heal. I allow my cock to enter Lynn and for her to hold me for a bit. She has a look of pure bliss on her face. I push her away a few inches and swing her to the right, and I pull her back to me. As she slams into me, I drive her off to the left and turn her to the left some. I then pull her back into me.We get into a pattern of pull into me, push and rotate to the right and then pull in. Repeat into the left side. Lynn is blown away by the sensation. Everyone likes being in a swing, we start as c***dren. Now add a great fucking to that, and it’s the perfect playground equipment. I am going as quick as I can. This certainly is not a quick fuck, but I can’t go any faster with the antics I am pulling.I do it for Lynn’s benefit, she loves the feeling. As I get closer, I stop the motion and move to straight fucking. I can go much faster in this mode. I am a piston standing up and rolling my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of my sister. The expressions on her face are magnificent. She wants to speak but can’t. She wants to sit up, but she can’t. All she can do is lay there and accept the pleasure that is rolling through her mind and body.Her head hangs back, allowing for better airflow. She doesn’t have the energy or thought to hold it up. Every brain cell is going towards feeling pleasure. The smile of satisfaction on her face is priceless. Not even Fey shows appreciation that well. I know she feels it; she just can’t express her feelings like Lynn can on her face.I don’t do anything to prolong this encounter. As soon as my need is there, I don’t hold back. I let my orgasm take over my body and scream a deep guttural shout of satisfaction as I pump five good hard thrusts down into my sister.Almost simultaneously, she too screams out her orgasm. No doubt it was an instant reaction to me. Her body comes alive and is tense as I shoot my load into her. She has a look of complete happiness on her face. Awake, alert, and a look of compassion on her face for allowing her to receive my spunk.As I finish, I am wiped out. I did use my muscles too much, and I am in real pain now. I release the straps holding Lynn in, and I collapse in the bed.My one instruction to Lynn is, “Fey … pain.”I know that isn’t even a sentence. Just two random words. However, the anguish on my face and the name of Fey is enough to make Lynn sprint to Fey’s room and wake her up. That’s something I really didn’t want to do. I will be mad at myself later. Right now, I sit down on the bed. I don’t dare lean back or lay down, Fey will want to check me out.Sure enough, as Fey comes into the room, she is mad as hell at me. With the swing hanging on the chain still, it’s obvious what we did. She pulls off the dressing and slaps my face.Fey screams at me, “God damn it! That’s never going to heal if you keep doing stupid shit like the swing. You thought it would be easier yet here I am, and you’re begging for a pain killer. I should give you the whole fucking bottle and let you kill yourself. I can only do so much.”Now she is aimed at Lynn, “YOU! NO SEX for three weeks!” Fey breaks down in tears. “You are going to kill him. He needs to rest. He can’t do anything strenuous. If that breaks open, we WILL go to the hospital. Gary and I will be in jail, and I will never do surgery again. Worst case, we don’t see anything, but there is internal bleeding. He dies!”Now Lynn is near tears. Fey gives me two pills from a bottle she brought with her. She goes for more bandages while Lynn runs for a glass of water. They both come back. I take the pills, and Fey bandages me up. Fey is still mad but not screaming anymore.Fey addresses Lynn, “If you need a good fucking, I have a dildo you can use, or I’ll eat you to orgasm. Don’t touch Gary. I’ll do anything your heart desires to satisfy your needs, he needs rest. You’re coming back to bed with me, and Gary is going to sleep. No alarm, sleep in. Tomorrow, Lynn is your slave. You don’t lift a muscle; she will get you anything you need.”You may work on your computer and make headset phone calls. I don’t want you lifting anything heavier than a fork, or I will castrate you. Do you understand me?”Both Lynn and I am shocked at her graphic threats, we both nod our heads yet. Fey helps me lean back in the bed, kisses me on the cheek, and then drags Lynn out of the room. At the door, they turn off the lights. I can hear Lynn softly crying until they close the door.Yup, Fey still loves me.Chapter 7 — The InvestigationThe next week is hell. They don’t let me do anything. We don’t leave the house. I don’t lift anything heavier than a fork. Worse, they are both dressed in long skirts and dresses that show nothing. They are doing everything possible to not turn me on. Lynn treats me to a blowjob at night, and Fey gives me one when she comes home, early in the morning.Since I am not allowed to do anything, I spend most of my time in my office working. My parents no longer disguise requests, they send them directly to me. I research like the police do. I follow every lead and look at everyone involved to the best of my abilities. In some cases, I need to hire hackers to get data I need.Typically, I use local people like my parents do. For my parent’s investigation, I use experts from other cities. I don’t want anything getting back to them. In most cases, I am not accessing their own computers, I am looking at long term trends and the trail of money. Email and text messages are very telling though. Not so much the messages, because like me, I talk in code. However, the destination is what interests me. Who do they deal with and for how long? How much money do they pay out?I have enough email and text messages that their code seems obvious to me. That also tells me I need to change my code words more often. It takes me six weeks to gather all the information I need. Now it’s time to process the information and start to make conclusions.I have several large whiteboards in my room. I use sticky notes, so they act like Kanban boards, a Japanese system developed for tracking manufacturing. I like it because I can group things and run string (actually, it’s colored yarn and playdough) between related items. It’s un-hackable. This gives me the big picture, and I can group related items and more importantly, links to other groups of similar items.High on the board represents old ties or relationships where towards the bottom is new or recent ones. I finish the project even though h
alfway through, I know my answers. As I add more and more data, it completes the picture, and my hunches and guesses are now proven in facts. Dinner tonight is going to be fascinating.+++++Lynn made an excellent spaghetti with meatballs tonight. No jar sauce for her, all from scratch. She even made the pasta, quite impressive. I no longer need pain killers, so I am allowed a glass of wine with dinner tonight. I still am not allowed to pick up the bottle and pour it. Nor can I pass a plate of sauce or noodles. Even the cheese is off limits, they grate it for me.My patience is running out with these two, I feel fine now.After the plates are cleared and Lynn returns with the cannoli, I ask an ominous question, “Lynn, you obviously know our parents much better than I did. Can you answer a question for me to help in my investigation?”Lynn looks nervous now, dare I say she has a bit of fear in her eyes?I continue now that I have her full attention, “If you could only save one parent from a burning fire, which would it be?”Without any hesitation, Lynn blurts out, “Mom.”That was precisely the answer I expected.I prompt her, “Why?”This time, Lynn is more thoughtful in her answer. She pauses first, then she says in a calculated response, “I got hugs from mom and dad over the years. When mom hugged me, I could feel the love. Dad was always cold. His face and actions said he loved me, but he never held me like mom did. After I turned eighteen, he started looking at me like a weird pervert uncle.”After our dinner with mom and dad, it started making sense, dad never loved me. He admires you, but there’s no love. I don’t think he’s capable. I still hold mom just as responsible, I never saw a gun to her head, and she had access to all the money.”I am calm and un-showing of any emotion as I say, “My investigation is complete. Tonight, I am going to gather a small group of people and explain my findings. That’s all you need to know at this time.”Lynn starts crying, “You’re going to kill dad!”Still in my calm voice, “I never said that. To be honest, I don’t know the fate of either parent yet. I can’t see into their minds. I need some information from them. Heads are going to roll; I have no idea how far I will have to go. My friends are taking me out later tonight. Watch the 11:00 news, I think there will be a lot of “Breaking News” reports and it will tickle you.” I smile at Lynn.+++++I am sitting in a comfortable recliner, my weapon of choice, a WW II Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol is in my lap. I pick it up as I hear the garage door open. I then hear the familiar sound of the garage door closing. As expected, the first man through the door is their head of security, Larry. By now, Bobby, a senior member of mom and dad’s organization has been relieved of his weapon, along with Larry. My friends are pushing the group into the living room as the lights are turned on.In the corner is the maid (Terri) and the cook (Stacy). Both women are naked and tied up. Gagged and completely submissive. My guys had fun with those two while we waited for mom and dad to show up. There are six chairs set up in front of me. Larry and Bobby sit in the first two. Mom and dad arrive, along with Terri and Stacy. Each one sits in a chair, so I can speak to them.There is one other distinctive addition to this room. It is floor to ceiling enclosed in plastic. All six have tears in their eyes, they know the implications of the plastic, easy clean-up of dead bodies. Behind each person is an associate of mine.I speak with a clear and monotone voice, “So.” I pause for dramatic effect. “Mom. Dad. You came to me because you want to merge our businesses. The real reason is your business is failing. You don’t know why. I do. Your own people are sending business to your rivals. Terri and Stacy have been taking your leads and passing them on to competitors and earning commissions in the process.”Both have knives thrust into them from behind and fall forward dead.I continue, “Larry is skimming money from the collections.” He too falls forward, dead from a knife wound.”Bobby is the smartest of the four. As you got leads, he passed them on to competitors once a month. Some still went to you, some didn’t. You lost a lot of repeat business from this,” I smile as he too falls forward.I talk condescendingly at my parents, “There was nothing wrong with your business, you just had four of your most trusted people skimming off the top.”It’s almost 11:00 PM, I surprise everyone by turning on the TV and then turning my chair, so I can watch the news. I had to change the channel because the porn channel was playing. At precisely 11:00, there is a big logo on the screen with flashing lights, “Breaking News.” I smile, so predictable.The lead anchor, Mel, starts in his deep, powerful voice, “For the last hour we have been following the arrest of a local police officer. He was found in his room this evening when a male escort called 911 reporting he overdosed.”I add commentary, “Actually, he had a mix of coke and heroin.”The anchor continues, “He was found in bed with a woman that appears to be u******e (she is really 21). A computer in the room was hosting a web site with u******e boys and girls.”They show a film clip of Ben being removed from his home on a stretcher with his wife screaming, crying, and being restrained because she wanted to kill him. His two c***dren are in the background crying.The anchor pauses for the clip to finish and then continues, “Since that clip was taken, an anonymous email was received in the newsroom accusing him of selling his twenty-one-year-old partner to a gang. Their orders asked a gang of men to ****, beat, and later kill her. We have transcripts, recordings, and pictures. It looks like a bulletproof case for a prosecutor.”There is a picture of Lynn on the screen taken at her graduation from the Police Academy.The anchor continues, “The police are looking for this woman. If anyone has information on her location or remains, please contact the police tips line.” Now they show a picture of her after the beating she took. “This is her picture taken after the beatings.”Off picture, we hear the co-host, Tiffany say, “Oh my God! Look what that asshole did to her. He needs to rot in ####.” They bleeped her last word. “Lynn, girl, if you are still alive, please come in and testify against this piece of ####.” They bleeped her again. “That just isn’t right. Her own partner? What is this world coming to? #### him!”I turn off the TV. Mom looks horrified at the news report. Dad is sitting calmly in his chair.Since mom is speechless, I ask dad, “How much did mom know?”Dad tries to answer twice, but in the end, he just mumbles, he didn’t say anything.I ask dad a second question, “Did you ever love mom?”This question he answers, “No. She was just another woman to screw. When she got pregnant my father, the man that raised me, made me marry her. He said I needed a front to help hide my business. He died eight years later.”I start to nod my head, and then stop, “Dad, I know if our positions were reversed, I’d be dead right now. We all know this. You have no right to live for what you have done. You tortured me as a c***d, threw me out, risked your daughter’s life so you could get to me and take over my business.”You cheated on mom with hundreds of women. I am a better man than you. I built a better business than you. I make more money with lower risks than you. I even saved my only siblings life. So, against my better judgement once again, I’m going to send you away for a while. You are going to my solitary confinement cell, below my security room, for a while.”I want you to think for a few days. It will be your choice to live or die. If you agree to work for me in my business, which will absorb yours, and you agree to be our house slave, subservient to me and my family in every way, I will let you live. Otherwise … well, you won’t have any issues.” I have my head of security take him away.It really bothers me that I don’t kill him. I
let him live, I let Lynn live. I should kill mom as well, yet I let her live. I don’t like this one bit, it’s not logical.I stand up and look at mom. I order her, “Strip.”She looks at me, stunned. I move to the edge of the room and take off my clothes. I wait for her, she doesn’t move.Frustrated, I ask, “Do you want to stay here or come with me? Strip and then follow me.” She strips.I walk upstairs, staying on the newly rolled plastic, so no blood is tracked through the house. I step into the shower, and mom follows me in. I start up a warm shower and clean myself off. Mom does the same.Mom is about fifty and still in good shape. Like Lynn, not much in the breast department but a decent and perky handful. She doesn’t shave, but that is typical of older people. She was probably stunning at eighteen when dad married her early in college. Her light brown straight hair goes past her shoulders. Hazel eyes and mobilbahis güvenilir mi a small nose on a round face makes her nothing extraordinary. Her thin body and bubble butt along with her darker skin make her body amazing.Her hair partially hides her face, making her mysterious and a head turner. I push her down to her knees, using my hands on her shoulders. She starts to object, the only word that came out was i****t.I laugh at her, “I just had four people killed, I almost killed my father, which I will probably still do, and you’re worried about i****t and sucking my cock? Get to work before I add another body.”Mom got over it, sucking her son’s big cock quick. She isn’t as motivated as Lynn or Fey, but it was still good. Mom has skills when it comes to sucking cock. The most significant difference is that mom uses a different amount of pressure with everything she does. Suction pressure, grasping the intensity, and the strength of her tongue all vary in intensity when she uses those techniques.She is a master at transitioning from one method to another. She doesn’t rush the blowjob, which surprises me. She took her time and enjoyed herself. It took five minutes to get me off. Naturally, she swallowed every drop of my cum and smiled when she finished. Mom smiled with a guilty look when she finished while I stand in my orgasmic bliss.Mom says with a grin on her face, “I gave the best oral sex on campus. The men loved my skills. Your father only wanted to fuck, and then it was all about him.”I explain the facts, “They will be here a while, you are coming home with me tonight. You will sleep there and then you are free in the morning. You should know I am capable of just about anything. Don’t test me.” I turn off the water. “Dry off and put the clothes on. Then we can go.”+++++As I walk out of the garage, Lynn and Fey are there to greet me. Lynn has tears in her eyes, she has been crying for a while. She rushes me and holds me in her arms, crushing the air out of my lungs. Fey stops her, with two words, “bullet hole.” Lynn instantly releases me. I didn’t feel any pain.Mom is sharp, “Bullet hole? In Gary? How?”I field that question, “Mom, let’s go inside and sit down. We have some discussing to do.”Until she saw the TV news, Mom had no idea about Lynn and what they did to her. Lynn described my involvement. That info about broke mom’s heart as well as the fact that dad had three women on the payroll to service his needs. Mom ends up crying most of the night.After we finish, mom has one question for me, “What do I do now? Where do I live? How do I cope? I can’t trust anyone.” The last one was the worst. “Will you kill him?”I have had enough of this shit. I grab my mother and force her to stand up. I take my Colt 911 and put it to her forehead. The room is silent now.My voice is low and almost mechanical because it is so emotionless, “You now know what dad did to Lynn, your only daughter. Had I not interfered; she would be D E A D right now as if he pulled the trigger himself. He was willing to kill me as well to take over my operation. Any parent willing to sacrifice both his c***dren and cheat on their mother with hundreds of women over the years, deserves to die in my book.”You may have been next. You’re what, about fifty. Those bimbos were eighteen. Guess who has a tighter vagina? Guess who will do anything he wants? Why keep you? It’s obvious he doesn’t love you. With the way you failed to raise me, it would mean nothing to kill you right now. You have no meaning to me.”I am baffled right now. I have no idea why Lynn is alive still. The smart move would have been to kill her. The same thing is true of you and dad. Yet, you live, and I fuck my sister when I want to.”Fey gives me the evil eye.I take back my last statement, “Ok, other than the last few weeks because I am recovering from a gunshot wound I received while saving her life.”Fey jumps in, “I understand. You like your sister. People in love do irrational things. Give your mom a hug, and you will own her as well.”I don’t move, but mom does. She reaches out for me and pushes her breasts into my chest as hard as she can, and then she pulls me tight. It’s not long, and I can feel her crying again. Will she ever stop?While still crying and holding me, she says between sobs, “I never wanted to give you up. I’ve dreamed of having you in my arms again for many years. It was the day we found out you were a competitor. Your father was very proud of you. That was the first and only time.”Lynn has been sitting all night quietly. She finally asks her question.Lynn is very small in the chair, and her voice is soft as she asks, “What do I do now? The Police want me to come in. They probably have a warrant for my arrest.”I am still calm as I explain, “Tomorrow you are going to see a lawyer friend I have. He will prep you for the interview. Most of what you say will be the truth. We’ll change the story a bit to deflect from mom and dad and put it all on Ben. They will believe anything you tell them. I’ve already set the groundwork. The lawyer knows what questions they will ask and will work with you on the answers. We’ll bury Ben.”I want Ben to see you in court, then you put him away for a long time. If he ever makes it out. Odds are he will be dead in two hours. I have some rather powerful friends, there is nothing to worry about. My friend knows the names of the wives and c***dren just in case one decides he wants to stray from the script.”The police and the reporters will try to follow you home. That won’t work, it has been handled. Your vehicle will be the last to go over the bridge before they stop traffic. We will restrict ourselves to Capone’s for a while.”I smile, mom looks confused, she asks, “What?”I smile, mom looks confused, she asks, “What’s that place? I have heard various things about it.”Fey spends almost an hour detailing our night at Capone’s. I am amazed when mom doesn’t seem embarrassed. It’s 2:00 AM, I am tired.I announce, “It’s 2:00, I need some sleep. Lynn, you get mom for the night. She should be with someone, and you’re her daughter. Good night.”I head off to bed, and Fey is right behind me. She doesn’t go to her room. We both slip into bed, something that has not happened in a while even though she is almost a permanent guest now.Fey is trying hard to look sad and annoyed as she says to me in her soft, seductive voice, “I had no idea how evil you truly are. You almost killed your own father tonight.”I correct her, “He is not my father, only the sperm donor. The only father I recognize he admitted to killing. I’ll sleep great tonight. You got to give me some credit, I let my mom live. I haven’t killed dad yet.”Fey questions me, “Will you kill your mom?”I point out the facts, “They were all cheating on her. Dad cheated on his marriage, and the others were stealing so much business, they thought about killing me. Gary from a year ago would have killed both just as easily.”Fey has a smile on her face, “What changed? Is my badass boyfriend going soft?”I recount the facts, “I killed five guys saving my sister, four more tonight, and I framed Lynn’s partn
er for attempted murder, sex trafficking, k**napping, and k**die porn. You think I’m soft?”Fey is cold, “You mom and dad are still alive.”I reflect on that and the fact that Lynn is still alive before replying, “My dad probably not for long. And, it’s your fault. You are morally corrupting me with your goodness.” I kiss her on the nose and then roll over. Fey spoons up with me, and soon we are asleep.Chapter 8 — Dad is dead, Lynn Gets ArrestedEveryone is gone by the time I wake up at 10:30. Fey should be at work, mom was taken home, and I guess Lynn went first thing to see the lawyer. I have a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee for breakfast. Then I go to my office where I can answer my mail and finalize work that is paid for. I was distracted yesterday with my personal tasks. Today is catch up day where I need to work on all my open projects and bid on some new jobs. I get a call from my security team downstairs, and they tell me I need to hurry down. I know dad is below them, but my instinct is the cell is too tight it’s not about him. I go down. The place is quiet when I walk in. My head of security tells me “your dad is dead. He killed himself this morning. When Mike was bringing him breakfast, your dad jumped him, grabbed his pistol and shot himself. Mike took a couple of blows to his face, but he’s ok. Sorry about your dad, but good riddance. He left you this note.”I go back to my office and open the note. “Gary: this is this right thing for me to do. Yes, I was a terrible dad and husband. But I want you to know I am very proud of you. You built a better business than I did. You are smarter, and cleverer than I could have imagined. I thank you for sparing my life. But I can’t work for you, and I won’t be subservient to anyone — especially my son. This is the best way out for both of us. Dad.That caught me by surprise. I feel no sorrow, no remorse. Dad was right, it’s the best way for it to end.In the afternoon, I start to worry about Lynn. She isn’t home yet. I do some investigative work and hire a private eye to prove someone’s spouse is cheating. When the spouse is a circuit court judge, they need to be very cautious.It’s 3:00 before Lynn gets home. I am already walking to her when I run into her sprinting to me. She jumps up and into my arms, and then remembers I am recovering and pushes away from me. Immediately she hugs me tight, and the tears start a waterfall.Jacob tells me, “We had half the state following us when we got to the bridge. I don’t know what happened, but they were pissed. I got to hand it to you though, your plan went exactly according to your specifications. Boss, today you really outdid yourself. The multiple vans in the tunnel confused the hell out of the helicopter. I knew the bridge would work, but like you suspected, they were ready for that. It was the construction traffic that finally lost them. I never needed steps f******n through twenty-two.”She got mobbed on the stairs leaving the police station. The extra muscle really helped. Lynn was perfect, zero emotion just like you asked for. I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m going out to keep them busy for a while and then I’m going home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”I say, “Bye Jacob. You did well today.”Lynn is still crying so I guide her to the game room and play some Rolling Stones from my Jukebox. I settle her down on a couch and get her a Strawberry Margarita. This one is a tad on the strong side.As Lynn takes a sip, she screams out, “DAMN! Is that 100% alcohol? That is one strong drink.”I smile, “You stopped crying.” I then add, “Your dad killed himself this morning. He left me a note saying he was proud of me, but he couldn’t work for me and this was the best way to end it. I think he’s right.”Lynn says quietly “I don’t feel any sadness. The past few days have opened my eyes a lot. I agree, this is probably the only decent thing he ever did.”She saunters over to me, kisses me on the lips, and then holds it for a while before shyly pulling away with a giggle. It’s clear it’s time to move on.Lynn starts with a smile on her face, “You have very good people and some wicked friends. Walter starts off by saying I’ll be arrested. They have not dropped the charges yet. They’ll use that to pressure me. He tells me they will ask me ten questions. I’ll reply with the answers he has me memorize, and then they’ll let me go. There will be a huge crowd outside. Don’t look at anyone and act like a zombie, emotionless. The drivers will take care of me from there.”I’m arrested as I walk in the door. My arrest is rushed. I never saw one go so fast. They take me to an interrogation room. Walter’s to my right, a police officer in uniform is across from me, and another man not in uniform is across from Walter and he has an old-fashioned wooden ruler in his hand. I’ve never seen that before.”The police officer asks me a question that was not one of the ten. Walter puts his hands on mine and makes eye contact with me. He shakes his head no. I stay silent. Then, in a flash, the man with the ruler smacks the officer’s hand with the ruler. The officer is furious, and scowls at the other man.”The officer asks another question not on my list. I don’t flinch. WHACK! He hits him again with the ruler. The officer is pissed, almost drooling in anger. The other man sits there relaxed still. Not at all concerned about the events.”The officer warns the man; you do that one more time …””The other talks over the officer, “Must I get your supervisor in here and hit both of you? Those are the fucking questions, ask them, and you’ll get answers you can write down. Now, try again.””Before the officer starts, the man takes off his jacket and sets it on the table. The officer pauses. The man then rolls up both sleeves past his elbows. I’m no expert on tattoos, yet even I know what the Special-Forces emblem looks like. He looks at the officer, the little lady stenographer and me and asks the officer, “Will you be walking out of this building, or will they wheel you out on a stretcher?””The officer asked me question #1. I recited perfectly the answer to question #1. At the end of the tenth question the man tells the officer, cut her loose now. I won’t ask a second time. Over the speaker we hear a deep voice say she is free to go. We walk out of the police department and down the long stairs where a thousand reporters are waiting.”Cars have us boxed in at the bridge. Traffic is stopped, they single us out and off to the side. We then cross the bridge, a boat comes along, and then they raise the bridge. I swear I saw twenty vans like the one I was in when we were in the tunnel. It reminded me of the Thomas Crown Affair.”I’m crying because people like you are so far above the law, the police have no chance. I am crying because you put so much effort into just me. You have Fey and her big boobs, you don’t need me. I’m crying because I’m so unworthy of a man like you.”She throws herself at me and cries in my arms as she holds on to me tightly.I whisper into Lynn’s ear, “The man in the room is with Homeland Security, a friend of mine.”Lynn pushes me away. She has a look of shock and disbelief on her face.I continue, “His name is Arnold. You were correct on his background, that’s how I met him. I’m not so much above the law as I’m a valued asset that they use. They ask for assistance from time to time. Never repeat this, I must protect them as much as I do myself. Even Fey has no clue. Maybe she suspects but she knows nothing.”I stand up and move to a pinball machine. I pull the plunger and let the ball go. I continue talking while I play. I pull a plunger for her game, and she starts to play an old target pinball game.I give up a secret, “Playing pinball and carrying on a conversation are the****utic. The math of the angles and the social conversation keep your full brain busy and multi-tasking. It’s the best way to get better.”I change the subject, “So. Miss junior investigator. Why did I put so much of my resources into you? Why both
er? Think it through. Work out the puzzle while you keep the ball in play. Use your brain, both your logical side and your creative side. Why did I make today happen and not allow you to be eaten by the wolves?”Lynn picks up the test, “Ok. I need to decide if this is a logical or emotional decision on your part. Well, it could be both I guess. I’m your sister, but that means nothing to you. I never existed six weeks ago. My logical assets are, I’m a woman, I can handle a gun, and I have police training which could be useful to you. I’ll never betray you because you saved my life. I can be your back up and hopefully eventually, a partner.”Oooo, that would be interesting. I work with you. On the emotional side, maybe you always wanted a sister, maybe you got off on saving me, and maybe, just maybe, you like fucking me. Maybe you intend to make me into a slave or something. No, you already said you like free thinking smart women.”My guess is, you just want a fuck buddy. You know I won’t turn you in or betray you. You can do almost anything to me sexually. Yet, you like smart woman, so that makes me lean towards you using me more for my experience as it’s much different that yours’s. I’ll see thing different and I suspect you like seeing all sides and considering all situations. That’s my answer.”You like me for sex, and you want to put my talents to work. To answer your questions, it’s a bit of both. Now the more interesting question is, why did you let mom live?”I push her shoulders down and she slowly falls to the floor, taking my pants and boxers with Lynn as she ends up on her knees with her mouth wrapped around my cock. She looks up to me with a smile on her face. She loves sucking cock. Two hands running my length and her mouth wrapped around the tip of my cock, now that is fun.I speak reassuringly to Lynn, “Those are interesting thoughts. That sounds more like your hopes than what you really think. I think deep down you still wonder why I saved you. You wonder if I’ll kill you. Six weeks ago, you were a police officer and it took nothing for me to fuck you and get blowjobs. I think you’re a shy, scared little girl that will do anything to save her skin.”The smile is gone from her face, but she continues the blow job, never wavered. That tells me she loves sucking a good cock and she is scared still.I continue, “The truth is I still don’t know why I saved you and I have no idea what to do with you. This is all new to me, so I can’t look at it from my past experiences. You are wonderful at sucking cock.”I need to stop talking so I can moan for her. She is awesome at sucking my cock. She has me nearly ready to blow when she stops. She has a goofy smile on her face. She continues sucking and licking until I am almost ready to blow. She stops. She smiles larger and then starts sucking again. This time I grab her head and am forceful with my thrusting and retreating from her throat. I am performing a picture-perfect face fucking.Lynn doesn’t enjoy this as much, but there is no resistance on her part. That’s a mistake, she isn’t ready to be my equal, she is being submissive. I don’t like submissive. I pull out of her head, stick my cock back in my pants, zip up, button up, and put my belt back on. I walk to the kitchen, I want breakfast. I make my standard breakfast, two eggs, a slice of toast, and two slices of bacon.Lynn walks into the room cautiously. I ignore her. When I finish cooking, she makes her own breakfast, same as mine. She compares the eggs, mine are firmer. She cooks hers some more. She just failed another test; she is trying too hard to please me. Now I have a scowl on my face. Maybe she isn’t worth keeping, how disappointing.After eating I go downstairs and swim a few laps. My arms are sore from not swimming so long. I then go to the gym and Lynn is in there working hard. She is red in the face and sweating good enough that her clothes are wet from the workout. I wonder, is this what she does to think and work out problems?I go through my normal routine although with far less weight that I used to do. I put too much weight on a shoulder machine and Lynn about blew a gasket yelling at me before I even lifted it once. Ok, she is protective of me and stands up for herself now. That is good, there is hope still. I take off two thirds of the weight and she ignores me.Thirty minutes later and I am done. My shoulder and muscles hurt. It’s been too long since I have lifted weights and my body is complaining. A pair of aspirin and some rest will help. I will probably take a hot shower as well.I have just wiped my face clean of the sweat and have the towel over my head. I am tired and collecting my breath before I get up and take that shower and pills. A pair of thin and delicate hands pick up my shirt and pull it up and over my head. I am too tired and too sore to stop her. Why does she want my smelly shirt?The answer is deliciously simple, she doesn’t, she throws it in the corner of the room, farthest from us. I then feel her hands on my back. She isn’t gently by any means. She is harsh on my shoulder; it hurts worse now. However, it also feels good.Lynn says in a sexy voice, “This is as close a feeling as there is to have my ass or tits slapped hard. I feel the pain like you are now. But where you also feel pleasant, I get a lightning bolt that fires through my body until it hits my cunt. It hits me with a shock, lighting me on fire. My panties would be soaked, and a moan comes out of my mouth like you will be doing soon.”She is right, somehow it feels good. She is removing the tension from my muscles.Now she starts the mind massage, “Because of your job, I won’t be able to date men. Could you imagine the guys face when he comes to pick me up and there’s a loaded shotgun in his face or your huge Colt 1911? No boyfriend survives you. I’m not about to go without a good fucking. Therefore, you must fuck me at LEAST once a week. I know you have a girlfriend, slash fiancé. I don’t give a damn. Once, no, twice a week you will be required to fuck me.”She squeezes much harder causing me to yell out in pain.I hear her giggling, “I can be very persuasive if needed. If Fey can’t handle it, I will take her out to the desert and only one of us, me, will be coming back. Do you understand me? I don’t want no thirty second loving either. My pussy needs a good pounding. Now. I want to know your intentions for mom. Where do we stand with her? Can I continue as her daughter, do I need to kill her, what? I can’t go through my life not knowing. One or the other, pick now.”I laugh at Lynn, “Do you think that I have a playbook for the rest of my life? I’m still trying to figure out why you’re alive. I’m clueless about Fey and why she is living here. And mom. I’ve no idea. She means nothing to me which means you must mean something to me, but I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what Fey is. If she keeps practicing doctor, someone will kill her eventually and I’m positive I won’t react well to that.”How can I trust mom? I don’t even trust you or Fey. Yet for this all to work out, I need to trust her. I just don’t see how that works. I almost wish I never heard about you.”Lynn’s interest is piqued, “Almost. You ALMOST wish you’d never heard about me. There it is. You’re happy to have found me. You were lonely and scared as a k**. You wanted a family and I’m the first thing close to a normal family you found. You can’t think that thought, but it’s hiding away deep in your brain. Your sub-conscience is enjoying that fact that you have a sister and deep down, you like that. I know you like fucking your sister.”I smile at that. I do like fucking my sister, I wish I had more. This line of thinking explains a lot. I never had a stable family life and I desperately wanted one like every other k** had. I was smart enough to know my situation wasn’t unique, but it also wasn’t normal or even common. I guess looking at it logically now, this was mostly dad’s thinking. Then add to that, I have never been around women much until F
ey came along.I suddenly stand up, startling Lynn. I walk out of the gym, and she follows me, curious as to where I am going. Back to the pool. However, this time I step into the hot tub. Before stepping in, I take off my shirt, shorts, sandals, and boxers. Lynn smiles at seeing me. She then strips down like I did and jumps in with me.The big difference between us, she is sitting on my lap, crushing my erect cock. She kisses me with a long tender and loving kiss. We don’t rush this; we have time to enjoy ourselves. Fey will be home in a while, but it doesn’t matter to me. I reach out and play with her breasts. Lynn hates this because she is embarrassed by them being smaller than Fey’s. I love playing with them because they are so stiff and perky. Her long nipples just add to the fun.I love running my fingers along the long length of the nipple. It’s so weird, but I love that feeling. The tops are flat and like cement. They are smooth but feel rough, like sandpaper. You can see every little dimple if you look close enough. I lose track of what I am doing and wake from my trance with Lynn orgasming. Ooops.I lift Lynn up and out of the water, placing her on the edge with her feet still in the water. She leans back and is propped up on her elbows. I spread her legs and move in close with my already hard cock. I put her knees over my shoulders, I am leaning forward to make it easier on her.Because I am still in the water, I can’t move too fast. I push a lot of water out for a while, but as it drains the tub, that ceases to be an issue. I am still restricted on my speed. I am forced to fuck her silly and slow. To my great surprise, she loves this. I expected the slow speed to bore her to tears. That is not the situation at all. It’s just the opposite, my slower speed allows her to feel mobilbahis more of my cock as it slides in and out of her honey pot.Lynn is unable to speak, she went dumb. I see her mouth moving but nothing comes out. Her body is working hard to breath and her little titties are rolling around on her chest. She is adorable like this, which makes me smile, and of course, that makes Lynn smile. I must say, there is something to this slower fucking. I like the way it feels as my cock slides smoothly across her pussy walls.It’s like hot corn on the cob, sliding over a sick of butter. The butter melts onto the corn. Like the butter, Lynn has enough lubrication for an army of mechanics. I effortlessly glide in and out of her pussy. It’s like my cock is covered in Teflon. Lynn has discovered noise again, she can moan. I prefer grunting in time with my thrusts. Oh well, what’s a guy to do?I try to pick up the pace. It’s not easy, it takes a lot more effort to go faster. Within minutes, I am wearing down. Lynn saves me by having her orgasm, which allows me to stop holding back. I release and push five ropes of cum into my sister. She locks her legs around me tight, to keep me in place. My shrinking cock soon makes that impossible.Lynn sits up and then launches herself at my exhausted body. She topples me over, forcing me to fall back into a seat. She has an incredible smile on her face.Lynn excitedly says to me, “Hot damn that was fun! I never knew slow could feel so great. I can’t believe how good you are at sex. I thought Fey was your only girlfriend.”I laugh at her, “Having one girlfriend doesn’t mean I haven’t fucked many women.”In this case, it does, however, she doesn’t need to know that. I am no expert on sex, I just couldn’t go faster. We are sharing a slow erotic kiss when Fey walks in.Fey announces, “Gary, you have a visitor upstairs. Your mom came over. She wants to talk. She called your cell phone and your security picked her up. Nobody followed her nor me. Is this the calm before the storm or are we done?”I get up and say, “Well, let’s go talk to mom and see.”As we are walking up the stairs from the lower basement, Lynn asks, “Aren’t you going to put on some clothes?”I give her a smile, “Nope. I have a towel, this is my house, she can deal with it.”I wrap the towel around me as I walk up the stairs. Mom has made herself at home and is in the kitchen making some lunch. It looks like she is going to fry up some homemade potato chips and has a sub sandwich started. She brought fixings with her.Lynn is at ease with mom in the kitchen, and she quickly fits in helping and rotating around her like they choreographed this. I would bet that they have. They have made hundreds of meals together and know what to do and when. They complete each other.I ask mom, “Are you going to ask me first or will some movers just show up one day?”Mom drops her knife and stares at me in disbelief. Lynn and Fey seem amused by this behavior.I continue showing off my knowledge, “Lynn had a close call and now you miss her terribly. Without dad around, you’ve nobody to talk to. Nobody to help with the business, nobody to help cook, do the laundry or dishes. You miss your daughter and husband, you’re lonely. Here, Lynn, Fey, and I have a nice thing going. You don’t care how; you just want to be part of it and are willing to do anything.”You don’t trust me to run your life. However, I don’t need you. Everything you want, it’s within this house. Deep down, you know you’ll do anything to make a deal with me.”Fey objects, “That is your mother.”I point out, “The mother that abused me as a c***d, put me up for adoption at age eight, allowed dad to kill my good parents, and then endangered Lynn’s life as well as mine to get my business. Is that the mother you’re talking about? Or, is it the one that is lonely and desperate to be part of something?”There is one more thing she didn’t mention. She wants …” I pull open my towel that was wrapped around me, exposing my cock to all three women. “… a big thick cock. Something that she saw back at the restaurant and you’ve described to her. Mom has had small and not so good. She wants a big, bad, and angry cock that will hit places she never knew she had.”Lynn is not amused, “Mom would never …”Mom put her hand on Lynn’s arm, shutting her up, “Your father was the only man I ever knew. He was below average, hated giving and taking oral, and only fucked me Missionary. Today, I got a lesson in sex and male anatomy from the internet. I want to experience more out of life. On seeing both of you, I knew he fucked you. Both of you were too sure of yourself around the other.”Now mom has some fire in her attitude, “What, can’t a woman want a man? Doesn’t a mother deserve to be satisfied in bed?”Lynn fires back, “Sure you do. You can fuck all the men you want. This one is your son, that would be i****t.” She almost said that without smiling.Mom laughs at her daughter, “I don’t think breaking one more law is going to matter, do you? Besides, you’re already breaking that same law with the same person. It’s not like I’m breaking new ground, I’m just an add on, a plus one. So, get off your high horse and stop being the morals police, you i****tuous bitch.”Wow, I have never seen mom so animated and aggressive. Clearly, without dad around, she has changed. Interesting, no mourning for dad either. I expected mom and Lynn to be despondent for a while, more so with mom.Mom sets down her knife, rushes to my feet, and then kneels in front of me. Fey and Lynn are startled by her action. In a quick action, mom’s t-shirt is up and over her head. Now all that is left is a white lace push up bra that just barely covers her nipples. They force the breasts to stand out. Where Lynn has small B cup breasts, mom is well into a D cup. Her wider shoulders help make her larger breasts look larger.Her next action is to reach in, underneath the breasts and force them up and out of the bra, so they are now supported by the bra but on display. Smart move for an older woman who would otherwise droop a fair amount. Mom now takes two fingers to pinch each nipple hard and pull the breast taunt, straight out. What is she doing?She then leans forward over my lap and places her breasts on my thighs. My hands hold the
m in place. I am sitting in a chair with my legs spread and the towel underneath me and to the sides. Mom has placed her breasts on my thighs and is kneeling between my legs. Naturally, she leans forwards and envelopes my cock. Naturally, what else would a mother do?For a woman that hasn’t blown anyone in twenty-one years, (I had momentarily forgotten the other day), she is unbelievable. She uses her fist, her mouth, her saliva, like most women do. However, she runs her tongue around the back edge of my little friend’s helmet. When she has access to her tip on the top and bottom of my cock, she folds it back, so it hits the back side of the helmet’s edge. It’s fucking incredible. How do you even do that?There is a tender spot under and behind the helmet head. Her tongue stops there, and she hums a bit which is incredible as well, feeling the vibrations of the song on that sweet spot. Those two amazing acts have me on the verge of spurting in no time. Each time, she backs off so I can enjoy her skills. She did me in on her fourth try to deep throat me. Fey and Lynn stand in shock. Lynn is so cute holding a spatula in hand.As I am down her throat, I feel her tongue pushing up on the bottom of my cock, and its magic. I give her six good shots of my baby batter. Two ropes enjoyed the express. The other four, she backs off on my cock, so she can enjoy the taste of my white man goo. I see her swallow, that visible ripple of the throat, and then a large smile hits her face. She enjoyed that almost as much as I did.Mom says with a wicked grin, “My people are packing my clothes and personal items. All else is being sold with the house or is being thrown out. You have a beautiful house, I have very little I want to keep. Your security people will move me in. We’ll do it tonight, under the cover of darkness. Since we will all be here, I want Lynn to learn my business.”That surprised me.Mom has a grin as she adds, “I want to travel some before I get too old. To do that, someone needs to take over for me. I think Lynn has what it takes. Then I want her and/or Fey to learn your business so you can take vacations as well. Two of us should be able to go at the same time. I know you have money, it’s time you enjoyed your wealth.”You could use a much nicer garden in the back yard. A bigger garden and a beautiful place to read or enjoy a glass of wine would be nice as well. Then we need a playroom in your underground complex.”I correct her, “I already have a game room.”Mom laughs at me, “No, I said a playroom, an adult playroom to be specific. A place where you can take a woman and dominate her like the slut that she is.”Wow, my parents are way out there.I get defensive, “There is no way I treat Lynn or Fey like that, I love them too much.”Ooops, did I say that? Maybe they didn’t catch that.I inquire, “Are you saying you are that type of woman?”My mother laughs her ass off at me and my remark.Mom calms down enough to elaborate, “Once a year, for your father’s birthday, he would bring home a whore to play with. These were young and beautiful women that liked it rough or wanted to be dominated. Your father did some truly sick things to these women. I found it fun. Your father made me participate in a minor way. Nothing made me as horny as those evenings did.”I did stuff that to this day amazes me. Every year was amazing. I have no idea how, but every time the woman walked out like they weren’t hurt and a had huge smile on their face. I am sure that’s where the idea for Lynn came from.”I ask, “Why didn’t you just go to Capone’s?”Mom has a blank look on her face. She has never heard of the place. Do I want to take my mother there?Fey blurts out, “It’s an interesting place to go for dinner. Next door in the open sex room, men ate us out for two hours. Gary had a small part in that. Some men were behaving badly, and he punished them.”Lynn objects, “Hey! I hardly think eating our pussies for two hours is punishment. They were damn lucky.”Fey replies, “True. However, nobody was eating pussy until he made them, I mean suggested, they do that. You saw the place; it was purely for women to get used by men of power. Why do you think he stayed so close to us? Otherwise we would have had a line of men to three hole us. Gary was the only thing holding them back, they were afraid of him.”Mom smiles, “Well, that sounds interesting.”My phone rings and it’s playing, Ooops, I did it again. That is a call I must take. I jump up, grab my phone, and rush to my office. Three sets of eyes are watching me, fascinated.I answer my phone very cautiously, “Hi? This is Gary.”A computer altered voice says to me, “I need to meet you outside of 1301 Kedzie and 35th Street. It’s ok, I’m a friend, and I’m turning in an “I owe you”. I have a sensitive job for you. I need some people found, quick. You only need to tell me where they are. Gary, this is important. Get here as soon as possible.” Click.They used that address to show they know something about me but did not flaunt it. Calling in a favor means I have met him before, or he did me a favor. That number means Homeland Security. I am safe, I think.I run to my bedroom and put on my work clothes. I wear a dark black suit that has two guns in the lining, is bulletproof, and has several knives. Two knives for fighting, two for throwing, and two for show. I also wear a dark floppy hat, making it harder for people to identify me.Three concerned women walk into my room. I don’t say anything as I dress. When I finish, I grab my cell phone, my silencer, my keys, and my wallet.I look at the ladies and smile, “I’m meeting an old friend. I think. I don’t want anyone leaving the house until I get home. Fey, if you work tonight, call in sick. My gut tells me this is something big. They’re rushing this and want my help. I’ll be fine.”I ran out to the garage, into my work car, and off I go in my interceptor. I don’t draw attention to myself, but I don’t exactly obey every speed limit either. I pull up to the corner and the place is a mob scene. A block over they are having a parade and the area is flooded with people. I park my car in a no parking zone and get out of my car. The door is open, and I am in between the open door and the car, nobody touches me.I am making it easy for my contact. Sure enough, within moments I feel a gun barrel against the small of my back and there is a man close behind me. I pop my remote locks and the man gets into the back seat. I get into the front seat. I turn on my car and move the air conditioning to low, so I can hear him better.The older man says to me, “I have a file back here with information on three men we NEED to find. They have been purchasing unusual metals and devices that by themselves mean nothing. However, used together, they are the items necessary to make a dirty bomb. I believe we have less than a week left. We lost him and he knows we are after him. I hope I don’t have to explain how important this is to you, your family, my family, and about five million other people in the blast radius.”There is a phone number here that goes right to me. There are no purse strings on this project. There are no stops to this project.” Wow, that means I can do ANYTHING I want, including killing people with impunity. “I have more resources, you need a lead run, I will do it for you. You stay safe in your bunker.”While getting the rundown, he is guiding me through the city. As we finish the details, he has me stop in front of the Homeland Security building. He gets out and tells me, “Good luck.”Ten minutes from home, I hit the panic button at the house. Everyone is on high alert, and they will all be waiting for me. They will start prepping the bunker as well.I pull up to my garage and quickly exit the car with my new folder. The hallway is full of my family and most of my security. We gather in the living room.I speak with a shaky voice, “Fey, call your dad and brother and have them come here immediately. The rest of you (my security force), get your c***dren and family here now. Take
them out of school, out of work, whatever you must do. Don’t tell them why, but trust me, it’s important that they be safe. Does anyone not understand me?” Silence. “Go now!”I am short, “Mom, Fey, Lynn, we’re going to the bunker. I will explain there.”We enter my office and sit down at a small conference room table. I smile.My voice is not in full command yet, so I start slow, “From what I gather, there is a group getting close to making a dirty bomb. Five million lives are in jeopardy. They’ve been ordering rare metals, tools, and devices. I know I’ve helped with a few. Mom, I bet you have as well. Lynn, contact the exterminator, I want him and his family in on this.”Fey, here is a list of unique metals. Find out what types of things use them. Rather than the metals, I may need to find the items they make. There is a file under sales that lists all the things people have purchased. I want you double-crossing the items from both lists for matches. Mom probably has a list, so check with her as well.”Lynn, I bet all of your access is back. Here are the people we need to find. I noticed that only the FBI info is listed. Let’s see what the other agencies have and our local police department.”When Pete showed up, we had him cross-reference his lists as well. Lynn organized the information on my Kanban boards, and soon, a picture emerges. They were careful. Over several months they used several vendors to accumulate the items they needed.For dinner, we all eat spaghetti that was prepared by the wives. By now, everyone is here. About thirty of us, including a few c***dren. Part of prepping the bunker is wheeling the refrigerator and freezer into the bunker. I have professional equipment. They come on rollers so you can clean underneath the appliances. That means about 2-3 days before we start breaking out the MRE’s.I am calling everyone I know and putting out feelers for information on our three suspects. Nobody knows why I’m calling. It doesn’t matter I want to know. I add lots of pressure and incentives. I don’t overpay, I don’t want to tip my hand and spook people. That’s the last thing the city needs is a panic.The three men I am looking for are Arabic in descent. I know, it’s so cliché. In this case, that works against me. I know many Chinese, Blacks, Mexicans, Italians, Irish, Cubans, and Russians. One thing America is good at though, is accepting everyone into our cities. Because of that, like the gang that took my sister, many of the gangs are diverse.You don’t see just Blacks, just Mexicans, or just Russians, the gangs and crime organizations like anyone with talent. If you have a skill, they want you regardless of race or country of origin. Since nothing came up quickly, this group doesn’t do d**gs or prostitutes. They have money and they are smart.The obvious location would be a Mosque. However, there are many non-radical Muslims that would love to turn in a radical. So no, that is probably the worst place to hide something. It must be portable because Homeland lost them. It must be a place where people come and go. A restaurant?I spread the word, looking for a restaurant with a truck that’s been around for a week and it’s being guarded. Oh wow, it could be any type of business. Restaurants seems more likely but really, any business where Arabs run, own, or many Arabs work could also be possible. I text the info on the phone I was given. They have resources, let them help.Based on the amount of materials they ordered just from me, mom, and Pete, it would be a semi. A box truck just isn’t big enough … unless they also have a warehouse. Oh my. This is daunting. Lynn points out they eat, and it sounds like more than just a few people. Either they are at a restaurant, they are ordering from one, or they are going to a grocery store. Now I got something. I pass it on.I doubt they are spending the time and effort to cook. They are catering or buying in bulk. In my gut I know this is a restaurant. I put Lynn and my geek on security cameras in hope that they find something. I put Pete on tracking of shipments to find out what part of the city they are in. The shipments all go to fake addresses, but they are all in the southern part of the city, in some extremely poor neighborhoods.I have Lynn concentrate on that area. Mom is going through her list of contacts, passing them the things we are interested in. I now have a small army cruising the city, interviewing restaurants and on the outlook for a guarded semi. I get an idea. I change my requirements. Include large box vans. We are looking for two now. I pass on the info and spread the word.I get a text message, “Why two vans? Two groups?”I text back, “Yes. You catch one and stop. Second succeeds. Too many resources for just one.”I hope I am wrong.I get a text message from one of my associates, Randeep. He gave me a restaurant name and said there is a large truck out back. I pass on the name on my private phone. I urge people to keep looking. This may be a false lead and there still may be a second. Mom has found two tools ordered from two different vendors, me and Pete.I pass on that I am almost positive there are two. Lynn spots a second truck and there are three men watching. I pass that on, and we continue looking. What if there are three?It’s very late now, we are still watching the two vans. Nothing else has come in and Lynn has finished with every camera they can easily reach. The families are all asleep on the cots. I should be doing the same. My people have probably gone to bed.John calls us all over and puts the video feed on the big TV. I don’t see anything. My head of security tells me there was a guy in one of the windows earlier. In the last few minutes, he disappeared. He figures a sniper took him out. It’s a few minutes before we see several men with automatic rifles and gas masks on. I think they have fatigues on. They force open the doors and I see a cloud come out of the van. All the men go in and then more show up. They start carrying out bodies. I have no idea if they are alive or not.Twenty minutes later, we watch a similar scenario unfold at the other location. I get a text message, “Go to bed.” I scream, “We did it!”I explain to the security that are present, “Pass the word. Tomorrow, early breakfast, spouses go back to work, and k**s go back to school. Now go to sleep, nothing touching us here tonight.”My office has a fold out king size bed. Fey and I get in on the right side. Mom and Lynn get in on the left side. I wake up in the morning with Fey half on me, Lynn three quarters on me, and mom with her arm around me. I smell bacon cooking. I extract myself, use my washroom, and then investigate breakfast.Three spouses are cooking bacon, sausage, eggs, and waffles.A mother with a small c***d asks me, “So, why are we here?”I smile at her, “Officially, you weren’t here. We didn’t stay up late last night. We didn’t do something important. Nothing will hit the news. Officially, nothing happened last night. I had some bad information that something terrible might happen. I errored on the side of caution.”We ate breakfast and then they all left. The mother with the small c***d gave me a hug on the way out. While doing so, she whispers into me ear, “You suck at lying. Thank you for letting us be here.”I get a text message, “Destroy the phone.”We go upstairs. It’s hot outside and the air conditioning is on. I start up the fireplace, it’s gas light. Once it’s going well, I wrap the phone up in paper and toss it in the fire. We all watch it melt.I get a text message; a deposit has been made into my account. I check and the number can’t be right, it’s mostly zeros. All my amounts are uneven. Doh! A dollar a person, five million dollars. I go to my office and lock the doors. I give out two million dollars split between all the groups that helped. I adjusted for group size some. Randeep got an extra $250,000 bonus. Only he knows that. I reward my people well for their effort.Most would have been happy with much less. I just bought a lot of loyalty. It’s partially w
hy I am so successful. I spend all day working on my various projects. Mom spent the day with Lynn and Fey spent time in the pool, the gym, and then researching gardens.In the mail, I get an anonymous birthday card. It isn’t my birthday. Inside of the card is a Monopoly Chance card, “Get out of jail Free!” Everyone understood the implications of that.At dinner, we finally have a chance to talk. Fey had been with the families, so she didn’t know what we did. She, and all the families, knew it was big and important.Fey takes a bite of her steak and then asks, “Why in the hell did I have to invite my father and brother here yesterday and what were you all working on until late at night. There was nothing in the news.”I fill her in, “There was a security issue and I wanted to make sure everyone was safe. Your brother was helping confirm through his resources who the threat was. It wasn’t that big of a deal. Really. Otherwise it would have been all over the news.”Lynn asks, “What did your brother say to you about it?”Fey is timid now, her hands are shaking, “He only said that Gary ran an important operation and it was no big deal. The problem is, when you put a dozen families into a bombproof bunker, lots of bad things come to mind. Pete would never tell me shit. Will anyone give me the straight story?”I sigh, “We pooled our resources to find a bad terrorist that was going to set off a dirty-bomb within the next few days. They were caught last night.”Mom adds, “The government came asking MY son for help. He did in less than one day something they couldn’t do in at least a week. They feared a nuclear detonation. He looks at the data and realized there were two teams, nobody else thought that. He saved five million lives yesterday. We watched both teams get wiped out, that was not Police Swat teams, those were two teams of Navy Seals. They kicked ass.”Swell. I add, “They did the killing, all we did was find them. Lynn and John found one team. One of my other groups found the other. I just sat here and pointed them in the right direction.”Lynn is no help, “There are probably three thousand cameras we had access to. He helped us knock that down to a few hundred. He also had us continue after one team was identified. Even your friends had no idea there were two sets.”Fey’s eyebrows raise, “Friends?”Oh shit, “I help lots of people out. Sometimes I help take out a competitor. Remember how Lynn walked out of the Police department a free woman? That was friends in action. It’s what I do. Today I saved a few lives. Tomorrow I will make up for it by taking several lives. It’s all a matter of mobilbahis giriş who’s paying and what they want. I can’t help it if our government wants me to do stuff.”They did give me a bonus, so go ahead and build your garden. Shit build a rain forest. Anything else you want? A Gondola ride maybe?”I am frustrated with this entire conversation. My anger has been building. I throw down my napkin and leave the dining room in a huff. I go downstairs, strip, jump in the pool, and start swimming laps to relax myself.A hand grabs me as I am turning around for another lap. Fey is kneeling on the side of the pool. She is wet now but not unhappy. She is angry.I start before she can, “I don’t like my business being public. I don’t like talking about what I do. It wasn’t that big of a deal, time to move on.”Now Fey is ready to go ballistic, “Had you not stopped those people, everyone I know at work, everyone I have ever treated, and everyone I would ever treat, would be dead. Think about that. Everyone I know professionally, would right now be vaporized, dead, or some worse state in between.”She perks up and smiles at me now, “Did you know that even a bad boy can have a streak of good in him? Nobody is black and white. It’s all shades of grey. Sure, you are mostly bad. But there’s some good in you. That’s why I love you. If all you did was execute people, I’d hate you. You’re like a surgeon; you help people with their problems.”Like you, I don’t get to pick my patients. I can treat a mob boss right after a Priest. They are people and all are worth helping. In the end, I like you for being you. And if you saved five million people, great. Tomorrow, you will still eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, just like you always do.”I point out a flaw, “No, it’s not the same. Yesterday I earned five million dollars. I paid out a lot of money to my employees, but I have plenty left over for a garden in the back … and anything else we want … within reason. It won’t take long for people to figure out what I did and who I did it for.”My customers and vendors will stop doing business through me. Don’t you see? This could ruin me. Even worse, this could put a bullseye on me. Homeland doesn’t give a damn about me. If I am killed tomorrow, they don’t get revenge. If they know about something, they don’t stop it. I am still a menace to society in general.”Fey isn’t buying my story, “Every one of those people you just mentioned are alive because of you. Every spouse, girlfriend, customer, co-worker, c***d, and parent are still alive in this city because of you. Trust me, it matters. You are about to become much busier. You will have a bullseye, but only because you will be stealing business from others. Don’t take it all. Don’t piss off your competition. Be more selective.”I reach out and hug Fey, “You’re what I need. Thank you, that really helped me.”Chapter 9 — A Fun Night for AllIt’s a week later. I followed Fey’s plan. I’m seeing a lot more business. I let plenty of it go. It was hard, but it was the smart thing to do. I hired extra security to see if we are being watched and other than some obvious government men, there aren’t any others. Even those two were never seen again after they were made.I have just finished my day in my office. I announce to the house that we are going to Capone’s for dinner and to play around, prepare appropriately. Mom, Lynn, and Fey all run to their rooms. They all shower, shave their pussies, put their hair up in a ponytail, and add some makeup to their eyes. All three are stunning.We take the 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost tonight. I love driving this car and it’s perfect for my three women. Each is dressed in a slinky black dress with no panties or bra. I find a wide parking spot and park diagonally, so nobody parks near me. After the women exit, I stand by the vehicle. After a few steps they turn around and look at me.My command is simple, “Lose the dresses. Now.”All three women look apprehensive. Fey is the first to take off the dress. Mom and Lynn soon follow; but are not happy about it. We walk to the entrance and go down the stairs. Waiting at the front door are the typical bouncers, and a woman dressed in red.This woman looks to be about twenty-one or twenty-two, college student. A perfect ten all the way. She has a lot of makeup, I would guess a 36C-30-34 body, long light brown hair that is tied in a ponytail and then braided. She has legs that go on forever and a muscular body, this woman works out. She also looks scared as hell.She has handcuffs on, her ankles are restrained, a collar on her neck, a steel chain leash attached to the collar, and there is a gag in her mouth. Tears are running down her face.I say to her, “Nod your head yes or no. Did they explain what you are to do tonight?” No. “Did they explain the penalties of being more than five feet from me?” No. “Did they explain what the punishment is for not pleasing me?” No.I sigh and look at the bouncers with contempt.I explain to my family, “She was recruited today for my pleasure tonight.” My three now look weary. I bet they are guessing that if I am being pleased by her, what are they here for?I speak to the woman, “I’m going to call you Anna. This is a place where anything goes. You were k**napped for my pleasure tonight. I can literally do anything to you in here. I can carve you up with a knife, disfiguring your beautiful body. A guy did that once. I can use you and then kill you
. That’s typical if you don’t submit. Or, you can accept your fate, please me, and we let you go unharmed at the end. In a few cases, you may even be given gold coins as a tip.”Tonight, we’re going to have dinner. You’ll not talk. After dinner, we will go to a playroom where women are shared. It’s the type of place where almost everything can happen. No weapons are allowed but women have been known to get cut up if they don’t cooperate.”If you don’t please me or are ever more than five feet from me, you will earn the severe punishment. Every man fucks you in a gang bang, starting with in this case, me. Then I decide how you will die. As you can see, there are benefits to staying close to and pleasing me to the best of your ability. By the tears in your eyes, I can see you are sad.”I’ll give you hope. Deep down, I am a decent guy. You have hope. With many of the other men here, no matter how good you are, they will kill you at the end of the night. I on the other hand …” I pull out ten gold coins from my pocket, then return them. “You don’t know it now, but tonight might be a great night for you.”Her tears stop and she is looking at me differently now. Lynn now has hate in her eyes. In a flash, my knife cuts the bindings on her ankles. I start down the downward sloping hallway to the next level with all four women in tow. At the bottom, I am greeted and taken to our table, a table for four.As we walk in, the place goes silent. They are staring at my women. Staring and lusting. I place Anna next to me on the floor. Martha, my mom, is across from me. She seems amused by all of this and loves the attention. Lynn and Fey don’t care about the attention, they are just mad at me.We order dinner and then I have Anna stand up.I speak with a calm, soft, yet firm voice when I say, “Look at the other women. You are over-dressed. Strip.”Without hesitation, she slowly pulls a strap off one arm and then pulls her arm out. She pulls the other arm off and then out. She squats and turns around. I slowly pull down the zipper. As I do, she stands up from the squat and the dress falls away, revealing her perfect round and plumb breasts. They look fake, they are too perky.As the dress hits the floor, I pull on the leash, bringing her head down. I remove the gag and then pull the leash down more, so she is on hands and knees. I pull the leash in front of me, between my legs, and then under the table.The girl is smart, on her own, she releases my belt, unbuttons me, and unzips me. The unzipping was heard and all three are staring at me. My cock is released, and she begins to suck on it, slowly. She is taking her time and allowing me to enjoy this.I say to the table, “Everything that happens tonight has been planned. You will do as I say.”Mom bursts up from her chair, “I’m not your slave. You can’t do this to me.”Security is now behind her. I nod my head. The first guy grabs her, turns her to him, and slaps the crap out of her. She is stunned and confused. While in that condition two big burly men grab an arm and place it on the table. She is bent over the chair and not moving an inch. The third guy drops his pants. He takes his large angry cock and fucks mom good and hard.The entire dining area has stopped to watch the digression be addressed. He is quick and hard in his thrusting. Mom can’t say anything but grunt as she is used by this stranger as ordered by her own son. Only two other people know she is my mother.The stranger screams as he orgasms and shoots his cum into mom. She is exhausted. They pick her up and place her in her chair again. They go back to their positions. No emotions on their faces.Watching that got me off. I shoot my load down her throat. She pulls off my cock after cleaning me off. Under the table, I pass the leash to my sister. Her eyes go wide, then the idea registers in her eyes. I see her pulling the leash while Anna leaves me with nobody between my legs. Lynn now looks quite happy. We eat our salads.Lynn tries to push the leash back to me, but I won’t accept. Lynn looks hard at me; I then slowly move my eyes to mom. Lynn catches on and passes the leash. I see mom eagerly pull on the chain leash and then she has a magnificent look on her face. The soup is terrific, like it always is. I put the strawberry butter on a slice of fresh rye bread as mom passes the leash to Fey. She knows to use Anna. She heard the slurping and saw the orgasm on their faces.Fey’s face is glorious, she can’t hide what Anna is doing to her. When she orgasms, she is too loud, and many people stare at her. The leash is passed back to me as dinner is served. I have Anna suck my cock but slow her down. I don’t want to blow another load. Dinner is amazing. After dessert, I pay the bill, we all stand up, including Anna, and we go back into the hallway. I take them away from everyone else.I speak very softly, “Tonight is going to be different. I’ll explain at home. I’m sorry.”I lead them all into the playroom, we take a left and go down until it turns darker. I put mom in a stockade. Her head and two hands are locked in place. Immediately there is a line in front of and behind her. All three holes are available.I bind Fey to a cross, hands bound high, and legs spread wide and bound low. A line of men forms for her as well. I can hear mom and Fey grunting from being stuffed by cocks. I strap Lynn into a swing where both hands, both legs, and her waist are restrained. They can turn her around, swing her to a comfortable height, and hit all three holes.There are two security goons by each woman.They are on her even before she is fully restrained. I can hear the men grunting, slapping asses, and my women moaning or grunting from taking it hard. I take Anna to the bed, spank her ass until it is red. She screams in agony. I slap her face twice, so she is tearing. I throw her down on the bed and force my cock into her pussy as fast as I can and with as much force as I can. She is silent as I take her.I really do bang the hell out of her. I hold nothing back, no need to, I will never see her again. She screams out her orgasm. We finish, when I finish. A few minutes later, I scream out my orgasm.Anna whimpers, “I’m not on the pill …” Too late.I pull her body to mine and shove my cock down her throat. I am hearing sporadic orgasms from my three. The guys really are doing a number on them. The guys are orgasming much more often. I can tell because like me, they shout out.I take Anna and mount her again, this time, I go deep into her ass. She screams out in pain. I stop, thinking I hurt her.Anna sounds upset, “Don’t stop you mother fucker. Keep going.”What the hell is up with this girl? I plunge in just as hard again and like previously, I cause her to scream. I look and I see her smile at me. What the fuck? Does this stupid whore like pain? I fuck her as hard as I can in her ass hole, and she is giggling at me. Amazing. I continue fucking her until I shoot my load deep into her body. She is worn out.I throw her on the Symbian and quickly increase both controllers. I stand behind her and squeeze both breasts hard. She screams loud. I now pinch and pull the nipples forward, producing amazing cones of boob. I move around front and immediately, she is sucking my cock until her orgasm kicks her ass.Chains are hanging from the ceiling. I lock her into the chains and fuck her from the front with her legs wrapped around me. Another comes from the rear and fucks her good in the ass. I can feel his cock inside of her as we pass by. We don’t touch, there is a membrane between us. We both know when the other is there. Anna is freaking out with orgasms from being used. She is loving this. What a slut she turned out to be. I leave her there, and now other men are using her.I go to Fey, knock the guys out of line and I fuck her good. I get her to orgasm hard. I then move to Lynn; and fuck her from behind. I took her sloppy seconds as well and force her to orgasm hard.Now that I am done, I release my slave and have her clean me off. While she is on my cock, some guy starts fucking her. That annoys me.I tell
the guy, “Back off dude.” He doesn’t listen. “Yo, dude. This is mine, you are done.”He pulls a knife on me. He runs it along Anna’s torso, cutting her open. She goes down. Before I can react, I hear two gunshots and he stops dead while lunging at me. In a flash I release Fey, she knows what to do.While Fey is working, I tell the others, “Down on your knees. I want two hours of eating pussy out of you guys.”Several complain but the cocking of six weapons made them rethink their actions.I explain, “Each one of you owes them an orgasm including Fey and Anna.”Fey counters me, “This isn’t a deep wound but that many orgasms will bleed her out. She is done for the night. I need boiled water and all the medical supplies you have, now! Gary, hold this like I am. I need to wash my hands before I fix her up.”Fey and security come back at the same time.Fey looks at the medical kits, “Wow, I am impressed. A doctor equipped this place.”An older woman walking down the hallway says, “Yes I did. I used to work as an Internal Medicine doctor at a hospital. I retired early.”She is looking at Fey weird, she recognizes her but is smart enough to not say anything.The old lady says, “We can kill her and save you the hassle or we can dump her in her neighborhood. You don’t need to bother with a slave, they are disposable.”Fey has a look of rage in her eyes. I slap her face so nobody can see that. She is burning at me now, that’s ok.I use my game face, “No. This one is cute as a kitten. I’m keeping her. As you can see, I collect beautiful women for my amusement. The old one cooks good. I might make this one my girlfriend and kill the rest. I punished them for not being nice enough to me. Time will tell. For now, this one is cute, and I’m keeping her.”Old lady says, “Sorry. I mistook them for girlfriends. I brought some more men to fuck them for you.”I apologize, “Sorry, time to go soon. I am reinforcing them with why it is good to serve me. We can still put them to work by teasing nipples and breasts until my other slaves’ orgasm.”The old lady laughs at me, “That many orgasms may kill them. I better help them out. You heard them guys, each of them gets an orgasm from you and I want my share as well. I like this idea.”Fey is frustrated because she wants to care for Anna, the men want to eat her to orgasm. They’re eating Anna as well, even with Fey protesting. She finally gave up and was consumed with her orgasms. Three hours. It took just over three hours for the men to give each of them an orgasm. All five women are worn out. I thought the security guys were big, no, five even bigger men come out and wrap the five women each in a blanket. They are carted off with each being cradled in the arms like babies. I follow behind. All five are brought to the offices. In the back is a bathing room. Each woman is showered by the big men and then placed in one of the ten bathtubs that are lined up. After thirty minutes, each is given a massage.I say each but Anna sits out the baths and the pool. She can’t submerse her wound in the hot water. It’s now midnight. The old lady sends everyone out of the room and office. They are to stand guard out front. She wants to talk with us. She calls herself Sally.Sally starts out with, “So you’re Gary. Are you THE Gary that I’m hearing about? With Anna here, I think you are. I have lots of friends and we cater to people from all walks of life. A certain circle of people are happy with you. Nobody will say anything specific, but a group of high rollers were celebrating something big and it was because something you did. I find it interesting that they know you.”My eyes are burning with rage. Sensing that, she changes tactics.Sally continues, “I am not here to blackmail or rat you out. Quite the contrary, I think I owe you my life. I can’t do too much, or I draw attention to you. I sense you don’t want that. So why did you bring in your girlfriends to get gangbanged?”Anna laughs at her, “That was no gangbang.”Lynn spits word with her venom at Anna, “It sure as hell felt like I had a cock in my cunt, my ass, and my mouth almost constantly for two hours straight.”Anna is confident in her opinion, “That was no gangbang. That was scripted. Look at me. I’m cute and live in the slums. Three times my father sold me to guys for a gangbang so we could eat. Tonight, that was no gangbang. Those were young clean men with good size cocks to please you.What I got was old, dirty, and disgusting men with small cocks and who smelled. There was nothing good about them. The men tonight were awesome. “Four guys waiting by three pieces of restraining equipment. What are the odds of that?”All eyes are on me, “We are not discussing anything now. If you don’t shut your face, you end here.” I said that with much more anger than I expected.Sally explains to my women, “Your names have been discussed here lately. That means more than just here. Soon, you would have been targets. Fey, Lynn, and Martha, within a week, you all would have been dead. I reached out to Gary. I knew what he did, those guys talk too much when drunk. Real soon, I put them into a private room with some women I trust.”Because he shared each of you tonight, nobody will think you are his girlfriends anymore. Even Anna is safe, she is a known slave due to her gangbangs. She’s a perfect ten and a nice girl. I picked her out for you personally. We tried to make the experience as least revolting as possible. It was more important for you all to live.”I’m sorry Gary; I know you didn’t want them to know. You sure are a prick sometimes. Deep down, you’re just a sweet guy … that murders people. They needed to know. You didn’t deserve any abuse for saving their lives. Unfortunately, Anna knows too much now. I will insist that she stay. Tomorrow, we’ll use her for a public punishment. I haven’t done one of those in a while.”I look at Lynn and Fey, “Come on girls, time to go home.”Lynn is first to ask, “What happens to Anna?”Sally says in a monotone voice, “Every man will fuck her in the cunt, ass, and mouth. Then there will be an auction for who gets to kill her. That person earns special bonuses based on their creativity. The guys love it, it’s terrific for business.”I take Lynn and Fey’s hands and partially drag them out, as I say, “Come Martha.”Mom stays where she is and commands me, “We can’t leave her here.”I turn around and plead with mom, “She knows too much. I can’t let someone find her and learn about this. No. She’s a nice k**, but I don’t know squat about her. Let’s go.”For her part, Anna isn’t on the floor crying and begging for her life. I would be.Sally asks Anna, “Anna, why aren’t you begging for your life? You know he’s a good guy. He might take you with.”Anna stands up, her breasts are swinging as she does so.Anna has tears in her eyes, “He was the first person to be decent to me. If it’s better for Gary that Anna die, then Anna must die.” She falls to her feet in tears. She doesn’t want to die, she was waiting for her moment.In a moment of rage, I push Fey and Lynn aside. I reach down and pick Anna up and throw her over my shoulder.I shout back, “I’m going home. Anyone that stays can take Anna’s spot.” I didn’t notice their faces at first, but later they are all smiles. I have no idea why. This woman is a ten. I will fuck her more which means I fuck them less. Women make no sense to me.On the way home, I find out the true plan.Fey tells Anna, “Gary belongs to me and Lynn. When one of us are with him, you will be with the other. You’re not a girlfriend. You get no clothes and he will take you when and where he wants you. It’s 1:00 am and we are speeding down the highway. I see a rest stop and pull over. I open the door for Anna, have her step out of the car and then right there next to the parking lot on grass with Anna on her hands and knees, I fuck her in doggie.This time I am slower and enjoy it more. Several cars pull into the rest stop and their headlight run across us. Three slow d
own and pass on by. The fourth stops. It’s a young punk. He asks to participate. I pull a gun out and stop my fucking.I am clear with the k**, “We’re not dogging, I’m not sharing, you may watch this amazing woman and me fuck. However, one touch and you die. That woman behind you now, her name is Lynn. She can kill you with her bare hands. This is my slave, my property.”Her breasts are swirling around as I bang this gorgeous woman. She is grunting with pleasure. In no time at all, I am bursting yet again tonight. I am done for a week. As I shoot my spunk into Anna she screams and orgasms as well.Anna says, “Thank you,” to me, and I can tell it is more than just for the fucking I gave her. We get back in the car and go home.At home, “Anna, follow Martha. She’s my mom by the way. You are hers tonight. Good night.” I hug her as mom walks off.I say to nobody in particular, “Follow me.” I go to my bedroom. They are still naked, so they rush past me and jump in bed.I explain, “I’d heard too much about you two. As Sally said, you would have been dead within a week so someone could get to me. By sharing you and people seeing it was something that hurt you, they think you are not my girlfriends. I was trying to save your lives. I did pick the guys. They were all known to be clean, married, and in good shape. They all had decent size cocks as well so you could hopefully enjoy it.”Fey is crying and cuts me off, “I don’t know about Lynn, but I’d just assumed as much. I wasn’t hurt as in sad, I was happy because you wanted to keep me and were willing to do anything to keep me, even if it meant other men fucking me. I’d do anything to keep you in my life.”Lynn is crying as well, “Yup, same here. Like you said, it really wasn’t that bad. Some of them had skills.”Not as sure now, I ask, “Why save Anna? She’ll take attention from you.”Fey has a playful look on her face and a laugh that is ready to come out, “That girl is cute as hell, I want to fuck her! To me it tells your competitors what a stud you are. Four beautiful women need to satisfy you. It also makes Lynn and me look more like a slave as she is known as a slave and you treat us all the same.”Besides, if you were willing to share studs with us to keep us alive, I thought we owed you something for that. She seems like a present. I know you love Lynn and me. She will make good eye candy and if one of us does get targeted, she’ll go first.” Then she bursts out in a laugh. Unfortunately, it’s not a joke, she’s right, Anna will be first to die.+++++Six months later, I am walking through my new garden in the back yard. To be honest, it’s more like a tropical rain forest although it has water fountains, a small pool, a small pool with fish, and paths to wander around on to relax like I am doing now.I hear a noise behind me, the safety of a gun being removed. FUCK!The deep voice says, “Hands up. Interlock your fingers behind your head. Now kneel and cross your legs behind you back. Thanks for the garden, it makes my life much easier.”I am killed because I own a garden, how ironic. Mom killed me.The deep voice says again, “You have good friends up high and lots of enemies. Some want you dead. Your friends have hired people of my ability to protect you. I was told you have three women, what’s the deal with the fourth?”I smirk, “She’s a slave. She services me and my girlfriends. She’s six months pregnant, there will be a boy here in three months. The other two are pregnant and will spawn more of my c***dren in seven months. The fourth woman is my mom, she will not be having any c***dren.”I hear the safety click again and slowly turn around. I don’t see anyone. No shit. What do you do after a discussion like that?I turn to a bush and say, “Thank you. Carry on.” Seemed right to me.The End.

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