A Fantasy Realized Ch. 03

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To recap, in part 1, Ron (that’s me) and Mike meet on a website. I taste my first cock and we find that we enjoy deep throating each other. In part 2, we continue our relationship culminating in Mike taking my cock up his ass. This is part 3 where Mike brings a friend.

As the days and weeks passed, Mike and I continued seeing each other quite often. Sometimes we would meet during Mike’s lunch break. I would pick him up and drive to a secluded spot in the back of his parking lot where we would take turns sucking each other’s cocks. Other times, Mike would come to my place and we would take it slow, kissing, licking and sucking. Mike always rewarded me with a huge load, down my throat, in my face or all over my chest. God I love his hot juice. We almost always ended with Mike getting the ass pounding he so fondly craved.

Then one evening, the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I opened the door to find Mike and another man. “Up for some company,” Mike asked.

“Sure,” I responded. “Come on in.” I didn’t know what to make of this. This was the first time Mike had just dropped in unannounced, and wasn’t alone. I wondered what this was all about. Guess I’d find out soon enough.

Mike introduced his friend; Dom. Dom was about 6 feet tall with an athletic sort of build with a fairly well defined chest. He was probably a little over 200 pounds with very short black hair. I would guess he was in his early forties. Mike had known Dom for about 5 years. They worked together, but in different departments. They were friendly towards one another, but not really what you would consider friends. They hadn’t interacted at all outside of work.

Mike explained that he was checking e-mails from the adult site that he and I hooked up on. He hadn’t responded to any until a week ago when he got an e-mail from Dom. The e-mail said Dom was interested in the same things we were. He was very orally minded and wondered if Mike would like to meet him. Mike told Dom that he was involved with someone but he would be happy to talk with Dom. He said and idea in mind.

They exchanged phone numbers and Mike called Dom two days ago. Mike was shocked when he recognized Dom’s voice as they began to talk. He almost hung up, but his curiosity got the best of him. Dom was shocked to find out he was talking to someone he knew. He had no idea Mike was interested in men but was eager to discuss possibilities with Mike.

They talked on their lunch break yesterday. canlı bahis Mike told Dom all about me and that he would be very interested in getting to know him better, but only if it was okay with me. They decided to pay me a visit together and get my thoughts. I have to admit I wished Mike had approached me separately. This was completely unexpected and I had just recently sucked my first cock, Mike’s. I hadn’t even considered the thought of a third person. That being said, Dom was very soft-spoken and had a way of making me feel comfortable. Suddenly, I had a strong desire to see Dom naked.

“I’m in.” was all I said. And with that, I moved in front of Dom and reached for his belt. Mike moved to Dom’s back and lifted his shirt over his head. Dom’s chest was impressive. His pecs were well developed and nipples were larger than pencil erasers. Mike reached around with both hands and began rubbing and pinching Dom’s nipples. I slid Dom’s pants down to his ankles and reaching back up, slid my hands into the elastic band and slid them down, revealing the most impressive cock I had ever seen. His cock head had to be two and a half inches in diameter and he was at least 8 inches in length. How would I be able to fit that magnificent piece of meat down my throat?

I stood and kissed Dom. He returned my kiss, slowly and gently. Our lips parted and tongues began dancing. I moved my tongue into mouth and he sucked it deeply. My cock was aching against pants. It had to be freed, now. I broke the kiss, stepped back and peeled my clothes off. Mike did the same. Dom finished removing his pants and underwear. There we were, three men with rock hard cocks and an entire night to explore each other’s desires.

I moved back to Dom clamping my mouth on his right nipple. I sucked and tongued it bringing out a low steady moan from Dom as I rubbed and pinched his other nipple. They were large and hard and apparently as sensitive as mine. As I moved back and forth between Dom’s nipples, Mike came to our side, knelt down and began stroking our shafts. He moved us closer and began rubbing my cock on Dom’s sending shockwaves up my entire body.

Dom gently pushed me back off his nipples and began licking mine. He licked around them then flicked his tongue repeatedly over one then the other. He tenderly sucked both then began gently nibbling. I caressed the back of his head and moaned out loud. Mike stood and said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

We lay on bahis siteleri the bed forming a triangle of sorts. Dom began sucking Mike’s cock. Mike’s mouth was on mine and Dom’s massive meat was in front of my face. His cock was long and wide. It reminded me of a fire hydrant. I took it in my hands and felt the strength and heat running through it. I ran my tongue over the head and under the rim. Carefully, I took his head between my lips continuing to lick and beginning to suck. I took a couple of inches in my mouth. I could barely stretch my mouth open enough to accommodate its girth. I backed off and licked up and down the vein, tip to base, several times. I took his balls, one a time into my mouth sucking and relishing the feeling of his hairy balls.

I couldn’t see what Mike and Dom were doing, but could here them slurping and moaning, I knew they were enjoying this as much as I was. I licked back up to Dom’s head and took it slowly, deeply into mouth. I managed to get most of it in before backing off and trying again. I began a nice steady up and down motion, taking a little more in each time as my mouth adjusted to his size. I managed almost the entire length before he bottomed out in the back of my throat. I worked the head with my throat. Dom moaned, “God, that feels good.” Then, without warning, he tensed and unloaded. I tried to swallow it, but there was just too much. He shot again and again, too much to keep up with. I had backed off to just his head and still couldn’t keep up. The cum ran out of my mouth as Dom pulled out and shot two more times into my face. This drove me over the edge and I gave Mike his reward while he was busy filling Dom’s mouth with seed. We moved together to head of the bed and shared a three-way kiss with three different loads. Our tongues danced together as our juices mixed. For just a brief moment you could taste the difference in each other’s semen. The kiss continued for several minutes, well after the pool of cum was gone.

Time for a break. I went to the kitchen and returned with three beers. Mike had placed a tube of lube and a vibrator on the end table. We drank our beers while engaging in idle chitchat and pinching each other’s nipples. I asked if anyone wanted another beer and Mike nodded at Dom’s hardening cock, indicating it was time for round two. Mike said, “Dom, why don’t you try Ron’s cock?” With that, Dom and I moved into a tight sixty-nine. Mike had something else on his mind.

Dom had excellent bahis şirketleri oral skills. He swallowed my entire cock and was licking my balls at the same time. “Holy Christ, Dom. You’re fucking amazing,” I managed to gasp out. And with that, I took Dom’s cock, all of that massive meat, deep into throat. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to take him all the way to the base. Man, do I love sucking cock.

Mike moved behind me and began licking my ass. He flicked his tongue across my anus then tongue fucked me, but good. If I hadn’t already cum once, I probably would have shot again right then. Dom and I continued working on each other’s cocks, in and out, in and out. Mike moved to Dom’s ass and repeated what he had done to me. Then he took the lube and squirted some directly into Dom’s chute, rubbed some on the vibrator and used it to fuck Dom. He left it in Dom’s ass while he put on a condom and said, “Now how about some real fun?”

Mike removed the vibrator from Dom’s ass and Dom turned over. He pulled his legs back offering Mike his ass for a good fucking. Mike moved forward, placed his cock head at Dom’s ring and slowly entered. He pushed all the way and waited a minute for Dom’s okay. He began a slow rhythm, in till his balls were against Dom’s ass and back out until just his head was left inside. I grabbed the lube, squeezed some on my fingers and began working on Mike’s ass. One finger, then two and finally three. When I sensed he was ready, I asked him to stop for a moment. I was in his ass immediately. Mike was fucking Dom and I was fucking Mike. It took a minute to coordinate the movements. We took it slow and I was able to draw back a little as Mike drove into Dom and bury my cock as Mike drew back.

We were all panting and moaning. Dom was saying, “OOH, OOH, OOH,” over and over again. Mike was definitely hitting the spot and Dom was enjoying the nice steady fuck he was receiving. Mike was squeezing my cock with his hot chute and I knew I was close. He seemed to sense it and stopped his movement as I let go with knee buckling shots deep into his ass. I pulled out and Mike retuned to impaling Dom. I went to Dom and began sucking his big cock for all I was worth. Mike began giving it to Dom hard and fast. Dom tensed. I was ready this time. I backed off to the tip and took shot after glorious shot. This time, I got it all.

Mike said, “I’m going to cum.” With that, he withdrew from Dom, removed the condom and came in Dom’s mouth. We again shared a kiss with tongues tasting and spreading the load all over our lips and faces.

We spent the rest of the night drinking beers, chatting and enjoying each other’s company in a way that only three naked men can.

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