A Family’s Story Ch. 05

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Part 5 The End of things

Jeremy greeted Rasheed at the door and ushered him in.

“Where’s the young pussy?” he asked.

“In her room on her iPad. Mom will take you in there.”

Rasheed walked over to me and took both my breasts in his hands and squeezed them painfully hard. “You got your whore clothes ready, slut? I got a lot of business lined up. Your gonna get for your cunt filled tonight.”

I nodded my head yes, I had my clothes picked out and ready. I hoped Rasheed would appreciate the effort I put in. I’d gone on line and found a very sexy 7″ mini that started low on my hips and did not entirely cover my ass. I decided on a cut-off tee that wonderfully displayed the lower half of my boobs, and to pull it all together 6″ ankle strap stilettos. I wanted to look young, sort of college age sexy, and I thought this outfit did it to perfection. I was excited about wearing it and excited about working for Rasheed.

But Rasheed didn’t seem interested in me at the moment.

“Let’s have a look at that sweet little daughter of yours with the big tits,” he said, grabbing me by the arm.

I lead him directly to Amber’s room, and without knocking, opened her door and we walked in. Amber was sitting on her bed wearing a rather revealing teddy and nothing else. Most of her enticing left breast was exposed, which she made no effort to cover as we entered the room. She simply looked up from her iPad and frowned.

“Amber, I’d like you to meet Rasheed. Rasheed, this is my daughter,” I said politely.

“Oh yeah, Jeremy told me. He’s your pimp, right? I wonder what Daddy is going to think of that,” she said with a smirk.

I was shaken badly by that. Why had Jeremy told her about this? I obviously couldn’t let her tell Bill, but I had no idea what I was going to do now. I decided just to brazen it out.

“Yes, he’s my pimp,” I said directly. “And he wants to fuck you. I’ve promised him he can.”

Amber sat up immediately. “Well, he’s not! And get out of my room!” she said dramatically.

“Baby, baby, calm down now,” Rasheed said as he walked slowly over to her and began to caress her cheek.

“Don’t touch me!” Amber said defiantly.

Rasheed reached down and cupped her breast, lifting it out of her teddy. The other breast seemed to follow on its own volition. Her full breasts against her tiny white body seemed to invite invasion. And Rasheed was obviously going to supply it.

“Stop it, you creep!” she yelled. Turning to me with an ugly look she said, “Tell your repulsive pimp to get his disgusting hands off of me.”

Her iPad suddenly went flying as Rasheed’s vicious slap knocked her nearly off of her bed. He was on her instantly. He grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to her feet, and hit her twice brutally in the belly knocking the wind from her. A second later he had stripped her teddy from her, and a moment after that, her panties lay in a heap with the teddy on the floor. His speed was impressive. He had stripped her naked and mounted her in less time than it took to say her name.

“Pull your skirt up and come sit on the bitch’s face and hold her legs open for me,” he said, motioning me to the bed.

I did exactly as he said, straddling Amber’s face and muffling her groans with my cunt. It was curiously exciting! I pulled her legs wide apart for Rasheed as he prepared to rape her.

“Open her wider, goddamn it,” he said, deftly fingering Amber’s cunt.

Her legs were already nearly perpendicular to her body, but I pulled even harder to open her legs as far as I could.

Suddenly he slapped me! “I said open the fucking bitch wider, you stupid cunt. Do what I tell you!”

I was stunned, but I obeyed instantly and jerked her legs apart violently with all my might. She was spread completely open now and screaming directly into my cunt from the pain of what I’d just done. It was incredibly stimulating and terribly erotic! I knew I could cum from the stimulation of her mouth on my vagina if Rasheed would let it happen. “Wider!” Rasheed demanded.

I was certain I would dislocate her legs from her hips if I opened her any further, but nevertheless, I strained again and yanked even harder. Holding her legs open with all my might, I watched Rasheed’s long black cock plunder Amber’s young pussy in one hard thrust. I was surprised how easily she took his entire cock on that first stroke. By his fifth or sixth deep thrust, I could feel her begin to relax underneath me. After a dozen or so such strokes Amber’s groans of pain began to seem like little moans of pleasure. She was starting to respond!

Suddenly, for no reason I could see, Rasheed grabbed me by the neck, jerked me off of Amber and threw me in a heap on the floor. Amber had an amused look on her face when I looked up at her. She wiped the smear of my juices from her face and offered it to Rasheed.

I know this sounds insane, but looking at her, I could sense that she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri had decided that since Rasheed was in her and fucking her, she would try to be better than I was. Because she was no longer fighting him. She looked at me as if to say, watch this! I felt she was going to try to steal Rasheed from me. A moment later, as she arched her back to accept Rasheed’s next deep thrust, she smiled at me. I knew she was determined to show me up. I hated the little bitch right then!

Amber and Rasheed were now literally joined in their sex dance. Rasheed’s intense lunges into Amber’s tight, young cunt were accompanied by her low moans of pleasure. She was working with him now, encouraging him. “Do you like this?” she sex whispered. “Do you like this? Do you like my young pussy?” she seductively cooed to him.

I knew what she was doing and I was afraid she was succeeding. Rasheed seemed completely entranced.

“Make me cum!” she began to plead. “Make me cum with you, Rasheed!” she implored. “Oh fuck me now, Rasheed. Fuck me hard, Rasheed, fuck me hard!”

I watched in disgust as Rasheed’s cock impaled her and a deep groan escaped his lips followed by Amber’s intense cries punctuating his ejaculation into her young pussy. She had reached her goal. They were both in the throes of a deep, intense, and seemingly endless climax. I was devastated.

When, with a slight little plop, he withdrew from Amber’s tight young cunt, he motioned me to come to him.

“Clean my cock, bitch, and then when you’re finished here, clean my cum out of your daughter’s sweet little pussy,” he said, pulling my head down to his cock glistening with Amber’s young juices.

I cleaned him with all the resources I had. I sucked him and tongued him and caressed his empty sack. I desperately wanted him to remember what I could give him, but when I finished, he simply pulled me from his delicious cock and pointed me towards Amber’s dripping pussy.

“Open your legs honey,” he told her sweetly.

She didn’t hesitate a second. She smiled viciously at me as I bent to clean her sopping cunt with my tongue. She gave a little groan as my tongue worked its way past the edges of her labia and up towards her unhooded clit to where Rasheed’s cum waited for me.

I had barely started cleaning her when I felt a pair of hands on my ass spreading me apart and an instant later a piercing pain as someone’s cock violently penetrated my unprepared rectum. Now it was my turn to scream into Amber’s open cunt like she had done earlier into mine. Hands that I recognized as Rasheed’s jammed my head into Amber’s pussy, so I knew then that the cock tearing violently into my ass had to be my son’s.

“Hurt her!” Amber exclaimed. And Jeremy needed no further urging. He reached down to grab my hanging breasts and jerked my nipples so hard I was certain he would tear them from my body. His cock was pounding furiously into my ass. The pain in my ass and through my nipples was making me light headed, but still I tried to concentrate on cleaning Amber’s cunt. I yearned desperately for Rasheed’s approval.

“In the whore’s mouth!” I heard Rasheed demand, as I felt Jeremy’s cock begin to spasm inside my broken ass. “Keep her ass clean!”

Rasheed jerked my head from between Amber’s legs and presented my open mouth to Jeremy’s jerking cock. His first gush of cum hit me in the eye, but I took the next down my throat. He was pumping my mouth with such ferocity that he drove his cum both down my throat and out through my nose. It was an experience I’d never had before. I felt like an amateur.

Rasheed laughed and wiped some of the cum from my nose and smeared it on his cock. He turned Amber over and very gently began to work is lubricated cock slowly and gently into her ass. It hurt me that he chose her again and hurt me even more that he was so gentle with her. But maybe what hurt the most was that he was using the cum I had produced from my son’s cock to ease his entry into Amber’s tight ass.

Even though I knew Rasheed’s large cock had to be hurting her as it slowly crept deeper and deeper into her rectum, she looked straight at me with a smile of triumph. I wished right then that he would just violently tear her ass apart. But instead, he simply ordered me to get my whore clothes on and continued to fuck Amber’s young ass. I was going to work soon.

In my room, I carefully prepared myself. I was furious at that little slut daughter of mine, and I was determined to get Rasheed back. I wanted to present the best possible picture I could to him, one that would make him see how valuable I was to him. The little bitch might be young and tight, but I just knew once Rasheed saw me the way he wanted me, he’d be mine again!

I carefully applied my makeup, emphasizing my eyes with dark blue glitter shade and exceptionally long and lush fake eyelashes. I used a blush and foundation to make me look young and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri deep red lip gloss to give my lips the allure I wanted.

Looking in the mirror as I dressed, I saw the very appetizing and very available piece of fuck meat I wanted to show the world. The micro mini emphasized the curve of my still small waist and was short enough to dramatically display the lowered curve of my butt. Because I was nearing my time of month, my tits were at least a cup size larger and looked absolutely enormous. I knew Rasheed would be pleased at how sexy and available I looked. I was his whore tonight and I desperately needed his approval.

I patiently but eagerly waited for him to finish with Amber and call for me, but still, when Jeremy came to tell me that Rasheed wanted to inspect me, I was surprisingly nervous. I wanted so, so much for him to be pleased with his whore and I badly wanted him to want me. Jeremy said I looked really hot, and that helped my confidence a lot. I took a deep breath and walked into Amber’s room.

Amber was holding Rasheed’s cock in her hand and lightly stroking it when I entered. Both were naked. Amber had a very self-satisfied look on her face.

“You look good, bitch,” Rasheed said to me. “Now come over here and clean my cum out of your daughter’s ass and then you can go out and whore for me.”

I had not expected that. I thought he was ready for me now. “How, how do I do that?” I hesitantly stuttered.

“Goddamn you are one stupid cunt,” Rasheed said nastily. “Get your motherfucking mouth on her ass and suck!”

Amber laughed and turned her ass to me. “She is stupid, isn’t she,” she sneered as I knelt down behind her and tentatively began to lick her rear. Suddenly, Rasheed slammed the back of my head into Amber’s ass.

“Pull her ass cheeks apart and start sucking, you stupid cunt! Now!” he exclaimed brutally.

I quickly began to suck at Amber’s hole. As I pried her cheeks apart and managed to suck the first of Rasheed’s cum from her ass, I could taste a hint of blood mixed with his semen. I continued to suck, even when I thought I had emptied her rectum, afraid that Rasheed would be unhappy if I quit. Finally, he told me to get up.

“You mind if she sucks my cock before she goes?” Jeremy asked. He had been watching me suck his sister’s ass and it had very obviously aroused him.

“Yeah, go ahead. But do it somewhere else. I’m going to dip my cock in your sister’s cunt again.”

Jeremy laughed and pulled me roughly to me feet and out into the hall.

“Get down on your knees, bitch” he said sternly. Open your mouth and don’t close it until I tell you.”

Jeremy was obviously copying Rasheed now in manner, language, and tone. I quickly knelt down and opened my mouth for him as I would for Rasheed. He pushed his large cock to the back of my throat and then, holding the back of my head, thrust himself completely down my throat. He began to fuck my throat sadistically, insisting I keep my mouth open the whole time. He was punishing my throat, fucking it with wickedly brutal force. I was gasping for breath, near the verge of collapse when mercifully I felt him begin to ejaculate and heard him command me to close my mouth. I was surprised at how much semen he still had, even after fucking my mouth for the second time in less than a half hour.

Finished with me, he pushed me aside and wiped his softening cock on my hair. “Rasheed’s brother is going to whore you tonight,” he said. “Wait outside for him. Rasheed wants to fuck Amber some more.”

That hurt, too. I had taken so much care to dress the way Rasheed would want me to and I had hoped that I would look so sexy that he’d have to fuck me before I left, so it did hurt a lot to be given to his brother instead. But I knew it was best to just obey for now, so I walked obediently toward the door.

“You do look hot,” Jeremy said as I walked out. “Find out how much you’re charging, and if I have enough money, I’ll fuck you when you get home,” he said, slipping his hands up under my abbreviated tee and clutching my tits before pushing me to the door.

Whoring was difficult. Rasheed’s half brother, Jamal, was ugly and mean. He put me out on a street downtown in an area that seemed terribly run down and populated mostly by minorities. Most of the guys who drove by only wanted oral in their car for $50. Two of them took me to an hour-rate motel and chose a simple fuck for $100. Nobody paid the $200 that “unlimited access” cost. Nearly all of the men were foul smelling and dirty. My stomach was queasy from all the cum I was forced to swallow. The other whores in the neighborhood were either fat and black or skinny and drug addled and all of them scared me.

It was early the next morning when I got home. I had lost my tee shirt early in the evening, but I had earned nearly a thousand dollars for Rasheed, most of it from sucking. I was very proud of that güvenilir bahis şirketleri and hoped Rasheed would be pleased. Jeremy was there to greet me when I walked in topless and disheveled.

“You look like a whore,” he said simply. “How much to fuck you?”

I explained Rasheed’s prices to him. He wanted unlimited access but he only had $70. I hesitated at first, not sure what the right thing to do would be, but finally agreed to take his $70. I would make up the difference from the money my husband left for me.

In the bedroom, Jeremy quickly stripped me, pushed me down on the bed, and ordered me to spread my legs apart.

“Did Rasheed leave?” I asked tentatively as I spread myself open in anticipation of Jeremy’s cock.

“Yeah, and he took Amber with him. They’re going to some party. She looked really hot!”

“Did you fuck her, too?”

“Shit yeah! Way too hot to pass up. Me and Rasheed shared her one time. I took her ass and Rasheed took her cunt. Really nice. She went crazy when we both started banging her! I think Rasheed’s gonna whore her with you pretty soon.”

I did not want that. Not at all. I was getting so tired of that little slut. If Rasheed sold her I wouldn’t really be unhappy.

“By the way,” Jeremy added, “Dad called. He’ll be home tomorrow afternoon,” he said as he mounted me.

Oh, fuck! I thought. What am I going to do now? I knew Rasheed intended to whore me through the entire weekend and I told him I was totally available. A moment later, none of that mattered as my son’s cock found my aching, wet pussy and I gave my body up to his delicious cock.

“You’re a perfect whore,” Jeremy muttered, jamming his hard cock fiercely into my well used cunt. “You’re going to be my whore after this weekend, right?”

I said, yes, of course, I’ll be your whore, but only because I hadn’t the nerve to tell him right then that I didn’t think Rasheed was going to let me go. In fact he had told me exactly that. I simply let Jeremy enjoy his whore for tonight at least. I opened for him and performed like the whore I was so happy to be.

The next morning, I was in a dilemma. Bill would be home in the afternoon and Rasheed was not going to be happy with that. When he brought Amber home later that morning, I told him of the problem.

“Just leave the motherfucker,” Rasheed said when I explained the situation.

“I can’t, Rasheed. If I leave him and he realizes what I’m doing, I’ll lose everything. And you’ll lose Amber,” I said in desperation. “They’ll send her to a foster home. I know you want to pimp her, right? You won’t be able to,” I pleaded.

“How ’bout if the motherfucker has a little accident?” Rasheed said menacingly. “Permanent solution. Keep you and Amber both that way.”

I was shocked at how easily he offered this way out. Bill was obviously nothing but an impediment to him. I realized for the first time how dangerous Rasheed really was.

“Rasheed, are you crazy?” I said in dismay.

My answer was a slap across the face that knocked me to the ground.

“Bitch, don’t never say that again,” he said coldly. “You got another answer for this problem?”

“No, no, I don’t” I said while curled on the floor.

“What time the motherfucker get home?”

“Early afternoon is what Jeremy said.”

“You take him out to the pool. You get the fucker drunk. Really drunk. I’ll take care of the rest. Little accident in the pool. Maybe slips and hits his motherfuckin’ head. You down with that, bitch?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was absolutely appalled. Rasheed was coldly discussing murdering my husband. My children’s father. I simply said nothing.

“I said, you down with that, bitch!”

His tone startled me into awareness again. But when he bent down to lift me off of the floor and carry me back to the bedroom, he seemed a suddenly very different person, cajoling me now, comforting me, preparing me. He easily undressed me, and as he caressed my tits and pussy, he explained how he just couldn’t afford to lose me or Amber. He couldn’t let anything get in the way of his owning both of us, he explained. We were precious and valuable to him. Bill would simply have to go.

I again said nothing….until his cock slipped inside me and the incredible intensity of his desire relit all the fires inside me.

“Rasheed,” I moaned. “Isn’t there any other way.”

He simply began to fuck me harder, working his beautiful fuck stick deeper and deeper inside me, stimulating me and rousing more of the intense desire only he could produce.

“Oh, God, I love the way you fuck me, Rasheed. Never stop. Fill me up. Make me cum for you. I’m your whore!” I moaned insanely.

I felt the approach of the climax only Rasheed could produce. I felt my body slipping from me. I was about to enter utter ecstasy…when he withdrew!

“Rasheed!” I screamed. “What are you doing?!”

“You down with the plan, bitch?”

I wish I could say I at least hesitated, but I didn’t. “Yes,” I said. “Go ahead,” and clawing at his hips drew his splendid sex back into my yearning whore cunt. My climax was more than I could ever have expected. “Yes, I’m down with that,” I moaned in ecstasy. “Yes, I’m down with that.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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