A Literotica Romance Ch. 01

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Samantha was a lonely, single 26 year old woman in Michigan who had been on Literotica for quite a few years. One night, Samantha decided to post a personal ad on the Literotica bulletin board. The ad didn’t have anything enticing other than looking to talk with a nice man. It wasn’t long that Samantha had received a response to her ad. This ad was answered by a man named Mark, a lonely 27 year old man from Illinois. Mark explained to Samantha that he had just gotten out of a relationship and was looking for some companionship. They exchanged Yahoo handles and began exchanging pictures and one thing lead to another. They both found themselves fantasizing about one another very often. One day, Samantha gave Mark her phone number.

“You should call me sometime,” Samantha typed to Mark.

“Ok, I will. Here is my phone number,” Mark typed back; “you can call me anytime as well.”

It was a Thursday night, about 8:30 central time, when Mark decided to pick up his cell phone and dial the cute blonde’s phone number. It was 9:30 eastern time where Samantha lived. Samantha answered the phone.


“Hi Samantha, it’s me, Mark. How are you doing tonight?” Mark said.

“Oh wonderful, just stepped out of the shower and was actually thinking of you.” Samantha replied.

Samantha and Mark continued talking mostly what they did that day and the fact they couldn’t get each other out of their heads. Samantha found herself getting aroused listening to Mark’s voice. She playfully suggested that they have phone sex. Mark was gamed.

“I want you to tell me what I should do to myself. I want you to be my master.” Samantha lustfully said into the phone.

“Mmm, I want you to remove your robe and start fondling your breasts for me. Pull on your nipples for me and imagine your master sucking and nibbling on them.” Mark said as he stroked his 6 inch love stick.

Samantha pulled on her nipples, moaning into the phone. She felt wet in between canlı bahis her legs. She got up from her bed, went to her drawer and pulled out her favorite hot pink vibrator. She told Mark on the phone he was going to be the first person to ever hear her with her fun toy. Samantha continued pulling her nipples and moaning and listening to Mark groan on the phone. Samantha couldn’t stand it anymore, so she slipped her vibrator on and started plunging her toy deep into her tight cunt.

“I can hear your toy; I want you to pull it in and out of you fast, imagine me fucking you hard.” Mark groaned.

“Oh yes…uhh…Mark I want you so bad.” Samantha moaned.

“Don’t call me Mark, I am your master. You call me master.” Mark groaned.

“Oh master…fuck! I’m going to cum.” Samantha yelled.

“Cum for me, cum for master.” Mark demanded.

Samantha’s tight pussy was leaking; she shoved the vibrator as far as it could go getting her juices all over. Samantha pulled the vibrator out and started sucking and licking the vibrator, imagining it was Mark’s cock. Mark couldn’t take it anymore, and he started to cum very hard.

“Mmm Samantha, you dirty little slut, you love your juices don’t you? Uhhhh…here I cum…” Mark moaned.

Mark shot a big load in his hand and was catching his breath. Mark cleaned his hand before he continued talking to Samantha.

“Mmm…thank you Samantha.” Mark said.

“You’re welcome Mark. I think we should meet in person sometime.” Samantha suggested.

“That’s a great idea. Come out and have a romantic weekend with me.” Mark replied.

They continued to talk about this plan and then said their goodnights. After Samantha had gotten off the phone with Mark, Samantha went to her computer to look up ticket prices to take a train out to Chicago. Samantha was delighted that the tickets were only $64 both ways and that it would be a 4 hour trip. This would work out perfectly.

The next night, Mark called Samantha bahis siteleri and Samantha told him the good news. They arranged for the trip to be in two weeks. Mark was going to take the day off of work to pick Samantha up at the train station and they could begin their weekend together without a delay. Samantha was going to stay at a hotel, but Mark insisted that Samantha stayed with him.

Finally the day was here. Samantha had to be at the train station by 7:15 AM and the train would be taking off at 7:30 AM. Samantha wore a purple blouse with a black skirt, some knee-highs, and a pair of dress shoes. She wanted to look sexy for Mark. She had on underneath a maroon bra and matching panties, her sexiest bra and panties set that she owned. Samantha closed her eyes and fell asleep. She then began to have a dream about her and Mark. In the dream, Mark pushed Samantha up against a wall in an alley, kissed her passionately as his hands explored her big, curvy figure. Mark took Samantha’s tits in his hands and began squeezing them. Samantha moaned loudly into Mark’s mouth, he slid his tongue inside her mouth. They continued to French kiss as Mark lifted up her skirt and revealed her trimmed pussy. He began rubbing her clit fast as he moved down to her neck, making hickeys. Mark then slid two fingers in her tight pussy, as Samantha spread her legs far apart. Just as Samantha was about to orgasm in the dream, Samantha woke up. Samantha was all hot and bothered and couldn’t wait to get off the train. Mark was going to be in for a surprise when Samantha arrived.

It was about 12:35 when Samantha’s train pulled into the train station in Chicago. Samantha got up, took her things, and got off the train, looking for Mark. Mark had a bouquet of red roses, which were Samantha’s favorite flowers. He greeted Samantha with a passionate kiss and a hug.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Mark exclaimed.

“Me neither, I’m so happy right now.” Samantha smiled.

Samantha ran bahis şirketleri her fingers threw Mark’s brown hair and looked into his blue eyes. He was pretty tall, about 6’2 and Samantha felt short compared to him. Mark whispered in Samantha’s ear that she had the prettiest blue eyes that he’s ever seen. Samantha then kissed Mark tenderly, placing her hands on his chest, as Mark embraced her, returning the kiss. Mark then suggested that they better get in the car, since it would take about thirty minutes to his house.

Mark and Samantha engaged in conversation, not really listening to the radio. Samantha told Mark about her steamy dream she had while on the train. Mark began showing his hard on threw his pants and Samantha noticed. Samantha placed her hand on Mark’s thigh and began squeezing it. She playfully stuck her tongue out at Mark and Mark blushed. Samantha then inched over to Mark’s bulge.

“Does that feel good?” Samantha asked as she petted Mark’s bulge.

“Yes it does. Keep going.” Mark said softly as he tried focusing on the road.

Samantha proceeded to unzip Mark’s pants and pulled out his cock threw his boxers. Samantha continued gliding her hand up and down. Mark’s member was really hard. Samantha wanted to taste it badly. She leaned over and gave the tip a nice long lick. Mark grinned and began to lean back, enjoying Samantha’s tongue on his cock. Samantha then started to suck gently, swirling her tongue around the shaft. Mark pulled the car over and lifted Samantha up from his cock. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Samantha then unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over, taking Mark’s whole member into her mouth. Samantha bobbed her head as fast as she could, trying to deep throat Mark’s cock. Mark moaned and sighed and leaned back in his seat, running his fingers threw Samantha’s blonde hair. Mark started to fuck Samantha’s mouth, pumping in and out. Mark then started to cum deep in Samantha’s throat.

“Mmm that felt so good baby,” Mark picked up Samantha and kissed her on her forehead.

“You are amazing, but we need to get back on the road.” Mark said as he put his member back in his pants. They then continued their drive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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