A Long Drive But Worth It

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It was about 75 miles to my friends house, was a long drive, but always worth it. Normally took about an hour to drive but today was different. I was extremely horny and had picked up another friend and was taking him about 50 miles down the road. After about 20 minutes I decided to ask him if he would fuck me in exchange for the ride. I was pretty sure he would or I wouldn’t have asked him, and I was right he said sure. So I pulled the van over in an RV park and we climbed in the back, I always carried a couple of pillows and a couple blankets in case of an emergency, this could be called an emergency, emergency fuck for sure. We got all of our clothes off, and we started to kiss real passionate kisses. Kissing like that really got us both hot. He slowly made his way down to eating my pussy and man was he good at it, he would suck on that clit and make me cum, wow, he knew all the right moves to make. We continued on our trip and I dropped him off where he wanted to go and I went on to my friend’s house.

When canlı bahis I arrived at my friend JJ’s house he met me at the driveway with a vodka and orange juice nice and cold. We went in the house and I put the suitcase on the dresser in the bedroom. Was a hot day so got into my very little bikini and was a lot cooler, tits were about to fall out of the top and if I leaned over I just knew they would come out. So just to see if they would fall out I leaned down and picked up a ash tray off the floor and they both come falling out what a site to see. He walked past and asked if I needed any help with my tits and I said sure and he put them back in the top, after getting both nipples all worked up and hard. mmmmmmmmm He had a way with his hands and mouth that only a woman would understand.

He went and started supper, we had some baked fresh catfish, small baked potato and hush puppies it was all very good. We went to watch TV and sat on the couch, his arm around me playing with my tit and me snuggled bahis siteleri up to him with my hand on his cock it didn’t take long for it to start growing. My nipple was so hard and sensitive every little move was magnified, it all felt so good, wasn’t long till he was sucking on that nipple and flicking it with his tongue. I’ll always remember those special moments they were great. He had to go to work in the morning so we didn’t stay up late just around 10:30 p.m. after the news. We both slept naked and had one hell of a fuck that night, he started at my neck and kissed me all the way down, I sucked his cock till I was begging him to fuck me it was great. mmmmmm

The next morning I fixed breakfast in the nude and just about stopped cooking it, he kept playing with my tits and pussy till I could hardly stand it. Good thing he didn’t have to go in till later I got a morning fuck and needed it pretty bad. It was early afternoon about 1:00 pm and the sun was hot so I went out to lay on a blanket in the sun naked. bahis şirketleri He enjoyed me lying out so when he came home he had a pretty picture to see. One day I was lying out in the sun and he came speeding home, I ask what was the matter and he the propane people was on the way so I had to go inside till they left. He said the delivery man was an older man and we didn’t need to have him die of heart failure right here on his property that was the only way I would agree to go in.

That night for supper besides a good fuck we had baked chicken and rice with a salad, it was all good. He had rented a movie before he came home so we could watch it. Should have known it was going to be porn that was the only movie he watched while I was there, it was a pretty good move only I didn’t get to watch much of it, I wanted to join in, so I gave his cock a good tongue lashing. After the movie ended we had a quick fuck was good for a quickie. I don’t like quickies would rather take my time and enjoy it. Slept till about 7:30 and that was late for him. Sure was nice and warm all snuggled up against him, the air conditioner was turned where it kept the house about 70 and that is cool for me, going outside was nice because it was warmer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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