A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 06

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While assigned to an Army post in the mid-west (unnamed but suffice to say that there was little to do besides hunt and fish, neither of which greatly appealed to me), I continued my efforts at obtaining as many sexual encounters as possible with bored and available wives. I especially enjoyed probing a wonderfully tight anus on a willing partner, but only after ensuring she had obtained at least a couple of good orgasms. This one encounter stands out in my mind as perhaps one of the more unusual.

I was working in a training company that had only a handful of permanently assigned people. In between training cycles, we would get together for picnics or small parties. I usually manned the grill, having begun to hone certain culinary skills by that time. We had one of our get-togethers at the home of one of the guys, on a hot, June afternoon.

One of the guys, Biff, was there with his young wife Dharma. At age 23, she already had two children and was 6-1/2 months pregnant with her third. She was a young, blond cutie who had dropped out of high school and slummed around until she met and fell in love with Biff, then just a young soldier. Now, 2-3/4 children later, she was hot and miserable and wondering how life had gotten her to this godforsaken place.

Dharma had pawned the two little ones off on several other willing helpful hands who were entertaining most of the kids in attendance. I saw her sitting in the shade, fanning herself. I made her a small plate of food, including some cold fresh fruit. My wife was deeply engaged in small talk with a couple of other wives, pretty much ignoring me and my cooking efforts. It was too hot near the grill for her.

I went over and sat down and offered Dharma the plate. She smiled gratefully, and I offered her a cold piece of watermelon. She took apiece in her mouth, slowly sucking it between her lips, and a small drop of juice fell down her chin and down her gauzy blouse. I watched it roll into the cleavage between her swollen breasts. I took a chance and took a napkin and gently dabbed down into her shirt and cleaned up the drip.

“Thank you,” she smiled gratefully.

“My pleasure,” I replied, giving her my best innocent smile.

I took the initiative and fed her a couple of pieces of fruit, and she stopped me said, “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, you sure are paying a lot of attention to me, and your wife is sitting right over there.”

“Hey,” I answered, “You just looked as though you could use a little attention and care, and besides……,I think you are the sexiest woman here!”

Dharma blushed and then turned a petulant look on me and retorted, “I’m pregnant, swollen, and dying from the heat. What is so sexy about that?”

I smiled and as I fed her another piece of fruit, told her, “Pregnant and swollen is really sexy in my book. If you think otherwise, you haven’t had someone who truly appreciates a beautiful woman and enjoys just how positively sexy a pregnant woman can be.”

“Bullshit!” she snapped.

“You have a dirty mouth,” I told her, “Do you have a dirty mind to match?”

She smiled coyly, “If I didn’t know better I would think you were hitting on a pregnant woman.”

So she was taking the bait!

“I’ll never tell,” I said conspiratorially, “if you won’t!”

She smiled again, took a another bite of food, and told me, “I think you’re crazy and I haven’t been in the mood for any kind of sex for a while.”

“Well, who said anything about sex? When was the last time you had a nice, leisurely massage?”

Dharma looked at me for a moment, took another bite of food, and finally broke the silence.

“I don’t know. Let me finish my food.”

I left and went back to the grill. Later after a spirited, full contact volleyball game, I was getting a beer out of my cooler when I felt a soft touch on my elbow. When I turned, I saw that it was Dharma.

“I could use a nice massage,” she told me quietly. “Call me.”

And that was that. She was interested. The plan was afoot.

About two weeks later, when our training cycle had kicked into high gear and Biff was working 14-16 hours a day, I called Dharma.

“Still want that massage?” I asked.

“More than ever, “she replied. “I have been feeling crummy and really could use something different.”

I talked to her for a moment about arrangements. She had a friend who would watch the kids for an afternoon, and I would make sure Biff was doing something that wouldn’t bring him home early, and we set a date.

I left work at lunch, went by the PX and bought some really girly, sweet smelling lotion, something perfect for stretch marks, and a couple of candles. I parked my car in the housing area next to hers, walked down between the buildings and casually strolled into the patio behind her quarters and in the back door. I smiled to myself, thinking of the many times I had sung cadence songs about just such a situation.

She heard the door close and came into the kitchen. She saw the bag in my hand bahis firmaları and immediately asked what was in it. I showed her the lotion, and she was all smiles.

“That is really sweet of you,” she said, and when she found the candles, added, “You do have a dirty mind don’t you?”

I just nodded in reply. Dharma was wearing a gauzy gown which clung to her, revealing a very swollen belly, and as she walked away from me, a luscious ass and some really lovely legs. She was wearing absolutely nothing under it.

“Where do you want your massage?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “Let’s go upstairs. I want to lay on something comfortable.”

We went upstairs into her bedroom, and when she stopped by the bed, I gently rubbed her shoulders, firmly gripping just below her neck and massaging the muscles. She leaned her head back and sighed.

“That feels good,” she told me.

“Just a sample,” I replied.

I sat her on the edge of the bed, a nice bed, I thought, and just the right height to stand on the floor and be the perfect location for penetrating a juicy pussy of someone lying on the bed. My cock twitched in anticipation.

I lit the candles, and asked her if it would be okay if I got comfortable, since the massage was hard work and I didn’t want to get overheated in my uniform.

“Help yourself,” she answered.

I stripped quickly, leaving only my silk bikini brief on.

“Nice,” she said.

Not wanting to get into much of a conversation, I quickly replied, “Slip out of your gown and lay on the bed on your side with your back toward me.”

She shyly turned her back and started to lift the gown.

She stopped and looked over her shoulder and asked, “Are you sure you think I’m sexy with my big belly like this?”

“You’re wonderful,” I replied, and reached out to help her remove the gown.

She laid down on the bed with her back to me. I poured a large dollop of lotion on my hands, rubbed them together to warm the lotion, asked her to move her hair, and slowly began to massage her neck and upper back. She audibly sighed within seconds of my manuals efforts.

“Something hurt?” I asked.

“Not at all,” she purred.

I worked my way down her spine, concentrating on her lower back. She continued to purr, then the occasional groan, but never once objecting. She rolled as far onto her stomach as she could under the circumstances, and I worked my way on to her ass.

I had gotten a couple of small pops from her back, which drew contented moans, but when I began to massage her ass cheeks, she said, “Wow. That feels so nice.”

I worked her ass checks with both hands, and subtly allowed a finger to drift down into her butt crack, gently brushing the cute little pucker of her back hole. I received no objections. I slowly worked my way down her legs and finally to her feet. With a nice splash of lotion in my hand, I firmly squeezed and pulled on her foot up through to her toes, bending her foot into a circle gently but solidly, causing three or four loud audible pops.

“Whoa, what did you do?” she asked.

“I worked the bones in your foot.”

“God! That felt great. Don’t stop!” she pleaded.

I continued to work her foot, moving the bones around and back to their normal locations, and when I got to the other foot, she was almost purring like a kitten.

“Damn, you ARE good!” she exclaimed.

I finished with her feet, and had her roll onto her back. I worked her neck and upper shoulders, alternately stretching and compressing, and she moaned contentedly, eyes closed. I worked over both arms, taking one hand at a time and squeezing and turning her hand until the bones popped and cracked. More contented sighs!

I worked down to her left breast and gently began to massage, using each finger like playing a scale on a piano.

“Damn, that hurts so good,” she blurted out finally.

Her nipple was rock hard. I worked the other breast the same with same results. I moved to the swollen belly, gently rubbing the lotion into and around the raised mound, caressing and then gently kneading, especially concentrating at the base just above a sparse blond patch of pubic hair.

She was fortunate that she had little or no stretch marks from the other two kids, and she appeared to be in fairly good shape this time around. I massaged the lotion into what areas appeared to be most susceptible to stretching. She continued to make little noises of contentment in the back of throat.

As I moved to and massaged her thighs, she slowly opened her legs, giving me a good view of her swollen labia, pink, edible. I climbed onto the bed as I worked her thighs, slowly moving her legs farther apart and gradually working up and down until I would tease her pussy and then dash back down her thighs.

I noticed a bit of wetness beginning to moisten her pussy. I slid down and gently but insistently began kissing her pussy. She jumped a bit when my tongue first made contact with her pussy, and started to reach down toward my head but kaçak iddaa stopped. I started probing with my tongue and she moaned, and moved her hips to better meet my tongue. I licked and probed some more with my tongue.

Slowly at first, then more quickly, teasing her clit out of hiding, I began my signature trick. I gently raised and pushed back on her legs, tilting her pussy to me. I ran my tongue around her clit until it was free of its sheath, and sucked it between my lips. I pushed it back out and sucked it back in again. Dharma began squirming and moaning, and finally reached down and pressed on my head with both hands.

I continued this rhythm, sucking her clit in and pushing it back out with the tip of my tongue. Her moaning got louder, and I got faster, working her clit in an ever quickening pace. I couldn’t see her face for the baby mound blocking my view, so I relied on audible signals. I probed her pussy ever so gently with my finger and felt the tightening that signaled an orgasm was at hand.

I settled into a fast rhythm on her clit and was rewarded in seconds with a bucking of hips and a low, guttural sound that got higher in frequency.

Then as the orgasm racked her body, she jerked violently two or three times and said, “Shit! Oh shit! Goddamn you, shit!”

I took it as a complement, and continued to work her clit while I subtly but quickly slid my briefs down and off my legs. She finally pushed my head away, and laid there panting.

She opened her eyes lazily, looking at me with a sly smile and said, “Damn. You do that better that you massage.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

Before she could say anything else, though, I slid off the bed and took her legs and turned her and pulled her to me at the edge of the bed, leaving just her hips hanging over. I pulled her legs back and began stroking her distended pussy lips, now bright red, with the head of my cock.

“I don’t know if I can handle this,” she told me.

“Try,” I said.

“Be gentle and slow,” she told me and I gradually began to work the tip of my cock into her dripping pussy.

I worked about half my cock into her when she asked, “How big are you?”

“Just big enough,” I answered.

“Not from where I’m at. You are really thick.”

That wasn’t a first for me, and having been deep into a number of tight assholes, the dilated look I saw when I pulled out was a constant reminder.

I continued to work my cock inside her until I bumped her swollen cervix.

“Owww, too deep,” she complained.

“I’ll be gentle,” I assured her.

“You better,” she said.

I began to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy, trying my best not to slam my cock all the way up that juicy chute. I worked a nice rhythm of strokes until I noticed that she had hers eyes tightly shut again and was working on another orgasm. I kept pace until she began to move her hips, and picked up the speed. I was beginning to probe deep enough to feel her cervix again but this time got no objections.

In a few more seconds, I saw that look on her face and bang, off into orgasm land she went, moaning and bucking just like she did when I was eating her pussy. She wiggled her hips around until finally slowing down and relaxing.

I was really enjoying the view of a very pregnant lady, full breasts looking as though they would burst with milk at any time. Her areole had darkened and her nipples were diamond hard.

She looked at me and said, “I never thought I could cum again. What are you doing to me?”

I looked down at my cock, still slowly stroking her pussy, and said, “I told you I thought you were really sexy as a big belly pregnant babe.”

She laughed and said, “Okay. I got your point, you pervert!”

I still needed a good cum myself so I told her to turn around on the bed on her knees. She reached over, grabbed a pillow to hug, and propped her ass up in the air.

As I climbed in behind her, she suddenly pulled away and said, “You sorry ass men are all alike! If you’re gonna put that big thing up me back there you better put a lot of lotion on it.”

This came as a pleasant shock. I had not really thought about fucking that cute little butthole, at least not the first time I was able to get into her pussy, but this was an interesting development nonetheless.

“Let’s try that in a little while,” I told her, “I have something else in mind.”

With that, I slipped my cock back into her pussy and stroked it to full hardness. She started that low moan again and seemed to just enjoy getting long stroked with a nice, fat cock. She didn’t whine anymore when I started bumping into that swollen cervix, but she did bounce away from me for a second. I decided to take it nice and easy.

As far as she was concerned, though, nice and easy wasn’t working. After a few minutes, she began to push her ass back at me with each stroke, bouncing a little harder each time. I grabbed her waist and really threw the meat to that pussy, pounding with a long, deep stroke. She began to muffle something kaçak bahis into the pillow so I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but it no time I found out.

She started bumping back against me like a fiend and started a sing-song chant, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Goddamn, fuck me.”

I did my best to oblige and after a couple of more minutes, I felt her pussy begin convulsing with an orgasm, as her juices started running down my balls.

“Godddamn, I’m cumming again, “she yelled into her pillow as I kept stroking.

Finally, with one last bounce, she settled back down into her pillow, absolutely quiet. I picked up the lotion bottle from the bed, still slowly easing my cock in and out of her pussy, got a little lubricant on my fingers and started playing with that cute little pucker of her asshole. She sighed lightly as the first finger went in. I stroked my finger in as I pulled my cock out, slowly, easily.

She looked over her shoulder and asked, “Don’t you ever cum?”

I replied, “Not with a hot babe like you. I want it to last as long as I can.”

She chuckled. “At this rate you’re going to either give me heart attack or pre-mature labor. I have never cum like this in my life.”

I laughed and added a second finger to her ass.

“Glad to be of assistance,” I quipped, “and I hope I have saved the best for last.”

She laughed, and reached back to my hand, grabbing it and pulling my fingers tighter into her asshole.

“You better get me greased up good, you bastard. That thing is bigger than what I’m used to.”

“You’ll be just fine,” I quietly quipped as I hoped for the best.

She mumbled something under her breath and went back to clutching her pillow. I added some lotion to my cock, and slowly began circling the head around her asshole. I stopped with the head pushing into her ass, holding for a moment. Then I slowly began putting pressure on her waist to back her ass onto my cock.

She helped by pushing back slowly and I held still, letting her take my cock into her ass at her speed. She pushed a bit more and the head was in her ass, bringing first a sharp gasp, then a long groan.

I asked, “Are you okay?”

She turned her head to the side and said, “You bastard, would you be okay if something this big was sliding up your ass?”

But she didn’t stop the pressure, and I told her, “You are one hot, sexy babe, and I have been saving a huge load of cum just for this.”

She pushed back some more and gradually eased about half my cock into her asshole. It was wonderfully tight and smoking hot. I gently gripped her hips and began to rock a bit, slowly moving no more than about ½” in and out. I got the lotion and added some more lube to the remainder of my cock, and kept up the slow movements.

She began that low, slow groan again, partially muffled in the pillow. I gradually stroked a little deeper into her ass until I had reached the sphincter in her upper rectum. She jumped a bit when I bumped into it.

“Damn, you’re awfully deep in there,” she yelped.

“Slow and easy,” I replied. I pushed back in and held still, reaching under her full belly to find a still swollen clit. With the lotion still fresh on my fingers, I started a slow, circular motion around her clit. This seemed to work just fine for her, as she began to wiggle that ass around and bounce my cock in and out a bit harder. It wasn’t long before I had slipped my cock all the way to pubic hair in her ass.

I decided it was time to see what she was really made of, and left her clit to begin slowly long stroking her asshole. She clutched the pillow tighter and began biting it, and groaning into it. As I picked up the rhythm, I saw her knuckles turning white from gripping the pillow, and a slow wet spot was forming where she was biting the pillow.

I built up the rhythm until I let go with a hard, merciless pounding of her tight little butthole, holding on to her hips as I prepared to use her ass for my own personal cum-bucket. Watching my cock piston in and out of her ass got me charged to the point where the pressure was building in my balls and I knew a load was on its way. I looked down and saw the lube beginning to turn brown from probing deep into her rectum, and the slight aroma of shit eased up to my nose. Just then, Dharma quit biting the pillow and began her sing-song again, this time more emphatic and filthy.

“God you rotten bastard, fuck me. Fuck me! Harder, harder, fuck my ass! Damn you bastard, damn you!…..!”

That just set me off, and I exploded, unleashing a rectum blasting load of cum that had been building since I first saw her naked, pregnant body. The spasms wracked my body with a wonderful sensation. My cock was jerking in response.

That’s when she cried, “Goddamn I’m cumming again. Damn you asshole bastard, I’m coming again!”

I kept up a slower pace and worked to keep my cock hard enough for her to finish. I backed down to a slow crawl in her ass. She was panting like an overheated dog, face buried in the pillow. She shook almost convulsively as I slowly, gently pulled my cock from her asshole. It gaped wide open, brown stained cum and lube slowly leaking out. She was so distended I could have dropped a golf ball into her asshole with ease.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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