A Favour

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Josh and David had been sitting on the couch, chatting in David’s living room for a couple of hours now. As David got up to get another couple of beers from the fridge, Josh noticed the slight alcohol flush running through him. He didn’t feel drunk, just the warm contentment that came after a few relaxed beers. He took a look around the room he was in, noticing the mismatched furniture. The couch he sat on seemed new, with a modern design, and spacious seating. This contrasted with the worn, old reading chair in the corner, which had clearly been there for some time, a travel magazine draped over its arm. A tattered grey rug partly covered the otherwise bare and scratched floorboards. A new, large screen TV sat on an entertainment unit that was a little too small, with laminate peeling at the corners. Empty picture hooks on the wall completed the look.

“You really ought to get some pictures on the wall, mate.” Josh said lightly as David put a cold beer in his hand and sat beside him.

“Yeah,” he replied. “That was really Amy’s area. She took them all with her when she left, and I haven’t gotten around to replacing them yet.” He stared at the rug in front of him.

David and Amy had been together since high school. She had left him around 9 months ago, after a fairly rocky relationship over some years, which had been a surprise to him if no one else. Now in his mid-30’s, having never really been in the dating game, he was struggling to find a direction.

Josh had seen it all play out in front of him. He and David had been close since high school, and Josh still kept in touch with Amy as well. He’d had his own relationship problems, and had never really stayed with someone for longer than 12 months. With his good looks and cheerful confidence, he never really had trouble finding a date. It just all seemed to get dull within a few months. The sex would become routine too quickly, and he’d find himself turning to porn more and more.

“Aw, you’ll pull yourself together.” Josh tried to fill the awkward silence that hung between them as David contemplated his situation. “It’s pretty natural to feel shit after such a long relationship breaks down. It’ll take some time is all. Just need to get back on the horse.”

David laughed derisively. “Yeah, well it’s been a long time between rides!” he snorted.

“Handsome bloke like you? You must be knocking them back left, right and centre on Tinder! You having any luck?”

“To be honest, not really.” David said. “I’ve never really cracked the online chat thing. Always come off sounding desperate. Probably because I am I guess.” He chuckled.

“How long’s it been between…rides?” Josh ventured.

“Well, today’s Friday…so…about 2 years.” David was blushing as he stared furiously at the beer bottle in his hands.

Josh couldn’t believe it. “What the fuck? Two years?? Are you serious? What about Amy?”

“Well, we weren’t really getting along in that sense for a while. I just wasn’t that attracted to her in the end, and I think she felt the same. We never really had that good a sex life anyway. Neither of us had ever been with anyone else, so I guess we never really got to experiment that much. In the end it just petered out.”

Josh laughed. “Well I guess that explains your huge right forearm, then!”

David grinned. “Yeah, it gets a decent work out! To be honest, in the end I preferred a good jerk-off session over a fuck anyway. It never quite felt as good, and Amy would pretty much just lie there as I humped away, so it wasn’t exactly mind-blowing sex.”

“Surely you wouldn’t knock back a good blow job though right? I mean no-one’s that good at spanking the monkey.” Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The poor bastard hadn’t had a single good fuck in his life.

“I was never really that lucky. Amy didn’t really like doing it, so it was a bit of a ‘birthdays and anniversary’ kind of gig. Then, one time while she was going down on me when both of us were a bit drunk, it sort of snuck up on me and I blew my load in her mouth without warning. She pulled off my cock quick as a flash, me still spurting cum, her gagging and looking horrified. Then she just went pale, and puked all over my junk, right there in the bed.” Both of them were laughing now, Josh imagining what it must have looked like.

“I couldn’t help but start laughing,” David continued, “which made her think I’d done it on purpose. She was totally pissed, and never went down on me again after that, no matter how much I told her it was an accident.” He wiped a stray tear from his eye as he continued chuckling and then sighed, leaning back on the couch, a hand resting on his crotch.

“I’ll never forget what it felt like though, right at the start of a blow job.” Josh noticed him absent-mindedly squeezing his bulge as he spoke wistfully, looking up at the ceiling. “That moment when you’re hard as a steel rod, so hard that it hurts, you know? And you’re leaking like a tap, and her lips come down, and just slide softly over the head of your cock, pushing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the foreskin back as she takes you into her mouth. If you’re lucky, her tongue will be tickling that spot under the head of your cock where the skin joins on.” He licked his lips, his voice sounding husky. “Fuck, man, I miss that!”.

Josh shifted slightly as his own erection began straining the front of his pants. He became uncomfortably aware of the fluid leaking from his cock, and wondered if the wet patch would become visible on his track pants. His leg brushed against David’s as he spoke, and instinctively he went to pull it away. At the last minute, though, he stopped himself. He couldn’t help but notice the tension between them right then. He felt immense pity for David and his decades of sexual prime squandered on an unhappy partnership. If he was honest with himself, he also felt slightly turned on by David’s inexperience. He was practically a virgin when you thought about it. He’d never been attracted to another guy before, really. He’d never actually even considered it a possibility. But right at this moment, he was as horny as he’d been in a long time.

All of these thoughts raced through his mind in a millisecond. A sudden thought entered his mind. Maybe this was something he should do for David. The poor bloke hadn’t gotten laid in 2 years; hadn’t had a blowjob in who knew how long. Maybe this was just a favour he could do for him. A gift, one mate to another. Surely it couldn’t be that bad. He found the scent of his own cock a bit of a turn-on actually, although he’d never been able to taste it despite a couple of poorly thought-out attempts. To be honest, he was kind of keen to give it a try.

He took David in at a glance, leaning back on the couch, eyes closed, hand squeezing his now obvious erection, describing how much he missed oral sex. Josh’s hand crossed the distance between them. It felt like a mile. Time seemed to slow, and then pause in the exact moment before he made contact with David’s thigh. It was this simple gesture, this simple touch that would cross a boundary that they had never even flirted with before. It seemed impossible to cross that last couple of millimetres. His mind screamed “WRONG” at him, as years of macho conditioning took a hold of him and paralysed his movements. He pushed down the urge to turn back, and finally, rested his hand gently on David’s upper thigh.

David’s eyes snapped open, suddenly drawn back to reality from his erotic daydream. His hand shot forward and grabbed a hold of Josh’s wrist.

“What are you…” the sentence caught in his throat as he saw Josh looking directly at him. They stopped like that for a second or two, seeming like an age. Neither man spoke. Josh felt the grip on his wrist tighten briefly before his hand was moved decisively onto David’s crotch. He squeezed gently, feeling the outline of his erection pushing through the material of his pants. He traced his cock up towards where the head was, noting the size. He was reasonably well endowed, 7 inches at least, with a substantial girth. Josh tried not to think too much about what was happening as he started stroking his mate’s cock through his pants, back and forth. David exhaled a slow, deep exhalation, and leaned back into the couch, closing his eyes again. He parted his legs slightly, making it clear that Josh had free rein over him.

Josh leaned further towards him, and with both hands, grasped the waist band of his pants. Josh obligingly lifted his buttocks off the couch, and Josh slid down his pants. His hard cock caught in the band of his underwear, eventually releasing with a slap against his T shirt as Josh slid his pants right down to his knees. He looked with interest at this angle of his mate he’d never seen before. David’s cock was impressive, and hard as a rock. The veins stood out ludicrously on his shaft, and the engorged, purple head poked slightly out from within his smooth foreskin. Clear fluid leaked from the eye of his cock, and was forming a dark wet patch on his shirt. His trimmed pubic hair gave a clear view of 2 large, weighty balls, hanging low in his loose sac.

He grabbed a firm hold of the shaft. The skin was velvety smooth, with just a touch of dampness. He could feel the pulse of David’s heart beat through the skin. He slid his hand up the shaft, the foreskin working as a lubricant, and slid the skin back and forth over the head of his cock. A slight twitch and an involuntary lift of his balls sent a corresponding glob of sparkling, clear liquid from the end of his cock, running down and becoming engulfed in the moving foreskin. The head of his cock glistened, lubricated with the pre cum that continued to leak from him. The musky odour was driving Josh wild.

Here goes nothing, he thought as he leaned in closer. He reached out with his tongue, and ran it up the underside of David’s cock, slowly caressing the crack leading to his leaking piss hole. He lapped up a small amount of the clear fluid, and tasted it. It had an amazingly smooth güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri texture, like velvet, with a salty, slight meaty taste. His own cock throbbed and he felt more fluid escape him, knowing now the wet patch was inevitable.

Fully committed now, and increasingly turned on, he leaned right down, and wrapped his lips softly around the head of David’s cock. He sucked gently, as his tongue quickly and lightly worked over the underside of his glans and foreskin, cleaning off the remaining precum. Relaxing his jaw, he slid his lips further down the shaft, breathing in the musky smell of his pubic hair as he descended. His senses were overwhelmed; the taste, the smell and the feel of this hard, pulsing cock inside his mouth was more than he thought he could handle. He pulled back, releasing David’s cock with a slurp and looked up at him.

“You ok?” Josh asked, grinning at him, the smear of precum on his chin setting off his mischievous look.

“I’m fine, unless you’re planning to stop now. This is amazing! I thought Amy knew what she was doing, but it was nothing on this.” David was flushed, and seemed short of breath. He put his hand on the back of Josh’s neck; not with any pressure, but as a signal that he should continue what he was doing.

“Just doing the things that I usually like myself, I guess.” Josh shrugged. “Helps to have a cock of my own, so I know what works.”

He slid himself off the couch, and kneeling down before David, helped him pull his pants off entirely. As Josh positioned himself between his knees, David briefly sat forward and pulled off the singlet he was wearing, revealing his manscaped, muscular chest. His cock pointed straight up at his abs, drawing Josh’s eye admiringly.

“Man, you’ve been working out!” Josh observed.

“Nothing else to do when you’re not getting laid, right?” was David’s sheepish reply.

Josh wrapped his hand back around the base of David’s cock, and leaned forward again. The brief break had allowed another shot of precum to collect, and it soon shot out onto Josh’s tongue. He was back in the zone almost immediately, oblivious to his surroundings, as he was washed with taste and smell. He was surprised to find that he was really turned on by this. It felt so wrong having another man’s cock in his hand, let alone his mouth, but that didn’t seem to matter. In fact, the ‘wrongness’ of the situation seemed to be setting him off even more. It felt forbidden, dangerous, and incredibly hot.

David had a hand on either side of Josh’s head, and he began to rock his pelvis in time to Josh’s bobbing motions. Josh found his throat relaxing, and even the occasional nudge of the head of David’s cock on the back of his throat didn’t seem to matter. Out of curiosity, he decided to try and swallow it all. He stopped bobbing up and down, and took a breath, then slid his lips slowly down along David’s shaft. He felt his throat begin to protest slightly as it filled unexpectedly, but he made a swallowing motion, and found he was able to push further. His eyes watered as he finally buried his nose in David’s pubes, breathing his scent in deeply. David moaned loudly, gripping Josh’s head firmly, and squeezing his shoulders with his knees.

Finally, Josh had to come up for air, coughing slightly and wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Jesus, man. That was amazing!” David seemed barely able to speak. Precum ran freely from the end of his cock now as josh continued to stroke him.

With his free right hand, Josh pushed down the waistband of his track pants, freeing his own cock and beginning to stroke it. He was as hard as he’d ever been. He continued to jerk off as he leaned down again, taking David back in his mouth.

“Fuck man, I’m going to shoot if you’re not careful.” David panted.

Josh ignored him, and continued sucking hungrily as he leaked into his mouth. He wrapped his lips just around the edge of the glans, using his hand to stroke up and down David’s shaft while he sucked. He stroked his own cock in unison. As David started panting and shifting in his seat, Josh knew he was going to blow. He felt David’s hands try to pull his head away from his cock, but he resisted firmly, continuing to suck him off. If he was going to help out his mate, he was going to do it properly. Besides, he’d gone this far, he might as well see what it was like to have someone cum in his mouth.

“Fuck…oh…fuck…of god…don’t stop…aarrgRGGGH!” His vocalisations built to an incoherent crescendo as his balls contracted more tightly up to his pelvis. Josh felt the head of his cock swell slightly, and a final rush of salty precum erupted into his mouth. He jerked faster, struggling to hold David in his mouth, as he bucked and cried out on the couch. Finally he felt an almighty throb through his shaft, and his mouth was filled with a hot, thick, metallic-tasting liquid, as David shot rope after rope of cum into him. Despite his best attempts, Josh’s mouth overflowed as David spasmed, and cum ran down coating David’s cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri and Josh’s hand as he continued to stroke. As the throbs finally abated, he slowed his stroking and then stopped; sucking the last remaining fluid from the end of David’s spent meat. He wiped his glans clean as he removed his lips, testing the texture of the mouthful of cum with his tongue. A moment’s pause was all he needed before swallowing the load entirely, looking straight at David as he did.

With Josh’s hand still holding his dick, David leaned forward, put his hand on the back of Josh’s head, and kissed him deeply, licking the leftover cum from his chin as he did, and exploring his mouth with his tongue. He leaned back after what seemed like an age and started straight into Josh’s eyes, one hand on either side of his head.

“That was…amazing!” David was still flushed, panting slightly, and seemed to be having difficulty finding words. “You took it all and you…you swallowed it. You seemed to even like it! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” It was as though his eyes had been opened, and he had a whole new world to explore. “Have you done that before? You’re definitely good at it.” He leaned back along the couch, partially propped up on a couple of large cushions. He patted his belly as an invitation.

“Climb up on here.” He said, eyes locked on Josh’s still erect member. “I want to see you cum up close.”

Happy to oblige and really needing to blow the load that had been building up, Josh stood up and quickly removed his remaining clothes. Fully naked, he climbed onto the couch, straddling David’s reclining figure somewhat awkwardly. Pleased now that he’d showered immediately before coming over, he still felt somewhat exposed, his arse spread, straddling his mate’s belly. He relaxed down, sitting on him just above his pelvis. His balls rested satisfyingly on David’s belly button.

David briefly made eye contact with him again, but his attention was rapidly drawn to Josh’s cock, as he stroked himself slowly and sensuously. He was conscious that he was showing off a little, but David seemed to be enjoying it, so he didn’t stop. He slowly increased the intensity of his strokes, moaning quietly as he began to lose himself in the sensation. His free left hand crept up and began to circle his right nipple, enticing blood flow and an erection of its own.

He began to rock his pelvis back and forth unconsciously, enjoying the feel of his sac rubbing gently across David’s abdomen. David watched transfixed as his climax approached. Josh’s breathing became deeper, his moans slowly louder. He felt the familiar sensation build deep in his pelvis as he reached the point of inevitability. All theatrics were off now as he tugged madly on his throbbing cock, jerking himself as hard as he could, chasing the building orgasm before him. The burn extended into the base of his cock, and he maintained enough control over himself to utter a single word of warning.

“Cumming!” he moaned, only a second before his cock exploded in pleasure. He arched his back, thrusting his pelvis forward as the waves of orgasm rocked him. Thick, white semen erupted copiously from him, arching out between them before landing across David’s wide-eyed face. Stream after stream of cum shot forth, painting his face, his neck and his chest, a pool collecting in the hollow at the base of his sternum.

Spent, Josh collapsed forward into David’s embrace, smudging the river of cum between them. He panted, consciousness slowly returning, looking directly into David’s face. He grinned impishly, before reaching out with his tongue, and lapping up some of the white, warm liquid from David’s chin. With the treat still in his mouth, he locked lips with David, sharing the taste as they embraced.

“Just fucking amazing.” Was all David could utter while coming up for breath before continuing their passionate kiss.

Lost in the afterglow, Josh locked lips with David, feeling one hand on the back of his head and the other sliding down his back towards his buttocks. A sudden sensation drew his attention down to his thigh, as he felt David’s cock slowly standing to attention again, inching further along his inner aspect of his leg with each heartbeat. Before registering what he was doing, Josh adjusted his legs wider, exposing his hole to the growing cock. The motion caused David to tense, and his cock jumped suddenly, landing with a soft slap along the crack of Josh’s arse. Working on instinct, Josh rocked his pelvis slightly, grinding back against the now erect rod behind him. His junk rubbed satisfyingly against the cum-slicked belly below him. He could already feel himself getting hard again just minutes after his last orgasm.

His mind reeled. This was way further than he’d ever imagined going. A blowjob to help out a mate who was lonely and frustrated was one thing, but now he had a bud’s cock rubbing against his arsehole and he could hardly imagine where this was headed. That said, the sensations coming from down there were just amazing. With each pelvic shift, the head of David’s cock rubbed against his splayed hole, sending ripples of pleasure into him. The area was so sensitive and this was the first time it had ever been touched like this. Still leaking cum, David’s cock rubbed his arsehole, spreading the lubricating fluid around him.

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