A Seniors Club Ch. 02

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Laura awoke early on this Monday morning. She showered, dressed casually and got ready to meet her friend, Martha Cummings, for breakfast at a nearby restaurant. It had been a week since she and Gary had gotten together with Abby and Brian. Both couples had seen each other in the interim, but no one had been able to find any other seniors to try and bring them into the new “Seniors Club’. Laura decided that she would take the lead and try to convince Martha to consider joining at breakfast this morning. She had known Martha since high school, and throughout their friendship Martha had always been known to have a keen interest in sex. Laura was sure that age had not dimmed this desire in her friend.

Both of them had been cheerleaders in high school. Martha had been the prettiest and had the best figure of all of the girls on the squad. Martha also was the school sexpot and Laura knew for certain that she had bedded several boys before they graduated. She had kept herself looking younger than her sixty years by good eating habits and exercising regularly. Martha lost her husband to a sudden heart attack three years ago and had finally gathered the courage to start going out again. Her only child, a boy, had grown to manhood, became a flying officer in the Navy and was overseas on a carrier. Martha was a tall pretty blond woman, nearly six feet tall in her pumps. Her body was well shaped with large breasts and a narrow waist. She could best be described as Amazonian.

Martha’s pale blue eyes sparkled and her smile seemed to hide some pleasant secret about her self. She had been the most popular girl in high school and had married very well. Her husband had been a corporate attorney and had provided very well for her and her son. Martha had been a gracious hostess and often the life of the party at social occasions. Laura knew that if Martha’s sex drive had diminished by even half what it was in high school, she would be a natural as a member of the Club. She and Martha had not seen one another for nearly two months, and Laura surprised her when she called to invite her to breakfast.

Laura drove into the restaurants parking lot and went inside. As she had expected, Martha was already there sitting in a small isolated booth away from the other patrons. The two women hugged one another and sat down together in the booth. They ordered breakfast and sipped their coffee, making small talk throughout their meal. Finally, Martha asked what nefarious plot had caused Laura to call her for breakfast. They laughed and Laura replied that she may be right about the nefarious plot.

“I’m all ears, Laura,” Martha said with that ‘I’ve got a secret smile’.

“Well, I’m not sure how to put this delicately, so I’ll just tell it how it is,” Laura began. Martha furrowed her eyebrows as she waited for Laura to go on. “I met someone about three weeks ago and we have been dating,” Laura continued, “One thing led to another and we became very intimate with each other.”

“Great! You got laid,” Martha said forcefully, “I’m proud of you.”

“There’s more, Martha,” Laura grinned, “After our first date, we were so contented with how it went, that we began to wonder how other folks our age dealt with the sex issue.”

“What issue is that, Laurie?” Martha asked using the name, Laurie, that her friend was known in high school.

“Martha, after my George died and my mourning diminished because life goes on, I realized that I still had deep sexual desires. I tried to suppress them, but it finally got too much to deal with and I decided to go out to find someone to have sex with. I wasn’t, and am still not, looking for another husband. I just missed the intimacy so much.”

“You’re not alone, Laurie, so don’t fret about going out and fulfilling yourself,” Martha told her.

“Oh, believe me, I’m not fretting. It’s much better than that. Gary…that’s his name, and I got to talking about how other men and women our age handled that problem.” Martha leaned closer and displayed a very keen interest in listening to her friend. “We decided to explore a ‘sex club’ for seniors,” she blurted. Martha’s eyes opened as wide as saucers and for the first time. Laura knew that Martha was speechless and all ears. “Well, Marty,” using Martha’s high school nickname, “we tried it out with another couple. It was spectacular!” Laura confessed.

“You mean group sex?”

“Yes!” Laura replied. “I was with Gary and the other couple had sex with each other. We didn’t mix and match, but we all wanted to. It just got too late that first ‘club meeting’.”

You and…ah…Gary, had sex while the others were there?”

“Yes. They watched us and we watched them. It was wonderful. We even discussed things that we each had fantasized about, but had never done, and kinda decided that we would casino siteleri live out our fantasies eventually.” Martha was stunned.

“Jesus, Laura, if someone else had told me that you did that, I wouldn’t have believed it.” Martha sat back with a big smile on her face, “Good for you…and the others too!” she declared. “But why invite me to breakfast to tell me?” Martha asked.

“Because I thought that…perhaps you might be interested in thinking about joining us,” Laura told her. Again, Martha was stunned nearly speechless. She agreed that sexual intimacy was still among her priorities, but she had never thought about a group sex approach. “Look, we don’t expect our ‘members’ to do anything they feel uncomfortable about. If you want your privacy you select your partner and go to a locked bedroom, or take him or her home, if you like,” Laura explained. Martha was taken astonished when Laura used the terms ‘him or her’ with respect to a prospective sex partner. She asked Laura if this club was into gay and lesbian sex. “No,” Laura answered, “what we did was to state our fantasies and limits with respect to the sexual activity that we might, or might not, participate in. Same sex activity was one of the fantasies that came up.”

“I don’t know what to say, Laura. This is all so sudden and unexpected. I’m surprised and kinda shocked,” Martha admitted. “You’re right about the need for sex at our age, I suppose. At least I have to admit that I have often thought about it, but to be romantically involved at my age doesn’t really appeal to me,” Martha said.

“This is going to sound worse than I mean it to be, but it’s not necessarily about romance…it’s about having sex. We just want to satisfy one another’s needs, and if romance blooms, that’s between the two people involved. I know that for me it seems very preferable to the bar scene…no loud music, no young people who can’t possibly understand our needs and without worrying if the people you are with, are disease free,” Laura replied.

The two women discussed the issue in more detail and Laura tried to answer all of Martha’s questions. In the discussion, both women admitted that they had often wondered about sex with another woman, or group sex with others. Laura surprised her friend again when she told her she had often wondered about the S & M scenes that she had read about in some novels. They delved into various sexual scenarios the ‘members’ might want to explore or were curious about. Martha agreed to think seriously about joining the ‘club’ and she would advise Laura of her decision soon. Laura paid the check and the two ladies walked out to their cars. They hugged one another and Martha promised to call with her answer.

Laura entered her office and her secretary handed her a phone message from Gary. She phoned Gary at his home and she told him about talking with Martha. He, in turn, told her that Brian had called him to tell him that his friend, Ben Martin, was very interested in the ‘club’ idea. Ben was sixty five years old, a chief design engineer with a local manufacturing company and had been divorced for several years. Laura was happy to hear the news and suggested that all of them meet for dinner some night soon. This would allow them to get to know one another better and answer any questions the newcomers might have.

Gary agreed then told her that the restaurant where they first met had a small private dining room which would be ideal. That way, if the newcomers were reluctant to join they would not feel pressured or uncomfortable wherever the original four members met. Gary decided that he would reserve the private dining room for the up coming Friday night. He hung up with Laura and called the restaurant to make tentative arrangements with his friend, the owner. He called Laura back to tell her of the arrangements and Laura agreed to call Abby and Martha. Gary would call Brian and ask him to invite his friend Ben. Happy with the prospects for the new ‘club’, Laura embroiled herself in her work for the rest of that day.

Laura’s work day ended with a call from Abbey. She asked Laura to stop by her home after work if she had the time. Abby wanted to talk privately about the ‘club’ with Laura. The women agreed to meet around six pm at Abby’s house. Laura closed her office and drove off to meet with Abby. Soon she was standing on the porch of Abby’s renovated Victorian home and knocking on the door. The door opened and Abby smiled at her friend, thanked her for stopping by and invited her inside. They sat in Abby’s living room, superbly decorated in the Victorian period furniture. Abby poured each of them a glass of Blush and they sipped their wine while Laura waited for her hostess to begin the conversation.

“I have thought about the foursome we had at your house, Laura,” Abby began. “When we talked about limits and fantasies; did you really mean it when you said you had always been curious about same sex coupling?” Laura nodded, yes, and repeated that she sometimes fantasized about it. Abby stood canlı casino up and bent her waist to pour Laura some more wine. Their eyes met when their heads were just inches away from one another. Abby, didn’t pour any wine, but instead she closed the distance between them to pause just before her lips touched Laura’s. Breathing hard, Laura moved up to sensitively place her lips against Abby’s and kissed her tenderly. Both women held their kiss for several seconds then their lips parted.

Abby put down the wine bottle, took Laura’s glass from her hand and set it down as she embraced her guest and kissed her deeply again. Their tongues entwined and neither spoke as they broke their kiss. It was obvious to both that they were going to make love to one other. Taking Laura’s hand, Abby led her to the stairs and they climbed up together. When they entered Abby’s bedroom, Abby turned around to kiss Laura once more. Then she began to loosen Laura’s top and pulled it off, revealing the lacy bra that encased her delightful breasts. Laura, too, unbuttoned Abby’s robe to discover that she was naked beneath it. Laura removed her skirt letting it fall to the carpet. Abby’s thumbs entered the waistband of Laura’s bikini panties, pulled them down and helped her to step out of them.

Quickly, Abby unhooked Laura’s bra and pulled it away from her body. Breathing hard, Abby admired the lovely breasts that her eyes beheld once again. She cupped them in her palms and felt Laura’s heart beating rapidly as she held them. Abby drew her thumbs over the hardening nipples while Laura moaned softly. Laura’s warm palms gently lifted Abby’s breasts to knead them. Then Laura’s thumbs lightly drifted around her areolas causing Abby’s nipples to stiffen. Laura bent to kiss the marvelous breasts she held and tasted their flesh. Abby groaned and breathed deeply. She released Laura’s breasts clasping her head against her bosom. Abby gasped as her nipples blossomed when Laura’s tongue swept over them, moving from one to the other.

Laura’s passion overwhelmed her as she slowly glided to her knees in front of Abby. She trailed her tongue down Abby’s body, filling her nostrils with the woman’s fragrant scent. Laura nuzzled the soft curls of the bush that cradled her face. Then she kissed the flesh that surrounded the soft curly hair, hearing Abby moan aloud. Her tongue grazed the creases where Abby’s thighs joined her torso, causing Abby to tremble and sigh deeply again. She kissed Abby’s inner thighs several times and drew her tongue just below her fragrant pussy. Abby trembled with lust for her new found lover. Her body twitched as Laura softly kissed the lips of her pussy, as though they were her mouth. A slight shudder coursed throughout Abby’s body. Abby seemed to melt as she lowered her body to the soft edge of the bed while Laura followed her, holding her hips.

Overcome with lust, Laura flicked her tongue across the edges of Abby’s closed outer nether lips. Delicious nectar seeped from between them and teased her taste buds. Laura drew her tongue down the closed nether lips gathering more nectar while her lover cried out for more. She parted the tender lips with her tongue, opening them as her tongue trailed upwards to the cries of ecstasy from her lover. More nectar flowed to coat Laura’s tongue as it slowly moved upwards towards the engorged target clitoris. When Laura’s tongue swept over Abby’s erect clit she cried out again and raised her hips completely off the bed. The tongue swirled over the hard nub as more nectar streamed into Laura’s mouth which she eagerly swallowed.

Abby’s body twitched and trembled as she felt her orgasm stirring deep inside her. Laura too sensed that her lover was swiftly nearing her climax and she sucked the little nub as deep into her mouth as it would go. They were locked together at Abby’s clitoris; mouth and pussy vibrating with unyielding desire. Laura’s tongue was unrelenting as it plundered Abby’s clit without remorse. Abby whined while she swiftly approached her sexual zenith from Laura’s wonderful lingual assault on her clit. Suddenly, Abby’s scream pierced the stillness of her bedroom and she erupted in a convulsive orgasm, flooding Laura’s mouth with her juices. She came hard, her hips lifted from the bed and her body shuddered while the splendid pleasure coursed through out her body. Abby’s pussy spasmed each time Laura’s tongue swirled over her clitoris. Her orgasm seemed unending as she nearly lost consciousness from the sheer pleasure that completely possessed her.

“Oh my God,” Abby cried out as her orgasm peaked and began to slowly recede. Laura continued to tongue the softening clitoris in her mouth. She eased the firmness with which she licked the now super sensitive nub. Abby was surprised how much she relished Laura’s tongue still swirling over her sensitive clitoris. She thought about how she could hardly stand to have her clitoris touched when her husband used to make her cum orally. Through the fog of her receding orgasm she realized that Laura knew, and had reacted kaçak casino to prolong her cumming. Laura had eased away from sucking hard on her clit to a gentle swirl of her tongue to sustain a pleasing intensity to her orgasm. Still breathing hard, Abby reached out to stroke Laura’s hair, and her lover slowly eased her swirling tongue away from her clit.

Laura arose and climbed onto the bed straddling Abby’s hips with her knees, as she looked at the sheer pleasure fixed on Abby’s face. She smiled at her lover while Abby searched for the power to speak after cumming so hard. Finally, she recovered enough to sigh deeply as her eyes blinked with disbelief. “Laura,” she began, “I’ve never cum so hard and for so long before.” Laura bent over her to kiss her lips tenderly while their breasts seductively rubbed against the others. “That was incredible…simple marvelous,” she said as they broke their kiss. “Now I know why some women love other women. You knew exactly how to make love to me…how to ease up on my clit when I came, and how to create and prolong such an intense orgasm,” Abby said softly to her lover.

“I just did what I liked being done to me, lover,” Laura told her. “You are my first female lover, Abby, and it was absolutely wonderful.”

“Now I know why women enjoy making love with another woman. It’s a completely different feeling than a man making oral love to me. It was so much softer, gentler with a slower buildup, but with a much more powerful orgasm.” Abby affirmed, smiling at her lover.

“Yes, Abby,” Laura said, “I felt that too. But some men also know how to do it that way. Gary surprised me when we first made love, because it felt different than the way my husband did it. It felt better, especially when I would cum. My husband, used to push his tongue hard on my clit when I came. I didn’t like that because when I would cum my clit became so sensitive. Gary seemed to know this and he eased off and I had a wonderful orgasm with him.”

“That must be nice to have a man so understanding.”

“You can find out at our next meeting of the ‘club’,” Laura smiled, bending to Abby’s nipples to lick them softly. Abby moaned and rolled Laura over to gently feed Laura her nipples. After a few moments, Abby bent to suckle Laura’s breasts and nurse on her nipples. Laura sighed with delight and closed her eyes to fully enjoy her lover’s attentions. Drifting away from Laura’s nipples Abby trailed her tongue to a deep and lovely navel which she reamed for several seconds. Then Abby drew her tongue to Laura’s dark trimmed bush to gently pull at the soft curls with her lips while Laura moaned. She pulled a pillow towards Laura’s hips as she spread her lover’s legs apart. Feeling the pillow at her hips, Laura lifted her ass up so Abby could slide it underneath her.

Abby gazed at Laura’s pussy and engorged clit and she realized that she was about to taste her first ever pussy. She smiled, happily content with the circumstances that brought her to bisexual love making. Pausing to look up at her lover, eyes closed, with labored breathing, Abby lowered her mouth to kiss and lick Laura’s very wet pussy. Laura trembled as the tongue touched her pussy, knowing it was another woman’s tongue to touch her there for the very first time. It felt wonderful as the magic tongue parted the lips of her pussy to deeply plunge inside. Laura groaned blissfully while Abby’s tongue swirled into the soft, pink inner folds of her pussy. She felt Abby’s nose bump her clit and she shook from sheer desire. Her juices flowed slightly faster and Abby eagerly received them, swallowing them happily. Laura too, sensed the amazingly wonderful difference of Abby’s tongue from both her husband and Gary. Abby’s tongue seemed to automatically flow over her most sensitive spots spontaneously, knowing how to elicit the most heightened pleasure. Laura writhed with lust and passion while her lover continued to draw her deeper into a lustful yearning for bisexual love. She gently grasped Abby’s head with her palms to firmly hold her head where her lover’s tongue felt best. She moaned aloud and shook her head from side to side while the wonderful tongue bestowed incredible sensations on her pussy. Deep inside she could feel the initial stirrings of an orgasm building slowly toward an impending and powerful orgasm. Abby’s tongue swirled through the tasty slit before her to pounce upon Laura’s erect, engorged and pulsating clitoris. Laura bit her lip to keep from screaming as the incredible pleasure drove through her entire body when Abby’s tongue touched her clit.

As her need to cum began rise faster inside her, Abby’s hands reached to cup and knead Laura’s breasts. Laura groaned when Abby’s thumbs and forefingers closed over her hard nipples to roll, gently tug and squeeze them, enhancing Laura’s pleasure. Laura groaned as she felt the marvelous sensations at her nipples as they seemed somehow wired to her clit as it throbbed uncontrollably. Abby held her lovers clit gently in her teeth as her tongue churned lightly over the tip of her clitoris. Laura began to moan continuously as her tone steadily increased to match the sensations at her clit and nipples. She realized that she was relentlessly headed towards a powerful orgasm as her body thrashed about on the bed.

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