A Family Man: Part 2 The Journey Home

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I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of water and going over my journal when Melanie entered. Less than a couple hours ago, our former foster mother and son relationship evolved into a man and woman union. A union that may have resulted in pregnancy and now we were planning our escape from her husband, Robert. Not really an escape really, as she was not a captive and while adultry wouldn’t help her in divorce court, wasn’t illegal either.

Five years ago, I came to live with the Henson’s as their foster child. They came to know of me as I gained local fame for defending myself against an abusive drunk foster dad and complicit mother. While I was little more than a PR opportunity for Robert to increase his social stock value for giving a ‘loving’ home to a broken youth, I was a beloved child to Melanie. Over the years, our bond grew as it was clear we understood each other in ways no one else could. Now, on my 18th birthday, I had been notice by Robert, via Melanie, that I was expected to move out and soon.

Melanie tried to argue with Robert to let me stay, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Robert, for his snivelling ways, was no idiot. We knew Robert’s jealousy knew no bounds and despite how innocent our bond really was, we decided to keep it from him as best we could, but we failed. He felt threatened by me and given his nature, he had good reason to be.

Robert Henson was a little man, but not just in stature, but in character as well. Robert had an inferiority complex and this, more than anything, sabotaged his relationship with his wife, Melanie. He had seen how I grew within their home, not only my body, but my personality. I was becoming everything he hated. At 5′ 7″ and scrawny, he saw my 6′ 3″ and broad frame as a physical threat, but he also saw my relationship with Melanie as a psychological one. In his mind, it was like when he was growing up all over again. The big, dumb, jock type was once again stealing the woman he loved away from him and he resented me for it. Until now, he couldn’t have been further from the truth. While Melanie was the only person on Earth I did love, it was because she was the first person to relate to me and actually care for me. She made me feel important, like my happiness was vital for her happiness. I simply reciprocated what she gave me and from that we became inseperable. Had Robert just accepted me as a son and saw his wife as she wanted to be seen, all of this could’ve been avoided, but he didn’t. Now, Melanie and I sat in the kitchen, putting together our plan to leave this world behind and begin our own, together, as a family.

“What are you doing, love?” Melanie asked, her voice still quite raspy from the pounding her throat suffered at the end of my cock earlier, as she came up behind me, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her lips to my neck, fingers tracing lazily across the defined torso that lie beneath my cotton tee.

“I’m going over how much money I’ve saved up since I started working and trying to account for two… possibly three.” I replied, reaching behind my chair, between us, to rub Melanie’s toned and flat belly that harbored a womb filled to overflowing with my cum. “And I’m not seeing us getting very far on it.” I added, disappointingly.

Melanie, being the loving, caring Goddess of mercy and devotion she was rounded the chair to my side and gently raised her leg, stepping across my lap before straddling me and placing her hands behind my neck. I know it could be weeks before Melanie’s body would start to change, in preparation for carrying a child, provided I even got her pregnant, but she still looked different to me now, somehow. As I looked into her eyes, I saw such peace, such love, in them. Even though I had no idea how we were going to make it happen, the look in her eyes had nothing but trust and belief in them.

“It’s okay, David.” She said, as she leaned in, placing my head to her chest and stroking it like a mother consoling a scared child. “I know you’ll find a way for us and it doesn’t matter if we have to live in a cardboard box, I’m never going to leave your side.” She brought her lips to mine and we shared a quiet moment together. “Besides, I have money too, you know.”

“I think you should hold onto that, in case… you know.” I suggested, inferring that she keep it as a ‘way out’ should she come to regret her decision.

She let out a chuckle before giving me a tender smile, “I see I’m going to have my work cut out for me convincing you that I’m your bitch, David.”

“Yeah, I’m thinking you are. Maybe I should get you a collar and leash to help remind me.” I joked.

“Mmmm, if you believe that will help, I think I’d like being your ‘pet’.” She mused, as she started grinding herself on me, thoughts of leather and chains filling her head as she knelt at her ‘Master’s’ feet.

“Maybe a cage and feeding bowls for my bitch and her pups, eh?” I added, not believing the words coming out of my mouth.

“Ooh, and don’t forget the newspaper, in case I have an accident.” Melanie laughed, as she dry humped me.

“I would’ve figured you’d be too sore for that.” I said, referring to her grinding on me.

“I am, but I can’t help it.” She cooed, really working her hips over my now hardened cock. “I need it in me and besides, these are your holes now, not mine. Sluts don’t get to decide when they get fucked, do they, David?”

I grabbed Melanie under her tiny ass and stood up. She locked her legs around my waist, clinging to me until I had decided where I was going to use her sloppy slot. I didn’t have to go far, as I moved to the other end of the table and laid her down on it, her ass near the edge. I quickly undid my waistband and fly, pulling my pants down to my knees. I wasn’t in the mood for foreplay or getting naked so I did the same to Melanie. She lifted her ass enough to help me peel her tight fitting jeans over her butt and I stopped once her swollen cunt came into view. Even though we had just showered not long ago, the smell of our sex and cum was still pungent as traces of our previous events were still present deep inside her.

Like a watering mouth, Melanie’s gooey hole oozed out limitless quantities of natural lubricant that I worked my dick against, coating it for the task ahead. Her vagina still hadn’t returned to its normal diameter so pushing back inside her would prove to be much easier this time. Rocking my hips back and forth, I ran my cock between her lips, smearing her slimy essence across my expansive girth, from the very tip, to the base, my balls pressed against her anus. Melanie, ever devoted to my cock, wanted to bring her hands down for continued worship, but I told her to hold her legs up, moaning her disappointment.

“Shut up, whore.” I scolded her. “This isn’t love making. This isn’t special.” I told her. “I have an itch to scratch and right now, you’re nothing more than a cockpocket for me to blow a load in.”

Melanie squealed in delight at learning of her sub-human purpose. Her body squirmed as her hungry, wet cunt became a seperate entity, taking control of her body and seeking my thick beast to consume. I scooped several generous amounts of her femininity, still mixed with my buried cum onto my hand before painting my cock with it, my own precum dripping onto the floor below as I did.

Once I was wet, I didn’t bother with much setup or positioning. I just pointed my tip in the general direction of her hole and thrust. Her cries of passion and pain drowned out the popping and slurping sound of my cock blowing up her tight tunnel, displacing the fluids flowing down it’s walls to quickly eject from between our flesh. I plunged her pipe vigorously in a race to breed my whore for the forth time that morning.

True to my word, that she was just a means to an end for me, I pumped my cum into her abused hole in a matter of minutes. Once the last few spasms subsided, I pulled out. There was a small pool of our combined juices smeared down her ass and gathering on the table. I took a moment and admired my handiwork before stepping back from the table.

“Clean it, cunt.” I commanded, standing there with my hands on my waist.

Eager to perform her duty, Melanie rolled forward into the collection of goo that spilled out of her, causing her to jump a little at how much and cold it was before hopping off the table. She squat down, careful to keep her flowing snatch from dripping into her pants or panties and commenced to sucking me clean.

“I could do this forever.” She moaned during her ministrations. “I love this babymaker almost as I love the man its attached to.” She winked.

“Stay.” I said, as I broke contact with my little hooverwhore to retrieve my journal for study while she performed her task. “Continue.”

“Thank you, David.” She said, as she finished scrubbing the last part of my groin with her tongue.

“You’re not done, slut.” I said, pointing to the spillage on the table and gathering mess on floor from her own pussy as she cleaned me. “Go get a bowl so you can at least have a snack after your hard work.” I grinned wickedly.

“As you wish.” She smiled back, pulling up her pants enough to work her legs, but her gait even more jacked up as it was clear she was extremely sore from the recent use.

As Melanie went to grab a bowl to collect her ‘treat’, I pulled my pants back up and returned to the table to continue trying to work out a budget. She returned, holding the bowl between her legs to catch our fluids as she ‘cleaned’ the table and floor. When she had finished, she knelt down next to me.

“I’m done, David.” She said. “May I have my snack now, please?” She asked, coyly.

I turned my head to glance over the area. “Yes, but I don’t think I need to tell my bitch how to eat from her bowl, do I?”

“Oh, no, David.” She said. “This bitch knows exactly how you want her to eat. Thank you, David.” She added before placing the bowl on the floor, at my feet, and lowered her head to earn her reward.

“Well done, slut.” I praised and went back to my calculations as she moaned her gratitude, her pants still pulled down.

No matter how many corners I tried to cut, there was just no way the earnings from the measly teen job I had could cover both of us for very canlı bahis long, despite the fact I had been saving for the past two years in anticipation of Robert pulling this kind of stunt. Perhaps if we found a shitty apartment here in the city I might be able to make it work until I found a better job, but we couldn’t stay here. Although what we were planning to do wasn’t illegal, Robert would be unlikely to just let it go. He was an activist lawyer. It was his job to fuck over people he didn’t like and I was stealing his wife from him. No, we had to get far from this place, this state. We needed to disappear and hope he never found us, at least until he got over it, but knowing Robert, he’d never get over it.

I wasn’t afraid of Robert physically. Hell, if that’s all it took, I’d run down to his office this moment and give him some wall-to-wall counselling. No, I feared his connections and his ability to destroy lives with flick of a pen. He could ruin our names, make it impossible to find decent work, loans, services. We’d be defenseless against him and I didn’t like being defenseless, but without money of my own, I wouldn’t be able to fight back. No, now was the time to run, to hide and hopefully buy enough time to figure out a way to keep him away forever. Then it hit me, my name.

When I was given up to the state, I only had the name David, my middle and surnames having been withheld. Right now, I was David Henson, but that was only because of my fosters. I had seven foster homes over the years, eight if you count the Henson’s and my name changed with each one. Furthermore, my records were sealed each time I changed parents, meaning if I could discover who my birth parents were, I could legally take their name. Robert would really have his work cut out for him to dig back through my history, getting all my files unsealed, just to discover who my birth parents were, that is if he even figures this all out. He’s smart, but like I’ve said before, I am too, but I like to make people believe I’m an idiot and Robert is one of those I’ve fooled. Surely he wouldn’t think me capable of planning this, let alone, executing it successfully.

Melanie had finished her ‘treat’ and joined me on my lap as I discussed the plan with her. Sure, she was my wanton, submissive, whore, but she was smart, very smart and I valued her far more for her intellect than her willing depravity. I ran the plan by her and she agreed it was a good idea. She also convinced me that we needed her money if we were to make this work, citing that, like her body, everything about her belonged to me. Over the coming months, she would be very patient as I learned to accept her meaning. She was mine, mind, body and soul and had surrendered to me completely. Mine was to take, her’s was to give, but she knew it would take time for me to come to terms with that. God, I loved that woman.

Her car was in Robert’s name, but mine wasn’t. It was one of the few things that I alone owned. It was a piece of shit, but it ran and we could get away in it. Melanie had quite a few more suitcases than me to fit her clothing and other personal items, but we were able to get them all into the car pretty easily. There wasn’t much she wanted from her home, not even her memories from her childhood. She told me that a new life for her began today and today marked the end of her old life. Family, friends, people and things she knew before were effectively wiped from existence as I was her new existence. I and a possible baby being conceived in her womb at that moment. Did I think she was insane for going through this with me? Yes, but did I make any attempt to stop her? No. I had found my soulmate and I would walk with her through the flames of Hell before I’d give her up.

Another major advantage I had over Robert was that I still remembered the names of my first foster parents and which state and town they lived in, meaning I wouldn’t have to work my way back through the entire list of fosters I had. I reasoned, they would’ve been living within the same geographical region as my birth parents so at least I’d have a place to start searching. By mid-afternoon, a couple hours before Robert would get home, Melanie and I were on the road heading out of town on our way to Illinois. I hoped that we would have enough of a headstart to make it impossible for Robert to track us down.

Being this was 1992 there was no internet or online banking and large franchise banks were only something corporations used. Furthermore, while they did have ATM’s, and debit cards, they were very localized so people had to rely on checks or credit cards in leiu of cash and neither of us had credit cards. We decided to stop at our bank and empty our accounts. By using cash, we could avoid a paper trail for Robert to follow, but the problem with cash was we now had everything of value on us. We needed to be very careful about where we went and where we stayed, because should the wrong kind of person see our money, we could be left penniless.

It only took us a couple of days to make it to Illinois, but that was the easy part of the trip. Running on a memory from when I was four, I had to hope I could find the house I lived in for only a few years in some rural town. It was getting into the evening as we were only about twenty miles from my ‘childhood’ home so we decided to pull into a motel in a moderate sized city and make the rest of the trip the following morning. We were forced to use a seedier motel since they would accept cash and didn’t ask for ID. However, a seedy motel tends to invite seedy clientele. The last thing we needed was the wrong element to see our cash or belongings for there to be trouble.

To protect our belongings, we were forced to empty the car and bring everything into the motel room. This attracted the attention of some guys who happened to be hanging out outside a local dive across the small parking lot. It didn’t help that Melanie, despite her best efforts to look plain and having not washed in nearly two days, still looked like a knockout. They started making cat-calls at Mel as she helped move luggage into the room. Perhaps a normal woman might caution her husband from taking action, to ignore the men, but Mel knew better. Her place wasn’t to question me, but more importantly, she knew I wouldn’t be roused to action from a handful of inappropriate comments directed at her.

That’s what I loved most about my relationship with Melanie. We got each other. We understood one another as if we were cut from the same cloth. We were two sides of the same coin, the Alpha and the omega, the Top and the bottom. We agreed that it had to be divine intervention to bring us together as we could almost think for one another. I guess that is what made her total descent into submission so easy and comfortable for her. She was always submissive, but she had never so completely given over to Robert like she had for me. She did as she was told and she gave him what he desired, but she did so out of commitment to her vows. For me, she did so out of desire. For all intents and purposes, I was her God, her everything and trusting me to make the right decisions for both of us came as naturally as breathing.

I didn’t look at the guys directly, but I was able to use the side mirror on the car to keep watch as I unloaded bags for Melanie to carry inside. I was hoping we’d get all of our things inside and close the door behind us before the drunks got frustrated, but that was too much to ask.

“Hey, bitch! How ’bout you dump that chump and come party with us?” One of the guys yelled to Melanie, who ignored them, continuing her task. “Hey! I’m talking to you, bitch!” He yelled.

That’s when I saw them mumble something to themselves before starting to walk over to us.

“Hey, man!” The loud-mouthed one shot out. “Hey, you got a nice woman there!”

I had just handed the last piece of luggage off to Melanie and it was time to make a decision. I could follow behind her, go inside, close and lock the door and hope the guys go back to the bar or I could turn and try to talk to them. The first option appeared to be the safest, but I didn’t need the guys banging on the door or fucking with my car, which I felt they were likely to do if I continued to ignore them when they had to know I was aware of their presence. On the other hand, if I went to confront the men, it’d be four against one if it turned violent and they might be armed, however I’d have an open parking lot to maneuver in, I was bigger than any of them and perhaps I could talk them into going back to the bar. I chose option three.

I turned and walked toward the men as they approached. They started laughing, making sarcastic remarks about me standing up for my woman and just general big talking. I made sure that I appeared as non-threatening as possible as I walked toward them. I put on my boyish smile and even put my hands in my pockets, well, just my fingers actually. I wanted to appear non-threatening, but still be able to bring my hands up if need be.

“Hey, Dude, you know it’s rude to igno-” He never had a chance to finish.

Putting my long, muscular legs into action, I launched myself forward, closing the remaining distance and catching them by surprise, my right hand flying from my pocket into a fist as I swung. The snapping of cartilage echoed in the quiet parking lot as I drove my fist forward, sending the loud-mouth falling backward, laid out cold. I had already selected my targets before I started over here so I was already turning on the biggest of them before they even had a chance to process what had just happened.

You see, when half of your childhood is spent on the receiving end of a drunk adult’s violent outbursts, you learn a lot. You learn that a child versus and adult can seem like eight versus one and each one is much bigger and much stronger than you. You learn what it’s like to get hit by a truck and you learn how deflect, absorb or evade the blow entirely. You learn where it hurts most to get hit and where to allow your oppenents to land ineffective blows. You learn to practice and hone your skills so that the eight versus one becomes the one versus one it was supposed to be. But, most importantly, you learn to choose your fights carefully, read your opposition and never EVER bahis siteleri let the alcohol write checks your ass can’t cash.

My next victim took a solid left to his diaphram, stealing the wind from his lungs, followed by a right hook to the coratid artery sending him into nappy-time on the pavement next to his friend. By going after the big one, I would’ve had to turn my back to one of the other two if I wanted to continue my attack, which I very much did, so the third one, who was finally bringing his hands up to defend, was met with my foot lifting him off the ground a couple inches by a swift kick to the balls, three down.

I turned toward number four. By now, loud-mouth was just a lump of bleeding humanity. Number two was sleeping it off peacefully for the moment and number three was trying to make noises of some kind as he was doubled over from the taste of the testicles that were just kicked into the back of his throat. Number four was beside himself and I knew the fight had left him, but I still needed him for the moment. Time to talk this out.

“Listen to me.” I said calmly, but sternly. The panicked number four just stood there, shaking. “Hey, are you listening?” I tried to snap him back to the moment. He looked at me then his friends then back at me and nodded. “Okay, good. Now listen carefully. Do you have a car?” He nodded. “Good, this is what you’re going to do. You’re going to collect your friends and you’re going to drive them home, do you understand?” He nodded. “You’re not going to come back here.” He shook his head. “You’re not going to call more friends and they’re not going to come back here.” He shook his head again. “You’re all going to sleep this off… except for that guy, he might need to see a doctor tomorrow, but you’re going to convince your friends to forget about me, right?” He nodded.

I turned and started walking away, number four waiting for me to go away before making a move. I stopped and turned back around.

“One more thing.” Number four quickly turned toward me. “Sort your life out, Dude. Keep this up and one day, you might come across someone who’ll put you in the dirt rather than just put you down.” Number four just nodded. I gestured that he needed to get going and he quickly ran over to their car to bring it around and gather his friends. I turned and walked back to the motel room, Melanie opened the door as I approached, closing and locking it behind me.

“Are you okay?” She asked, trying to get a look at my hands.

“I’m fine, but horny as hell.” I pulled her to me, kissing her passionately.

“I wish you’d beat me that hard.” She smiled, after breaking our kiss.

“Tomorrow, let’s pick up some lube. I think it’s time I ruin that ass.” I smirked giving her a meaty swat on her cheek, making her jump.

“You’re so mean to me, making me wait.” She cooed, turning around in my arms and grinding her ass against my swollen cock.

“Besides, I like it when you clean my cock after sex and the butt is…” I reminded her.

“So?” She asked nonchalantly. “I’m your whore, David. Cleaning your cock, regardless of where it’s been, is a privilege for me. In fact, the idea of it being inside my dirty ass makes the act all the more meaningful to me.”

“Fuck, you ARE a nasty slut.” I said in amazement.

“Mmmm, but I’m YOUR nasty slut.” She moaned.

I reached down, grabbing her t-shirt above her jeans and pulled it up. Melanie lifted her arms, helping me in pulling it off and dropping it on the floor. She tried to turn, but I held her in place. I wanted to lean my head down and kiss her neck, but she was just too short to do so without breaking contact with her back. Instead, I ran one hand up to her right breast, pushing her bra cup over the top of it and cupping it in my hand, lightly twisting her nipples. With my other, I drew my fingers down her taut belly to unfasten her button fly. Melanie wrapped one arm around each of mine, restraining herself and exposing her torso for my examination and exploration. As I slid my thick fingers down the front of her panties, she began to grind on them and her ass on my cock. Melanie turned her head to lick and bite my bicep, her chest rising and falling heavily under my manipulations.

I moved my hand from her tit and around to her back, bending her over enough to expose her bra clasp. I took it between my finger and thumb and twisted, popping it free. Melanie shucked it from her body as I brought her back to my chest to begin feeling her up again.

“Pull your pants down.” I whispered. She slid her arms down to her waistband and pulled her jeans and panties down past her ass. The funk of two days without a bath or shower hit us in the nose, but rather than repulse us it aroused us with it’s pungent odor. I buried a finger into her hot slot as my palm pressed against her clit. Melanie moaned, thrusting her hips back against me, pressing back against my palm while trying to ride the thick digit pumping her hole. I took a nipple between my finger and thumb and began applying gradual pressure as I started twisting it. As if her nipple were a faucet knob, her pussy began drooling its womanly liquid over my finger. I held Melanie tightly against my chest and lifted her off the ground, using my finger currently hooked inside her to aid me and carried her over to the bed. I lowered her enough to where her feet were on the bed and her legs bent. “Keep stripping.” I ordered. Held in place only by my arm around her body and my finger in her cunt, she reached down and pulled her legs from her pants, her breath rapidly increasing by the ragdoll treatment I was giving her.

With her clothes off, I unceremoniously dropped her onto the bed so I could match her current state of undress. Melanie dove at my jeans as I pulled my shirt overhead, unbuttoning them to speed my process. She went straight for my stinky cock as soon as it was freed from its denim prison, stroking it expertly as she nursed on my nuts.

“Yeah, clean that filthy cock, you nasty bitch.” I urged on.

“God, I’m such a dirty cunt!” She moaned sucking and slurping my groin, “Feed me your filth, please! I need it!”

I ripped off the last remnants of my clothing and stood at the edge of the bed as Melanie, on her hands and knees, ministered her ritualistic devotions to my royal scepter. She was small enough that I could easy bend over the back of her body to access her pussy and ass. I plunged my middle finger into her dripping hole, getting it well lubed before retracting it and jamming it to the second knuckle in her butthole. Melanie jumped at the suddenness of it, but wouldn’t be distracted from her function as fluffer. I inserted my middle and ring finger of my left hand back into her pussy as I began pumping my right middle in and out of her dainty dumper.

“You know this is going to hurt, Mel.” I warned her of impending shellacking her shitter was going to get.

“Wreck me, Baby!” She cried out as her first orgasm triggered just from the anticipation of what was to come. “Put your bitch in her place.” She crooned before taking my head in her mouth.

Gripping with the fingers I currently had embedded inside her, I began to pull Melanie toward my impaled cock as I thrust my hips forward. She held tightly to the bedding for stability as I rocked her back and forth on my dick. She was still no where near capable of deep throating me, but she had relaxed enough that I could at least ram my tip into her esophagus before it became too tight to pass any further without excessive force. I’d pull her back enough that her saliva could run freely down my shaft where it would later aid in my insertion into her tightest of holes.. Meanwhile, I continued to abuse her rosebud, digging deeper, pulling and proding her sphincter in an effort to make it loosen up. I listened to her muffled cries of pain and ecstacy as I spit roasted her.

When I felt I was as lubed as I was going to get I pulled everything out and stepped back. Melanie, knowing it was time quickly turned around. She put her head down on the bed, sticking her pretty little butt into the air, a monument to her place in this world as “David’s whore”. She stuck both hands between her spread legs, probably to play with herself and me once I got started, but dormant for now. With my cock, dripping with saliva, in hand I stepped up behind my gorgeous slut and positioned my tip at her puckered bung. She flinched as if shocked by static as I came into contact with her. A brief concern of hyperventilation occured to me as I saw her whole body starting to shake with the speed at which she was breathing.

While it seemed to take ages to penetrate her vagina before, that was nothing compared to how careful I’d have to be here. I know we both had visions of me violently slamming into her butt and riding it like a machine, but the truth was, this was likely to be the most painful experience of her life, if I could even get inside her at all. Sure, with time, practice and plenty of toys of varying sizes to train her with, I probably wouldn’t have any trouble getting in there, but she’d never had anal before and I’m sure the biggest shit she’d ever had was less than half my size. I released the mouthful of saliva I had been saving up, letting it dribble over my cockhead and her anus. Using my tip, I did my best to work it into her entrance and pooling it so it would proceed my cock, lubing her as I entered.

The most important part was getting my tip inside and it wasn’t going to really begin to relax until her anus had less spongy to adjust to, something stiffer like my shaft. With one hand, I held my cock just below the head and my other on her lower back, to hold her still. With a constant steady pressure I pushed forward and I wasn’t going to stop until I was inside. Melanie gasped and I could see her hands flailing beneath me, between her legs, as she fought against the urge to use them to try and stop me, to get me to pull out. She was such a good girl, so committed to making me happy. I couldn’t imagine what suffering she was going through as I stretched her ring beyond her imagination, yet she was able to control her instincts and let me have what I want from her. Nearly as soon as it had begun, it was over as my bulbous tip disappeared within her rectum bahis şirketleri and her anus was able to shrink, if ever so slightly, around my hardened shaft. I could see tears running over the bridge of her nose as she lie there with her head turned. I fought the urge to withdraw as well, as I knew the pain of my being inside her was nothing compared to the pain she would feel at disappointing me, knowing that she couldn’t pleasure me whenever, where ever, how ever I desired.

“Breath, baby.” I said to her, stroking her back gently as I held still inside her, allowing her to adjust to my size.

Melanie didn’t speak, but she did nod her head as she tried taking deeper breaths, but the pain was excrutiating, impeding her efforts to relax. Normally, her moans could include pleasure with her pain, but at the moment, there was no pleasure to be had from her as she tried to shut off the part of her brain that registered pain. I held my position until she began getting her breathing under control, then I pressed half an inch deeper. Her eyes bulged and she cried out as the thin tissue of her rectum was instantly stretched to capacity like two hands yanking on opposite ends of a paper towel. I wanted to continue this pace for eternity until she could take me in my entirety, but another problem arose. Do to the lack of movement and the constricting nature of her sphincter, I was starting to lose my erection. I had to step up the pace of things or risk getting too limp and being force out of her, but she wasn’t going to like it.

“I’m sorry, Mel.” I said apologetically before pushing more of myself into her, still slowly, but continuously now.

Melanie began crying out loud now. Her tender hole being forcibly gaped beyond her ability to cope. She lost her battle with her hands and they immediately came out from under her, grasping at my thighs, desperate to push back. She began shaking her head, crying it was ‘too much’, begging me to pull out. I immediately thought back to our first session back in her bedroom. Back to when I was worried about pushing her vows to the limit of their meaning. Now was that moment, the moment where I would put those words to the test and find out if her body, her holes really did belong to me or if it was, just ‘talking dirty’. I pushed deeper and deeper. I grabbed her by the wrists, wrenching them from my thighs and used them as reins to keep her from getting away. I needed to speak to her, to appeal to her submissive nature. I needed to distract her from the pain.

“This is MY hole, whore, or have you forgotten so quickly that you gave it to me?” I said, my voice cold, commanding. “You asked me to hurt you, I told you I was going to hurt you and now, you’re going to hurt, badly, and it’s not going to stop until I’m satisfied.”

Something clicked within Melanie. She was still crying, but she heard what I said, she remembered what she had said. If her words were to mean anything to me, then she had to back them up with action right now. She did the only thing she could do at the moment.

“MORE!” She screamed, giving herself over to her suffering. Selling her very soul to the pits of Hell for the bliss of torture.

I pressed home, driving myself to the hilt, my pevis pressed tightly against her ass, my balls resting on her spitting cunt. She came.

Melanie couldn’t utter a word nor make a sound as she screamed out in silence the majesty of her orgasm. Her mouth, gaping like a fish suffocating on the shore, gasped quietly as her mind was currently being flooded with oxytocin and dopamine. I immediately began pulling out, surveying my cock for traces of blood to determine if I had done any damage. Seeing none, I pushed back into her. I was egged on by Melanie gripping my wrists tightly as I held hers, completing our bond. I started to pick up a rhythm, but always making sure nothing had broken inside. Yes, I could’ve seriously hurt her by doing what I did and yes, I was foolish for doing it, but something inside me told me to go for it. Everything about Mel and I felt right. The connection we shared cannot be explained, only experienced. We both knew, deep down, that I needed to ‘take’ her just like I did and just trust that everything would work out okay, just like everything between us seems to do. God, I loved that woman.

I was able to keep Melanie in a constant state of gland induced orgasm as I railed her virgin hole. My balls dripped from the sporadic jets of fluid ejactulated from her urethra during her orgasmic surges. Eventually I released her wrists and held her hips, using them as handles while I stabbed my cock into her ass relentlessly. Melanie pretty much just laid there, too lost in her own chemical induced tour of Nirvana to be very reactive. I wasn’t going to be that far behind her myself.

After a flurry of thrusts I felt my balls begin to twitch as my load boiled up from their depths and soon after I was spraying my genetic code deep inside Melanie’s bowels. I hammered myself to the root rocking myself in place as load after creamy load powerwashed her rectum. There was only one other time I was able to be so completely inside of Melanie and that was our first sexual encounter when we were able to seat me to the hilt in her mouth and throat, but this was the first time I was able to cum while doing so and it felt spectacular. Just feeling her love encompassing my entire length and girth while I released myself was mindblowing.

I wanted to collapse, I wanted to fall down on top of my lovely Mel and remain inside her like we do when I fuck her pussy, but I knew I couldn’t do that this time. She would be coming down off her orgasm soon as well and even though I had just came inside her, I knew that my lube was being absorbed by her frail anal lining. If I didn’t extract myself soon, I might tear her trying to get out later and we had been very lucky so far. Still though, I didn’t want to pull all the way out and leave her gaping so I decided to keep myself inserted past the tip and let her push me out naturally. Gently, I eased Mel and I down on the bed together, spooning her in my arms as she returned from what we would discover was ‘sub-space’.

“Thank you.” I finally heard her whisper as she cuddled in my arms. “Thank you for making me yours.” I was glad to see my efforts to test the limits of her vows appreciated.

“I’m proud of you, Mel.” I kissed her head.

“I thought I was your slut?” She asked.

“You’re whatever I tell you you are.” I reminded her.

“Mmmm.” She cooed. “Yes. I am whatever you tell me I am.” Clearly pleased with my answer.

“Now, don’t you have a job to do, slut?” I asked, wanting to get this taken care of so we could get a real shower.

“Of course, forgive me, David.” She smiled as she began to stir.

Melanie, mindful of my cock plugging her cum-filled ass, rolled away from me so as not to spill on me as she dislodged my cock from her. Like her pussy, my cock made an audible ‘plop’ as the seal broke between our two fleshes causing my essence to immediately begin leaking out. Quickly, Melanie hopped off the bed, grabbing her panties to wad them up and shoving them between her crack to stem the flow. A little embarrassed, she sheepishly smiled and climbed back onto the bed to begin the disgusting task of cleaning her anal filth, cum and pussy juice from my groin. I tried not to think about it, but I couldn’t help but feel aroused by the depravity of it all. Such a gorgesous and wholesome woman on the outside being reduced to a corrupted, immoral animal was unquestionably appealing, especially with the eagerness and enthusiasm she displayed when defiling herself.

“You like your little job, don’t you?” I mocked her as she worked.

“No, David. I LOVE it!” She exclaimed, as she embraced the creature she had become.

After she had completed her task, she went to the bathroom to run a shower for us. When it was ready, we repeated what would become routine in our relationship. She would wash me from my chest down, while I took care of the rest. She would attempt to suck me off, but whether or not I took her up on it depended on me. After that, she would kneel under me, between my legs and proceed to wash herself. Although this was only the second shower we had together, I thought I would add another aspect of our shower routine.

As Melanie started washing herself, I looked down at her and placed my hand on her forehead, tipping her head back.

“Open.” I said and she did, thinking I had reconsidered the blowjob.

I squatted a bit, bringing the head of my heavy cock just above her open mouth and holding my dick, I began to relieve my bladder.

“Drink.” I commanded, as my urine sprayed into her.

Melanie was taken by surprise at first causing her to flinch from the pressure of the spray hitting the back of her mouth. She backed away from it for a moment until she realized what new purpose I had for her. Quickly she clamped her lips down on my tip to catch my flow. She did her best, but the angle at which we were trying this was too steep preventing her from successfully keeping up with the flow. vast quantities of my golden essence spilled from mouth from backed up pressure causing it to run down her chin and cheeks. Still though, she made no further efforts to retreat and generally appeared to enjoy her new job.

“I’m sorry, David. I didn’t mean to waste any.” She apologized.

“It’s okay, slut. We’ll try another way next time.” I consoled her. “Did you like it?”

Melanie laughed at my question and kissed the tip of my cock seductively, respectfully. “David, I won’t rest until you’ve understood that I will love anything and everything about you. I am your slut, David.”

I stroked her cheek and she kissed my palm. “I love you, Melanie, and I am grateful you are in my life.”

“I love you too, David, and you ARE my life.” She stared up at me with longing and love in her eyes.

Normally, we would end our shower together and she would dry me before drying herself, but I wanted her to have the time to clean out her ass so she wouldn’t leak all over during sleep, so I dried myself off and hopped into bed. About a half hour later, Melanie, ass and mouth cleaned, joined me. We turned off the lights and shared passionate kisses in each others arms for a while before curling up together and drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a big day, potentially.

To Be Continued…

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