A Letter To A Pantied sub

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I have been thinking of us meeting in my hotel room.

You are really nervous but you start to relax when it becomes obvious that I am just like I have told you.

Under your clothes you are dressed exactly as I asked you to be: bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings. You strip off your outer clothes and pirouette for me to examine you. You have shaved off all your body hair as I wanted and your cock is hard and throbbing. You put on some lipstick and eyeshadow as I lounge back in the armchair watching you and feeling my cock hardening under my suit trousers.

“Take your panties off,” I command.

Slowly, like a stripper or a lover, you roll your panties down, releasing your cock as slowly, slowly you peel them down your legs. I hear the fine rustle of the stain rubbling on the nylon of your shaved legs. You bend and kick them off.

“Come over here.”

You come and stand in front of me, licking your lips as that heady mixture of nervousness and rising excitement dries your mouth. I reach out slowly and touch your cock gently, stroking one finger up and down its length. It twitches as I do so and precum dribbles. I wipe the precum with my finger and rub it along your lips. I bend and kiss your cock and then take it slowly and gently in my mouth, salivating as I suck and swallow it. As I do so my hands move up and, through your bra, find your nipples which I pinch between thumb and forefinger rubbing and tweaking; allowing you to feel the erotic pressure through the sublime feel of the satin across on them. Your nipples are hard and I am making them harder.

I release you and push you back before offering you a large and cock-like looking dildo.

“Now please me,” I say. “I want to see you cum”

You lick the dildo with your tongue and caress it with your mouth. You go to the bed, lie on your back and lifting your knees and legs slowly insert the dildo into your receptive anus, feeling the latex cock push in deeply, slowly, bit by bit. Then you start to move it in and out, in and out. Your cock is hard and straight and pointing at your face…

I am watching transfixed, both my hands inside my clothes, my right pinching and squeezing a nipple, my left stroking up and down the length of my hard smooth cock….

You continue to work the dildo slowly in and out of yourself building güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in speed as your excitement increases. Your breathing gets heavier and more jagged and your spare hand now goes to your cock. You close your eyes.

“Keep your eyes open. Look at me.”

You obey me, and I see that look of longing behind the glaze of lust on your eyeballs.

Now I start to strip. Without taking my eyes off you I quickly shrug out of my suit coat, shirt and tie, kick off my shoes and step out of my trousers and underwear. I am completely naked and my cock is hard. I move over towards you and start rubbing myself, masturbating in front of you as you fuck yourself violently with the latex dildo and jerk your hand up and down your cock.

You feel it starting. Deep inside your body the dildo starts to trigger the explosion you now so desperately want and that exquisite trembling warmth starts simultaneously at the back of your ankles and the top of your skull. It moves – so slowly it seems – from both extremities to meet that other burst of pleasure that started at your prostate. The spasm shoots through your lower belly and stuns your balls as your cock erupts in pleasure and your thick viscous cum sputs in long strands across your chest, on your bra and neck, on to your face and into your mouth. Almost simulataneously, I too start to cum and my white goo joins yours in your open mouth, on your face, over your body and your satin and lace. It seems to go on and on and on and on.

Eventually we both stop. We are still staring into each other’s eyes. You slowly let the dildo fall out of your anus and you relax your legs on the bed.

“Show me”, I command.

You open your mouth and reveal to me the cum filled interior.


You do as told and gulp down it all, licking your lips. You smile at me.

“Thank you,” you whisper.

I take the panties you discarded earlier on and folding them so the crotch is at the front of my hand, use them to wipe my cock and then to wipe up as much of the cum on your face and body as I can. Then I place the panties in your mouth and leave you lying on the bed sucking them while I shower and clean up. I call room service and order drinks. I dress in my suit again. The room service attendant brings the drinks, places them güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on the table and takes the docket all the while trying to ignore you, still lying on the bed, smelling of cum, dressed in bra, garterbelt and stockings and sucking on the matching panties which protrude from your mouth.

He leaves and I remove your panties, motion for you to sit up and offer you a drink. You take it with slightly shaking hands and we sip together sitting in armchairs looking at each other. We don’t talk. Your cock is hard again.

“Get dressed”.

You know what I want and pull on your jeans and sweater over your cum-stained lingerie and stockings. You wear no panties and the denim is rough against your hard cock. Your face is still smeared with the remains of wiped off cum and the lipstick and eyeshadow that was wiped up with it. You smell of cum.

You follow me out of the room and you try to be inconspicuous as you walk through the lobby of the hotel, but you are sure all eyes are on you. You follow me outside and down a street towards what seems a dangerous park to enter after dark. I have scouted the area well however and the public restroom in the middle of the park is a well established after hours beat for in-the-closet men, mostly married guys terrified that their wives and workmates might find out about their secret predeliction for cock. There are a few guys hanging about as I lead you into one of the stalls. I make you take off your jeans and sweater again before putting a leather collar around your neck. From my pocket I take a chain and fasten one end to your collar, the other to a metal pipe in the stall. You are now tied to the spot. I leave you and go out to where the men are waiting.

“If you want a slut to suck your cock, there’s one inside,” I say loudly enough for all to hear.

The men lose their inhibitions and move inside. One, a rather overweight, unattractive man unzips his trousers and presents you with a small but very hard cock. You kneel and kiss its hard, shiny purple head and take it in your mouth. You work up and down on it while he holds your head to his groin. He comes quickly with a great deal of noise and as he pulls out of your mouth he is quickly replaced by a young guy, of college age, and with a beautifully proportioned cock. You receive güvenilir bahis şirketleri this one with evident enthusiasm and pleasure and your slurps can be heard by the men in the queue, waiting for their turn.

“He’ll do anything you want,” I tell them as I count now five men waiting for their turn with you.

The young guy moans with delight as you demonstrate your sluttish oral skills, but he pulls out before he reaches orgasm. He wants more from you and he pulls you on to the toilet seat, kneels between your legs and sucks your still hard and straining cock into his mouth. A novice cock sucker, this is clearly one of the sexiest moments of his life as he makes up in enthusiasm for his lack of experience. You wince a bit as his teeth scrape your tender skin but suddenly, once again, your back arches in climax as you ejaculate in creamy globs into his mouth. He sucks till you are limp then stands and kisses you with a mouth full of cum. You luxuriate in the kiss and in the taste of your own cum which he transfers to you before once more putting his cock back in for you to finish him.

And so it goes on as you suck 8 men all up, your mouth and bellly full of cum, your face and chin and lingerie covered in it, your mouth sore and tired and your balls aching. Your ass is sore from your earlier fucking and from the pokes from a few of the more enthusiastic men in the rest room.

I decide it’s time to go.

“That’s all folks,” I conclude as I undo the chain from the pipe and carrying your clothes, I lead you into the dark of the park. I stop by some bushes and make you once more go down on your hands and knees. Leaving my clothes on, I unzip my trousers and push my cock straight into your ass, forcing it into you and moving immediately hard and fast into you. I fuck you violently, thinking only of my own pleasure, call you ‘slut’ and ‘cum-sucker’ and ‘sexy little whore’. I ask you if you love me doing this to you and you grunt back between my thrusts “Oh yes, I Love it. I love it. I love you doing this to me.” Tnetatively you add, “I love you treating me like the slut that I am …. Master.” Eventually I reach my climax and spurt deep into you. I collapse on your back and stay there spent for a while before withdrawing. I pull you up to a kneeling position and give you my cock to lick clean. You do a good job and I reward you with a lovers kiss. I give you your clothes back, undo the chain and walk you to your car. I say goodbye and watch you drive away heading home.

I walk back to my hotel room. I shower, take a drink to the balcony and stand there looking at the city lights, the stars. I feel old.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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