A Flight to Remember

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I hate sitting in the middle seat of the airplane. At least this time, my husband, J, was sitting next to me on the window side, so I could lean towards him a bit. I wouldn’t know who my aisle seat friend was until the plane filled up a little bit more.

It promised to be a long flight to Australia. We had already flown 5 hours across the country from Atlanta to LA. The next flight would be another 14 hours or so. I sighed in dismay at having to bother the stranger next to me multiple times during the flight to let me out to use the restroom.

As the plane continued to fill, still nobody sat down next to me. I began to hope that the seat would truly remain empty and J and I could spread out a bit across the 3 seats to sleep better.

No such luck. A guy I would put in his early thirties stopped next to our aisle and put his luggage in the overhead bin, and then settled down in the aisle seat. He turned to us, smiled briefly, put his iPod headset in his ears, and closed his eyes to sleep.

At least he wouldn’t be one of those annoying talkative strangers.

I woke up from sleep to find the plane dark. Must be the middle of the night and the flight attendants were trying to encourage quiet time. I turned to look at J and noticed that he was very gently, almost unnoticeably stroking his cock through his jeans.

“Hey baby,” I whispered as I leaned over towards his ear. “You have a good dream?”

He nodded. “I dreamed we decided to join the Mile High Club.” He grinned.

“Oh did we?” I said as I reached my hand down to start unbuttoning his jeans. I glanced around the plane a bit. No flight attendants in sight. Aisle Stranger was out, even snuffling a little bit with a light snore. “Well maybe we should get on that,” I suggested as I freed his rapidly hardening penis from the confines of his jeans and underwear.

He helped me out by lifting his butt and pulling the jeans and undies down to his knees. I pushed the armrest between us up so it wouldn’t get in the way, and leaned over, enveloping his cock with my mouth. I moaned softly as it filled my mouth, and rolled my tongue around the head of it, tasting a bit of the pre-cum I found there. Then I tried to shock him by shoving the whole of his length down my throat with one deep thrust. It had the desired effect – his body stiffened, and I could tell he was completely turned on. I bobbed up and down on his penis with my mouth a few more times, added my hand in to further the sensation, and then I stopped, and leaned back in my own chair.

“Mean!” J whispered. “Why did you stop?”

“Tit for tat,” I explained. “I need some attention now. Namely, these.” I pulled down the front of my tank top and the bra I was wearing underneath, creating a nice shelf for my breasts to sit upon, exposed. It was cold on the plane and my nipples were already perky.

“I suppose I could do that,” he grumbled affectionately as he leaned over taking my right breast into his mouth. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, enjoying the sensation of his tongue caressing my nipple. As usual, it did not take long for this to arouse me, and I wanted more than just licking. “Please nibble on my breast,” I begged him quietly, putting my left arm down and squeezing the armrest between Aisle Stranger and I. The nibbles began and I was in heaven while J worked me up even further.

Suddenly, the armrest between Aisle Stranger and I moved. I didn’t really notice this though, engrossed as I was in my pleasure, until I felt another mouth on my left breast.

I opened my eyes wide to find Aisle Stranger sucking on the breast that my husband couldn’t easily reach, while J continued to administer his affections on the one closest to him. I groaned happily, and squeezed the “armrest”, which was apparently Aisle Stranger’s leg. I noticed as I squeezed that Aisle Stranger must have been having a good dream too, because he also had a raging hard on.

I was incredibly worked up now, with two men sucking my breasts. J knew it too, he started to put more pressure into his nibbles, turning the sensation into gentle biting. I moaned and slid my hand away from Aisle Stranger’s leg and started unbuttoning my own jeans. I had taken my shoes off before I went to sleep earlier, and as I lifted my butt off the seat to slide the illegal bahis pants and my underwear down, they practically fell off.

Or rather, J had pulled them the rest of the way off. He slid out of his chair onto his knees and turned to face me. I lifted my leg up over his shoulder as he positioned himself between my legs. I glanced hungrily at his cock, pink and hard as it stood at attention. I fondled my now unoccupied right breast, pinching my nipple quite hard. Aisle Stranger seemed to find this a turn on, and increased the intensity of his breast sucking to the biting level. I squeaked, just as my husband slid a finger down the front of my pussy, trying to gauge how ready I was to be filled with his cock. He wasn’t disappointed, I’m sure, as my cunt was dripping wet, and his finger easily slid up and down my slot.

“Damn, you are wet, baby,” said J. I nodded as he rubbed the tip of his penis up and down my pussy, teasing me by not entering me yet.

“Please fuck me,” I begged him. He shoved his cock into my sopping wet pussy hard and fast. I groaned happily as he slowly pulled it back out and then pushed back in. After a few more strokes of teasing, he stopped again.

“I don’t think you have earned my cock yet, baby” he said as he stood up. His penis was at a convenient level for sucking, so I covered it with my mouth a few times, rolling my tongue around to make sure I collected all of my own juices, knowing that made him hot.

“It’s ok,” I said as I removed his penis from my mouth. “I really have to pee after my nap.” J and I shared a secret smile, because he knows watersports is one of my secret fetishes. My husband isn’t the biggest fan of it, but he entertains me pretty often since he knows I enjoy it. I decided to spare him the discomfort of it, since we were playing with Aisle Stranger as well.

So I stood up, turned around, and straddled Aisle Stranger. At some point, he had freed his raging hard on from his pants, which now sat at his ankles. I spread my pussy lips, and aimed at his newly freed cock as much as was possible, and let loose.

A rain of light, hot golden piss erupted from me to splatter onto Aisle Stranger’s stomach, still covered with his t-shirt. It totally turned me on peeing on or through clothes, so I continued to piss on his shirt for a while, and then aimed my stream at the tip of his cock. He was wide-eyed as he stared at me, but said nothing, so he must’ve been turned on. He started moving his own hand up and down his shaft as I pissed on his cock.

After I finished, I looked at J and said, “He was such a good sport just now, that I am going to give him a little treat. Will you play with my breasts some more while I do this?”

J nodded and immediately began kissing my nipples again from his spot in the middle seat. I sat on Aisle Stranger’s cock suddenly, and he tensed up so much that I thought he might blow his load right there. I sat there for a moment, in his lap that was soaked with my own piss, and dangled my other breast in his face while J sucked the one he had access to. I reached over to my husband and started giving him a hand job, as Aisle Stranger started sucking my other tit. I moaned happily, and started to move slowly up and down on his shaft. He reached around and grabbed my wet ass pulling himself deeper into me while he fucked my pussy.

After a few moments of pleasure, I stood up and said to Aisle Stranger, “I want you to sit there now. I want you to watch me fuck my husband. You can jerk off while we do it and cum all over us, or if you liked my golden shower, you can feel free to give us one. You probably have to pee like a racehorse after your nap too.”

Aisle Stranger nodded at my comments. With that I moved over one seat to straddle my husband, but turned so that I was facing the seat in front of me.

“OK baby, I know you want to give it to me in the ass right now, so now’s your chance. Fuck me in the ass!” I bent over as much as I could without waking up the people in the aisle in front of us, and wiggled my ass at J.

It took mere seconds before I had his rock hard penis shoved up inside my tight ass. I groaned a little as he pushed the boundaries of my insides. While I had my eyes half opened, enjoying a nice ass fucking in the middle of the sky while a stranger illegal bahis siteleri whacked off right next to us, I noticed that someone was moving down the aisle towards us, with a sense of urgency.

“Uh oh,” I thought as I realized it was the flight attendant. Then I noticed she was unbuttoning her blazer, and practically tearing the buttons apart on the shirt underneath it.

She rushed up to Aisle Stranger and grabbed his ass. “I haven’t had a good fuck in 6 months, can I join you all?” she whispered as she pulled her bra off and shoved one of her tits in Aisle Stranger’s mouth without waiting for an answer.

It was too much for him – he shot his load right there on her belly instead of on J and I while he fucked me in the ass.

Aisle Stranger shrugged. “Sorry, you arrived to the party a little late, ya know.”

“Honey, as much as I love having your gorgeous prick up my ass, this lady here has not been fucked in 6 months. Why don’t you show her a good time?” I said to J. The flight attendant’s eyes lit up. “Besides, now that our stranger friend here is done, I think he might have some golden nectar to share with me.” I grinned at Aisle Stranger.

The flight attendant said, “Come back to the galley area, we’ll have more room.” So we all traipsed the 3 aisles back to the flight attendants area.

There I kissed my husband hungrily and smacked him on the ass. “What are you waiting for?” I grabbed his cock and jerked it a few more times for good measure and then turned to look for Aisle Stranger.

He and his wet clothes from my piss break earlier were headed for the lavoratory.

“Oh no you don’t,” I said as I grabbed the back of his shirt and spun him around. “If you pee on me, I promise you I will get you a new hard on, and then you and I can get back in on that action!” I gestured over my shoulder to where J was fondling the flight attendant’s breasts. They weren’t huge, but they were perky.

I positioned myself so that I could watch the show J and the flight attendant were giving us, and put Aisle Strangers back to them. I was backed up against a wall, squatting on the ground, waiting for my golden shower. I knew this could take a while, so I spent my time watching J and the flight attendant.

She was bent over my husband, running her tongue up his still hard cock before she put her lips around the head and licked him some more. J groaned. She shoved his full length down her throat, and started bobbing her head up and down as she enjoyed the taste of his manhood. I knew he was enjoying it too, cause his hips started thrusting into her mouth as she sucked his cock.

After only a few minutes longer, J pushed her away, spun her around, positioned her doggy style and started jamming his meat into her cunt. It was hot watching my tall, dark and handsome man fuck this other woman.

All of a sudden I felt a few warm drops of liquid hit my stomach. I looked up eagerly at Aisle Stranger, who rewarded me with a nice steady stream of his piss all over my half-pulled down tank top. I leaned forward so that he’d splash it all over my breasts. His stream slowed too quickly, as he started getting excited at the view of himself pissing on me and his erection prevented him from peeing any more without intense concentration.

I stood up, grabbed him by the penis, and drug him over to J and the flight attendant. The flight attendant motioned him over to her and when he got there, she started licking and sucking on his dick. If his erection was a bit wimpy before, she would fix that in a heartbeat.

I positioned myself on my hands and knees next to her, my ass also facing J. “You want to fuck two women at the same time, baby? Both of our pussies are right here. Slide into hers first, pull out, and then bury your rod in mine!”

He was only too happy to do so, as I almost immediately felt his cock slide easily into my pussy, soaked as it was with the flight attendant’s juices. She was still sucking Aisle Stranger, so I took the opportunity to lift one of my hands and fondle her tits. I gently but firmly tweaked a nipple.

She stopped sucking Aisle Stranger and looked at me. “That feels so good, another woman’s touch!” She spun herself around to face me, offering her goods to Aisle Stranger now instead of my husband. canlı bahis siteleri J was non-plussed as he continued stroking me from behind with his incredibly hard prick. Flight Attendant and I stayed on our knees, but raised our upper bodies to one another and began running our hands all over each other. She had fine, long blond hair, a pretty face, and a nice figure, even if her tits weren’t huge. They were still a handful, which is enough.

I leaned down and started kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples gently. “Oh yesssss,” she moaned. I couldn’t tell if it was from the nipple sucking or the fucking she was getting from Aisle Stranger. She grabbed one of my tits and pinched a nipple hard, drawing my head away from her own knockers. I looked at her questioningly for a moment before she covered my mouth with hers in a very sensuous kiss.

The guys were obviously watching, and J’s thrusting seemed to accelerate with renewed vigor. I reached down while I kissed her and began lightly playing with her clit. Another moan escaped from her lips. I broke away from her lips and went back to sucking on her nipples, starting to bite just a little. I never stopped flicking her clit, which seemed to be bringing her very close to climax. Her breathing increased in speed and she cried out, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me!” And Aisle Stranger did fuck her, hard. It only took about 5 more seconds for her to collapse against me in a heap of tiredness while Aisle Stranger continued pounding away at her. I kissed her gently.

“I know you are tired, but could you suck on my nipples some more please? Just until your man finishes back there …” I requested. She obliged, rolling her tongue lightly around my nipple, biting gently with her teeth.

Aisle Stranger sped up one more time, and then pulled his cock out of her pussy, jacking it the rest of the way until he blew a nice load on Flight Attendant’s ass. She turned herself around towards me so that I could lick it off. This I did, occasionally glancing back at my husband to open my mouth and show him the other man’s cum that was on my tongue, straight off another woman’s ass.

“See how I licked this off her ass?” I asked him as I looked him in the eye over my shoulder. “I want you to shove your cock up my ass and blow your load in there where no one can lick it out.”

That did it for J, he swiftly pulled his dick out of my cunt and thrust deeply into my ass, causing me to tighten. The tightness allowed him maybe three strokes before I felt the pulse of his prick as he emptied his cum into my asshole. He pulled out, kissed me, and collapsed on the ground against a wall, feebly looking for some clothes in case someone were to find us back here. He shrugged when he remembered his pants were on the floor back at our seats.

“I am the only one here who has not had an orgasm yet,” I complained. “Will someone please eat my pussy?”

Flight Attendant came over in no time, pushed me on the ground and started eating me out. She seemed to know just what I liked as he rapidly licked up and down my clit and pushed her fingers into my pussy to rub my G-spot. I gyrated on the floor beneath her touch, lost in my own pleasure. J was nearby and reached over to haphazardly fondle a boob, but I could tell he was worn out. Aisle Stranger appeared to have fallen asleep right on the floor, penis still hanging out. Flight Attendant was doing an excellent job, and I grabbed the back of her head with my hand and gently pulled her hair to let her know. She licked up and down my whole slot a few times, and then went back to my clit. Oh man, it felt amazing, if she kept it up, I was gonna be cumming in no time … “Oh God, I’m tingling, please don’t stop,” I whispered raggedly. She started jamming her fingers in and out of me faster and harder as she continued to suck and lick my clitoris. “I’m cumming!” I breathed loudly as the shudders shook my body and the wave of pleasure washed over me.

We all leaned (or laid) there, breathing heavily, knowing we needed to get up and go back to our seats, or our work. I finally pulled myself up, helped J up, and covered myself with my wet clothes. I grabbed a change of clothes for each of us out of the overhead bin, and we took turns heading to the restroom to change. I checked my watch. 3 am. A few heads turned at us once or twice while we moved about the cabin. Whether they knew what we had just done or not, I didn’t care. I settled back into my middle seat, my hand covering J’s on the armrest. We were both fast asleep again in seconds.

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