A Good Nieghbor Always Shares

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Its Been a while since I’ve submitted, so here’s my newest project. I hope you all enjoy.



William watched his daughter with a smile on his face. She was cleaning the kitchen, her head down some. She had been a handful that morning, and William had been forced to put her in her place. Now her blazing read ass was visible just beneath the hem of the over-sized mens’ dress shirt she was wearing. Her long, rusty auburn hair fell around her shoulders as she wiped down the counters and rinsed the dishes she was loading into the washer. He heard her sniffle now and then, he had really laid into her with the belt he kept hanging on the wall. She should have known better by now than to talk back, but she had a tendency to get a bug in her shorts. She always regretted it in short order.

Katlyn was making a point of not looking over her shoulder at her father as he ate. She was still mad at him. She had only asked to get a piercing, but he had shot her down quickly- and when he had she had nearly bit his head off.

“I’m not a baby anymore! I can do anything I want!” That wasn’t entirely true, though. She was old enough, certainly, and if she walked into a piercing studio they would serve her without a second though, but she still lived under her daddy’s roof- and she still had to follow his rules. He had a way of reminding her that he had put a lot of work into making the body that housed her over-zealous spirit, and she would not do anything to it that he did not first approve of.

What Kitty didn’t know was that William had only denied her because of how she had asked. Demanded was more like it .. informed him that she was going to get it done, really. He wasn’t going to take that, not from his little girl. He had spent nineteen years teaching her how to behave, mostly on his own, and he was not going to be disrespected now.

The quiet in the kitchen was disrupted by an unexpected knock at the door, and both William and Katlyn were shook out of their thoughts. Katlyn looked at the door with curious eyes, but started to head for her room. Her shirt, the only clothing she was wearing, was thin enough to see at least a hint of everything. William stood and watched her, then shook his head.

“Where are you going? You’re not done yet, young lady. You may leave the kitchen only when you have finished cleaning it. That means the floors too, they need mopped.” He watched her, a sternness in his eyes. He nodded when her eyes, defiant at first, dropped, and she took a few steps back into the kitchen, picking his plate up off the table. Turning, he left the room, assured that she would do as she was told. He heard the kitchen sink turn back on as he made his way to the door, along with the unnecessarily loud clink of dishes in the sink. She was going to earn herself another spanking at teh rate she was going.

William did not bother to look through the small viewing hole in the door, opening to be greeted by the vaguely familiar face of a relatively new neighbor. Relatively new meaning he had only lived in the neighborhood a few years, where-as everyone else had lived there for at least ten. He nodded and opened the screen.

“What can I do for you, Bob?”

Robert, otherwise known as Bob, smiled. He had a lithe figure, thick dark hair, and eyes that had a tendency to shine with a jovial friendliness. He had to be a good 10 years younger than William, who was mostly grey, though he retained a well worked body, firm in all the right places, soft in only a few.

“Actually, I was wondering if you had a chainsaw. I’m getting rid of that old dead oak in the back yard, but my chain saw just gave up the ghost.” Robert stuffed a hand in his pocket and grinned as William looked across the street at the towering, definitley dead oak. It would be good to see that thing gone.

“Sure, come on in, Bob, I’ll go dig it out of the tool shed for you.” William stepped out of the way and let his neighbor in. Robert stepped by him, workmens’ boots making a bit of a thud on the tiled entryway. William waved to the living room, “Have a seat, I’ll only be a minute.”

Turning, William checked the kitchen. Sure enough, Katlyn was on her hands and knees with a large sponge, scrubbing up the tile. He almost laughed to himself. If she hadn’t have broken the mop chasing a mouse around the kitchen last week, she wouldn’t have had to do the floor on her hands and knees. He had forgotten, or he might have let her skip the floors.

Leaving her to her cleaning, William went out the back door. It only took him a couple of minutes to find the chainsaw. He kept the tool shed generally in order, though he had to admit, it might be time for a cleaning, and a trip to goodwill. Testing the charge, he nodded to himself and headed back into the house.

Katlyn, who still didn’t know there was anyone in the house, was still on her hands and knees, her back, and consequently her firm, red ass, pointed toward the living room. William bahis firmaları was surprised to see Robert standing in the kitchen doorway, his jaw slack and his eyes on the bobbing, bare ass 6 feet from his boots.

“I’ve got what ya need, Bob, but why don’t you stay for a bit, have some tea before you get to work.” Both Robert and Katlyn jumped. One, because he had been caught out spying on his neighbors daughter, the other because she had jsut realized that she was being watched. Katlyn jumped to her feet as Robert’s eyes flew to her father, holding the chainsaw over his shoulder. William set the power tool by the door and smiled at his neighbor, ever the good host. His guest was turning red form embarrassment, while his daughter was nearly flaming with fury. He almost laughed.

“What are–” Katlyn started to let out a screeching inquiry, but William cut her off, setting a hand on her shoulder. Robert’s eyes had fallen back to the girl, welcomed by a new view. Now he could see her hard little nipples through the white shirt, and the front cut off just below her crotch, her long legs visible up to the tender thighs. William didn’t have to look to know the man had a raging erection, it was written all over his face.

“Ah ah- Kitty, why don’t you get Bob a glass of that sweet tea, and bring it to him in the living room. I’d like one too, if you don’t mind.” It wasn’t really a question, more like a polite demand. Katlyn turned a brighter red but turned form under her fathers hand as he moved over to their guest, leading him back into the living room- which he doubted he ever got to in the first place.

“Have a seat, Bob, Kitty will be right here with your drink.” William watched as his neighbor, probably in his mid forties, sat down on the couch. He seemed a bit distant, if not a little embarrassed. He looked at William as he sat.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to . . . ” He didn’t seem to know what to say, or how to say it anyway.

“Oh no, don’t worry about it. “William smiled and waved off his apology as his daughter came in to the room, holding two glasses of tea. Remembering her manners, she proffered the first to the guest, then gave her father the remaining glass. She looked like she was going to leave, but William reached out and gently grasped her arm just above the elbow.

“Why don’t you join us, sweetheart, I don’t think Bob has really ever gotten a chance to know you.” William smiled up at his daughter as a slightly shocked expression marred her face for just one, delicious moment, and then she turned, her head raising some in silent defiance.

“Yes Daddy, of course.” Katlyn ran a hand back through her hair, the shirt raising just enough for Robert to see her clean shaven pussy for half a breath, before it fell back down and she sat on the floor, near her father’s feet. William smiled proudly and reached down, stroking his daughter’s hair.

“So Bob, time to get rid of that old oak, huh?” William started the small talk, and after a while, he saw Robert’s muscles begin to relax as the tension of being caught out began to leave him. Katlyn was relaxing as well, thinking herself safe as time passed. William smiled inwardly, nodding at some small thing that Bob had said, before running his fingers through his daughter’s hair.

“Kitty, it look like Bob is out of tea, why don’t’ you refill his glass for him?” Katlyn looked up at her father, and moved with out a word, crawling over to her neighbor. She knew what her father expected. Kneeling at his feet, she reached out for his glass, and once more Robert’s eyes took on an intense look as his eyes fell on the girl. William smiled just slightly, watching Bob shake his head a little.

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, I’ve really got to . . um . . get back to that old tree.” He smiled nervously down at Katlyn who was looking up at him with large, crystal blue eyes and full, red lips. She had a perfectly pale complexion with a sprinkling of small freckles over her nose. Robert felt his cock begin to stir again as she leaned forward, her fingers brushing his as she grasped the glass. Her breasts barely touched his knees before she sat back again.

“Oh there’s no rush, it’s been there for a year already. Relax a bit.” William watched as his daughter read his mind. When she leaned forward , he knew Bob could see just inside her short, to the valley between her breasts, to their soft curves.

“No I really . . ” Bob started to shift nervously. Anyone could see that he didn’t want to leave, his eyes hadn’t left the kneeling girl before him since she started her short trek to his feet.

“When was the last time you fucked a wet pussy, Bob?” William decided to cut to the chase. His daughter shifted a little, and he could see the flush of excitement move over her flesh, as well as that slight shadow of shyness he had never bothered to train out of her. It was endearing. Robert’s eyes flashed across the room to William and his jaw dropped. It was obvious that he was shocked, his disbelief kaçak iddaa at his neighbor’s question was written all over his face.

“I- not that’s . . ” Robert seemed to losing the ability to form complete sentences as he looked back down at the girl who was still kneeling patiently in front of him. When he looked down she leaned forward just a little, her hair falling over her shoulders. She reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt, showing a bit more of her cleavage.

“Are you offering . . .?” Robert looked back up at William again.

“A good neighbor shares what he has, Bob, and I happen to be a very good neighbor.” William did not break eye contact with Robert and he watched the man, still leaning forward some, ready to leave.

“You can’t be serious, she’s your daughter.” Still, Robert looked down at the girl again.

“Kitty, show Bob what I’ve taught you. Show him what I am offering him.”

William continued to watch proudly as Katlyn’s fingers moved down her shirt, unbuttoning each button slowly, and then letting the white fabric fall to the floor. She now knelt in front of their neighbor completely naked. Standing slowly, she took a step forward, running her hands over her breasts, making her nipples hard, a hand moving down between her legs to touch herself.

“Please, Mr. Nelson. I’m already wet.” Katlyn’s voice was soft, pleading. The defiance had left her eyes as she had fallen into her purpose, into her training. Robert sat back the rest of the way, a defeated man whose eyes burned with desire. William smiled slightly as he watched. When Robert moved again, it was to reach out. He hesitated just before his hand touched Katlyn’s breast, though.

“May I?” He sounded unsure as he looked up at the girl, but she nodded.

“Please . . . you can do anything you want.” Robert looked up at her, still unsure, but also curious. His uneasiness made him move slowly, but it did not stop him. His right hand cupped the girl’s breast as his left ran up her hip and around to the small of her back, pulling her into his lap. Katlyn spread her legs to straddle he neighbor’s lap as he caressed her breast, pulling it closer to his face, until he could close his mouth around it. Katlyn moaned and let her head sink back as he began to suck on the nipple, the hand on her back moving down to her ass.

William watched as his neighbor pulled his young daughter even closer to him, until her stomach was pressed against his chest. He watched as the man suckled her nipple, losing his inhibitions more quickly for each moment she remained in his hands.

And Katlyn, she was doing her father proud. She moaned as the man moved from one nipple to the other, using his teeth to stretch it, to test how far he could pull before she gasped in pain. Katlyn’s back arched as he reached his goal, and her fingers dug gently into the back of his head, encouraging him to continue. William let Bob explore for a few minutes, just enjoying watching his daughter give in to the man as his hand slid down between her legs to see how wet she was. Katlyn gasp and cried out in pleasure, and William could see from behind as Bob’s fingers suck deep inside of her with ease. She was nearly dripping with pleasure.

“Good girl, Kitty, show Bob how much you like to be shared, how much of a slut you are.” William sat back some. He would get more involved later, but for now he was going to let the man enjoy his prize. Katlyn whimpered and moaned at her father’s words, grinding her dripping wet cunt against Robert’s hand, pushing his fingers deeper inside.

“Oh yes, Mr. Nelson . . please . . .” She rode his fingers as she used them to fuck her, testing how willing she was to be used as her father wished. the man was astounded at how the girl was ready at a word, and his thumb ran across her clit. He was even more astounded when he cried out, grasping on to his shoulders and throwing her head back as she came hard around his fingers. He imagined what it would feel like to have his cock inside of her grasping cunt at that moment, and nearly exploded. She came so easily.

“Enough.” William sat forward some, and at the word his daughter looked over his shoulder at him. Robert was broken out of imaginings, and thought he had done something wrong. William’s eyes were only on his daughters though.

“Get on your knees, you know what I want you to do.” Katlyn whimpered and nodded, sliding off of Robert’s lap and moving fluidly to her knees. She looked up at the man as he relaxed back again, realizing that it was not him that William had been speaking to. His eyes searched the young girl’s as her hands moved up his thighs, and he groaned as her fingers brushed his cock through his jeans. He was so hard, he thought he might cum in that very moment. He began to fight, to hold back as the girl unzipped his jeans and opened them. Robert didn’t believe in underwear, and Katlyn was surprised when his large cock suddenly smacked her face. Robert gasped at the sudden sensation, kaçak bahis his head going back for a moment.

“That’s a good girl. You liked that didn’t you, feeling his cock slap your face like that. Why don’t you ask him to do it again.” William sat back again and watched his daughter, so ready, so willing to take this man’s cock into her mouth. He watched as her eyes moved back up to the man’s face as Robert dropped his head back down to look at her. William could see the question in his eyes, was she really going to ask him to smack her face with his cock again? He could also see the hope that she would. Robert wasn’t the type to openly admit that he wanted to use a woman, but William could see the need, the excitement in his eyes. the same excitement he felt when he daughter lay naked in front o of him, legs spread wide, sex open.

“Please, Mr. Nelson, will you smack me with your big cock again? It felt so good, I like it when it stings . . . I deserve to be hit with your cock . . please?” The pleading in her eyes was so deep, so real, Robert couldn’t’ resist. His hand was already around his cock before he had even made up his mind, and the large mushroom head made a delicious slapping noise as it hit the girl’s face. He gasped with pleasure as she whimpered, and repeated the movement. The look in her eyes nearly made him let go of his load, but he continued for another moment, until hos cock brushed her lips. His eyes flew back at the wet heat and before he knew what was happening, his cock was inside of her mouth.

Katlyn hadn’t been able to resist the taste of the man’s hard meat as his cock brushed her lips, her tongue flipping out. A fraction of a second later she was pushing forward, taking his cock into her mouth. She took him all the way in, letting him fill her mouth, then her throat, all in one quick movement. She wanted to keep sucking him, but she knew that if she did, he would come right then, so she stopped, pulling back. her mouth found something else to fill it, her tongue training down the shaft of his cock, all the way down to his balls. She began to gently lick and suck his balls, carefully stroking his cock, not wanting to make him cum just yet. She could feel him getting close as she sucked on of his balls into her mouth, her tongue moving over the sparsely haired scrotum as she moaned and whimpered. She felt his hand come down to her hair and he began to grasp, his breath coming fast as he groaned.

“Oh god yes . . . ” They were the first words he had spoken since she had been pulled into his laps, and they sent a thrill, a need through her. She had his cock back in her mouth before his voice had even faded form her ears, pushing him hard into her throat and bobbing her head up and down. Robert clutched her hair with a guttural cry, and after only a second he released his load into her throat. He held her down, thrusting up some as he emptied himself, his hand relaxing as he began to breath again. Katlyn pulled back and sucked on the head, sucking him clean and pulling the last of his cum from his cock. She moaned as she tasted it and swallowed, sucking his cock a little more.

Looking up at him she pulled back some. She could hear her father moving behind her.

William was standing, walking over to his daughter. He smiled down at her as her head turned to him. Grabbing her hair she stroked slightly, then grabbed pulling her up. Bending her over he slipped a hand between her legs. He ran his fingers over her cunt as he forced her to look at the recovering man before her. His fingers sank inside of her for only a moment before moving upwards, gently teasing her asshole.

“Now, tell Bob what you really want.” William’s voice was commanding and soothing at the same time as he teased his daughter’s holes, his own cock swollen from her display. He truly enjoyed watching her serve others, but now he was ready to fill her with his own stiff erection. He needed to fill her with his own cum. His finger prodded her asshole to encourage her, telling her what he wanted her to say.

“Please Daddy . . ” She whimpered, not squirming some. She had a tendency to be hesitant about serving the way he was telling her to. His hand broke contact with her ass and she whimpered, opening her mouth to plead, but a different sound resounded through the living room. There was a crack so loud it sounded like glass was breaking, and Katlyn cried out, tears rising in her eyes. “Please fuck my in the ass Mr. Nelson!!” She didn’t’ hesitate again, trembling as her father’s hand returned to her lick holes.

Robert groaned and looked into the girl’s eyes. His cock was already swelling again, and he couldn’t help but reach out and run a hand over her breast. Unexpectedly, he took a cue from her father’s behavior.

“Is that what you really want, Katlyn?” His fingers closed around her nipple and pinched, twisting until she whimpered.

“Yes, Please Mr. Wilson . . please?” She blinked back tears as she looked into his eyes. He played at looking thoughtful.

“You know . . I’m not sure I really believe you. You’ll have to convince me while I fuck your cunt.” Katlyn gave another small cry as he pinched her nipple harder, his attention turning to her father.

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