A Good Wife Pt. 02

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Can’t say I’ve been regretting’ meeting Janet. I was plenty wary. Still am. Underestimated her though. Twisted, sure, but *needy* Needy in a way I’ve never seen. Need for revenge, I understand that. But she needed somethin’ else too, needed to take something back.

Voracious too. Took her up on it, but apparently not enough for her. She was coming to me for sex more than I was going to her. Always needy and desperate. Maybe felt she was gettin’ even with him by cheatin’ all the time. Coulda slept with plenty more men, but between me and her job and workin’ on her husband I sincerely doubt she had the time. Her business anyways.

Gotta say though, playin’ with her husband was more fun than I’d thought. Went along with everything from the get go. Couldn’t hide the guilt from his face worth a damn, and knowin’ what he’d been up to just made it sweeter. Didn’t feel none too bad either. And Janet, she had a plan. Her plans had plans.

So I helped her break him down just like she wanted, slowly and completely. The next couple of weeks I had that boy’s mouth on my cock on a regular basis. Not all the time, sometimes he’d just come to his own home and find Janet and I going at it. When the front door opened, she’d just go wild.

We both trained his mouth. She’d get right down there with him, show him just what I wanted then gave him a turn. The little fuck boy nearly messed his underwear the first time I palmed his head, then started guiding him. He could take me pretty deep now, so I got to rub his cheatin’ nose in my pubic hair.

He’d struggle and shake until he learned how to breathe through his nose and she’d point out how hot it made her. How hot it was to see him so turned on. Left the implication hanging for his mind to work on while she and I went at it. She’d let me in bit by bit on what was goin’ on at home. That poor fella couldn’t get a painless cum and had a constant case of blue balls.

Because that’s what she wanted. She is a pharmacist after all and his wife, lots of opportunities to micro-dose him with viagra. Wanted his dick constantly throbbing and hard, no matter what. Wanted to be sure. Me, I don’t think cuck boy needed it one bit. I’ve known the type.

Her though, she really wanted to make sure he loved cock, so we moved on to the next step of her plan. Janet came over to my place that evening, desperate as ever and once we were both satisfied and sweaty, she went out for a smoke. Always did that when she was goin’ deeper. That time though, I went out with her.

She wanted him to get used to swallowing and cumming. Associate the two things. Knew he was always dyin’ to cum, needed it and that’s why she enjoyed ruining his orgasms. But she couldn’t ruin ’em all, not if he was gonna be switchin’ teams so to speak. So, instead of her runnin’ over to me, she changed it up.

Just texted him one afternoon, told him she couldn’t get away from work but his mouth was available. Doubt he put up much of a fight an’ doubt she would’ve given him a choice. So when he got home from work before she did that night, he found me waitin’ by the front door and let me on in. Not much of a man in there to begin with, I thought.

But, I did what she wanted. Told him I needed to blow my load pretty bad and to get on his knees. Always with his underwear on his dick tenting it with a messy little wet spot at the tip. He was so whipped he didn’t even try to touch himself even if Janet wasn’t around. So, I mixed it up just like she wanted.

Took pity on him. Or made it look that way. When he had that cock crazed look in his eyes, the one they get right before they swallow their first load, I held him on that edge. Took my time, easing down his throat or pushing my cock into his cheek. Angled it just right, and it was a spectacular sight.

He wasn’t closing his eyes so much anymore, and when I caught him looking, I told him he could get himself off. The look of pure confusion on his face almost made me jizz into his damn cheek! Our secret, type of thing. I pointed out I could see how hard he was, how horny he was for my cock even without Janet around.

He couldn’t deny much with my cock in his mouth. He tried to slide his hand into his underwear, but I stopped him. Told him the more pathetic he looked, the better it was for me and Janet wanted a nice ‘ol report. He was swallowing, one way or another, but I could see he needed to get off too. My way, or the highway.

Stupid, greedy, horny little fucker. Always thinkin’ about himself, even though he knew Janet disapproved. She knew he’d do it though, she knew her husband plenty well these days. She knew what his dick would pick and that made him easy to manipulate. He started suckin’ me real good then, even if he was squeezing himself too.

Made me feel plenty good too. Not just his mouth which was gettin’ better, just a heady, powerful feeling knowing what else was in store for him. I made sure not to get stuck in his throat, give him an easy first time swallowin’ canlı bahis my baby batter – shoulda seen his face!

He was lost in pleasure, probably because this time he could cum too and boy did he cum. When his face curled up as I dropped a load in his mouth, his hand was frantically jerking himself into his underwear. Looked like his dick lost it by the overflowing mess he made that turned the front of his boxers into a cum soaked mess. It was all over the place.

Me though, I just pulled out and wiped myself clean across his cheeks. He’d cum and no way he was lookin’ up at me then. Trembling too much, catching his breath and probably a whole ton of shame. I just pulled up and zipped up. Told him he’d done good, and this could stay between us. He didn’t need to be told I’d be seein’ him around by that point. Seemed superfluous while he was trying to swallow what I’d left in his mouth.

From then on whenever Janet was “busy” Jeff filled in for her. I would stop by in the morning, she was busy gettin’ ready for work but he had to make the time. I tell ya, that boy learned to suck fast. Tryin’ to get it over with, or trying to get to his job on time?

Extended that to his lunch breaks as well. Janet had his schedule, and I’d pop on by his work at lunch to get a blowjob in the pickup. He really got active then, because she hadn’t been letting him cum so having my cock in his mouth was the only time he was gonna be emptying his balls.

Got more bold at her home too. Jeff would come back from work and find us going at it everywhere in their house. Wasn’t too big, but we made sure to mark our territory, gave her a good chuckle. One time, he walked in on us makin’ out on the couch. Didn’t say a word and we just ignored him.

He didn’t even wait long, just walked on into the kitchen. Janet’s got a good set of lungs on her and we just went to town on each other and let ourselves be heard. When we finished up, the guy was still in the kitchen: he’d just gone ahead and made dinner and had eaten!

Janet sure was happy about that one later. It’d never occurred to her that he’d do that, took her by surprise. A good one though. Thought it meant he was becoming desensitized to what was goin’ on. In other words, it was normal that his wife was busy fuckin’ me all the time in his own home. Nothin’ special about that, just something that happened all the time for him.

That’s how it went for a couple months. Cucked him every which way possible any time. I’ll say it again: I wouldn’t want to piss off Janet. Kept everything else normal with him too, just like before he’d first cheated on him. Not sure if that was because of what she felt, or in spite of it.

But, I’d come on over and find ’em watchin’ a movie on the couch, even greet him, then take his wife off to their bedroom, while he just stayed and watched the movie. Once, Janet had him suck me off right before a date, said she wanted me nice and relaxed for our night out. A date that ended late, and when I dropped her off we found him asleep on the couch.

Janet’s one for taking advantage of a situation when presented to her, and that’s how Jeff woke up to the sound of me pounding my cock into his wife, right there in front of him. Couldn’t miss it. Just rolled over the other way. Not exactly manly of him.

Later that week, Janet showed up real late at night at my place, unannounced. When I opened up, she went straight for me. She ain’t that light but she got her legs around mine, clingin’ to me and crushing her lips into mine.

She was needier than usual, but I got her over to the bed and she didn’t even get all the way undressed, just got her tights off and pushed her panties to the side. I barely got unbuckled before she was on top of me.

She gave me one hell of a ride I ain’t going to be forgetting. Even her nipples were erect and poking through her top, right from the start. Bounced her around a bit too, but she was just lost in it. Didn’t last near long enough. Collapsed onto me when she was done.

Coulda sworn she was gonna fall asleep, but she got up, takin a deep breath. She was ten times calmer than before, and I knew that look. She had things to let out. I got up ‘n grabbed her purse, and she smiled at me. She took out a cigarette, wrapping herself in a light robe and headin’ for the patio.

I went out with her, watched her light up and waited. “Y’know, I didn’t hope. But it would’ve been nice if he hadn’t jerked off when you let him. At least, not the first time. He knew I didn’t want him cumming, and he took the first chance he got.” she took a drag, holding it in.

And exhaled. “I know what choice his dick is going to make. It’s what makes using it like a leash to control him so simple. I wouldn’t have stopped even if he wasn’t jerking off when he’s with you, but maybe I would’ve given him an orgasm. Y’know, without ruining it. You think he’s ready?” she asked.

I lifted my arm, putting my hand on her shoulder. Only that far. That’s bahis siteleri how it was with us. “He’s been ready for a couple weeks, I think. Does it matter?” I asked back.

She shook her. “Not really. I’m really liking cucking him more than I thought. That time I had him line up your cock for me? When he watched your cock going inside me from about five inches away?” she made a sound that could only be described as pleasure in oral form.

She took another pull on her cigarette, looking down the street. “He wasn’t like this before. I mean he was, but not to this degree. He even eats what I tell him too, now. He’s lost about eight pounds. I wonder if he thinks this is how it’ll be from now?” she said before putting out her cigarette.

She got her tights back on and tidied up her hair, unconcerned and temporarily satisfied. Things were about to heat up for Jeffie boy.

I’d decided I really enjoyed cuckolding Jeff. I knew I would, that’s one reason I did it. But I didn’t realize how good it would feel.

I never would’ve thought like that before. It just wouldn’t have occurred to me. And no one else got that part of me, just my loving husband. Leading him around by his dick while he didn’t have a clue what was really going on was a high I didn’t want to end. I wanted him to have the complete and total cuckolding experience and that’s what he was getting. And plenty more beyond that.

Sure, it made his dick happy and that’s why he went along. But it was one thing when he needed to ejaculate and something very different once that part was over. Something changed when Ed and I just started fucking anywhere in the house, at any time. If he tried to watch, I’d shoo him off.

He just had to get used to the fact that I loved fucking Ed. To be fair, I probably would’ve fucked damn near any guy, but Ed was working out very well. Things were so different in the past, so much more normal. I wanted Jeff to see and know how badly I wanted Ed to fuck me. To know I really did enjoy sex with a man who wasn’t Jeff, wasn’t my husband… and had a larger cock to boot.

He tried to hide it, but I’d seen his eyes for years now. They weren’t ever this submissive. I felt he was well and truly cucked when he just started behaving like normal while we were fucking. I’d ask him to make dinner for Ed and I one evening and he did it. He even asked if he’d be needed later in the night!

It made my spine tingle. He was starting to know the new place I was creating for him. He wanted to be included, maybe have a chance to get off. That wasn’t happening, but I’d tell him “No, you’re free baby. Maybe get the laundry then you can play on your phone until Ed and I are done.” And he did it! That kind of power over him was thoroughly enjoyable.

But, as much as I was enjoying it, there were a lot of work to get done on him. Instead of giving him time in Ed’s car, I had him going down on Ed at home more often. His poor balls, they must’ve been so sensitive by then!

Which is why after our usual little ritual of him eating Ed’s cum out of me, sometimes I’d let him have an orgasm. Which I would inevitably ruin for him. One time I had him sitting naked on a chair, his penis sticking straight forward and I slapped the thing so hard his cum spewed all over his thigh and ended up dripping down on his feet and the floor. I was nicer that time, I let him use a paper towel to clean up.

Up until now, if he was cumming, I was ruining it or he was associating it with having Ed’s cock ins his mouth. Pretty simple, cocks meant cumming. But he had to know at some point a cock wasn’t only going in his mouth, and I couldn’t wait to see that. He’d never have let that happen before!

That week, I let him go all week without a micro-dose of viagra. Ed and I fucked plenty, but we never involved him at all. I didn’t have any magic, but each day I’d inspect his balls. A day or two, it’s not easy to tell. Six days later, well, they weren’t blue but they were certainly swollen. Maybe I’d give him blue balls later.

The next day, I gave him his normal micro-dose of viagra in his breakfast. I doubt he could tell the difference, but a girl never can be too sure. I knew he was on edge and would probably get off in a second if given a chance. And I was going to give him that chance.

So, while he got Ed’s cock nice and ready for me that evening I was very supportive. “You know honey, I’ve really come around to you being a cocksucker for me.” I said while he was slobbering on Ed’s knob. “I didn’t know how hot it would make me. It’s even better than any sex we’ve had before.” I said.

Then I got down there on my knees with him and joined him. Me on one side, him on the other, looking at each other over Ed’s cock and hairy ballsack. “I know why you like his cock. I really do, because I like it too. I never would’ve thought we had that in common. I love watching you blow him, it makes you look so much sexier.” I purred at him.

It was wonderful, because bahis şirketleri it was true. He *did* look sexier to me happily sucking away and rock hard, a glimpse into his future. If he thought we were both going to have our mouths on Ed’s cock though, he was wrong. I got him to work Ed’s balls, just so I could see him almost pull back. Jeff wasn’t hairless between his legs, but Ed was just pushing the edge of being too hairy. I hoped he’d get pubic hair stuck in teeth.

Together though, we made Ed feel like a king. With Ed’s cock in my mouth, I looked up and winked at him. We’d both be getting off pretty hard soon, I felt very confident of that. So would Jeff though. I liked having Ed’s cock in my mouth, felt like I was repaying him but also because it was fine as cock’s go. I was learning what I’d given up to be with Jeff, and I wanted him to know I well and truly preferred Ed’s appendage.

I gave up Ed’s cock, but Jeff knew better and continued to tongue bathe Ed’s balls. He he arched at an odd angle, to get low enough to get under Ed’s balls, letting one of them spill into his mouth as I scooted up onto the bed to watch.

“Fuck, that’s hot.” I said, and I meant it. I had no problem pleasuring myself to that. “You should’ve told me years ago about your “problem”, think of all that wasted time. Cucking you is bringing us so much closer together baby. Make sure you get all of his ballsack, Ed likes that.” I knew his nose would be full of Ed’s scent. He’d get accustomed to it in time, that’s for sure.

While my husband was learning a new useful skill, I opened my nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube I’d put there earlier. I just held it up, waiting. Jeff was so absorbed with what was going on that it took him almost a full minute before he looked over at me.

I could see his eyes narrow for a moment, then realization dawn as he read the label. He almost coughed up Ed’s balls and I couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t have been that naive, could he? I just patted on the bed, between my legs. “C’mon up,” I said, “Get your underwear off, you’re going through those way too quickly.”

Again, I patted for him to get in place. “Facing me, baby.” I said as he got out of his underwear. God, his erection looked painful to me, all red and purple at the top. I tossed Ed the lube, spreading my legs, “I want to share this with you. You just look into my eyes, I want you to see how fucking hot you make me now.”

He was slow about it, but he did crawl into the bed on all fours. He knew the position, he usually ate me out in a similar one. I’ve seen people’s faces go red before, but when Ed settled onto the bed too, Jeff’s face would give Casper the friendly ghost a run for his money.

Ed had lubed himself up prodigiously and my husband went utterly and totally rigid as one he felt a man’s hand on his ass for the first time. He was having trouble looking at me. Kept looking down to stare at my tits or my pussy. Those wouldn’t be helping him, and in the end he wouldn’t even want them to.

“Baby, we’re in this together. I’m here for you. You need this kind of thing, so I’m here for you. Look at me.” And he did, ashen faced he felt Ed’s cock bounce off the bottom of his ass as he was lining up. It was so difficult to control my face! From cheating with 28 different women to this… It certainly was a change alright!

He let out a whimper as he felt something warm but slippery press up against his ass, and his fingers dug into the blankets, white knuckled. Then Ed started pushing in. Just a little bit and Jeff’s eyes looked intense. Wider. “That’s how I feel when he starts to push into me. I know what you’re feeling, sweetheart.”

Then Jeff messed it all up.

Ed was barely past half way in, and suddenly there was a noise I’d never heard. “Aahhnn-nnhn.” It came out so quickly and at such a higher pitch than I’d ever heard from my dear husband. He just started half leaking half spurting out cum. He was still locked rigid, and line after line after of his semen was coming out. Ed wasn’t even moving.

It was so unexpected to me that I just started laughing. I had thought it’d be tough for him to have an anal orgasm, so I made sure he didn’t cum all week. I micro-dosed him with viagra. I thought he’d last a few minutes at least, for the anxiety or fear or shame. Underestimated the ‘ol husband, he was even hornier than I imagined.

I was laughing uproariously, it just kept bubbling up while he was cumming from a man just barely pushing into his ass for the first time. The look on his face was beyond priceless, I instantly regretted not having my phone handy to record it.

His face was completely white. Drained of any color. He cut off the noise he’d made as quickly as it had come out, but it had. He knew I’d heard it, he knew I knew he’d gotten enough pleasure from it that he couldn’t control himself in a very literal sense.

I had to wipe away tears from my eyes, “I’m sorry, hon.” I said honestly. Even my voice was huskier, which surprised me. Ed had just gone on pushing in while Jeff was busy emptying his balls. “I guess you would’ve liked it, but I didn’t know you liked it so much you’d have a premature ejaculation.” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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