A Movie Scenario

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I think we are in a movie theater. There are lots of people, but we are sitting in the very back row. Less people there. We are seeing some banal action movie, maybe Rush Hour 2? So, people are laughing a lot, a lot of fighting on the screen!

I am sitting on your right. My head is resting on your shoulder, you are absent-mindedly stroking my thigh with your right hand. I brush my forehead against the soft skin of your neck, bend my head back to breathe in the scent of your skin. Soap, and sun, and your salty sweat. Breathing you in makes me want to taste you. I gently nip at the side of your neck, then set my teeth in your flesh a little harder. I can feel your hand flinch with surprise on my leg. Your hand presses more strongly on my thigh. I am still biting your neck, stabbing you with my tongue at the center of the bite. Your hand squeezes my leg, slides toward the inside of my thigh. I cannot see your face, but my lips trail a path from your neck to the underside of your jaw, to your ear. I trace its contour with the tip of my tongue, titillate your lobe, and then replace my tongue with my teeth, to nibble on it. Your hand moves up and down my thigh. I am pushing my legs together to imprison your hand between them.

The people around us laugh at something. Maybe you heard what is going on on that screen, but I didn’t. I am still breathing you in deeply, enjoying your scent, your warmth, the firm resilience of your skin. I pull myself closer to you, bend in towards your mouth. You comply easily (!!) and turn towards me, meeting my lips half way. They taste so sweet. I can feel heat pool between my legs already. Your right hand moves from my leg to my shoulder, to pull me closer to you, your other hand is in my hair, crushing it gently between your fingers. My own hands are on your nape and upper arm, holding you close. We kiss hot and deep, and I am breathless and heaving by the time you free my lips. So are you, I am happy to see. Or rather feel. I can hardly see you in the dark, except when the movie on the screen lights up your face at odd angles.

And now you decide to tease me. Your lips and teeth travel to the back of my neck, where you both bite me with your teeth and tickle me with your tongue. And I can feel your hand slipping under my shirt, settling on the small of my back. You send shivers up my spine by caressing my skin simply with the very tip of your fingers. I am all goose pimply! Another hand slides under my shirt, to brush against my ribs, your fingers pressing between each one of them, as if you were counting them. Your hand travels upwards, until I can finally feel it settling on my small breast. No bra comes in handy now, for I can feel your fingers on my sensitive skin without impediment. Your thumb brushes my nipple; my breath catches. I close my eyes and let you work your magic on me. My head is settled on your shoulder, and as a jolt of sensation streaks through my body, I bite your shoulder, gently. I can feel my body throbbing all of a sudden, and it is getting hotter and hotter. I tilt my chin up to catch your lips with mine, to kiss you again while you touch me.

Your teeth catch playfully on my lips, your thumb and index pinch my nipple, sending thrills of sensation, just short of pain, through my body. My hand creeps up from your nape to the top of your head. I press your head down to my breast, arching my back at the same time to make what I want clear. You clumsily undo the top buttons of my shirt, because you are trying to be discreet still. You then bend your head down and kiss my chest, the upper swell of my breast, and finally, when I am going mad with anticipation, you settle your lips around my puckered nipple. I hiss loudly at the jolt of feeling that shoots down between my legs. canlı bahis My hips start moving of their own volition. They are aching towards you.

I need to touch you more. I have forgotten where we are, the amount of people around us; I do not care anymore. I leave it up to you to shut me up if necessary, or make me less obvious to the other spectators. As your lips and teeth tease and torture my breasts so sweetly, my hands start some explorations of their own. My left hand was still lying on your right upper arm. I slide it towards your wrist, testing my claws gently on your skin. I grab your free hand from under my shirt to bring your fingers to my mouth. I suck on your fingers hard, while you are tugging on my nipples with your lips, and tongue, and teeth. Your other hand is again buried in my hair.

As I free your hand from my mouth, you settle it on my left hip, kneading the soft flesh with your strong fingers. Your mouth travels back up from my breasts to my neck and mouth. Your tongue darts between my lips, tentatively at first, and then unabashedly, your right hand pulling me roughly closer to you. Our tongues war for a while, until I tear myself away from you. You groan, unhappy with my withdrawal. The groan turns into a moan when you feel my left hand sneaking up your thigh, settling on your straining erection. I love it that you wear no boxer shorts, and I smile in anticipation of what awaits me when I will have unzipped your jeans. Unfortunately, us sitting next to each other in those seats make it tough for me to use both my hands to untie your belt, and undo your pants. You seem eager enough to help, though, and soon my hand can settle on the naked skin of your erection. I slide your penis out of your jeans, and begin to stroke it slowly. I love this piece of flesh, it feels so good to me.

That hand of yours that was on my left hip steals under my skirt, and creeps up until it finds the warm, wet flesh between my legs. I can feel rather than see you smile when you meet no barrier of clothing between my thighs. I close my eyes; my head falls back against my seat with a whimper. A few heads turn around. They have heard something. But they cannot see anything in the dark, and therefore do not dare say anything. Still, as a measure of “security”, I throw my jeans jacket over my lap. Your hand is trapped underneath! My hand is just as active, stroking you from the very tip of you to the base, then back to the tip, giving it a little more attention. Your skin is so soft and warm there, so hard and yet so smooth. Two of your fingers are now drawing light circles around my clitoris, and I feel like I am going mad. My hips move more and more freely under the onslaught of your expert caresses.

I come back to my senses suddenly, and bend over onto you. I want to enjoy you slowly, but I it feels like the movie is going to be ending soon, maybe another forty five minutes, if the increasing sounds of gunshots and explosions are any indication that we are reaching the grand finale in a crescendo of action scenes. And I am not talking about a porn flick here!! Ha ha. My tongue darts out to lick ever so quickly the very tip of you, then again, slower, and slower, until i swirl my tongue around your head, in its center. I push it into my mouth, ever so slowly. I operate a continuous back and forth motion with my lips around your head, than open my jaw wider, and let my tongue resume its action, this time within my closed lips. I swallow more of your length into my mouth, and more, and more until finally all of you is in my mouth, deeply. My head bobs up and down on the length of you, slowly and steadily, and then faster, stronger.

The position I am in though is not the very comfortable to enjoy you in the best way bahis siteleri possible. I am folded in two over the arm rest, trying to reach all of you. So, I slip out of my seat and get on my knees on the floor in front of you. I spread your thighs a little further, bending back down to enjoy the taste of you in my mouth. My hands can now join in, and I close them around you, caressing you whole length, spreading my saliva down to its base to help the comings and goings of my hands. Once again, I take you in my mouth as deep as I can, and keep you there, closing my throat slightly around you. my hands are still closed around the base of you, and as my mouth retreats to lick your head again, they accompany the motion and travel up and down the length of your cock (‘scuse my french!) I can hear you gasp from time to time, as you try to resist emitting any obvious sound, and your hands kneed my scalp furiously, pressing me down on you, although you know I need no such gesture to keep you in my mouth.

I free my hands just for a second, to tug your jeans down a little bit, because I want to lick your balls too. My mouth slips onto your upper thighs, and then your balls, while my hands go back to their original position. God, I can’t get enough of you. Once again, I push the whole length of you in my mouth, and out again, and in to the hilt, and out again, and then just your head is in the warm cavern of my mouth, while my hands work on the rest of you. Your fingers tighten in my hair; you’re pulling me up.

I comply easily, and settle in your lap, straddling you with my knees on each side of your thighs, against the two arm rests that limit each seat. We kiss passionately, for what seems like a pretty long time. One of your hands steals between my open thighs, and I can feel you get even harder when you test the wetness you find there. Your fingers now explore me, your thumb teasing my engorged clitoris, two fingers caressing me just at the entrance of my inner lips. I hide my head in the crook of your shoulder, turning my lips towards your ears so you can hear my heavy breathing get even heavier, and so you can hear my whispered words, you make me so hot. You make me so fucking hot. My breath catches all of a sudden, I practically screamed out : one of your fingers slides inside me, deep, but then you don’t move it. It just rests there, and you can even feel my pulse from inside. I squeeze my muscles around that one finger, and my hips just seem to take flight, rocking back and forth as if of their own will.

I need you inside me, I murmur in your ear, following the words with a quick bite of your earlobe. Please. You manage to somehow turn me around on your lap so that i am facing away from you; I don’t really pay attention to how you do it, I am so deep in sexual haze. But I am now facing the screen again, just as are you, and it seems so bright and aggressive that I close my eyes. By now, I am way past caring if anyone sees us; probably they would be turned on rather than disgusted anyway, but I don’t care whichever way.

I throw my thighs over the low armrests, so that my legs are now wide open, and you can easily slide inside me. The first feel of you against my wet lips takes my breath away; I am so wet you need no help to be guided inside me; I practically swallow you inside me, so hungry and eager I am. But we try to go slowly, to enjoy the sensations that are taking over our bodies. Your hands are on my hips, trying to slow down their rocking motion, my back is arched so I can rest the back of my head against your shoulder. You turn your head towards me, and kiss me long and deep. My hand grabs to back of your neck to bring you even closer. I arch my back yet some more, so you will slide deeper inside me; your breath bahis şirketleri catches against my lips.

You are now completely inside of me, all of you, stretching me, pushing inside me. And I can only rock my hips back and forth wildly. Your hands once again stop me. You want to take this more slowly; I groan in protest. You shut me up with another kiss. Your hands settle now on my waist, and you push me down even deeper on your shaft; my moan is also swallowed my your kiss. And then, you pull me up the length of you, and back down again, even deeper it seems. My erratic hips (?? can I say that??) draw uneven back and forth motions, and rotating movements. You again pin them down, and I can feel now your own hips moving slightly backwards, and thrusting upwards, in small, energetic strokes. It feels incredible inside me. I can feel all your length stretching my tight passage, caressing it all as you go backwards, and then your head stroking some invisible spot deep inside as you thrust forward. God, it has never felt so fucking good. Just when I think this is going to be too much for me to bear, you take one of my hands in yours, and guide it towards my exposed clitoris. You want me to touch myself? But, no questions; I am way beyond that now. My fingers go to work on my throbbing clit, as both of your hands grab my breasts brusquely and kneed them. You stroke my nipples, and the underside of my breasts, and travel down to my stomach, and back up. Oh god, so much sensations, with your hips still thrusting into me; how do you do it?

My free hand goes back to your nape, to pull myself up towards your neck, and bite it, lick it and kiss it. I wish I could see more of you, taste more of you, but you seem to enjoy this too as it is. I can hear your breath getting heavier and heavier, your hands tightening on my breasts, I can see you screw your eyes shut.

I am near my own climax, I feel. I want you to come inside me, Kris. Please, I whisper to you. My hand works faster and faster, your movements get jerkier, and suddenly, you press my hips real hard onto you, and I can feel you throbbing inside me, and I feel hot jets of liquid warming my insides, and that is enough to make me go overboard. My whole body tightens like an arc, and I vaguely realize that your hands are on my breasts again, and when you pinch my nipples ever so slightly, I can feel a whole new wave of pleasure traveling through me. I hope we have been silent enough. I don’t know if i made any noise or not, i was too lost in the pleasure. But you assure me no one heard anything.

Now, I am exhausted and just want to snuggle close to you, and keep you inside me until you just slip out. But the screen abruptly darkens, and the end credits roll up over it. We have to get back to a semblance of decency before the lights go up. So I slide off you halfheartedly, and settle back in my own seat. My feet get caught into my jeans jacket, discarded and forgotten on the floor! I grab it and just squeeze it between my legs really fast, to wipe away some of the excess fluids that risk sliding down my thighs… I’ll just have to wash that jacket as soon as we get back!

The lights go up in the theater as soon as I sat back down in my seat, it seems. I turn to look at you; you have had time to button up, and tidy your hair a little. You laugh at my disheveled appearance, and we smile at each other conspiratorially. I feel a few stares on us, probably from the people who thought they heard something, but who cares? I kiss you hard and quick, and we get up to get out! I tie my jacket around my waist, because I am afraid that there is a visible wet stain on the back of my skirt. I would not be surprised if there was. I bend in towards you, I am sorry I did not have time to lick the very last drop off of you. But we should hurry back home; the night is young!!

You laugh as we got out of the movie theater. You really are insatiable, aren’t you? I smile : because of you, only because of you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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