A Message from Mother

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It’s late. I arrived after a long flight to my hotel and should feel dead on my feet, however, tonight I think I have just enough energy for something special. My name is Diana and I work as an airline stewardess for a major transatlantic flight company – not the one you’re thinking of, the other one.

I am in my forties but I am still fit, I am around 5′ 5″, though it depends on the heels I’m wearing. I have long dyed blonde hair, and a nice rounded bosom. I’m also Mother to a lovely, hardworking son called James. James is a student at university and as such that means I don’t see him as often as I’d like to. And I do LOVE seeing him… usually naked and standing at the foot of my bed. Please don’t be shocked, dear reader, I do love my son and he loves me, I just decided that some more hands-on parenting would be in order. He is now 20 and as devoted to me as I am to him.

If the time zones aren’t too far apart I will usually Skype with him, however sometimes when I’m travelling to the west coast of the States I don’t get the chance and so, sometimes, if he’s been a good boy, I leave him a video message for him to open when he wakes up. Now, I heard he scored highly in a mock test he undertook at University just yesterday. As you can imagine this makes me so proud to have raised such a clever boy, that he certainly deserves a reward. I did some shopping after I left the airport and then went to my hotel.

I prepare, check my hair and make-up, put on my new outfit and open up my laptop with the built-in camera. One final piece of preparation to make: I remove my wedding ring and clip a thin black leather choker around my neck. I check the lighting is right and sit down in front of my computer to record my message.

“Hello, my darling. It turns out you’ve been a good boy, so Mummy wants to give you something special, don’t worry I’ll give you a few moments to prepare…

“OK, Son, are you sitting comfortably? Have you locked your door? Turned off your phone? You won’t want to be distracted from what Mummy has to show you. Now you can take your cock out and you can stroke it, but you can only cum when Mummy says so, do you understand? Good. Mmmm it turns me on sooooo much knowing you’re going to be stroking your cock while you watch me, you naughty boy, canlı bahis masturbating over Mummy. So you’ll be pleased to know that Mummy went shopping during my last stay-over. What new items has Mummy bought? Let me show you. First of all look at my new red slip. Do you like it baby? It’s made from silk and it feels so smooth and soft against my body. Do you like the black lace trim? Look at the tiny straps that are holding it up, baby. You’d better not play too rough with Mummy otherwise you could easily break one of the straps and then Mummy’s slip would fall open and we don’t want that do we?

“Tut-tut oh my, no… Do you like the way it curves around my breasts? I’ll bet you would love to rest your head just here, eh, darling? Rest it on Mummy’s big, beautiful breasts, on her soft silky slip. Mummy can stroke you hair and tell you what a good boy you are. Yes, I know you like that, I bet your little cock is growing just at the thought of that. Of course it makes that perfect valley between my breasts too, the one you like to stare at when I lean over to give you a kiss goodnight and tuck you in. Oh, a Mother notices you looking, you naughty boy. What a deep red colour it is too. So sensual, so arousing. Very wicked. The same colour of Mummy’s lips isn’t it? That deep red. That red you love sliding down your cock as I open my lips and run them all over your cock. Mmm, god, it makes me so wet just thinking about kneeling in front of you and taking you deep in my mouth and sucking going up and down and up and down… Careful, Junior, you can’t come yet, I know you’re thinking about Mummy deep throating your aching prick, but don’t be naughty, take it slooooowly…

“Now, while you’re running your fingers up and down that cock that I doooo love to suck on, why don’t we see what Mummy is wearing on her legs? Mmm don’t they look smooth and shiny? These are fully fashioned french heel stockings, don’t they look nice? Would you want to rest your head on Mummy’s lap, on her soft, nylon stockings? Look here, baby, they have a seam at the back, very sexy to see a woman in seamed stockings, Mummy always thinks so. You can put your tongue right down there, right on Mummy’s heel and you can lick all the way up each seam until you reach the tops of Mummy’s thighs. You do the left leg bahis siteleri first, all the way up and then right leg, all the way up. Look there, see how they are connected to the straps of Mummy’s suspender belt. Oh dear, it looks like I need to adjust this one. There, that’s better. I hope you like the colour of the stockings too, Mummy chose coffee coloured ones because she knows they are going to definitely perk you up! Mmm, let me just smooth these out across my legs, running my fingers from all the way down on my foot, all the way back up my legs and all the way up my thighs to my stockingtops. Mmm that feels wonderful. What if my fingers kept going? I’d bet you love to see that, wouldn’t you, Son? My fingers gently playing with my pussy? Maybe they will…

“Now, my boy listen to the sound these stockings make when Mummy crosses her legs. There, I know you love that sound, I know when we go to lunch and I cross my legs that sound gets you so hard, doesn’t it? Well, when Mummy is home she promises she will take you to a lovely, secluded restaurant, with private booths, that when Mummy crosses her legs and you get hard, Mummy can unzip your trousers and carefully take your little man out! Imagine that, Mummy stroking her boy underneath a table while you stare down at her lovely stockinged legs. Of course, Mummy would have to cover you up with a napkin when the waitress came over, looking at you with her tight little body and tighter skirt and Mummy would take such a long time deciding what she wanted to eat and drink. Once the waitress has left, Mummy would instruct you to stare at her legs once more and then she would pump your little cock hard, her hand would be a blur and you would have to clench your hands and teeth to stop yourself crying out and you would come in great spurts, all the way down Mummy’s stockinged legs, splattering them with your seed – oh, you better not have cum yet. Mummy was just describing what might happen. Not what will! I hope your balls are filling up now, they must be aching… And if Mummy is honest that is the way she wants them! Her pussy aches for your cock all the time she is away and she wants your balls to ache for her too.

“Now then, let’s have a look at Mummy’s new shoes. These are brand new black, patent leather, peep-toe bahis şirketleri slingbacks with a spiked heel. Don’t you just love them? I know you do, I can see in my mind’s eye your cock twitching uncontrollably at the sight of them. You want to worship them don’t you? You want them on your chest as Mummy pushes you to the floor, don’t you? You want me to run these up and down your rigid cock, you want them to be pressed down into your aching, full balls don’t you? Oh god, it’s making me wet all over again now thinking me rubbing my new shoes up and down your cock until you spurt, until the cum flies in all directions, covering me. God, yes, Mummy needs to touch herself now, baby. See? Mummy’s pulling up her slip, there you can see Mummy’s stockingtops again now. Now she’s parting her luscious stockinged thighs, letting her fingers run ever so slowly over her stocking tops and over her bare, bare flesh to oh – look, Son, Mummy’s pussy… See how, Mummy has shaved it for you. Mummy knows you love seeing it bare.

“Shall Mummy show you where her clit is? Look, look just there. Mummy’s- OHHH – circling it with her finger, ummm, yes that feels, goooooood. I bet you wish you could be licking Mummy right now don’t you? Lapping at her legs and pussy like a good little doggy? OHHHH god! Mummy’s can feel her orgasm growing. I bet you can too, Son, I bet you’re fit to burst right now, I would think that big, swollen cock of yours can’t take much more punishment, can it? It’s probably red and throbbing and angry and wants to be inside Mummy- OHHH YES… Be inside Mummy so badly, it wants to thrust and jerk and force it’s way in, it wants to split her and spit inside her, it wants to fill your Mother’s pussy deep with your thick, white cum. You want to spill your mess all over my body, don’t you? You want to see Mummy dripping wet, splattered and drenched with your boy cum, you want to ruin my stockings and my slip and me with your mess, you dirty boy, you filthy- AHHHHHH – dirty – OHHHHH – little boy – YESS – cum now, cum for Mummy now, make your mess you dirty little boy – YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

A few moments later and I am still panting in the sticky afterglow of my orgasm, my body still trembles with the pleasure I’ve given myself and the knowledge that the same will extend to my son. I check the video recording and send the email. He will be awake in a couple of hours time. I close the laptop, carefully remove my heels and curl up on the bed, enjoying the soft waves of pleasure still flowing over my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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