A New Neighbor Ch. 02

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In the first chapter, Patty, a long-time resident captures compromising videos of her new neighbor, Stephanie, and blackmails her.

Boundaries and rules are about to be set, testing Stephanie further.

Thank you for all your feedback and encouragement. If you enjoy (or not) this chapter, please leave a note.


“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life”, read Patty’s text message. Stephanie swallowed hard and put the phone on the kitchen counter. She went back to preparing dinner, trying to act as normal as she possibly could.

Albert got out of the bathroom after drying himself off and putting on some loungewear, unwilling to dress up again as they’d be ready to retire for the evening in a couple of hours. Still on cloud nine from the fellatio and the appetite his wife showed, he rubbed his hands together as he grinned from ear to ear, looking somewhat ridiculous, but clearly enjoying the moment.

“Boy, it smells good in here!” he exclaimed as he entered the kitchen.

“Proof that you’d say anything positive after sex,” Stephanie managed to smile. “We’re having salad and it doesn’t smell like much.”

He kissed her cheek tenderly and murmured “Well, those lips of yours have clearly wrecked my senses… I may faint any minute, as a matter of fact.”

“Oh, gosh darn, no, whatever would I do…” she answered with a flat tone, knowing that he always got a kick out of her seemingly lack of interest when he told her sweet things.

As they sat down to eat, her phone buzzed again on the kitchen counter.

“I’ll bring it,” he said as he stood up.

“NO!” She shouted before realizing how loud she had been. Changing her tone immediately, she smiled “Leave it. Marcus has been trying to reach me about this customer meeting next week… It can wait.”

“Boy, you take this no-cellphone-at-the-dinner-table rule pretty seriously!”

That rule just saved me, she thought.

They chit-chatted about work, week-end plans, but her mind was absent: she only felt a growing sense of guilt from the experience she was subjected to.

With a stranger.

In her own home.

Less than an hour earlier.


Never mind that it was with a woman, never mind that it was the next door neighbor. She had climaxed in the hands of someone who was not her husband… and she’d come hard. To cap the whole thing, there was now a recording of it.

It dawned on her that her taped orgasm was actually the least of her worries: she’d just sent a video of herself scooping cum from her face and licking it. What the hell had she been thinking? Was this temporary insanity? God, she could not have been rational.

Soon guilt was replaced with fear. The realization of what she had done, the evidences that Patty now had on her phone were enough to get her into an insurmountable amount of trouble. She would be able to demand anything from Stephanie, and seeing how perverted she could be…

“Hon’?” Albert said louder.

Stephanie had kept answering “Mmm-mmm” each time Albert finished a sentence, and he’d caught on to the fact that he might as well have been chatting to the wind.

“Sorry, lost in thoughts,” she answered with a forced smile. “I better see what Marcus wants after all.”

She got up and retrieved her phone to read the text message.

“Tomorrow 10 am. Back door will be open.”

Stephanie put the phone down and came back to the table. She immediately shoved salad in her mouth so that she wouldn’t have to speak: her voice would have trembled.

Her head was spinning and the feeling in her loins was in dire conflict with her mental anxiety.

After dinner, she managed to relax enough to answer a couple of work emails. Upon reviewing her schedule for the next day, she felt a pit in her stomach as she noticed there was an existing appointment at 10 am. Juggling what to do or say, it was clear that her professional life still took precedence. After breathing in several times to settle her heart rate, she responded to Patty:

“I apologize, Ma’am, but I have to be in the office tomorrow at that time.”

Calling her “Ma’am” felt weird, but she knew Patty would like it and she certainly did not want to piss her off. She pressed the send button, waited for a few minutes and finally gave up as no response came; she figured that her neighbor was busy and would answer later.

Stephanie decided to get ready for bed and quickly changed into her nightgown so that Albert would not be able to see her naked. She didn’t think that she had any marks on her buttocks, but why take the chance?

She went to bed and turned off the lights to avoid any further conversation.

Her mind wouldn’t rest, however, and she kept on reliving the session. “What’s after anger and denial,” she though… “Acceptance?”

And as silly as that sounded, she analyzed the situation: within two hours, Albert came on her face – a rare treat for him – and she experienced a glorious orgasm after receiving what felt like a well-deserved canlı bahis şirketleri spanking.

Acceptance may not be such a bad idea.


Yeah, there was that… “But you can cheat a little bit and save your marriage and your job or act like the pope and lose both.” After a moment, she thought “Well, maybe the pope analogy is pushing it… But I know what I mean!”

Tired of arguing with herself, her thoughts started to drift towards the next morning and what she would have done if she had been available. Would she have been punished again? Exhibited and humiliated? Forced to service her neighbor this time?

Almost unwillingly, she imagined herself seating on the floor, her nude mistress standing tall over her, approaching slowly until her pussy was only a few inches from Stephanie’s face. She then saw herself extending her tongue and moving her neck forward as Patty moved her hips back in unison, making her yearn for the prize.

Stephanie’s breath became thinner as she rolled in bed, putting her weight on her hand.

“What is wrong with me?” She wondered as her finger started to press rhythmically against her clit.

Mixing memories of what occurred a few hours ago with the fantasies that erupted in her head, she thought of seeking relief with her husband, but going back to him again so quickly would likely give him an aneurism.

The clock blinked 11:50 pm, which meant Stephanie was well on her way to being a mess the next day. Albert mumbled something about moving around too much. Frustrated, she stopped touching herself and opened the nightstand’s drawer to pop a sleeping pill. It didn’t work immediately, but the rarity of usage meant that it was still a potent aid.


A few hours later, Stephanie entered her corner office bright and early, well ahead of anyone else. She always dressed conservatively in the office, and on that day her ensemble consisted of a dark grey skirt and jacket with a white satin shirt. She woke up as she went to bed: horny and on edge.

Walking into her personal office had an immediate calming effect – home away from home as she called it. It was large enough for a prominent desk, a meeting table and an expansive leather couch. One of the perks of being the chairman’s favorite.

She turned on the computer and nervously checked her phone again but Patty had still not responded to her last text. This was concerning. Was she mad? Would she release some of the pictures and videos she had of her?

“Nonsense, we’ll just reschedule.” She then gave herself a silent order, “Relax!”

It struck her as odd that she simply assumed another meeting would take place, as if she had completely agreed to a future session already. And in truth, she knew she probably had; the risks associated with disobedience seemed too high.

By 9 a.m., most people had trickled in and the office was buzzing. An hour later, Stephanie joined the conference that prevented her from going to Patty’s and she immediately knew it had been a poor excuse: the presentation was monotonous at best and she couldn’t help but let her mind wander.

Had she been at her neighbor’s house now, would she be on all fours, legs spread to better display herself, waiting to satisfy Patty with her tongue?

“Jesus effin’ christ,” she thought, angry with her own thoughts.

She forced herself back into the meeting, painfully listening to inaccurate forecasts and unrealistic expectations. While she would have usually scolded the presenter on the spot, she only wanted to leave the room, escape her perverted mind and get back to work.

An hour later, she had found her rhythm and was powering through questions from Legal and Marketing via instant messenger. Focused on the tasks at hand, she answered “Fifteen more minutes, please,” when the intercom on her desk came through.

Ana, her admin, apologized and explained: “Hi, Patricia is here with the movie you asked her to produce?”

The statement was both a question and an affirmation. “She said she needed you to look at it to make sure you were satisfied with the outcome… I’m sorry to bother you; do you want me to look at it myself?”

Stephanie was dumbfounded. Looking around as if she did not understand how this was possible. Once Ana called out her name twice to make sure they had not been cut off, Stephanie came back to her senses and mustered her best acting chops by nonchalantly stating: “Ah great. It’s the video of our week-end in Napa. Have her come in, please.”

“In fifteen minutes?”

“No, right away. Thank you, Ana.”

Stephanie hastily ended the conversation with her colleagues online as Patty and Ana walked into her office. She managed to put on a bright smile and got up from behind her desk.

“Hi,” Stephanie said as she walked towards her neighbor, “great to see you again. Thank you for bringing this directly to me.”

Patty shook her hand.

“Sure. It would have been canlı kaçak iddaa easier to pick it up at my house, but whatever,” and turning to Ana, Patty added “the movie is about half an hour long; it’s probably best that we can view the whole thing uninterrupted.”

Ana was surprised that a visitor would tell her how long her boss was going to be busy for, and even more so when she saw Stephanie nod in approval, still smiling. After asking if they needed refreshments and being told they were fine, she shut the door quietly and retreated to her desk, perplexed.

Stephanie was both frantic and angry. This was her domain, her castle. This is where she took command and was in control. How dare Patty show up like this?

As they faced each other, Patty started speaking, using a slow pace and a neutral tone.

“I would think twice about the words that are going to come out of your mouth. I had to come here because you took a rain check without asking permission or suggesting alternative plans. With everything in my possession, you are simply not in a position to bail on my requests. If you’re going to be mad at someone, be mad at yourself for being so rude.”

Fissures appeared on the castle’s walls. Stephanie had known the night before that she was taking a risk by cancelling the meeting but she was not expecting for Patty to waltz in as if she owned the place.

“But you did not respond,” Stephanie exclaimed, a plea which seemed to worsen her case. After taking a breath, Patty continued with a softer voice, “I know you want to fight this because of who you are in this place, but you need to understand your position with me: you’re not my boss, far from it.”

She arranged Stephanie’s collar as a mother would an unkept child that came home from school. There was no reaction.

Cracks appeared.

After a pause, Patty made a thin attempt at levity “I don’t expect you to change your behavior with others; just with me. You don’t need to get spanked by your admin, or dominated by your interns,” she smirked before adding, “I simply expect you to apologize and suggest an alternative if you cannot make an appointment with me. Do you understand or are you back to being the bitchy executive that needs to be tamed?”

Stephanie had never been spoken like this between these walls. She was ready to snap back when the graphic memory of the video she’d sent to Patty the night before burnt her brains. Forty two seconds of her scooping cum and eating it. What in the hell had she been thinking? She lowered her gaze and nodded sheepishly, murmuring an apology, fearing that her neighbor was careless enough to spank her in the office and make a ruckus. Even if she could have security throw her out, this was not the attention she sought.

Patty did not ask her to repeat herself louder or to “mean it when she said it”; she knew the rebellion had been squashed before it even started. She put a hand on the small of Stephanie’s back, in control.

“Good. Now that we’ve settled this, we still have time for you to make this up to me. Yes?”

Patty squeezed her tighter and moved her lips moved closer. She asked again, “Yes? Or should I give you a hicky,” her lips curled into a naughty smile.

Stephanie had done enough deals and negotiated enough contracts to know when to fold. Resistance would only bring more trouble as she had provided her neighbor with terribly incriminating images and had done so of her own volition. Patty was right; this was all her doing; now, she just had to limit the damages.

“No, please… I mean, yes, I’ll make it up.”

Patty kissed her, leaving Stephanie surprised by the move at first, then by the fact that she did not hate it. Instead, she felt as if this was the most passionate kiss she’d received in years. Closing her eyes, she was slowly getting lost in the moment but the sensation was short lived: Patty was tapping her thighs and tugging at the fabric of her skirt upward, indicating that she wanted her to lift it up.

“Please… I can’t do this here…” She breathed out, more turned on by the kiss than she wanted to let on.

Her neighbor put her cheek against hers and murmured in her ear. “You’ve already disappointed me once today, let’s not make this the second time.”

Stephanie held her breath and closed her eyes. This was it: the fork on the road. She’d been caught masturbating, had been spanked inside her own house, stupidly sent a video that could be used for blackmail and now faced humiliation at work. She could fight and take the risks of her salacious behavior being used against her or she could give in and maybe, just maybe, work a deal with Patty.

Give in.

She slowly crumpled the fabric and lifted her skirt, pulling it up until her cream-colored underwear were on full display.

Patty took a step back to admire her pet’s legs; god, she was a gorgeous sight to behold. After a moment of shameless appreciation, she reached for a pair of scissors she had noticed on the desk and sat on the executive chair before rolling towards canlı kaçak bahis her neighbor.

Placing a hand on Stephanie’s hip, Patty guided her body and moved it towards the desk so her butt would lean against it. Skirt up, she looked vulnerable and amazingly desirable.

Stephanie felt her neighbors’ fingers run under the band of her panties followed by the sensation of cold metal and finally the distinct sound of scissors snipping as the lingerie was cut at the waist on each side.

Grabbing the front of the fabric, Patty tugged at the garment that fell freely, revealing her pet’s pussy for the second time in twenty four hours. She admired, once again, the neat patch of hair that sat right above her clit, threw the underwear in the bin and started caressing the landing strip with the back of her fingers, almost nonchalantly, knowing fair well that her knuckles brushed against Stephanie’s most sensitive parts each time.

The executive feared that she’d hyper-ventilate, her chest heaving up and down rapidly. She fought the desire to look back at her office door to ensure that the handle was not moving. “Keep your head,” she thought to herself, as Patty spoke again.

“I like that you are mostly shaved.” Then, thinking further, she inquired, “I assume this is shaven, not waxed?”

Answer. Be polite. Expedite.

Stephanie thought that being malleable would allow her to control the pace of the meeting.

“Sometimes waxed, Ma’am; but this time, shaved,” she answered, unable to prevent herself from looking back at the door this time.

“Relax, we have lots of time and I bet no one would dare to open that door without asking permission.” As if to make a point and show that Stephanie’s anxiety was not shared, she placed a finger directly on her slit, immediately able to tell that her pet was enjoying this little obedience session. Humiliation seemed to go a long way.

“This feels good, doesn’t it?”

After a short pause, Stephanie admitted that it did. She couldn’t believe how her body was responding to this situation. Betrayed by her own desires, she thought.

Patty smiled knowingly. “Sure it does. The body just needs to be woken up, that’s all,” and with that, she inserted her fingers deeper insider her while her thumb rolled against her clit, her seating position giving her the best possible access.

Stephanie bit her lower lip to prevent herself from moaning. It was as if Patty knew exactly how much pressure to exert, and exactly where to squeeze her fingers inside her walls.

“Now… you deserve some type of a punishment for not thinking this morning through. For future reference, I am quite understanding of work requirements. If you must be here, ask permission and suggest another time; we’ll work something out. Don’t act as a silly girl who’s never been double-booked before and does not know how to prioritize her life.”

While Stephanie was spoken to as if she was a junior admin, something more than blackmail was enticing her to play the part; as if it was worthwhile to trade pleasure for obedience. She exhaled, “Yes… Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. Open your shirt and remove your bra.”

Stephanie swallowed loudly and stuttered while looking at the door, “Please, if someone comes in, I won’t be able to hide in time.”

With a knowing smile, Patty asked, “And how often does someone come in unannounced?”

The executive knew that Ana was a virtual barricade when it came to protecting her office – especially when the door was closed and a meeting in progress. The only time she’d deviate was if Marcus walked in, or barged in to be precise, but today was Wednesday and Marcus played golf with customers each week.

Stephanie answered honestly, stating that it was very rare for people to come in unannounced which resulted in Patty extending her free hand, palm up, and flicking her fingers in a clear sign that the second piece of lingerie had to come off.

“You may put back your shirt immediately, but leave it open.”

Somewhat reassured, Stephanie removed her shirt and bra in rapid motions, letting her breasts perk naturally before eagerly putting the garment back on. She left it unbuttoned, the sides falling to her sides, displaying her toned stomach.

Patty thought she looked even sexier with the crumpled fabric at her waist and the open shirt on her back.

Still seating in the leather chair, she burrowed her fingers inside Stephanie’s mound again, pulling her closer by hooking them inside her pussy.

“Bring down your tits,” she said.

Stephanie lowered herself slightly, somewhat puzzled by the intent until Patty leaned in and mouthed her right breast while maintaining eye contact. She acted as if this was the most natural thing in the word: she saw, she wanted, she took.

Her lips gradually receded from beyond the aureola to suckling on the nipple.

After a moment longer, Patty let go, smacking her mouth as if she just finished a refreshing beverage. At the same time, she pulled her fingers out and pointed them towards Stephanie’s face. Understanding what was expected based on the prior evening, Stephanie bent again and cleaned off her own juices, moaning reluctantly as she felt Patty play inside of her mouth, pressing on her tongue, moving in and out.

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