A Girls Night In Pt. 05: For What Tonight May Bring

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The Third Night

Valentine day

Katherine returned from her final shopping at She had plenty of time to get ready. She had kept Cassey busy tiding the living room and doing her course work. She made it clear to Cassey, she was to go and have a bath and then stay in her room, until called for.

By 6 o’clock Katherine knocked on Cassey’s door. Cassey eagerly opened the door, inpatient for being kept waiting. Katherine handed her a dress and shoe box.

“Come down in 10 minutes.” Was all that Katherine said, before disappearing into her own bedroom.

It was within 5 minutes, that Katherine heard Cassey trying to open her locked bedroom door.

“I’m in the kitchen!” Katherine called out, as she heard Cassey slowly walking down the stairs. Katherine felt butterflies in her stomach, no matter how well she had planned; there was no way she could know for what tonight may bring.

But soon, there at the bottom of the stairway, at the end of the corridor leading to the kitchen stood Cassey. She was wearing the Scarlett shoulder less dress, with a dark blue shawl wrapped around her shoulders that Katherine had brought her.

Slowly, she walked towards her spellbound mother. Katherine noticed the ruby stilettos. But it wasn’t the clothes or shoes that made Katherine want to burst into tears of joy. But the sheer radiance that Cassey exuded from her own happiness.

Cassey Stood in front of her mother, speechless. For there no words that she could image could convey how she felt, at that moment.

“Come with me.” Her mother said and took her by the hand and led her to the dining room door. “When we go in, I only want you to look at me, or you’ll spoil the surprise. Ok?” Cassey didn’t know what to make of her mother’s words, but nodded in agreement, all the same.

Katherine unlocked the dining room door, switched on the light, took Cassey by the hand and slowly walked backwards towards the mirror.

Katherine stopped and moved to beside her daughter. It was only then, that Cassey saw herself properly. She gasped, as she then looked to her mother, in a pale blue silk dress, then back to herself.

“See how beautiful you truly are.” Cassey nodded at her mother’s reflection. “You’ve always been this beautiful, but it’s only now, that you are releasing the beauty within you.” Cassey found her mother’s hand and hald on to it tightly. “Cassey, I want this to be a special night, for you. But, I want you to know, this is not for one night. You can feel like this, every day for the rest of your life, if you so choose… Now close your eyes.

Cassey did what was asked of her. At this moment in time, she would have done whatever her mother asked of her.

Cassey strained to hear ever sound. There were faint clinking and other sounds Cassey could not register. The only sound that she recognised was the swishing of that dress that made her mother look like a Goddess, in her eyes.

Cassey could see that the room had become darker, through her eye lids. And there it was again, that swishing sound of her mother’s dress, coming closer to her. The sound stopped, as Cassey could feel her mother’s breath upon her. And then, that feeling coursing through her body, as her mother’s moist lips met hers. Those warm pulsating lips filled Cassey with electricity that charged every nerve and fibre of her body. She was sure she would have swoon, if it wasn’t for her mother holding her, with her arms wrapped so tightly around her waist.

Katherine pulled back and looked into Cassey’s now opened eyes. “Well, this is supposed to be a night of romance.” Katherine said, with a smile of someone sharing a guilty secret.

Quietly Katherine moved out of the away, so Cassey could see the room. Cassey gasped. No longer did it look like a storage room, for all the boxes had gone. And there was the dining table in the centre of the room. No it were the 2 silver candelabrums, lighting the room. Cassey also see the crystal decanters filled and the silver cutlery, place at either end of the table.

Katherine took Cassey by the hand and led her to a chair and held it out for her.

“My lady?” Katherine, pushed in the chair as Cassey sat. She moved to fill 2 sherry glasses from one of the decanters. Handing one to Cassey, she raised the other, in a toast.

“Here’s to a night of romance. And may there be many more nights of love and romance, ahead of us.” They both drank to Katherine’s words.

“Tonight, we shall be having a 4 course meal, followed by a relaxing in evening, which… Well, you’ll see. The night shall end, with us curled up, watching some soppy romance.” Cassey just smiled in agreement, as her mother disappeared into the kitchen.

Katherine was very pleased with herself. She had created a realistic television page on a slide show. There were a number of programmes and films, which she knew Cassey didn’t like. But among them, were 7 dramas from, “Girlfriend films” and “Girlsways.” All were about mothers and daughters. The write ups were about the relashionships, but with all the true meaning of the drama casino şirketleri removed. All that would then happen, would be for Cassey to choose and Katherine could act all innocent to whatever Cassey’s reaction maybe.

But, if Cassey’s reaction was favourable, then… Then what? Katherine was still finding it hard to believe and accept what she was doing.

“Whatever it may bring!” Katherine finally thought to herself, as she wheeled in on a trolley, the first course of the night.

They sat in silence, eating the meal, with classical music playing quietly in background. There was no awkwardness in the silence. Only reverences of the moment.

Apart from Katherine disappearing, to the kitchen to collect the next course, they sat eating, only to look up at each other and share a smile.

They drank wine during the meal. But once they had finished, Katherine moved her chair, so that she sat on the corner of the table, so close to Cassey. She poured from the second decanter a glass of port, for them. They raised their glasses and took a sip. After the first sip, Cassey held up her glass, between them. Not knowing what to make of this, Katherine mirrored her daughter’s actions. Cassey moved her glass to her mother’s lips, as an offering. Once Katherine had moved her glass to her daughter’s mouth, they began to drink from one another’s glass.

Once finished, Katherine stood up and a slight bow to Cassey, then offered her hand. Cassey accepted and stood to face her mother. Katherine took hold of Cassey’s left hand and with her own, placed her own left hand between Cassey’s shoulder blades. As she drew her daughter towards her, Katherine led her in a slow dance. It was intoxicating, neither of them knew if it was their heart they could feel racing.

With her head resting against Cassey’s, they glided around the room. Breathing down onto her daughters neck and breathing her scent, Katherine thought she would faint from that and from the exhilarating effect the hot breath she felt, on her own neck.

Finally, the music ended and Katherine bowed to her and kissed on her hand. “Wait here, dearest, there’s still more to come!” And with that, she left the room, only to reappear carrying two clothes boxes. She handed one to Cassey, who stared at her quizzically.

“Go to room and change, then meet me in the living room.”

“But mum! I love this dress!” Cassey protested.

“Cassey, romance comes in many forms. Now you go and get and get changed. And don’t worry about the heating, I’ve managed to change it.

“So, you’ve finally work it out, tonight of all nights!” Cassey had a rueful smile across her face. Wondering what her mother was up to.

“What can I say, I’m a woman of many wonders.” Katherine beamed, as her daughter left to change.

Katherine opened her own box. There sitting on the top was her black silk Japanese style robe, while underneath it was a black nightie. Once on, the nightie became translucent and only went down as far as the bottom of her bottom. Katherine smiled as she dressed, for the night ahead. And wondered how Cassey would react, as she reached for a candelabrum and left for the living room.

Katherine opened one of the bottles of wine and poured out two glasses. Then she straightened the satin sheet that now covered the (cleaned) sleeping bag, which was now situated in front of the fire. She picked up the CD remote and pressed play. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata carried across the room and press repeat, so no matter how long this part of the night lasted, they would be accompanied by the melancholy sound of pure passion.

Knelt in front of the fire, Katherine lit the kindling, the flames soon caught of the wooden logs. And soon the fire was roaring. Replacing the fire guard, Katherine turned to move, when she noticed Cassey lying on the satin sheet, dressed in her own silk Japanese style robe. Propped up on one elbow, Cassey was staring at her mother’s naked arse and pussy. Her eyes flicked to her mother’s face.

“Doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination, does it?” She said through her blushes.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” A sensual smile crossed Katherine’s lips.

She moved so that she was kneeing astride Cassey. “Are you ready for a romantic evening, in front of the fire?”

“Yes!” Cassey hissed.

Katherine gently pulled on the belt of her robe and robe fell away, revealing her nightie clinging to her part exposed breasts. Cassey was transfixed on her mother. Katherine shrugged off the robe and it slipped down her arms and body.

Cassey just lay there spellbound, as she looked at her kneeing astride her, in a nightie that showed every curve and contour of her body.

“You’re beautiful, mum.” Was all that Cassey could say.

“Aren’t you going to dress for the occasion?”

Cassey arched back, as if offering the honour to her mother. Katherine pulled on the belt and gently parted the front of the robed. There, she gazed at her daughters beautiful body that lay beneath the flimsy material. The motion of her breasts were exaggerated casino firmalari as movement caught up in the nightie, with each breath. Katherine gazed travelled down her daughter’s beautiful body, down to the trimmed pubic hair, that was displayed due to the shortness of the nightie.

Cassey sat up, as Katherine moved her hands under Cassey’s robe and rolled it off her shoulders. Katherine moved her hands down to her arms, were she gently grabbed them and pulled Cassey towards her.

“Oh, my dear Cassey, you have no idea how long I have waited for this moment!” Katherine said, in a mock Cary Grant style. She then leant forward and with all the passion raging within her kissed her daughter on the lips.

Cassey responded by trying to wrap her arms around her mother, but she trapped by her mother’s hands and the robe, about her arms. All she could do, to show how much she cared were to tenderly run her fingers up and down her mother’s side.

With each sensual caress, the arousal within Katherine erupted the flames of desire with greater intensity with each stroke. Soon, with their passion burning, there seemed as if there would be no end to their kiss.

They broke away from their embrace, panting. So lost in the moment of unbridled passion, neither of them could not comprehend what had past and changed between them.

Calming herself down, Katherine moved to lay behind Cassey. She leant over Cassey to retrieve, one by one, the glasses of wine. Hoping for Cassey to turn her head, so she could feel her hot breath upon her nipple, that now rubbed the side of her daughter’s face.

They both now felt comfortable with their bodies, to mind the fact that their nighties would not cover them but would slip down to their waists, revealing all.

“Mum, for an accountant, you’re pretty bad at figures.” Cassey snorted out. But that’s not what Katherine thought.

“Here’s to a romantic night.” Katherine raised her glass.

“Here’s to us.” Was Cassey’s reply and with that they both drank the whole glass of wine, without stopping or spilling a drop.

Katherine poured them both another glass, before returning to Cassey. Placing left arm under Cassey’s head, so she could rest upon it and rested her head on Cassey’s. Her right found its way under Cassey. Her fingers were under Cassey’s ribs, with her breast resting on her palm. Absent-mindedly, Katherine’s thumb rub Cassey breast, occasionally crossing over her erected nipple. As a result, Katherine could feel her pussy leaking its juices, which trickled down her thigh.

Lost in their own thoughts and feels, they there, so close, they’d lost all sense of time, or of the world outside.

Whether it was it was because of the wine, or her bodily desires, Katherine unknowing to her, was grinding her mould into Cassey’s arse cheek. But Cassey noticed.

“Mum! Have you shaven?” Cassey burst out.

“What?” Was all Katherine could say, not knowing of what Cassey was talking about?

Cassey sat up and turned to her mother. “Have you shaved your pussy?”

Katherine laughed nervously. It seemed strange to hear her daughter use such a word, about her. But, without even realising what she was doing. Katherine knelt up and had hauled the hem of her nightie the short distance, to reveal her hairless mound.

Cassey mouth gaped open, quickly she moved close and eye level. Gingerly, she held a hand out to it. Cassey stopped short of actually touching, as if apprehensive as if she was in the presence of something sacred.

Katherine was looking down, willing Cassey to starch out her hand. “It’s alright, Cassey. You can touch it, if you’re wondering how it feels.” She said, encouragingly.

Cassey looked up, to her mother for reassurance. Katherine smiled at her. Cassey gulped as she pushed her fingers into her mother’s mound. To Katherine, it felt as if Cassey’s fingers were burning into her flesh. Her hips bucked forward involuntary and a rasping wheeze was the only sound she could make as she tried to scream and breath at the same time.

Cassey spread out her fingers as moved them around the contours of her mother’s mound. Katherine shuddered with torturous millimetre Cassey’s fingers covered. They locked eyes. There was a devilish smile upon Cassey’s lips.

In an instant, Cassey had spun around, leaving her naked arse, beckoning Katherine to touch it. Quickly, Cassey turned back, taking a gulp from the bottle of wine, before placing it between them. Cassey lowered her mouth onto the wine bottles neck. She deep throated the bottle and then raised herself, only to deep throat it again.

Cassey did her best to keep eye contact with her mother. Katherine looked on with a fascinated horror, as she saw a lust taken hold of her daughter.

Cassey broke eye contact, to concentrate on the bottle. But as her eyes fell away, they fell onto her mother’s opened and inviting pussy lips, wet with arousal. She stopped and released the bottle from her mouth and pushed the bottle into her mother’s soft and smooth mound.

“Your turn!” Came the guttural güvenilir casino words from her daughter’s mouth.

Katherine let out a sigh, as she felt Cassey’s saliva dribbling down the bottle and on to her. She rubbed herself against the bottle. Getting a little higher each time until her pussy lips brushed the top of the bottle. Slowly she rocked back and forth, lowering herself, feeling the bottle glide through her pussy lips. She stopped as the bottle was ready to enter her.

Katherine looked at Cassey, who’s eyes were fixed on her dripping pussy. Katherine saw a lustful hunger, she had never seen before. Katherine felt dirty. What had she turned Cassey into? She removed the bottle.

“I don’t think so. Don’t want to ruin a romantic evening.” Katherine said, trying to hide her shame.

Cassey fell back on the sheet, anger was now across her face. Katherine couldn’t help that, now. She’d have to deal with that later. As far now, she had to keep temptation out of the way.

She leant over Cassey, putting the bottle back. When, all of a sudden, she felt a sudden tug on her breasts. Katherine brought the bottle crashing down on the carpet. She looked at her breasts and saw Cassey’s hands grabbing them, squeezing them. She let out a sharp gasp as she felt the exquisite sensation of her daughter’s mouth sucking on tit, tongue flicking her nipple.

Katherine knew how to respond, from last week. She moved her hands to Cassey’s side, with her thumbs running up Cassey’s stomach and rib rage and finally ending by resting against her daughter’s breasts. Hers fingers were now lodged under Cassey’s armpits. She moved one finger in a tickling motion, Cassey’s body responded.

“Two can play at that game!” Katherine chirped out in a playful manner.

Katherine felt Cassey hands leaving her breasts, only to grab hold of her thumbs and firmly push them away. The exquisite sensation also ended.

“This is not a game.” Came Cassey’s voice, from beneath her.

Katherine stopped all motion, all planning, as she tried to understand what her daughter meant. Then Cassey’s face appeared between her breasts.

“I’m not as drunk as last time, mother.” There were no signs of emotion on Cassey’s.

But Katherine knew what the words had meant. Katherine moved back and ended crouched between Cassey’s legs, not in any sexual way, but, in a humbled manner. Their eyes had never left one another.

“Do you love me?” Cassey’s cold words drowned out all other sounds.

“Yes.” Was the only answer Katherine could give. She was desperate to think of what was happening and how to respond. This was not going to how she had planned it.

“Do you want me?”

Katherine could not answer. She knew what she should say, but could not bring herself to say “No.”

After a long silence, Cassey turned her head away. At that moment, Katherine felt that it that it was not blood that was coursing through her heart, but tears that were now flowing from it. What had she done?

Slowly, Cassey turned to look at her mother. At the same time she brought up a half emptied glass of wine and held it in the air, between them. They stared at each other through the glass. As then, Cassey slowly tipped the glass and Katherine could hear the faint splashing sounds as the droplets of wine landed on Cassey’s body.

Slowly, with her eyes never leaving her mother’s Cassey put down the glass, moved back, on the satin sheet. Her arms glided over her and rested on the sheet above her head. This pulled her breasts into the air, as if as an offering.

Katherine found herself moving over her daughter. She looked down and saw the wine soaked nightie and the trickles forming on Cassey’s bare skin. She bent forward only stopping to see Cassey’s response. Cassey did not move. Katherine bent down and started to kiss away the trails of wine from her daughter’s shoulders.

Katherine felt every tremble of Casey’s body as it merged with her own. Katherine’s hands explored her daughter’s body, enjoying every thrill it gave her and seeking out every tremble and every shudder that it caused in Cassey. And with every sound sprang Cassey whether it was joy, lust or pleasure erupted the lust Katherine had for her daughter.

Katherine grabbed Cassey’s breasts. And this time she wasn’t kissing or licking, but sucking hard! Katherine passion was boiling. Her frustration grew, with the nightie. She wanted to rip it from her daughter’s body. She didn’t want to caress the material it was her daughter’s skin that she needed to touch. She moved her hands under the nightie pushing it out of the way, until Cassey’s breasts were exposed.

For a moment, Katherine stared at them in reverence. And then within a split second, she lunged at them. Who she was, how she lived her life, polite society and the whole fucking world, outside didn’t matter! All that mattered to Katherine was that she wanted her daughter, she wanted Cassey!

She kissed, licked sucked, squeezed and pulled at them. She could feel that Cassey needed this too, as her legs ran and jerked up and down Katherine’s body. This only emboldened her, as with one suck of a breast she pulled Cassey’s body from the satin sheet. She could hear a cry mixed with pleasure and pain. She released the tit from her mouth and Cassey sagged back down onto the satin sheet.

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