A Nephew Come to Stay Ch. 02

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Last Time: Samantha Day, a former pornstar, and current level 10 milf, came home to find her sexy nephew, Bobby Scagliotti, fucking her housekeeper’s brains out. Suffering from long-term insecurities about her sister’s superior sexual appeal and power, she decides she hates her nephew and wants him to leave. But Bobby easily seduces his aunt and manipulates her into giving him a degrading blowjob. She begs him for sex, but he laughs at her, and she masturbates herself into unconsciousness. Now, Bobby is going to be living with his aunt and her two sexy daughters for the rest of the summer, and she can’t decide whether she wants to fuck him or kill him.

PART 1: Mark comes Home.

Mark Day had spent a wonderful day riding bikes and just hanging out with his girlfriend, Butterscotch McPherson. She was a beautiful girl of eighteen although she was still often confused for being a much younger girl because of her petite body and big blue eyes. She was way out of Marks league, as everyone knew, but luckily for Mark she happened to be into nice quiet guys unlike every other girl in town who only cared about three things in a boy: money, body, and popularity.

Butterscotch was an anomaly in that she was both insanely adorable in a sexy-cute way but also not a total slut like every other girl at Mark’s school. When she had first transferred to Mark’s school every boy there sprouted an instant boner as she walked down the halls. Her curly blonde hair and perky tits bouncing with every step, her blue eyes sparkling as she giggled at every joke, her tight little ass peeking from beneath her almost transparent sun dresses. Immediately the boys at school began a contest to see you could fuck her fist, a game which usually ended by fifth period, but Butterscotch had refused all callers, and she had even accepted Mark as her boyfriend when he politely asked her for a date. He was the luckiest boy in the world.

“Excited for your birthday tomorrow, honey?” Butterscotch asked as they rolled into the driveway of his house.

“Sure am. What are you going to get me?”

“You’ll see,” she promised and giggled. Mark was actually a little worried about that. They had been dating for almost six months now and he was starting to hear whispers from Butterscotch’s friend that she was ready to go all the way with him and have sex. He should have been excited, she was probably one of the five cutest girls at his school, but he was really just nervous. All of his sexual experience before this had been miserable, and he didn’t want to lose Butterscotch because of his small, unpredictable penis. Worst of all, he knew that at her former school she had been a sexual minx, as her friend Tina Toyota had told him, and her ex-boyfriend had been a total sexy badass who cheated on her regularly but she kept taking him back. He got arrested though, Butterscotch transferred schools, and she promised herself to only date nice guys from then on.

“Hey Mark, do me a favor,” she whispered into his ear after dismounting her bike. “Don’t jerk off tonight, or tomorrow morning. I want you to be . . . excited.” The problem was that Mark was already excited enough to pop in his shorts and his little pecker was at full mast, not that it showed much. Butterscotch gave him a look that was more sexy than cute as she licked her sparkly pink lips. She was dressed in very little thanks to the heat wave, and her two little nipples could be clearly seen stretching through the thin material of her t-shirt. She leaned over and gave him a kiss, which he clumsily returned.

“Oh, hey, you mom is home,” said Butterscotch as she broke away from the kiss. Mark’s stomach sank as he saw his mother exciting their expensive Southern California house. She was dressed for the gym which meant she was practically naked. She wore a black slingshot bikini under a torn white t-shirt that left much of her cleavage exposed from every direction. Other than that she was only wearing sweat bands and sneakers. Her long, curly brown hair was tied in a bun, and every inch of her bronze skin was already glistening with sweat.

“Wow, everyone says my mom is the hottest milf in town, but your mom is a so totally hotter. She is like, my idol.” Butterscotch whispered. Mark was use to the boys at school jeering about his buxom mother, especially since she was a former pornstar and well known for sleeping with all the hottest men in town, including some of the star athletes in Mark’s class, but hearing it from his girlfriend made him sick.

“Hey kids, what have you been up to?” she asked in a somewhat angry tone “Hard drugs, shoplifting, and hours of unprotected sex?”

Butterscotch giggled. “No, Ms. Day, Mark just took me on a bike ride to the park.”

“Boring.” Samantha Day sneered. “Well why don’t you get your cute little butt on the bike and peddle off. I need to talk to my son about some family business.”

“You got it Ms. Day. See you later Marky.” She gave him a peck on the cheek, canlı bahis and then to his shock she also got on her tippy toes and gave his mother a kiss a well. A little bit of tongue may have been exchanged. After that she got on her bike and rolled away, her tight little ass rolling in her very short denim shorts.

Samantha Day moaned appreciative. “That little bitch’s ass looks positively edible. Have you fucked that little retard yet?” she asked her son. Her large brown nipples were sticking out like canons and there was a wet spot on the crotch of her slinky leotard. Mark knew his mother must have been horny. That scared him. His mother was a sadistic monster when she was horny.

“No, but-”


Before he could answer his mother’s hand shot down and smacked his balls with her open palm. The pain was sudden and excruciating. Worse, she got a tight grip on his balls and slowly crushed them as she lifted him up, nearly off of the ground by his little cock.

“Pathetic. A real man would have fucked her sideways by now, whether she wanted it or not. I hate seeing ripe little girls like that bouncing around in their innocent little white girl dreams. She needs a cock to wake her up, a big cock. Not like this,” she said as she squeezed her son’s balls one more time before dropping him. He landed on his ass, crying like a little girl.

“In case you can’t tell, I am fucking pissed off. Do you know why?”

Mark guessed the answer and between crying he said “Because I’m a faggot?”


The heel of her sneaker came down on his scrotum like a hammer, and she began to slowly grind him against the cement driveway. “True, you are a faggot. You should just give up on ever trying to get pussy and go put your mouth in front of some glory hole in a dirty bathroom somewhere. But no, I am pissed off because your muscle-head cousin is here. He showed up completely unannounced earlier today and is going to be staying with us for the rest of the summer. I hate that little shit. Go in and show him around the house. He’s going to be sharing your room by the way. I don’t want him sleeping in my living room like some bum. Besides, you still have those kiddy little bunk-beds from when you shared your room with Daisy.”

Finally his mother removed her weight from his abused boyhood and she trotted the rest of the way to her car. Mark couldn’t help but stare at his mother’s round ass as she went, especially since the back of her slingshot leotard was nothing more than a thong. “I’m gonna go blow some steam at the gym, hopefully find some meat I can ride. Maria didn’t clean today so you’re going to do it, and if the house isn’t clean when I get back I am going to use Jerome on you.”

Mark cringed in fear and pain. Jerome was the name of his mother’s gigantic black dildo, the one she only used on her children when she really wanted them disciplined. Mark’s tiny asshole had barely recovered from the last punishment his mother had given him, and that had been over two months ago.

As his mother drove away Mark walked painfully into his house, wondering why Maria hadn’t done any cleaning. Normally she was as afraid of his mother as he was, and she would never try to make Samantha Day angry. But his question was answered when he saw Maria walking down the stairs in nothing more than a small towel. She was dripping wet and her legs shook with every step, her small breasts were squished under her arm as she tried to cover herself, but the towel could only cover the top portion of her body, leaving her smooth pussy and ass exposed.

Behind her came the very embodiment of Mark’s masculine insecurities, his cousin Bobby Scagliotti. Bobby was completely naked and also dripping wet, but unlike the sexy maid he did not even bother with a towel. As he came down the stairs his preposterously large dick, although soft, swung between his legs like an elephant trunk.

“Hey Mark, what’s up bro?” Booby called down nonchalantly.

“Mark!!!” Maria gasped and she desperately fumbled with her towel, trying to cover her dripping nakedness, but the only result was that Mark got to watch her stroke her long, thin body.

“What are you so shy about, puta,” Booby laughed. “You should be showing of this rocking bod.” He ripped away her towel and flung it into the air, but chance landing on Mark’s face. Mark gagged as she smelled the pungent aroma of pussy and semen on the towel. By the time he looked up Maria was squirming in Bobby’s strong arms, weakly protesting his groping hands, but when he kissed her she moaned and melted like butter. One of his hands worked its way between her legs and Mark could see two fingers teasing at the entrance of her already tender looking cunt.

The look in Maria’s foggy eyes was that of a woman surrendered. She would have let Bobby fuck her right there on the stairs in front of Mark, but suddenly Bobby pulled away. He slapped her on the ass and said “Today was fun, but I don’t think fucking you bahis siteleri a third time is really needed. Why don’t you get dressed and head out.”

Bobby’s sudden change from horny Casanova to cold-hearted asshole shocked Mark, but not nearly as much as it shocked poor Maria. She quivered with anger and desperate arousal. Meekly, she tried to kiss him again, but he walked right past her and into the kitchen. Maria was pissed, hurt, and extremely horny. She marched over to Mark and grabbed the towel from his hand. She looked down at him like it was all his fault she wasn’t getting stuffed, and then she gathered up what remnants of her clothes she could find before running out the door, crying.

Bobby came back into the living room a minute later eating an apple, still very naked. Mark had not seen his cousin in almost a year, but it had always been this way with him. Every woman in the world treated Bobby like his was God’s gift to pussy, and he had learned from a young age to act like it. Bobby would be naked as much as possible, just so everyone could see his eleven inch penis and perfectly sculpted muscle. Despite all that Mark did not hate his cousin, in fact Mark often followed after him like a parasite, hoping to pick up some of the girls Bobby discarded like candy wrappers. Mark lost his virginity in such a scenario, when Bobby turned down a girl just because she wasn’t as hot as her two friends were, even though that girl was well above and beyond most in terms of sexual attractiveness.

They talked for a while as Mark cleaned the house as quickly as possible, not knowing when his mother was going to be home, and Bobby began to list off ideas for activities to fill the rest of the summer with, most of them involving girls. Mark envied how easy it was for Bobby just go to a new city and start getting laid immediately. Mark had lived in this town his whole life and he still had a hard time finding fun stuff to do that wasn’t suggested by Butterscotch.

“Where are your sisters?” Bobby asked while resting on the couch, lazily stroking his flaccid monster as he watched television.

“Sadie went to a concert with some friends and may be back late tonight unless she crashes somewhere. Daisy’s on the varsity cheerleading team at her high school and they have a game up state, so she won’t be back for a couple of days.”

“Little Daisy a cheerleader? Last time I saw her she wasn’t even five feet tall and her chest was as flat as a board.”

“She hasn’t grown much, even though she turned 18 a while ago, but because she is so light her teammates can throw her higher than anyone.”

As it got later in the day Mark reasoned his mother wasn’t going to come home that night, which was nothing unusual. Samantha Day often went to the gym when she was in the mood to pick up some big muscled stud, or she’d go to yoga of she was in the mood for a lesbian hookup. She would never admit to her occasional pussy-diving though, because she hated that her daughter Sadie was more lesbian than bi-curious. Mark and Bobby ordered a pizza and spent the night hanging out and playing video games. Bobby recited a few of his many sexual adventures, and Mark kept silent while awkwardly hiding his small erection. He had trouble not getting hard, Bobby was a good story teller.

At about midnight Mark was feeling ready to get some sleep so he went up to his room and Bobby followed him, but before Bobby could climb up to his bunk his cock began to rise, finally waking up after a morning of hard sex.

“Dude, Mark. Can we put on a porn or something. I need to rub one out before I can go to sleep.” As Bobby said this he began to stroke his unavoidable appendage, and Mark couldn’t help but stare at it. Bobby’s cock really was like a third leg.

“Its all on my computer, I don’t have anything you can take into the bathroom or anything.”

“No, I mean to watch in here. You must want to rub one out too, right? Put something on. What do you got?” As Mark showed Bobby his many gigabytes of porn the older stud was disappointed to see that most of it was Japanese cartoon porn, which he hated. Instead, he went on to the internet and found a site he liked, and they were soon watching a very hardcore video of a curvaceous white woman being ravaged by an energetic black man. The blonde white woman was moaning loudly in a euphoric mix of pleasure and pain and her conquer bent her around like a toy. Mark felt very intimidated by it all, knowing that his small penis would likely not even get past the woman’s tremendous ass cheeks, but Bobby was starting to get into it. They sat on the bed together fapping their very different cocks. Mark fiddled with his little nub which almost vanished under his hand, while Bobby stroked his thick eleven inch shaft with both hands.

“Do you like interracial porn?” Mark asked, feeling a little awkward.

“I like watching a bitch get fucked hard, none of that softcore weak-ass crap. You can tell this milf is really bahis şirketleri loving what that huge cock is doing to her, there is a look on her face you just can’t fake. That guy is totally owning that whore. I bet she thinks this is the best fucking she could ever get, but only because she hasn’t gotten a taste of my dick.” When the video ended Bobby put on another one, this one featured a very tiny Asian girl being brutally fucked by two hung white guys. After that Bobby put on more and more hardcore footage, and Mark was eventually so desensitized to it that anything made him hard. He didn’t care anymore that his cousin’s cock was practically three times longer than his, or that they were whacking off inches away from another, he just wanted to finally bust his nut, but he waited for something good to show up on the screen. Mark liked to time his orgasms to that of whatever male pornstar he was watching, that weay he could imagine that it was him fucking whatever slut it was being featured. Bobby was also getting closer to his peak, and he began to spit lewdly onto his giant cock to slicken it up for his hand.

A popup on his screen showed him that he had just gotten an IM from his girlfriend, and he tried to minimize it before Bobby could get curious about it, but it was already too late.

“Hey,” Bobby said. “Why does this instant message say ‘Early Birthday Present.’” Mark only had a brief moment to guess what the contained before Bobby reached out and clicked it. In that moment, for the first time, Mark got to see a full image of his cute girlfriend’s succulent naked body. Butterscotch was completely nude, posing in her bathroom mirror and holding her digital camera. Across her perky, ripe breasts was written “Happy Birthday” in red lipstick.

“Holy shit!” Bobby laughed. “Is this hot little piece of ass your girlfriend. Hot damn, good job buddy.” To Mark’s disapproval Bobby kept stroking his hard, pulsing cock as he gazed hungrily at his girlfriend’s naked self-shot.

“Dude, don’t look at that. My girlfriend sent this to me privately.”

“Fuck that, this little honey is way hotter than any of the porn-hags we’ve been jerking off to. You should get on right now and start ‘sexting’ her. Get her to post a few more. I want to see her ass.”

“I can’t do that-” Mark protested but Bobby grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to sit in the computer chair. Truthfully, Mark did want to see more of his girlfriend’s naked pics, but he was uncomfortable with Bobby jerking off to them, especially since Bobby’s massive trunk was erect mere inches away from Mark’s face. Waves of heat were pulsing from Bobby’s body.

“Sext her man. Tell her what a prime piece of ass she is. Get her to send one of her ass, or of her fingering herself.”

“No way,” Mark whined.

Bobby got sick of his cousin’s bitchy little attitude, so he shoved Mark aside and sat down at the computer. He quickly began typing, pretending to be Mark. [Is that it?] he typed. [You should send me some pics of your ass].

A few moments passed, and Mark hoped that his girlfriend wouldn’t respond, but then she did. [Wow Mark, you’re normally not so assertive. Okay baby, you got it]. A moment later a pic popped up of Butterscotch’s back facing the mirror, her little pink panties pulled down to her knees. Her ass was perfect.

“Shit!” Bobby exclaimed. “I’d eat that ass like a cake.” He fapped his baseball-bat cock even harder, sending drops of his cock-sweat into the air. He started sexting her some more, this time demanding things Mark would have never possessed the nerve to ask for. [Good slut. Give me something more. I want something really slutty, you dirty little bitch].

“Dude,” Mark whined, “don’t talk to her like that. She’s really nice.” But Mark was proven wrong a few moments later when his girlfriend responded [Shit, you’re making me so wet, baby. I wish you took charge like this more often. My friend Tina is here, I can get some pics of us making out]. Mark couldn’t believe it, his girlfriend was ready to lez-out for his entertainment, except it wasn’t him provoking her to do so.

Bobby laughed out loud and typed back. [Let me see your slutty friend naked first]. Mark couldn’t believe how quickly this was escalating. Tina Toyota was one of the most popular girl’s at Mark’s school, and also a total bitch. She was obsessed with maintaining the school’s social hierarchy in which the most attractive and sexual dominant students lorded over the weaker, shyer one; a practice that was actually encouraged by the teachers. Tina hated that her hot, perky, blonde friend Butterscotch was hooked up with a loser like Mark, it threatened the very structure of the hierarchy. Tina had always endeavored to break them up. No way she would pose for him.

But then, to Mark’s shock, an image popped up of Tina Toyota standing stark naked in all her tall, athletic, Asian glory with Butterscotch right behind her. Tina did not look very happy about it though; her pouty pink lips made an ugly frown and she was flipping off the camera with both of her middle fingers. She looked so pissed Mark wondered how Butterscotch had convinced her to go through with it.

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