A Perfect Night

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Driving in my car I felt free. No one was there to judge me. No one was there to bicker at me. I was level headed, and free of stress. I felt the breeze go through my hair as the top of my convertible rolled back. I smelled in the Autumn air and turned on the radio. Smooth Jazz played on the radio and I could relax. Finally. After three years of bitching, one could take so much. Yes I’ll admit I was fault to some things. I mean I did look at others, but I didn’t touch. Unlike him. I had a wandering eye for a few women. They just always made me smile in a way he could never understand. It was more natural. More relaxing. I felt I could fall into their arms and sleep forever. I smiled at this thought and turned the music up louder.

After 20 minutes of curvy street roads I was home. To my own place. He never wanted to move in together. That was another argument. But in the end it was a good decision and less of a hassle. I opened the door to a neatly ordered home. Wood floors, light colored walls and windows opened to let the breeze in. I liked it light and open. Visitors could see the woods through my back windows in the living room. The open kitchen was to right of it, along with a side bedroom and bathroom. In the back of the house I had a separate hallway. Leading back to my bedroom the walls showed my life in pictures. Graduating from Kindergarten, high school, and college. I received a BA in English, but I worked in a Marketing Office down town. Some times degrees aren’t everything. But I hoped to write books one day. Maybe be a teacher. Who knows.

I changed for the night. A few of my friends heard about the break up and wanted to take me out for some drinks. I thought it’d be great to catch up. That and I really needed a stiff drink. I took a shower and laid out my clothes to get ready. I looked in the mirror critiquing myself. I was slender and worked out when I could. Running is what I enjoyed to do. I was tall and had great assets. My eyes were a straight blue and my hair was long brown, laying against the mid of my back. I bit my lip trying to figure out if I should be more casual or dress up. I figured I might as well go all out and chose a sleek black dress and pumps. Fixed my make up and was ready to meet up with my friends.

That night we went to a hot new club down town. The line was wrapped around the building, but the girls didn’t mind. I was glad I dressed up. Both my friends had done the same. I greeted both my friends when they found me in line. Kate was shy yet devious. I had met her at work and hit it off right away. She was a good friend and was very adventurous. Of course she wore purple. Great heels and a few accessories in her dark hair. Jen was about the same, but wearing red. She greeted me with a big hug and was ready to dance.

“So,” Jen started. “You ready to kick the night off right. Forget the morning. The past is in the past.” She made me smile. Trying to comfort me, I hugged her again. I could have cried, but I didn’t want to ruin the night. I stayed positive and we talked about work and other things to take my mind off things. The line was starting to move and we entered the club. The music was loud and streams of blue and greens lights swept the floor. The DJ was pretty cute, but what I really needed canlı bahis was a drink and a hot dance. I ordered straight rum on the rocks. I really didn’t care, and I really needed it.

“Let’s go!” I grabbed Jen and Kate. “We should dance.” Kate set down her drink and followed after Jen and I. I led her by the hand and started moving to the beat of the music. We all got close to the middle and didn’t think. Just danced. I noticed Kate was interested in a guy that caught her eye. I nodded that she was ok and watched her put her arms around his neck and dance. It was harmless. Well, to the point of their clothes were still on. I just continued moving to the rhythm and noticed Jen in front of me. She was smiling and just moving with me. She got a little closer to me and put her leg in between mine. We were a lot closer, but we kept dancing. I swayed my hips and noticed she was still looking at me. Her dark eyes burned through me. I smiled and got a little closer. She fit perfectly against my body and we started grinding each other. I checked to see where Kate was and she was intently moving with her new found friend. I laughed and put my arms around Jen’s waist. She didn’t flinch and ran her hand through my hair, making me look at her again.

“Your eyes are beautiful.” Jen said. I just smiled and switched movements when the song changed. Jen was now behind me and I felt her hands on my waist. I intertwined my fingers with hers and bit my lip. I had to turn and face her. She was still staring at my blue eyes. They became fixed with hers and I didn’t look away. Jen moved closer. I almost couldn’t breath with how close she was. My lips moved across hers and I felt that I was becoming wet. She wasn’t worried and just moved with my body. One more song went by with a Techno feel to it and I had to get some air. I excused myself and went to the restroom.

“Are you ok?” Kate asked still close to her male friend.

“Yeah.” I shook my head repeatedly. “I just need some air.”

I walked to the restroom and looked in the mirror. It was still pretty crowded in the club and was reaching 2 am. I heard the door shut again and looked up. Jen had a questionable face and approached me.

“Are you feeling ok?” She felt my head with her hand, inspecting me and checking if I was ok. I nodded my head again and looked in the mirror. I swallowed hard and turned to face her. Her eyes were deep in thought. Wondering what I was thinking. I wanted to know what she was thinking.

“Danielle. Are you ok?” She asked again. I shook my head and walked out to the Bar. I felt her follow me and sat next to me at the Bar. I got another drink and ordered one for her.

“Its ok,” She said. “Everyone goes through break ups. Trust me I’ve been through my fair share of what you think is love.” She patted my knee and took a drink. “Listen, why don’t I take you home. You can sleep. And then start a new day.” I sipped my drink and agreed with her. I watched her walk to Kate and tell her we were leaving and if she wanted to join. She had declined and would see us at work. Kate was a big girl, she could carry herself home if need be. Plus, she hadn’t drank much so we both were ok with her staying. I left my car in a lot a couple streets down and just rode with Jen. bahis siteleri The whole way I just watched the trees pass by through the window. I felt sick. Something was not right.

Soon Jen unlocked my door and we walked back to my bedroom. A lamp lighted the way down the hall from the living room. I kicked off my pumps and watched her do the same. She looked at me and smiled with a crooked grin. I tried to do the same and my eyes begin to swell with tears.

“Oh babe!” She grabbed me, and hugged me tight. I wrapped my arms around her and just cried. I don’t know why I even cried. She didn’t let go and just held me. She loosened her grip and wiped the tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Dani. Its ok sweetie.” She hugged me again. Saying it was ok over and over in my ear. I felt so tired. Exhausted. I just wanted to sleep for weeks. She knew I was tired and unzipped my dress. I let it fall to the ground. I was standing in my bra and boy shorts. She smiled and gave me an over sized shirt I had laying on my bed. She helped me put it on, fixing the collar. I ran my fingers across her arms and rested them at the back of her head. My fingers were weaved through her hair and I gave the best smile I could. She reciprocated the smile and stepped forward. I leaned into her body and drew my face in closer to hers. I felt her smooth lips against mine again, but this time she pushed forward. I didn’t feel scared. I just, kissed her back. My lips moved against hers. She tasted sweet. Her perfume smelled of vanilla and I kissed her more like I wanted her. I didn’t even think. I felt her hands roam my back. Our bodies became closer leaving no space between them.

I hesitated and took off my shirt again throwing it to the ground. She didn’t miss a beat, still kissing me. Her lips were so smooth. She bit my bottom lips and I gasped. She smiled as I flinched back. I grabbed her by the arms and we shuffled to the bed. She fell and I landed on top of her. My hair tickling her. My hands searching her body. I unzipped the side of her dress and pulled it off. Her legs opened to wrap around me. She pulled me close to her lips again and kissed me hard. I could hear her moan as we touched each other. Feeling our skin on each other. She managed to unhook my bra and I did the same to her, leaving us only in our underwear. She pulled me down on her. My breast crushed against hers. Her skin was smooth and her kiss was intoxicating. My tongue entered her mouth and I couldn’t stop kissing her. She pulled my hair and I moaned. I felt her hand slide up my thigh. My back tensed as this new feeling erupted. I wanted her. And I wasn’t going to stop. I kissed down her neck and started feeling her warm breasts. Her nipples were hard and she begged me to lick them. I bent down slowly and kissed her breast. My tongue slowly teasing her and playing with her nipples. Her head rolled back as she enjoyed the pleasure. A few moans had escaped her open lips. I loved seeing her breath harder. I kissed lower. Her stomach. Her hips. My tongue tracing where her underwear touched. I moved them off slowly exposing Jen’s needs and wants. She was shaved and her wetness glistened through her lower lips. I could smell her sweet odor and my mouth begin to water.

“Please.” Jen asked. “I want bahis şirketleri you.” I looked up at her, watching her hips rise and fall as she became irritated with lust. I kissed the inside of her thigh and parted her legs. I began licking the moisture on her lower lips. I heard her moan deeper. I then slid my tongue in her as far as I could. She exhaled hard and grabbed my hand. I licked her slowly. A smooth pattern to tease her.

“Danielle.” She called. “Go faster.” I grabbed her thighs and started moving in and out of her with my tongue. I moved as fast as I could. Every now and then surprising her with two fingers as they plunged deeper. I felt the inside of her wall tighten as I moved faster. I watched her body react and become sweaty. Her movements were better than watching her as we danced once before. I got on top of her and pushed myself in to a 69 position. I didn’t care if she touched me back but I had to taste her again. I was startled when I felt her kissing my thigh. She was a tease too. I would jump as she kissed me with her tongue. I felt a pull and noticed she ripped my underwear off. I didn’t even care and kept going. Tasting her sweet nectar and licking her clit. When I found her clit she went hay wire. She shoved two fingers in me. Getting me back and made me scream. I was becoming sweaty and didn’t want to let up from pleasing her. I felt her grab my leg and fell on the bed. She had suddenly gotten on top of me. Kissing me once again. She tasted herself off my lips and continued fingering me. Her hands running through my hair and my arms wrapped around her. I felt like pudding. Her touch felt so good.

I had laid there. Letting her kiss down my neck and play with my breast in her soft delicate hand. I smiled watching her kiss down my body. My hands moving back her hair. She looked up at me and her gaze completely change. She wanted me bad. In every way. She gave me no time to think as I saw her move into me. Her mouth kissing and licking my clit. I loved the feel of my skin rub against her body. My legs parting for her to lick me better. To go deeper. Faster.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded. I moaned trying to repeat her name. “Ohh Jen! Don’t Stop.”

She licked me faster. Her fingers now entering me. I gasped and reached for anything to hold on to. My body twisted as she pushed deeper and deeper.

“Oh baby!” I bit my lip. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My body tensed up and my raised from the bed. She grabbed my hips and tried to hold me down. I felt like I was about to cum. Oh she was good I thought. My eyes watched her. Moans still escaping through my mouth. I could hear her moan every now and then. She didn’t stop like I had asked.

“Baby!” I screamed. I knew I was about to cum. She had looked up at me and questioned my scream. She continued fingering me harder bringing me closer and closer to climax. I screamed once more and released. She still licked me, but cleaning all of me. Every drop of cum I watched her devour. I grabbed her close to me and wanted her weight on me. Her skin still on mine. She kissed me and I now tasted myself on her lips. It was good I had to admit.

I slowed my breathing and held her. I didn’t want her to leave anywhere then to stay in my arms. Her fingers started tracing my sides and I relaxed, exhaling the moment and happy to have made the day completely perfect. She moved to look at me and smiled.

“You’re ok right Dani?” I shook my head and just kissed her. And kissed her and kissed her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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