A Date to a Wedding

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I had just moved to a neighboring state. I have some family in this state and a cousin was getting married. I did not want to go to this thing alone, since I did not know anyone yet beyond family, so I asked this female friend of mine (I am a guy) if she would be willing to go with me. It would be a chance to hang out since we had not seen each other in awhile.

Our relationship had been completely platonic from the beginning. We hung out, went to movies, grabbed bites to eat and just basically we were buddies. Her cuteness had even begun to fade, and I just saw a good friend. Speaking of cute, that did little to describe her. I met her at the local pool where I had been living. She was a lifeguard, and looked stunning in her Baywatch style one piece swim suit. We chatted some there, and I asked her out. She said she was not looking for a boyfriend at the moment, but would go Dutch with me. I accepted, and we had become fast friends. I was surprised I could do so with someone that looked like her. She is 5’8″ tall, slender with straight red hair. She was a swimmer on her college team, and competed in nationals in Florida. I often wondered how she could do so well when she was endowed up top.

She agreed to come for a visit, and the night she got there, I took her to a pizza place I had found, and we had a few beers and got loose. Again, nothing happened, we laughed and joked and caught up. When we got back to my place, we sat down, and continued telling each other what we had been up to. She told me that she had taken to clubbing on the weekends. I wondered where she found a place like that, as the town we lived in was lacking anything exciting. She and a friend were going to a city about 40 minutes away, and they made it a habit to go Friday and Saturday nights.

She told me how much fun it was, and that she would find a guy, and spend the evening dancing away with him. Sometimes she would go home with him, sometimes not. Reminding me that she is bi, she told me that occasionally her friend and she would dance together, making all the guys jealous, and that one time she did go home with her. That reminded me of just how limited I was in my sexuality compared to her. Her story did have an effect on me, but I did well to conceal it.

She started telling me about her outfits, and started showing me some of the clothes she brought for the weekend, that she also wore dancing. My first thought was to wonder if the thought I was gay. Showing me clothes?? There was no way she could think that as I first tried to date her. Maybe she just sees me bahis firmaları as a friend, and nothing more. She told me that she would love to get a suit jacket to create a new outfit with. I happened to have one that the liner was tore in, so I walked to me room to get it. She followed me, and her eyes lit up when I showed it to her. She said that it would be perfect. I said if she could make it work, it was hers. She hugged me quickly, and ran into the bathroom.

She had taken her shirt and bra off, and was just wearing that suit coat. I could see flesh from her neck, down between her breasts and to just above her stomach. I think that I blushed when I saw her. She asked me if I thought she would be able to hook up wearing it like that and a skirt. Ummmmmm, yeah, I think that would do it. I swear I saw her eyes glance down to my crotch which was tenting at the moment. She gave me another hug, and I got a nice look down between her cleavage. She went back to the bathroom, and got changed for bed. I hoped for something slinky, but she came out wearing a long t-shirt, and pajama bottoms.

It was getting late, and I gave her my bed to sleep in, and I slept on the couch. Nothing happened. Not a DAMNED thing happened. Not a single FUCKING thing. I could not even roll over on my stomach to sleep because of my hard on.

I was awake early, and had prepared myself for the day, showering and shaving. All I had to do was put a suit on. I was watching TV when she awoke, and came out from the bedroom. I noticed immediately that she was not wearing the bottoms now, and she was adjusting her shirt. I could not help but imagine that she had been nude in my bed. She smiled as she walked by, and asked if there was any coffee. I apologized, saying that I had never acquired the taste, but I would go get some for her while she showered. She stopped as she reached the kitchen, spun around, bringing the shirt bottom wonderfully close to showing her ass, and smiled. She said she would really be grateful.

I began to head to the door, and as I opened it, realized my wallet was still on the coffee table. I spun to get it, and looked down the hall to the bathroom. I managed to catch a glimpse of her bare ass as she pulled her shirt off as she entered the bathroom. She was going to be the end of me.

I went to the local coffee house, got her a coffee, and a couple of Danishes, and returned home. She bathroom door was closed, but the shower was not running. I told her I had her coffee, and she door opened a crack, and a hand reached out. Shamelessly, I took that change kaçak iddaa to look through the crack to the mirror, hoping for a better glimpse. Sadly for me, there was too much steam covering it. I handed her the cup, and went back to watching TV. About fifteen minutes later she appeared from the bathroom with a towel around her body, and her hair. Her legs were phenomenal.

By now, it was getting close to time to leave for the wedding. I had taken a suit out of my room before offering her the room to sleep in. While she was in my room finishing up, I took the suit to the bathroom, and changed. I will admit that this suit did look really good on me. Women had told me it complimented my tan skin, and dark eyes. They also took to fondling the silk ties I had tailored just for this suit. Please do not think of me as pretentious for having tailored ties, they only cost me $20 each, and they were the only two that I had. The rest came from the rack.

Anyhow, moving on with the story, she was sitting in the kitchen when I came out. She whistled at me when she saw me. I was floored when I saw her. She had her hair in waves, and it was a brighter red than before. She was wearing a summer dress that I could find no fault with. It was summer, and the temp was already climbing. I would suffer in the muggy weather, but she would do just fine in her thin fabric.

I am a warm person in that I always prefer my home to be cool. This being the case, and her wearing a typical summer dress, meaning no bra, I noticed that her nipples were erect. There is nothing more erotic on a fully clothed woman than erect nipples. Even though she was my friend, I wanted her so bad.

We went to the wedding, and it was dull, and I was dying. I wanted out of my suit. Tina was popular with the guys, and she was the only female in our row. Afterwards, she met some of my relatives, and we chatted with other people. Guys were constantly coming up to her, and after I saw she did not care for the advances, I played it up that she was with me, but made no other possessive moves towards her. She lightened up after that, and we moved along to the reception. Of all the places for us to be seated, we were placed with the reverend, and his wife (Lutheran). The wife made no effort to show her disapproval of my friend’s attire.

To escape the scrutiny, I asked her to dance for the first time since we met. We danced to anything they played, and I felt like a complete idiot there. Dancing was not my thing, but she loved it. I could see why she enjoyed her weekends. During the fast dances, I could kaçak bahis not keep my eyes from her breasts as the moved and bounced. During the slow ones, I kept myself at a respectable distance. We stopped once in awhile, had a few drinks, and visited with other people. She was a real social butterfly. After awhile, it was getting warm in the hall, but even so, I noticed that her nipples were still sticking out as if she had an ice dress on.

I was really feeling the weight of my testicles by this point. It has been awhile for me and her carefree attitude had my desire peaked. After a little while, we decided to retire for the night. We were both a little buzzed, but unable to function.

We walk into the dark living room, and we were laughing about something, and it got quiet all of a sudden. I decided that this was my opportunity, and leaned in to kiss her. She was a little reluctant at first, but started to kiss me back. I kissed her neck and rubbed my hands down her back, stopping just short of her ass. I moved them up her arms lightly, and rested them on her shoulders. Getting no resistance, I pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and the thing fell to the floor. I stepped back a little to have a look at her and saw that she was not wearing any panties. This whole time, and the dress was the only thing she was wearing.

I leaned over and kissed her breasts quickly. I had desired to see them for so long, and there they were. I feasted on one, then the other while my hand moved over her skin. Her head was thrown back, and her hands were on my shoulders. She pushed me a little, so I moved down and knelt in front of her and kissed her belly and slid my tongue down to her pussy. Remember, I said she was a swimmer, so she was shaved bald. Never understood that since they did not swim naked, but I did not care.

I start licking her pussy while she stands in the middle of my living room. I take my time and savor every inch of her. My tongue moved between her entrance, pushing inside, to her clit. When she starts to squeeze my shoulders, I focus on tonguing her clit, and work a finger inside of her, pumping it in an out, twisting it to stimulate as much as I can. I eventually get a shuddering from her as she cums, and I stand up and take her hand and lead her to my room. I lay her on the bed and look down at her, with her hair flowing all over, and her breasts heaving.

She quickly sits up, grabs her bag, runs out of my room, and I follow her confused. She picks up her dress and runs to the garage, gets in her car and leaves, while I ask what’s wrong, what’s the problem etc. I am not sure what happened, but I called her home, and left her a message for when she arrives. Have to wait and see what damage has been done to our relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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