A Night Out

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I felt the fat head of his cock as it slid up my asscrack and stopped at my hole. His bright eyes looked down to mine as he lifted my legs higher, with a slight press of his hips his cock slid in my now open asshole and he grinned down to me,

“Now it’s your turn.”

I felt his cock slid deeper and I gasped and moaned deeply as I reached down to my hard, rigid cock. His hand stopped me, I opened my eyes and looked at him, he shook his head slowly.

“No baby, Not tonight, no touching! Tonight I’m gonna fuck the cum right out of you.”

We had gone out for a bite to eat and some coffee, and I admit I teased him a lot. I was horny and wanted to have a good fuck tonight so I was doing a lot of brushing up and sly cock grabs all night. When we got home we had barely gotten in the door when he grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall kissing me deeply. His tongue probing deep and his hand unbuckling my belt and opening my jeans to grasp my cock. It hardened in his hand as he tugged roughly at it.

Pulling me close his lips nipped at my ear as he whispered,

“Suck my cock.”

and he pushed my shoulders down. I fell to my knees and opened his pants, my own still tangled around my ankles. His hand on the back of my head as he pulled it to his hard cock, I opened my mouth and sucked him deep. my tongue caressing and lapping at the hot flesh. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked hard on him. Reaching around I grasped the cheeks of his ass and pulled hard, kneading them as sucked his cock.

He moaned as the head banged the back of my throat, holding my head in his hands as his hips involuntarily thrust his cock as deep as he could. Licking his cock my lips moved to his balls and sucked one into my mouth. My tongue caressed it and rolled it within my wet, hot mouth. I don’t know how long it was, twenty minutes or so I sucked his cock and balls. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri finally he pulls me up and kisses me deeply.

Nearly dragging me over to the couch, my pants till down around my ankles. he pushes me over the arm of the couch, ass up in the air. I felt a lubed finger press into my ass.

I felt his hard cock as it pressed into the cheek of my ass as he leaned over and breathed into my ear.

“Now who’s the tease baby.”

A second finger went deep into my ass.

“I’m just gonna take what I want now.”

And a third finger stretched my hole open even more.

“And I want to fuck you!”

He licked my ear.

“Yeah baby, I’m gonna fuck you in your asshole.”

The finger left my ass and I felt so empty. That didn’t last long as the fat head of his cock pressed into my ass, with steady pressure the head entered me. I gasped and he stopped for a moment and leaned over my back. I felt the curly hair of his chest on my back, it seemed slick with sweat and hot, his hand gripped my hips and he whispered those words he always seems to whisper to me, and it turns me on to no end.

“Come on baby, give up that ass to me, give me your ass.”

And with that my whole lower body seemed to just melt and relax,

“ahhhh yeah baby, that’s it.”

He moaned as his hand gripped my hips and the fat shaft of his cock sank into my ass deep. He held still for a moment, savoring the feeling of my slick ass around him.

Then he began thrusting. Not little bunny thrusts where his hips move and bang my cheeks, no, he started long, deep, hard, full body thrusts. He clearly wanted to cum and didn’t give a shit about me this time. His finger digging into my hips as he pulled me back into his thrusts.

I was grunting with the force of the fucks, my ass spasming around the fat cock, my own cock güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pressed back on the arm of the sofa and dripping precum like a water faucet. I grunted and gasped with each driving thrust of that fat cock.

“Fuck me baby, yeah baby fuck me deep.”

My gasps came ragged as I lifted my head. Oh sweet jesus, the fucking drapes were open and we were in full view of the front yard. I hope to christ no one walks by and looks in. there was pretty much no explanation possible for being bent over the arm of the sofa while a fat cock fills your asshole. fuck it, I closed my eyes and rode the feeling for all they were worth.

I pushed my ass back on him to drive it deep into me. I felt his thrusts get shorter and harder. He was gasping now in the familiar way, his breath shorter and hard. three hard short thrusts deep in my as and he grunted hard”

I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming, here it is!”

His hips then flattened against me as his finger dug deep and hard into my hips and pulled me hard into him. I felt the pulsing and swelling of his cock in my ass as he held me tight to him. He grunted with each pulse of his cock.

“Take it baby, take it deep, yeah.”

I gasped as I felt his cock spurt deep in me, filling my ass with his seed. Moaning, with not a little frustration of my own, we slowly came back to earth, Pulling his still hard cock from my ass I felt the cum dribble out and flow down my leg, stepping between my legs he push me back and my pants stayed as I fell on my back on the sofa, lifting my legs to his shoulders and we are where I started this tale.

His cock was deep in my ass now and I was fully open as he drove it hard and deep. My eyes rolled back in my head and I gasped and grunted with each hard thrust.

“yeah baby, fuck me! fuck me hard baby, make me cum baby, make me cum, fuck güvenilir bahis şirketleri me!”

I reached around to pull his ass to me, wanting that fat cock deep in my ass. I wanted to feel that hot, hard cock driving in me deep as possible. I grunted with each deep thrust of that cock.

“it’s coming baby, almost, don’t stop, keep fucking me, harder baby, fuck me harder!”

He told me later that was what i was gasping out. I don’t really remember. I do remember what happened next. I pulled his head down to my lips and I kissed him deep, our tongues dueling as his hips slammed in me, my ass spasming around his cock. My eyes rolled back and I saw stars, my whole body went stiff and then I felt the explosion of pleasure in my belly, my legs went wider to open more to him. My mouth opened in a soundless scream of pleasure, I saw my cock lying on my belly, not really rock hard, but hard and then, it seemed my whole asshole opened up. I looked up at Mark and he smiled as he felt my ass open wider to him. he made some hard deep thrusts. I gasped as I sucked in some air.

“now baby, deep, please, deep in my …”

And with that he drove deep as he cold and held his cock in me, my ass pulsed around him. my cock twitched and didn’t so much spurt as just open and the cum poured out. I locked my ankles around Marks waist and pulled him as close as I could. feeling him fill me. My ass twitched and pulsed around him as my cock poured cum out. I pulled his head to me and kissed him deeply as my orgasm filled me.

Slowly we returned to earth, my legs fell from his hips and landed on the sofa. I kissed him and felt his cock slip from me and the cum pour from my really open ass now. In my orgasm I didn’t even notice he had cum again as well. It was pretty wild. I smiled at him as I caressed his hip.

“It just keeps getting better and better babe.” he grinned at me “yeah it does, gonna be hard to top that one though.”

Other that a bit of time condensing between fucks this was last Friday evening. We’re getting along pretty good these days. Not moving in together or anything like that. But we seem to be having fun together. What more is there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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