A Festival Mess-tival

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Mimi was a student in her sophmore year of college an on he summer break. And she was thrilled to go to her first big camp-out music festival. She was into some awesome rock bands and halfway across her state was a huuuge 5-day festival. She was going to tent out. It was gonna be a blast! This was her first time out in something like this.

Of course… She 100% knew what to pack for this all. 100% Totally. Was absolutely and totally prepared. Didn’t say… Forget anything essential. Or not bring enough clothes. Nothing of the sort! Nothing at all!

Of course as she pulled into a parking spot, one of a few thousand cars in a muddy field she did realize she was a little short on clothes. The field was quite muddy and as she stepped out with a squish she regretted only bringing two pairs of sneakers, and no rain boots or anything else.

When she got to the tent site she was thankful that at least here the ground wasn’t as muddy. There was still grass around, even if her sneakers were ruined. “Well… I do have at least one backup.” She sighed as she set up her tent, having at least practiced that.

However part way through another woman came along. A cute red-head. “Having trouble?” She asked.

Mimi glanced at the girl and was instantly attracted to her. She was dressed in black, and, like Mimi (and most people) had a layer of mud up to her ankles. The red-head seemed wholly unbothered by this however and was looking at Mimi who was, currently, on her knees in the grass fighting with a tent pole, letting her own ass show off more than a bit. Mimi blinked and, good for her, managed to say, “Yeah. A bit of trouble with my pole. Can you help me?” Her statement had no innuendo intended. But… There it came out. Her mind was… In a certain spot.

The red-head snorted a little and Mimi realized her slip up, but she didn’t go away. “Need help with your pole huh? Maybe a womans hands on it to work the shaft.” Oh. The read head was playing along too? Good.

“Yeah. A nice strong woman on my shaft would be good.” Mimi could play this game. “Maybe straddling it would work better.”

The red head paused. “My name is Charlotte. You can call me Char for short.” She said before doing as Mimi had suggest and, yes, straddled the pole between her legs.

“I’m Mimi.” She paused and giggled. “And I was doing fine with the tent before you came along and got me all flustered.”

Charlotte pause for a moment before also breaking out in laughter. After a bit she calmed down and helped Mimi with her tent. Not that Mimi needed it, but many hands made for light work, and more than a few more innuendo’s.

When done Mimi packed the hanful of things she had on her, a small solar charger for her phone, a few loose cables and her tent bag into the tent. Charlotte looked in with a raised eyebrow. “That’s it?” She asked. “I mean I pack light to this fest, but this is light for even me.”

“Oh. No. There’s more in my car, but when I saw the mud I decided to go in two trips, just to make it a bit easier.”

“Ah, the famous filthy fields.” Charlotte chuckled. “They weed out the amateurs, the pros, and the lunatics.” She smirked. “Need a hand getting the rest of your stuff? I can help.”

Mimi glanced. “I mean… I don’t wanna inconvenience you too much. I’m sure you have stuff to do.”

Charlotte got up and walked to the tent next to mimi before opening it up, revealing a small set of stuff off in one corner, a sleeping bag, and not much else. “Nope.” She said. “All done.”

Fuck yes. This girl was next to her tent. “Well… If you wanna come in my car.” Again, accidental.

“I mean… If you don’t mind me doing so.” She smirked.

Mimi took a moment. “Lets go.”

The two nearly ran to Mimi’s car. She hadn’t double lucked out and Charlotte had parked right next to Mimi, but she would take what she could. The back seat of her car was juuuust big enough for the two girls to sneak in. Mimi took off her shoes and tossed them in the front passenger seat foot area and Charlotte did the same. Sure, the bottom of their pants were muddy but they would have to manage.

“So how do we… I mean people are around…” Mimi muttered.

“I recommend 69’ing.” Charlotte said sounding experienced. “In my experience it makes small enough amounts of movement so it can be sometimes missed. I’ll be on top.”

Mimi blinked but took the others advice, mimicking her in not fully undoing her pants, only sliding them down some before sliding down. With some effort Charlotte had her pussy above Mimi’s face, her legs bent up against the car door. While Mimi had to somewhat cross her own legs to get this to fit, both doors were closed and it was hot, Mimi and Charlotte dripping with sweat before even really starting. However this deterred neither woman as they got right too it.

Mimi noticed a heat and smell from Charlotte. It was a strong musk. She didn’t pay it much mind, she herself had a bit from both setting up the tent and just now. So güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she made no issue of casually eating Charlotte out. Juices leaked from Charlotte quickly enough. Spilling onto Mimi’s face. She didn’t mind. Some messy sex was fun by her. And… Mimi had a feeling this wasn’t the only time this’d happen over the festival. Maybe she’d get some guys later.

Charlotte was good with her tongue and got Mimi cumming quickly enough. Mimi wasn’t as skilled, but with a bit of teasing of Charlotte’s labia she manged to get the red head to moan in orgasm. After one each they both stopped. “We should like get to my tent.” It was getting close to dark. That was an issue.

Charlotte nodded as she got off of Mimi and pulled up her pants. “Maybe I can keep wet until we get back to our tents.” She smirked. “Have some fun tonight.”

“Yeah. I’ll have to shower first.”

“Aww, you’re no fun.” Charlotte teased. “What about tomorrow morning?”

Mimi paused. The bands started after noon. Why not? “Well lets get to my tent first.”

Opening the door Charlotte worked her way out, trailing a bit of mud on Mimi. She frowned, but honestly, it was unavoidable. When Charlotte stepped out there was a squish. Mimi didn’t think much of it, until she stepped out (foolishly on the drivers side) and squished into the mud with her socks. “Oh… Right.” She sighed as she looked down.

Charlotte smirked. “What not ready for the festival Messtival?” She asked squishing her own white socks in the mud, stamping her feet up and down. Mimi felt a slight pulse race at watching this, and decided to do a single stamp with her feet. “Its like this every year. And we had rain the two days before this. And more scheduled tonight and friday night.”

“Doesn’t it bother you?” Mimi asked.

“Honestly for one week. Nope.” She said as she walked around Mimi’s car to the back, skipping her shoes in Mimi’s passenger seat. “Its a fun weekend off where I can get hella messy. I can clean up Monday.”

Mimi had also taken Monday off. So… Yeah. Same she guessed. What was the harm right? She walked to the back and opened the rear of her car. Charlotte glanced. “That’s it?” She asked before looking at Mimi.

Mimi had one large duffel bag, her sleeping bag, a cot, a pillow, food and a small handful of other odds and ends. “Yes?”

“Have you been here before?” Charlotte asked. “Each show is always a mess. Did you bring a raincoat.”

“N-no.” She had an umbrella in her car, she should get that.

“You’re gonna be filthy then if you wanna go to any shows.” She did. She *really* did. “And with this few clothes… You’re gonna look like I usually do at the end of this week.” She smirked. “You like this don’t you.”

Mimi looked at herself, then at her feet. Well… Some mud wasn’t the end of the world. And she could shower. Not great, but she had a few extra towels. So not the end of the world. “Its… Manageable.” She decided on at the end.

Charlotte sighed, sounding both unconvinced and dissapointed at once. But shrugged. “Well lets get our shoes on, cause don’t wanna outright lose em. And we’ll go.”

When mimi made it to put on her shoes she was thankful she was wearing a junkier pair right now. She had one cute pair of simple pink sneakers (She wasn’t going to bring anything other than sneakers here, she wasn’t stupid) and a pair of junk shoes she had for half a year she brought to most anywhere she didn’t care about her looks at. Her muddy socks slipped in and Charlotte and Mimi walked back each step having a slight squish in it.

Mimi took off her shoes, and socks, immediately inside her tent and set things down. Charlotte waited outside. When done Charlotte chuckled. “So you’re either new here, oblivious, or really, really reluctant to get dirty. Cause you should get used to the mud now. It only gets worse.” Indeed, the lanes between tent rows were getting muddier. While nowhere near as bad as the lot grass was vanishing and earth was emerging.

Mimi sighed. “Its my first time ok. And maybe I don’t wanna get filthy right away.”

“Well then I’ll let you know I don’t mind you making a mess in my tent.” Charlotte said. “How about that?”

Mimi was much more excited. “Shoes on or off?”

“Whichever. I guess take em with ya if you want.”

Mimi did, juuuust in case and went all the way around to Charlotte’s tent. Once in Charlotte did up both zippers, and now inside Mimi had a good view. Charlotte had mud spattered on the bottom of the tent. One clear crate was sealed up and ‘CLEAN’ was written on it. While very little otherwise was there for dirty clothes. It seemed she was wearing those. It was early in the festival.

Charlotte began to strip right away, going down to her underwear, her dirty socks staying on. Now that she was naked Mimi could see that Charlotte had some mud running up her thighs. And Charlottes underwear had more than a bit of a damp spot.

Mimi was a bit slower in stripping, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri partly because the tent was a bit tight. However she wasn’t much cleaner. Again her underwear stayed on, it was mostly clean, but there was a damp spot, and Mimi didn’t mind. She was turned right on.

Charlotte tapped the bottom of her tent. “I got ideas.” She hummed. “Get down.”

Mimi listened first kneeling, then getting on her back. Charlotte straddled her and moved to kiss Mimi, while her panties rubbed against Mimi’s. Mimi moaned. The feeling of fabric was better than she imagined. Not quite as good as well deployed fingers, but good enough for her to be able to cum today. This did have the effect of heating up Mimi with arousal, and this lead to sweat. A *lot* of sweat for both women. The tent was heating up and the two girls bodies were fast sticking to one another. Mimi got her hand around Charlotte’s ass and gave her a good solid grope. She was enjoying this, their two bodies sticking together like this. This was nice, she liked it.

About then a finger slipped into her slit. Mimi moaned. “Oooh!” She let out unbothered by her noise. There was a lot of noise in nearby tents. And more than one tent was likely going to be empty tonight, with people ‘sharing’ other tents. Mimi arrived expecting this much. She was happy to get it. Another moan leaked out of Mimi as Charlotte’s fingers continued to explore. In a bit Mimi came with a pleased orgasm. She was dripping with sweat as was her partner.

When she finished Charlotte pulled back panting, rubbing her forehead. “Mind servicin-” She was cut off as Mimi moved her to sit on her ass and spread Charlotte’s legs. Mimi got another sniff of Charlotte’s cunt. It was even sweatier now. And in the new light she noticed bits of dried cheese between her lips. Mimi made no effort to worry about this, she had done similar acts before. She licked at Charlotte’s lips, moving up and down, before working Charlotte’s clit for a bit. Repeating the cycle she managed to get Charlotte to cum quickly enough. Charlotte panted hard as did Mimi. “That was fun.” The redhead said with a smirk. “Consider my tent open to visit.”

With that Mimi went to her own tent and passed out for the night. Drenched in her own sweat it was late enough that she could wait until the next day. She did take off her socks, no reason to get her sleeping bag dirty.

When Mimi woke up the next morning she could smell her own musk. The smell reminded her of yesterday and she let out a pleased, ‘Hmm’ before moving to wake up. Getting dressed she quickly put her sweaty outfit. She was only going to wear it until she showered and then she’d be good. Seeing her muddy shoes and socks Mimi thought about changing them, but poked her head out of her tent to see that, yes, it was raining a bit, and the ground was getting even muddier. So… On with the old gunk. A little muck wouldn’t hurt her anyways.

And that was where the problems started. The bathrooms were free use, but the showers? They were pay showers. “What?” She asked a little tired still. “Pay showers?” Mimi did take a toilet break, and the other facilities, brush her teeth all that boring stuff. But she couldn’t shower. “I needed quarters.” She sighed. It was early enough that exactly one other woman was in the shower. Mimi sighed and ended up leaving for now. She was refreshed enough. And… Fuck it, this way she could think of her fun times with Charlotte.

She walked back her shoes sticking in the mud a bit. There was a bit of a waft of muck in the air. She glanced as she looked at some of the food-stands. She could have breakfast here. No issue.

There was a tent with a crowd of people. And the musk blew through the air. Musk, food, earth. All… Smells that Mimi was finding herself liking.

She saw a very, very sleepy Charlotte sitting at a bench with a little food and some Coffee. The red-head waved to her with a bit of a ‘muh’ and invited her over, a handful of people with Charlotte, all of them a bit grimy.

Mimi did get some food, coffee, a rather… Mediocre breakfast. Probably gonna give her the shits later. That’s gonna be annoying later. Charlotte was still there, about 5% more awake, but still sleepy as hell. There were a small handful of folk there, three other girls aside from Charlotte and three other guys. So Mimi, who was about to sit on the end, but one girl stood up and offered Mimi her seat (opposite Charlotte) was packed in tight among the crew of eight. They all smelled faintly of sex and body odor, as well as two of them a couple, boy and girl, being very muddy. Mud splattered all over both of them. About one in ten people in the large breakfast pavilion looked similar to them. Everyone, especially with the soft earth under their feet, had mud on their shoes and a lot had it up to their ankles.

“So.” The standing girl said. “Charlotte said you and her got friendly yesterday? Nice. That’s who hid her from me.” She teased.

Mimi güvenilir bahis şirketleri turned red, very, very red. She also choked on her coffee.

“Don’t worry dear.” The girl said. “I think that’s fun. Maybe I can share her with you later.”

Mimi coughed to the side for some time. Someone was horny as hell.

Charlotte glanced as Mimi coughed on her. “Y’kay?” She asked sleepy as hell.


“I’m Ann by the way.” The girl who had sent Mimi coughing. “We’ll have some sweaty fun later.”

Mimi could barely eat. And… She was slightly turned on by this.

The man of the muddy duo let out a sigh. “Annie, I thought you were gonna have fun with *uuuus*?” He said with a teasing tone. “Hi there new girl. I’m Devin, and this is Bekah.” He said his hand going low on Bekah’s body.

A lot of people were doing that. Mostly with people they knew, but Mimi expected (and had prepared for) more than a few random gropings in her time here. Rather… She wanted more than a few of them. She had a feeling she was going to get her fill.

Having met half the table the other girl and two guys just said hello and chatted idly as Mimi finished her breakfast, the others doing so. “So… What brings you here?” She asked people who weren’t Charlotte.

“Its the most fun you can have without a bath.” Bekah chuckled as she rubbed shoulders with Devin. They were stupid cutsey. And also playful. “Its a blast.”

The crew went around and introduced themselves. Mimi didn’t remember much, most of them were 20-something hippies, punks or folks who wanted some time to be weird. She remembered Charlotte was her age, and the youngest there. And one girl was in her 30’s, although she couldn’t remember who. They didn’t really stick out in her sleepy head.

There was a lot of festival culture. Even over breakfast Mimi heard a lot about the ‘messtival’. Apparently because the host group had never even tried to set up non-pay showers and, well, get about 20,000 people in a field sleeping, plus day guests, and you get mud. So a lot of people ended up going the week without a wash. And as Mimi looked at the rain, she rather got it. It seemed the week was ‘cursed’ with rain (Which was honestly not saying much as most weeks it rained once in the area the festival was held in). But each year sooner or later the ground was mud, and everyone just lived with it. Mimi sighed. Well… She could probably stretch things out. Also she was counting, and realized she had brought less than seven total outfits. Two pairs of shoes, three pairs underwear, four shirts, three pants, one skirt. And what she had on counted for one of all of those.

Giving her clothes a sniff she noticed she smelled of musk and sex enough for her to notice. Although maybe that was Charlotte. Maybe.

As breakfast ended three people stayed at the bench, a sleepy Charlotte, Ann, and Mimi herself. Her show didn’t start for… Almost ten hours. So she wasn’t in a rush. Ann sat down on the edge of the bench. She made sure to not sit the whole way on, even though half of the bench was available. The rain continued to fall and they were silent for a bit. “Sorry, but its tight here. Mind if I sit on your lap?” Ann asked Mimi.

Mimi was quiet but nodded, not minding as the girls rear was moved onto her lap. Ann wriggling to make sure Mimi got a nice feel for her rear end. Nice and short booty shorts moving a large posterior around in her lap.

Mimi eventually had to let out the breath she was holding in, and when she breathed in she got a real good sniff of Ann. And if Mimi thought she smelled Ann had her beat. Ann’s musk was stronger, clearly this woman agreed with Bekah about ‘the most fun you can have without a bath’. There was also a clear scent of sex, likely from her and friends. And a faint whiff of urine. To be honest, even with that last one, Mimi was still turned on, and leaned in a bit close to get her nose right by Ann’s neck and breathe in for a bit. The smell was intoxicating to Mimi’s nose and brain.

It seemed Ann knew this as her hand slipped down into front of Mimi’s pants. “You like how I smell?” She asked chuckling.

Mimi let out a gasp of shock, surprise, and thrill. This was unexpected. And pleasant. Ann couldn’t do a lot, but she was rubbing Mimi’s panties and her slit at the same time. Mimi began to get rather damp. Her panties were already mildly moist from previous excitement, and… This was more. She didn’t mind.

“I should mention, I can get pretty dirty.” Ann said to Mimi.

“I can confirm.” Charlotte let out with a big yawn. “She’s nasty as fuck. Its a good time.”

Mimi nodded. “That’s fine. I don’t mind dirty.” She had a fair bit of mud on her, and smelled a lot of sex. How much worse could she get.

With that Ann spread her legs somewhat as the sound of liquid hitting fabric could be heard. Mimi was confused for a bit, before she smelled the strong odor of urine. She should have been more turned off and disgusted than she was. But… Well this festival stank a ton. She was pretty sure a lot of people pissed and shit in the tent area several times. It was handy sometimes, the toilets were nearer to the food and stages area. She was thinking of her time with Charlotte a bit while Ann pissed herself. With that she was rather turned on.

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