A Grain of Rice

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“I never guessed that catching a grain of rice in my eye at your cousin’s wedding would lead to great sex for me.” My wife, Chelsea said as she slid into her seat next to me at Janey’s wedding reception.

“So it wasn’t just a long dreary wait at the hospital that delayed you,” I replied. “I felt badly about your injury, especially since you were not happy about being there in the first place.”

“Just because you’d like to fuck your cousin doesn’t mean I have to like her.”

“Back up a second. Did you say that had sex? With who?”

“The emergency doctor.”

“How did that happen?”

“Well, to start with, he was really cute and young for a doctor, maybe just an intern. The eye scope thingy needed a darkened room. That made it seem intimate, just like a candle light dinner. He was adjusting my head into the scope to check to see if the cornea was scratched. I started crying. Next thing I knew I was blubbering about how mad I was at you for sitting there drooling over how sexy Janey is.” Chelsea giggled. “Though I must admit, I was as horny as I was angry. That hard on you got looking at her cleavage in the low cut gown looked like something I could have enjoyed during the break between the ceremony and the reception. That was probably in the back of my mind as the doc comforted me.”

“What did he do?” I felt my cock stir in my loose fitting suit pants.

“He had these delicate but strong hands. He was already cupping my cheeks. Next, he started gently wiping away the tears. Then he was stroking my hair. I was already so horny, that was really all the seduction I needed. I shifted my stool so the scope was not in our way and leaned into a kiss. His lips were soft and tender. It was more like kissing a girl than a man.”

Chelsea grinned as she glanced down at my lap. “I can tell that you are enjoying listening to this.”

“I am not a jealous husband, you know that. I learned years ago I could never satisfy you by myself. You get horny so often, in all sorts of places.”

“Like I am now?” Chelsea chuckled and sighed. “How soon can we sneak out to fuck? Sucking you off underneath the table just wouldn’t be enough for me.”

“Gosh, woman, you really are just as horny as a teenage boy. At least finish your story first.” Now it was my turn to tease. “Then I have a story too.”

“I never even learned the doc’s name. With his hands, he ought to be a surgeon. Before we broke that first kiss, he was stroking my back.” Chelsea flicked a hand behind her. “This backless dress made it easy for him. His fingers slid down and through underneath the fabric to grasp my tits from behind.”

“Where was the nurse?”

“She got called out to help with a trauma.”

“Wasn’t he worried she might return?”

“Yes, so he quickly went over to lock the door. With the lights out, anyone would think the room was empty. The only risk was if they ran out of space and needed it for another exam.” Chelsea laughed as she recalled her adventure. “That chance of being caught added to the fun.”

As she spoke, one of her hands quietly caressed her own nipple while the other dropped discretely into my lap, where she gave my growing erection a friendly squeeze.

“It also meant we didn’t have much time to do anything. I quickly unzipped his pants as he stood there by the door. His cock popped right out the fly, he was so hard and ready.”

“How big was he?” I never know why I ask Chelsea that. I love the idea of her getting a really big cock, but then I might feel less adequate, though I know my eight inches is above average.

“A bit longer than yours, but not as fat. Which gave me a wonderful idea.” In the dim lighting of the banquet hall, Chelsea’s smile was a beacon of joy.

“Which idea was that?” I encouraged her, as I shifted my hand onto her knee and slid it up under her dress.

Chelsea giggled again. “Well, you won’t get to eat cream pie this time. I …” she hesitated, but resumed speaking as I stroked between her thighs. “I let him take my ass cherry. I hope you aren’t mad. I know you’ve wanted to try anal forever, but I’ve always been afraid that your thickness would hurt me. His cock looked just right. And guess what. It was perfect. It stretched me and filled me, without excruciating pain. Plus, now that I’ve been plowed once, I’m way keen to try and see if I can take your manhood up the rear channel.”

Her eyes flitted around the room. “Are you sure there isn’t a coat room we can use?” she asked.

I moaned in response, her fingers now tickling the super sensitive tip of my cock, right through my pants. I retaliated by stabbing a finger higher up into her crotch, quickly discovering that she no longer was wearing panties. “Weren’t you wearing a nice lacy thong when we left the house? I asked.

This time, Chelsea’s laughter bubbled right up from her belly. “I sort of left them with the doc as a souvenir. He said without them, his room mates would never believe what happened.”

The idea of the doctor bragging canlı bahis about assfucking my wife caused a moment’s pause, but I fast regained focus. “Did he do a good job of it at least?”

“Well, I haven’t yet got much to compare with. I’ll need a few more buttfucks to really know if he was good, but he did the job.”

It was my turn to chuckle. “A good climax was had by Chelsea?”

“Definitely,” she sighed, closing her eyes and clearly recreating events ion her mind. “The way I was crouching up on the examining table, my halter was hanging loose. He sensibly started by returning his attention to my tits. He warmed them with his palms and gradually drew his hands back so that his fingers grabbed the nipples. He paused and just loosely gripped them. Then he applied gradual pressure, squeezing until I groaned. He obviously knew what women like because he took that as the sign to grasp one nipple in between each thumb and forefinger and tug then. Once again, he began gently, puling slowly. After he made them erect, he twisted lightly and then gradually applied more pressure. I had my first orgasm then. I’ve never come so quickly in my life, with you or with any other lover.”

Chelsea paused, looking at me with a serious expression, and then asked “Are you angry?”

“About what? You know you can fuck whoever you want as long as you tell me about it. The assfucking is just an added bonus.”

“Well, I’m glad you aren’t upset.”

“What happened next?”

“His cock was pressing around my back, waggling between my cheeks, and then dipping down as if hunting for my cunt, but then bobbing up and sliding along my backside again. I reached around and grasped him in my hand and guided him to my anus. Before he pushed in though, I ran my fingers down into my slit and scooped my juices back and up as natural lubricant. He got the hint and leaned over to whisper that he had an idea. He lifted off of me and got some surgical gel from a drawer. He coated both his rod and my ass. He also had put a condom on. With one strong thrust, he pushed into me.”

“How did that feel?”

“I was so relaxed that it felt smooth as silk. Once he was in, I could feel his balls slapping against my slit. I kept playing with my clit while I became adjusted to the sensation. I felt full, but it didn’t hurt. He whispered again that I should use my muscles to milk him. All my tummy crunches came in handy. I was amazed how easily I could do that, because I was able to clench right down around his shaft, forcing him to adopt a nice slow rhythm of pulling his shaft back until it almost popped out the anal ring and then I would thrust my hips back and swallow him again. He soon grabbed hold of my tits again and used them as hand holds to rock us back and forth.”

Chelsea’s hand pumped my cock where it was making a tent in my trousers. “I just wished at that point that you were there so that you could have slid underneath me and eaten my pussy as the doctor fucked my ass,” she explained.” I love how you open my box with your tongue.”

“Well, it is a treasure of pleasure.”

“There was so much nectar gushing from my cunt that you would have had to slurp really quickly just not to drown.” She paused and shook her head. “But what if your tongue lapped up against his balls?”

“Well. I’m not gay, but I wouldn’t ruin the moment.”

Chelsea smiled again, reassured. “The doc started pinching my nipples, urging me to come on his cock. We had to realize that soon either they would need the room or notice that he was missing. It was like we were racing to a finish line then. I was arching my back driving back fucking him as hard as I could while he was pistoning forward and stretching my nubs. The next orgasm was an explosion. I collapsed to the table, just shaking. His cock slid out of my ass as he came. The rubber got stuck and slid off and he spewed great streams of come all over my backside. Fortunately, the sterile wipe dispenser was handy for a fast clean up. I barely had time to get off the table and shake my dress around my legs before nursie was knocking at the door asking if we were okay. She said the screaming was waking the dead in the morgue.”

“She must have been jealous.”

“Of who?” Chelsea laughed, “Me for getting the doc, or the doc because he got me?”

Chelsea pumped my cock harder as I snuck a hand inside her halter. All eyes were on the bride and no one seemed to be watching us. Janey made a beautiful bride, long dark hair flowing out from under her veil, her rouged and powdered bosom thrusting out of the low cut gown, her apple cheeks glowing in the spotlight.

“You figure her for bi?” I asked, my voice a croak as my excitement dried my mouth.

“Well, she did slip me her number,” Chelsea sighed as my thumb tweaked her nipple, “and I don’t think it’s in case I need home care. My eye is fine now. In fact, I can see clearly that Janey looks like she’s already been fucked.”

My fingers froze around Chelsea’s hard nubbin. Of course, being my wife, bahis siteleri she noticed this unusual pause. “Oh, dear, did I just ruin your surprise?”

I felt Chelsea’s breast swell even fuller under my palm as her nipple get stiffer to my touch. Her tone of voice was still playful. Having confessed to anal sex at the hospital, she could hardly blame me for getting off while waiting. Unless she thought I ought to have waited there for her, or saved my sperm for later. Women have an advantage that way, being able to take multiple partners without breaks, and our exploration of a swinging lifestyle had begun as a means to satisfy Chelsea’s appetites, which were inexhaustible. The more she fucked, the more fucking she wanted. She understood that fair play meant I was allowed a bit of strange every now and then, but almost invariably, she wanted my hard cock right after an adventure.

“Well, if you can’t get it up again, I’ll just fuck the groom,” she teased, letting me off the hook. “But you better tell me how you cuckolded him.”

“Does it count as cuckolding if he played too?” I asked.

“Oh, this just gets better all the time,” Chelsea cooed, wriggling in her seat her orgasmic juices gushing out all over my hand. “But I will need a hard fucking soon. I hope you and Janey left at least one man in the wedding party capable of performing.”

“It was just Janey and I…”

“…and Ryan?” I suddenly recalled how Chelsea had congratulated Janey at the rehearsal over her ‘great catch’. My wife thought Ryan was a truly edible hunk.

“Yes, he did join in after a while,” I admitted.

“Well, then, that’s not cuckolding then, that’s wife sharing.”

“Maybe I should return the favour?”

Chelsea moaned and twisted on her seat, grinding her pelvis, trapping my arm between her knees as another climax shook her body.

“So, what did you do?” she asked, and then sipped her water, once again the picture of decorum.

“Janey was very worried that you might be really hurt. So when I got back from dropping you at the hospital, she grabbed my arm and dragged me into her little powder room to ask how you were. I guess she figured if I was really upset, she didn’t want me losing it win front of the guests. I had a perfect view down her cleavage, and she figured out where I was staring pretty quickly. I admitted that I have lusted after her ever since she blossomed into womanhood. Janey shocked me then by reaching out and gently touching my cock through my trousers, just testing the hardness. She asked whether you were the reason I had never tried to have a go at her.”

“Was she stroking you like this?”

“My fly was still closed and her hand wasn’t closed around my shaft like yours is, dear.”

“How did you answer her question?”

“I told her that being married had never stopped either of us from a good fuck, but that we never get into long term relationships. I explained to Janey was too special a relative to waste our friendship by ruining it for casual sex. I told her that she deserved a man of her dreams, not just a quick thrill.”

Chelsea laughed so loudly people at other tables looked our way. She spoke quietly however. “You mean you were hinting that you would have spoiled her for the overgrown boys she might date.”

I chuckled, and then moaned as Chelsea raked a finger nail across the tip of my cock head.

“What I was really thinking was that just because open marriage works for us, it might be too shocking to her peers. They are much more conservative than we were.”

“Sure, I mean, they would never do this,” Chelsea replied, ducking below table height to finally give my cock a lick, rimming it with her tongue like an ice cream cone, tasting my precum. Although she bounced right back up, I was sure that several other guests either had a good look, or could easily guess what she was up to. She held her chin high and grinned, allowing the lights to glisten off her sparkling teeth, as if daring anyone to deny her this fun.

“She must have licked you nice and clean, I can’t taste anything other than your usual meaty goodness.”

“You are getting ahead of the story. It unfolded amazingly slowly, given that Janey was in the middle of her own wedding day. After I commented on how special she was, she sat upright, with a serious look on her face, just like when she was a little girl coming to me asking me to explain some mystery like why the sky is blue. Except, this time, she asked me how come when she dreamed, it was never about Ryan, but was often about me.”


“Yup, serious stuff like I said. Meanwhile though, her hand was still on my thigh, and it started curling around to the inside, brushing up against my balls. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own too and copied her motions, rubbing her underneath her wedding gown.”

“How did she react?”

“She snuggled into me like a little girl but the way she was humping my hand was most adult. She grabbed my wrist with her free hand and shoved bahis şirketleri my fingers up further. Do most brides forget their panties?”

Chelsea chuckled, and then sighed, her eyes shut as she replayed this scene in her mind, riding the waves of a fresh orgasm. “Maybe she had fucked Ryan already?”

“I doubt that. She was no blushing inexperienced girl. Despite those fresh looks, she knew just what she wanted. Her first orgasm came quickly. I didn’t even have time to try to find her clit. Just the pressure of my flesh filling her womb seemed to be enough. When she came, her little hand was squeezing my cock in the same way as her pussy was clamped around my wrist. She kissed me hard, and asked me to fuck her.”

“I bet you were willing.”

“I asked her what about Ryan.”

“True. He might be a complication.”

Now it was my turn to chuckle. “Not really,” I continued the story even as I continued massaging her clit with my fingers. “It was Ryan who answered my question, not Janey.”

“What?” Chelsea was startled. So much so that for a second, she even stopped stroking my cock.

“Ryan was standing in the shadows. He had come looking for Janey. All he did was ask if he could watch.”

“What did Janey do then?”

“She wasn’t embarrassed at all. She turned a bit and told Ryan that since he was there, he had to help, not just watch. She had him lift the folds of her dress above her waist so that she could climb onto my lap and sit on my erection. She corkscrewed her hips as she lowered her wet cunt onto my rod.”

“How did Ryan react?”

“He was leaning in so close, watching, that I could feel his warm breath. Then Janey told him to take his cock out and she leaned forward and started playing with his cock while she shoved back against my lap.”

“Good thing she’s young and flexible.”

“All those years of gymnastics paid off.”

“What was Ryan’s cock like?” Chelsea wanted to know. She was gasping for breath, another wave of orgasms shaking her body.

“Long, but thin…”

“Ohhh, a perfect assfucking cock, like the doctor.” Chelsea squealed in excitement. “Lucky Janey.”

“Well, I’ll take your opinion on that. I didn’t see any assfucking firsthand.”

“Not yet anyway,” Chelsea teased. “What did you see?”

“Ryan was already hard. Janey took Ryan’s boner into her mouth. First though she licked all around it, like she was giving it a bath. Then she licked and sucked his balls.”

“We call that teabagging now dear,” Chelsea explained. “Go on.”

“I started fucking her harder as she stroked his shaft and sucked on the tip of his cock. The rocking motion kept nudging her further forward so she kept on swallowing more of his length in order to keep pace. Ryan was starting to grunt and he began talking to Janey telling her what a fuckable slut she was, and how glad he was that the wedding hadn’t changed her attitude. By then, I couldn’t see where the tip of his cock was anymore.”

“In her throat, no doubt.”

“I wish we could do more of that right now.”

“Not now. Finish your story quickly and we’ll find a quiet corner.”

“Ryan did say lots about how she liked being fucked in the mouth even more than a cock up the ass. Made me feel sort of second best for just fucking her pussy, but it got her so excited that her muscles started clenching around my shaft, grabbing my cock and throbbing against me. As I pulled back, she slid forward, creating motion in many directions at once. It felt like she was giving me a blow job with her cunt. And despite Ryan calling her a slut, she was very tight.”

Across the room, I saw the happy couple starting to circulate, accepting congratulations. I hurried to finish before they reached our table.

“I reached around to fondle her nipples but found her hands already there. She was pulling on them hard so I guessed she liked pain, at least a bit. I tried spanking her as we fucked. She started moaning more loudly and moving both her hips and her mouth faster. She seemed frantic to come. Ryan came first though. His whole body stiffened and then he screamed so loudly that I was afraid someone might come looking, but being a powder room it was well soundproofed. Janey did not stop just because he came. Her head kept pumping up and down, although she was easing back, driving harder onto my cock as more of Ryan’s shaft came into view. I leaned a bit to the side so that I could see her cheeks fluttering and then her throat gulping as his cum flowed. Then Ryan pulled back a bit and his cock head was visible, still swollen purple resting on Janey’s tongue between her open lips. She reached up and squeezed his balls. Another flood of goo gushed onto her tongue.”

I paused. Chelsea looked me straight in the eye, but stopped playing. “What happened next?” she asked quietly, as if sharing my unspoken fear of the rest of the confession. Chelsea had been understanding this far, but the next details were something she had never heard from me before.

I started with the easy part. “The fierce hip action finally triggered a massive orgasm for me. I emptied my load into Janey. Her pussy just kept gripping my cock, milking out every drop. I think she was coming at the same time.”

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