A G D: Heartbreak

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( Here she goes again helping out a man in need. This is the latest in my Good Deed Series)


I was finishing up a session with one of my “clients” when the phone rang. Since I was close to cumming on my dildo inside my pussy, I allowed the voicemail to pick up the call. I was watching one of my “clients” on webcam as his hand was pulling on his erect cock. It was threatening to burst in his hand while I allowed the pink seven inch dildo to bisect my pussy. I love the feeling of the eyes on me as my pussy began to quiver around the latex toy. My climax was heavy as I started to crest right before I saw a huge glob of white appearing on my client’s stomach. I edged farther along as he started typing how slutty I looked as I imagined that white cum coating inside me.

As I logged off, I checked my cell phone and was unsure of the number until I checked the voicemail. The voice talking into it was both a wonderful sound and a dreadful sound at the same time. It was the voice of the minister’s son, but it sounded like he was crying. I quickly found his number and called back only to hear no answer. A worry crept across my stomach as I found his cell number. I pushed the buttons and felt relief when he answered although it still sounded like he was crying.

“Samuel, what’s wrong?”

I could hear him stifle his tears before he spoke. “She dumped me, Maria.”

I understood what he said. He found a nice little piece of tail when he returned to college after our “teaching session” although she was slender, small chested and brainless. I could have said something, but decided to allow him the chance to learn on his own about college girls. Unfortunately, it looked like he learned it too well. My heart felt pain for him, but I understood why he called me instead of his mother. In his mother’s eyes, he was still innocent.

“Where are you now?” I asked him.

“Thirty minutes away from your house. Are you home?” he asked. I started to panic realizing that if Samuel pulled in front of my house that it may make the neighbors suspicious. Again, I had no plan to start with until he spoke again.

“I already called the motel to get a room so we can talk. Give me an hour to get there and sign in before you visit, okay? I’ll text you my room number,” he said as he seemed to have an idea on what to do. I knew there was a reason I loved that kid.

During the time I waited for his text, I took a bath to ensure I was all cleaned off. As I bathed, I resisted canlı bahis the urge to touch my clit remembering the night in the church office. I did feel my nipples stiffen from the thought and had to hold back from playing with them as well. Although I considered that Samuel would just want to talk and cry on my shoulder, there were certain parts of me that wanted to do more for him. I found my libido heightening as I imagined his cock wedged between my pussy lips. Although I climaxed on camera shortly before my bath, my hungry cunt wanted cum.

The text arrived as he said it would with the room number. I quickly wrapped myself in a light pink dress with a quick robe style tie around my waist. I chose to not wear underwear based on my own fiendishly horny thoughts before slipping on some flats. It took me only a few moments to reach the motel. I parked at a parking lot a few blocks away before walking towards his room.

The door was open as I saw Samuel for the first time in a while. His cheeks were red and the eyes looked like they were crying massively. He was dressed different than usual. His usual polo shirt was replaced with a dark jacket and a white T-shirt. He looked less like the preppy guy he was and more like a James Dean wannabe. I always did like the James Dean look on a young stud. My pussy started stirring the more I looked at him.

I heard him giggle slightly as we hugged. “What’s so funny?” I asked him.

He stifled his giggle. “You look like Mrs. Cleaver.”

I was so tempted to undo the belt, but I knew it wouldn’t help him get over that college tart. I walked over to the bed and sat down before patting the spot next to me. He sat down and we began to talk about what transpired between that college slut and him. It was a drawn out thirty minutes of conversation that showed me that Samuel was so taken in by her that he tried to change his image. In the end, he found her with some biker guy’s meat stick down her throat. He ran off after that before he got the text message telling him they were through which I thought was just lemon juice on the wound. It was then Samuel spoke up again.

“Did you come from organ practice or something?”

“No, why?”

“Well, I have no idea why you would wear a dress like that normally.”

It was then I sprung my trap on him. I stood before him as he sat on the bed and slowly undid the belt around my waist before slowly pulling open one side of the dress. Then I totally exposed myself to him. bahis siteleri There I stood, my dress opened like a trench coat on a flasher while his gaze stopped at my tits. “The better to get down to some therapy for my heart sick pupil,” I said.

I dropped the dress to the floor and was about to get on my knees when he stood up and pushed me onto the bed on my stomach. Before I had a chance to react, his tongue was already penetrating my gooey gash. Apparently, he had been practicing as his tongue was cascading along my needy pussy lips. I even felt his tongue delve into my anus a bit before he pushed me onto my knees.

“Okay, slut, you are gonna cum on my tongue first. Then I’ll slide my cock inside you. Do you understand?” I started to look back at him before I felt a slap across my ass. I started falling into character at that point as he slapped my ass a good couple times before he slid his tongue back inside my pussy. It wasn’t too long until my pupil brought me off with a climax from his tongue. I fell onto the bed and closed my eyes for a moment before I rolled over and looked at him.

By the time I focused on him, his jacket and T-shirt were already off and he was undoing his jeans. I watched as he dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them before I noticed the lack of underwear. As I smiled, he said, “Okay, I thought about fucking you tonight also.”

As I looked down his body, his cock was already at full length. I began to slide off the bed onto my knees before he stopped me. “I don’t wanna make you swallow me yet. I need to feel that pussy on my shaft.”

I was about to climb back onto the bed when he told me to just turn around and lean on the bed. There I stood before him; my ass facing him as my tits hits the bed. I thought just to tease him; I would slide my hand under and spread my pussy apart for him. He took the hint and slid right inside me. I felt him thrust into me like he needed to let loose. There is something about a revenge fuck that just feels so good inside my pussy. His cock was sliding into my velvety canyon as my nipples kept rubbing against the bed spread. It was only a few moments before I felt him ease up a bit. That was when I clamped my pussy on his cock and felt him spray his seed inside me. Thank the Lord I was fixed so I could enjoy that feeling as his cum coated my insides.

After he slid out of me, he fell onto the bed. That’s when I made my move, sliding between his legs to taste my juice all over his bahis şirketleri cock while I fingered my sticky pussy. He looked down at me and weakly smiled as my sucking brought him back to hardness in my mouth. He weakly tried to move me, but I didn’t budge.

“Sam, I need your cum in my mouth. You sit there sweetie while I suck you until I feel you explode. Let me do all the work, baby,” I reassured him. I started slowly taking his length between my lips again. It was a different experience sucking someone who was already wore out since most of my “nursing” sessions usually ended when they cum. Samuel however was not one of my “clients” and I wanted to really rock his world.

I took half of his cock inside my mouth and sucked it gently. My ears then heard my reward of Samuel moaning loudly. I gleefully kept sucking at it, my hand surrounding the base while I worked at giving the best blowjob I had ever done for anyone. I felt his precum oozing out of his tip as I removed my mouth and used my tongue to lick it around the head until it glistened. My other hand began to slowly rub his sack underneath as I took three quarters of his length inside my mouth. It was an empowering feeling to have that relative novice at my disposal to fill my mouth when I wanted to for once instead of those “clients” of mine who wanted to cum and go.

I started sucking harder on him as my hand kept massaging him until I started to feel his hips buck slightly. Since I became a bit too greedy, I took my mouth off of his dick and began to stroke it furiously as I started egging him on. I didn’t care about my secret at that moment. I didn’t care about what happened outside that motel room honestly. My immediate goal was to make that college boy cum hard and to feel it shower on my tits and in my mouth. When I started to hear him moan louder, I knew my goal was in sight.

I bent down and licked the spot right under his sack before I held my open mouth right above his member. It was a moment as I heard him cry out in pleasure again before the first shot landed on my tongue. The second followed after and also landed in my mouth before I closed my mouth and wrapped my tits around his dick. I felt his creamy goodness bathe my neck and my tits before I let them go and watched his cock land back on his leg. I stood up and watched his eyes on me before they closed and a gentle snoring exited his mouth.

I went into the bathroom and wiped my neck and tits off with a towel before finding my dress and wrapping myself up again. I left Samuel a note letting him know to call me if he needed someone to talk to before I quietly snuck out the room. The walk to my car was uneventful before driving home and slipping into bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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