A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 06 – Granny

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This is another true story in a series of stories as relayed to me by my friend Jeff.


I continued to visit my grandma on a regular basis, sometimes once, sometimes twice a week and even with age, her sexual appetite never diminished.

She could hardly wait for my visits.

If I didn’t visit, she told me that she masturbated and enjoyed our mutual fetish, pee fun, among other things.

She said she was forever thinking of ways to have fun and get an orgasm and sometimes, when I visited, she was only too willing to show me and if not, tell me about what she’d done to herself.

On one of these occasions, (she’d was approaching her 80th birthday, as I remember) this would have been a typical conversation, most likely she’d be fully dressed.

“Hello gran.”


At this point, she’d probably be standing, gripping herself over her skirt.

“Rubbing your cunt again gran?” At this point she’d have probably just smiled.

She loved being a bit of an exhibitionist with me and using naughty words.

“So what have you been up to, you fucking dirty whore?”

“I’ve been fingering my cunt again and wetting myself.”

“You wet your panties again, filled them with piss?”

“Yes, sat on the toilet and kept them on Andrew pissed in them.”

“I bet you haven’t changed them , again.”

“No, I’ve still got them on.”

“Open your legs you dirty slut and let me feel you.”

She opened her legs and let me put my hand up her skirt and squeeze her over her wet undies.

We’d have fucked, sucked and pissed most of the evening before going to bed and starting again.

Her 80th birthday celebration was a big to do…the extended family, grandkids, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri great grandkids, nieces, nephews were all there.

Lots to drink, food, quite a to do and it fell to me to get her home and it was within walking distance from the venue we’d used.

One or two relatives went part of the way with us and eventually went their own way.

I wasn’t too bad but as it was her birthday, grandma was a bit tipsy.

As we neared her house, she gripped my arm. “Oh! Dear.” She said.

“What’s up gran?”

“I wore one of my panty pads tonight, because of my bladder, but I couldn’t wait to get home and I’ve just pissed myself,” she said.

“Good, that’s ok then.” I said.

“No, it wasn’t just a dribble. I’ve done a lot and it’s overflowed and piss is running down my legs.”

She did a good job too. It was late and dark, except for the street lights and no-one around . She lifted her skirt up and there it was, urine running down her legs and dripping on the pavement.

I managed to get her home, still pissing as she walked.

“I like it.” She said. “My piss is running down my legs. Get me home, and give me a good fuck for my birthday.”

“You’re such a dirty, fucking old whore gran.” I said.

She smiled. She was so tipsy, her speech had started to become slurred, not helped by the fact she’d removed her false teeth as well and dropped them in her handbag.

“I want screw and be fucked.” She mumbled, dribbling saliva from the corners of her mouth.

She threw her arms around me and planted her open, wet mouth against mine. Her breath smelling of alcohol.

“Grandma loves you.” She said. She was well tipsy now, as her tongue licked inside my mouth.

We güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri were like a couple of kids there in the street, not an 80 year old woman and her grandson.

Fortunately, it was very late, and nobody else was around.

“Oooh! Let’s get home, I want you to stick your cock up me.”

It was only a few yards to her house. I got her inside the front door and she nearly fell over. The drink had really sunk in, helped by a good dose of fresh air. She was pretty drunk.

I got her upstairs and took her to the bathroom.

I managed to get her dress off and her bra, letting her breasts fall down onto her swollen belly. Then, while she was still able to stand, I pulled her panties down.

She started to dribble urine again and I managed to sit her on the toilet where she finished peeing.

While she sat there, her bladder not knowing whether it was empty or not, she reached out and undone my trousers and got my hard cock out.

She pushed the skin back, and engulfed it with her toothless mouth all the way, right to the back of her throat.

I’d had a couple of drinks myself and although my cock was erect, I dribbled a drop of pee and she swallowed it.

She took her mouth away and grabbed my hand.

“Come on, fuck me. Give your grandma a fuck.” She stammered, as she dragged me to the bedroom, very unsteady on her feet.

I didn’t even remove her wet stockings and garters. I led her to the bed and dropped her on it, lifting her feet.

She went into a jumble of naughty words.

Despite being a lady, she knew all the words and was so tipsy, she didn’t care about using them.

She opened her legs, raising her knees, exposing the matted, wet grey güvenilir bahis şirketleri pubic bush around her pussy.

As I undressed, she lay there giggling. “Stick your cock up my cunt and fuck me then fuck me again.”

She raised her bottom, parted her pussy lips and peed a high arc of urine.

“Oooh! Look at me pisding, look at my piss. Fuck me while I piss” She said, dribbling as she spoke.

She’d drunk more alcohol than I thought, she stunk of it…her breath and her urine.

“You’re a drunken old, I fucking whore.” I told her.

“Ooh! Yes, I’m an old whore, I am, I am, come on, fuck you’re dirty old granny.” She said.

I was hard and ready to give her a fuck, with her legs raised and her labia wide open, swollen and wet. I couldn’t resist giving her sticky cunt a good lick first, pushing my tongue in as far as I could.

She tasted so good.

I climbed on top of her and slipped my cock into her open hole, thrusting into her hot cavern.

She cried out in ecstasy and I pushed my tongue into her open mouth. She sucked on it like a baby.

“That’s it.” I said, as I took a breath. “Suck on my tongue, taste your own cunt and piss, you dirty slut.”

Being verbally abused excited her so much, she suddenly lifted her back off the bed as she orgasmed and I came too, filling her with my hot cum.

I was still in her as she collapsed back down and yet again, spurted pee everywhere.

“I’m a…I’m a dirty old grandma.” She whimpered, “I love you.”

“I love you too gran, you filthy bitch.” I said.

I kissed her open toothless mouth again, sucking her saliva as she dribbled.

I stayed with her overnight, laying on a wet bed.

Neither of us got up to visit the toilet. We just stayed in bed and peed ourselves.

It had to have been one of the best times we ever had…drink aided, maybe, maybe not.

It certainly lowered any barriers that might have remained.

After her 80th.birthday, I thought things might slow down, how wrong I was…

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