A Secretary’s Thank You

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In the account department worked a girl called Karla.

She was very much the fantasy of most men in the office, and I was no exception.

She didn’t have much of a personality, but she looked incredible, and jaws dropped around the office whenever she walked in.

This day was no different. Karla strolled into the office, wearing a flowing red summer skirt, with a split up the side the went almost to her belt, showing all of her stunning, long left leg. She also wore a simple, white summer blouse, but with a difference. It was unbuttoned to just past her firm chest, exposing a cleavage so deep and tanned you could melt into it!

The rest of the day went as normal, and at 4.30 people started to leave the office. About 5pm Karla came up and asked me for some help on an Excel spreadsheet she was working on.

I started to show her what to do, and when I turned to ask her about something I got an eyeful that made me stop in my tracks!

Karla was sitting on the edge of my desk, her left leg on the floor, leaning forwards to look over at what I was doing.

Her blouse heaved as it strained under the weight of her voluminous breasts, and it was also very clear to see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear .. and that she was a natural blonde!

“Are you trying to make me lose concentration” I asked her quietly “or are you just trying to make me lift the desk?!”

Karla looked at me, and winked – it was then that it became obvious that she knew what she was doing!

Thankfully no-one else heard what I said, and I carried on showing her what she needed to do.

Soon enough, Karla was happy & went back to her own desk to work, and I carried on with mine, until an e:mail arrived.

[Meet me in the stationary cupboard, because I want to show you how grateful I am for your help!] was all it said on the mail from Karla .. my heart missed a beat, and I waited until she’d left the office, and then I followed her.

I closed the casino oyna cupboard door behind me, and turned around to see Karla kneeling there, her blouse open, and her firm, rounded breasts in all their glory. We said nothing, and she reached for my flies. Her slender fingers unzipped me, and delicately removed my throbbing cock from my trousers. She looked up at me as she began to run her hand firmly up and down my rigid shaft, and then Karla sunk her head over the top. Firmly she gave me a blow job, raking her fingernails delicately over my balls. It was not long before I was nearing the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum” I whispered as quietly as I could, and Karla stopped sucking me. Again she looked up & just smiled at me, her hand still working it’s magic on my swollen organ. Just then I held her shoulders for support as I jolted, a wonderful, orgasmic sensation washing over me as I came, Karla guiding my cock, making the thick fluid jet over her naked breasts.

Karla then stood up.

Slowly she massaged my creamy cum into her skin.

“Hmmm – I LOVE the smell of it!” she whispered as she inhaled deeply.

She then did her blouse up & we returned to the office.

[That was just for starters] came Karla’s e:mail shortly on our return…. Roll on 6 o’clock I thought, smiling to myself in disbelief of what had just happened!

Soon enough, it was five to six, and another mail came through:

[Meet me in the car park in 10 mins]

I quickly finished my day’s work, and headed down to the car park – eager to carry on where we had left off!

When I got down to the car park, Karla was already there, leaning against me car waiting for me. Again she was smiling, and as I unlocked the car, she quickly got in & sat on the passenger seat.

“Where would you like to go?” I asked

“Anywhere where we can get that cock of yours inside me and we won’t be disturbed!” she replied openly.

I drove out of the car park, canlı casino and headed off towards the river, which was about a 10 minute drive away.

Just after we had left work, Karla reclined in the seat, and lifted the hem of her skirt. She started to rub her inner thighs, and finger herself right there next to me.

“This is the best way to wind down after work!” she whispered.

I glanced across to see her slowly working away at her pussy with both hands, several fingers slipping effortlessly in and out of her opening.

“Is this how you normally wind down?!” I asked

“I do like doing it outside, but I don’t think that the other bus passengers would appreciate it!” she joked.

I glanced over again, and she was now working away hard, rubbing her swollen clit vigorously, and slowly she started to tense and arch her back..

“Fucking hell” she whispered, just as she quivered gently through a climax.

She rested for a moment or two, before sitting back up, just as I pulled into a car park.

Karla was out of the car first, and I quickly followed, and she led me up the small towpath to an old war memorial that was surrounded by overgrown trees, and only just visible from the towpath.

We said nothing, and Karla quickly undid her blouse & skirt, letting them fall to the ground, and she stood there in front of me, naked.

I too quickly stripped, and Karla walked over to the memorial. She bent right over, leaning on the stone, and I moved behind her. There was no foreplay – I just guided my solid cock to her soaking cunt, and effortlessly thrust into her. Karla gasped aloud as my mass penetrated deep between her legs. I held onto her waist and started to fuck her hard, and every time my cock slammed into her wet cavity, Karla grunted; somewhere between pain and pleasure!

It was not long until Karla started to whisper “Oh Yes! Oh Yes!” over and over, and I could feel her tightening on my shaft as her body drew nearer to kaçak casino another climax. Sure enough Karla tensed and shuddered as a wave of pleasure flooded through her veins.

She slowly stood up, turned around, and sat back down on the memorial.

She then reclined slowly backwards and spread her legs wide in front of me. I guided my cock slowly to her entrance again. I probed gently at her soaking pussy, gently rubbing her hard clit. I slowly slid my cock back into her awaiting pussy, and she wrapped her legs around me.

“I want you feel you drain your balls inside me” she whispered.

I started to screw her again, my cock sliding deeper into her than before. Karla closed her eyes and opened her mouth, wanting to scream, but staying silent. I looked down and watched my thick cock stretching her gorgeous pussy with every penetration.

She panted heavily as I shafted her as hard as I could, and it was not long again until she winced, her body going rigid, and she shuddered through another orgasm.

I took her legs and lifted them up onto my shoulders, and I quickly withdrew. I repositioned my cock at her tight arse, and willingly she pulled her bum cheeks as far apart as possible, allowing me access. Gently I pushed at her tight sphincter, and she groaned as my cock slowly parted her entrance and I slid into her.

I then started to slide in and out of her tight hole, and she writhed under me.

“Treat me like a whore; bugger me and fill my arse with your cum” she whispered.

I thrust harder and harder up her arse, and I could feel the sensations welling in my groin.

“That’s it empty your balls up my arse” she egged me on

She then started to rub her swollen clit again, rubbing frantically as I thrust inside her.

Just as I started to shudder to a huge orgasm, I felt her arse tighten around me, and we both shuddered through an orgasm together, my cum being injected deep inside her.

We slid apart, and both tried to catch our breaths.

After getting dressed, we walked slowly to the car, and I then drove her home.

“How do you fancy the same again tomorrow after work?!” she asked as she got out of the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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