A Symphony of Sex

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Author’s note: This particular story evolved after a lengthy and enjoyable series of emails between a highly educated and charming lady hailing from the British Isles and myself. It is a work of total fiction, and all participants are aged eighteen or over. All sexual encounters are performed consensually.


Part 1: Arrival and Welcome

I drove to the San Francisco International Airport early, so I didn’t make Ellie and Ricky wait after a long international flight.

Ellie was my lover from Wales whom I had met the year before. Rick was her cuckold hubby with a small dick but a big heart. We had spent 10 memorable days together, filled with fun, friendship and fabulous fucking. They were hard to leave. We missed each other. Therefore Rick and I had arranged this trip as a surprise for Ellie.

It was comforting for me to know that Ellie was in a happy marriage, and Rick went out of his way to give her what she needed. Of course we longed for each other, but she was not lonely. And now were we were looking forward to 20 days together.

It had taken me a while to wrap my head around that whole cuckold thing. In the classical cuckold situation the husband finds himself sexually inadequate. Therefore he accepts to be humiliated and denied while his wife has sex with her lovers. Ellie and Rick have tried to mold themselves into this lifestyle, but I felt there was a better way.

Rick was a cross-dresser and liked to be feminized. Perhaps he was secretly longing for a sex change. In rural Wales this might not be a socially acceptable option, but I hoped that spending time in San Francisco with a vibrant LGBTQ community he might have a chance to discover more about his (her?) true identity.

Ellie was not disturbed by her husband’s sexual inclinations. In fact she encouraged it and followed his lead in transforming him into her sissy. Of course, as a girl with a high sex drive, Ellie wanted a good fucking every now and then (but not more than 5 times a day, let’s be reasonable here). But she was not looking for a macho bull who took himself for God’s gift to women just because he packed more than 6 inches. In fact, she was rather turned off by guys with a macho attitude. She very much prefered a lover who would respect her relationship with her sissy hubby and who would even want to be part of it. Although the topic never came up, I also think Ellie had bisexual inclinations.

As for myself, thinking of sissy as an aspiring woman made it easier for me to be a lover to both of them, since I am not very bisexual. But I think what makes it even easier to relate to people and form friendships and romance is if we think of each others as human being first and forget about gender roles and expectations. Then we are free to realize what we are really attracted to. In the majority of cases -surprise – there is sexual attraction between a man and a woman, but it is much less binary than we tend to believe.

In fact, if there is never any deviation from the established norm, there is never any discovery or progress or evolution. There would not even be life in the first place. Therefore let’s keep our hearts, minds and eyes open.

What I saw with my open eyes at the exit from customs were two young women emerging from the crowd, a little disheveled after a 10 hour flight, but happy to have arrived and eagerly looking out for the guy who was waiting for them. That would be me.

“Hi Ellie, Hi Ricky”, I waived to them.

“Hi Wolfie”, Ellie called back.

I hugged Ellie and gave her a long tongue kiss. Then I did the same to the gurl next to her (well, the kiss was a little bit shorter, but still heartfelt).

“Hey, look at you, man. Is this really the great Richard Strauss? (These were indeed their full names: Eleanor and Richard Strauss.)

“You don’t like a Rick to me. Or even a Dyma Bach. (That was Ellie’s Welsh nickname for her hubby, which literally translates to: here is the little one.) We need to find a new name for you.

“Oh I know. How about calling you Zara? As in Zarathustra, the opera by Richard Strauss. What do you think?”

Ellie laughted, and Rick had a wide grin plastered on hur face.

“Zara it is.”

“Take us to your place, Wolfie. How long is it gonna take?”

“At this time of the day … 40 to 50 minutes easily.”

“40 to 50 minutes, oh my. In which luggage is my rabbit – Zara?”

“Right here in this one I am pulling.”

“Oh good. I just hope the battery is not completely dead.”

When I loaded the car (it wouldn’t be right to have a dainty sissy do the heavy lifting), I let Zara open the luggage and take out what Ellie needed. Luckily the bag with sex toys was right on top.

“Oh look what we have here.” Ellie exclaimed as she took out the big rabbit and a cute mini-vibrator.

“Here is something for you, sweety, so you don’t get bored on the back seat all by yourself.”

While we all got comfortable (well, I had to drive, but I sure enjoyed the entertainment), Ellie explained güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri how their sex life had improved since we last met.

“It was so frustrating to have Rick – Zara – in chastity just so she wouldn’t come the minute I touched hur. It would be so much more fun to watch hur little cock go hard and stay hard.

“It may be no good for deep penetration. But I imagined how it would feel all over my body, getting a cock massage, with precum as self-lubrication, from my neck to my toes.

“When I first talked to hur about my idea, she almost came just from listening.

“So we started a new system of rules. Every day I took her out of chastity so she would touch herself just enough to stay hard for 10 minutes, under my supervision.

“After a while, it would be difficult for hur to lose hur erection so she could fit back into hur cock cage. I didn’t want to be cruel and give hur the ice water treatment every time. It would break my heart to see hur beautiful little cock shrivel into nothing.

“So what could we do? Buy hur a bigger cage? Then I came up with a much simpler solution.

“Instead of the cage, she would wear condoms all day long. Smallest size, non-lubricated, three on top of each other. This way she could get hard if she felt like it, and we would see how much precum she had leaked or even if she had an accident of involuntary ejaculation.

“Another rule was that she could only come if she had something in hur arse – a buttplug, a finger, a dildo …

“One evening I took hur condom off. There was a lot of precum in it. I squeezed it onto a buttplug for lubrication. I gently pushed it into hur asshole while I explained the new rule to hur.

“She spontaneously squirted into my face. At first was devastated, but I just laughed and told but to lick it off my face. She was so relieved that I wasn’t mad at hur.

“How are you doing, sweetie? 30 minutes already playing with yourself and staying nice and hard?

“Such a good gurl, listening to our hot story, staying focussed and making sure youuu … doooon’t … cooommmme”

Obviously Ellie’s focus was the exact opposite. Just as we were pulling into my driveway, she shuddered with the most earth-shaking orgasm.

Welcome to California!

I gave Ellie a minute while Zara and I hauled the luggage into the house. When we came back, she had already shed most of her clothes and declared: “I need a shower now.”

Zara gathered Ellie’s garments and followed us walking from the garage through the front yard toward the house. We were not in public view, since we had a fence and trees around the property. Still it was thrilling to see my lover walking brazenly naked in a place she had never been.

It was like under the warm California sun she had let go of any inhibitions, masturbating them away as soon has she set foot in the Golden State.

We didn’t make it to the house.

“Wow, there is a pool!” Ellie exclaimed with delight and jumped right in.

“Go join Ellie”, I encouraged Zara, “I’ll bring towels”.

Less then a minute later we were all frolicking in the pool.

“Come here, lover” Ellie said to me. “I need you to fuck me.”

“I thought you would never ask”, I responded. I couldn’t say much more on account of the deep French kiss that followed.

The water was pleasantly warm thanks to the solar heating. I lifted Ellie’s legs to join her by the hip. With my hands gripping her magnificent ass and her arms wrapped around my shoulders, it was Zara’s task to give my dick just the right rub and guide it into Ellie’s waiting cunt.

“Ooh, I needed this so much. I have waited so long for a cock to fill me at last.

“This is so much better than American coffee. Instead of ‘fucking close to water’, you are actually fucking in the water,” Zara quipped, remembering the joke about the similarity between American coffee and lovemaking in a boat.

I could feel Ellie’s cunt contracting around my cock as she laughted at Zara’s delightful remark.

“You are so adorable, Zara.

“Come here, stand behind me and make sure that Wolfie’s cock doesn’t slide out of me.

“You may slide your little cock between my ass cheeks.”

Another daring proposition. Back in the UK, Ellie would have never even thought of double penetration, let alone with her sissy husband involved. But everything was different in warm, balmy California climate, especially in a pool filled with clear water.

Although it was an incredibly hot scene, Ellie sandwiched between us, fucking under water is not as easy as it seems, since the water actually washes away lubrication. Ellie’s cunt provided plenty, but her anus had none to start with.

Therefore Zara’s cock was just teased mercilessly, either rubbing against Ellie’s lower back or being squeezed between her wiggling bottom without a chance of entering the narrow hole.

“Let’s get out”, Ellie suggested. “I need Wolfman’s cum inside me, and I don’t want it to be washed out güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as soon as he gives it to me.”

Now it was my turn to be teased. I watched as Zara was applying lotion to Ellie’s back, then to her front. Sara was kneeling between Ellie’s legs, massaging her round breasts with perky nipples wistfully protruding.

Something else was protruding too: Zara’s cocklet, cage-free and stimulated for hours, yet still keeping hur urge to ejaculate in check.

Ellie sensed that it was time. “Lubricate me!” she ordered. “Rub my clit with yours and squirt your special lotion on me, so Wolfie can fuck my extra squishy cunt. Then we can share a meal of all our cum mixed together.”

This was too much for Zara. Almost as soon as she heard the instruction, she splattered the contents of hur swollen balls into Ellie’s clit and used hur deflating cock to rub hur spunk between hur wife’s cunt lips. Luckily Ellie had pushed a finger into Zara’s tight little arsehole, so the rule about no cumming without anal penetration wasn’t broken.

I stepped into the scene and let my hardening cock slide into Zara’s mouth while she was still lubricating Ellie’s cunt with the juice of hur sissy-gasm.

“Great job, sissy, I am so proud of you. Now move over, so Wolfman can fuck me. Don’t go away though”.

Zara reluctantly let go of me. She really loved sucking my cock, but she comforted herself by licking Ellie’s finger that had been in hur arsehole a moment ago.

Ellie’s cunt was a sight for gods: smoothly shaved and open, glistening in the sun, pearls of sissy cum splattered all around. My cock was inside her before she could say “fuck me”.

Zara was fully engaged in our lovemaking. She was licking Ellie’s breasts, Ellie’s clit, my nipples, my arsehole, any spot of our bodies hur hungry tongue could reach, while I was vigorously pounding Ellie’s insatiable cunt.

No words were spoken, but a lot of moaning was heard. We kissed each other with abandon, shared saliva as if we were cumming into each other’s mouth.

Ellie squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles. I pushed deeper in response. Yes, yes, yes, we were getting closer, barely holding back, waiting for the other to explode.

Staring into each other’s eyes, deeply inhaling with our tongue down each other’s throat … holding our breath for the eternity of a split second … then falling into the abyss of an enormous orgasm, crushing down any barrier that could exist between two people, being washed into blissful oblivion.

Finally our heartbeats slowed down, we allowed our bodies to untangle and held each other in our arms. We smiled as a very happy Zara slided between our legs and took hur sweet time lapping up all our juices and eventually sharing them through tender kisses.

Waking up from a post-orgasmic nap, I noticed that my two lovers were still fast asleep. No wonder, jetlagged after a long flight, adjusting to the 8 hour time difference. So I let them rest while I took a shower.


Part 2: From the first night to the next day

Everything was prepared for their stay. The king bed where Ellie and I would sleep, the guest room for Zara, fluffy fresh towels in the bathroom, food in the fridge.

We would keep our bedroom doors open at all times. I also put a few blankets and pillows in the corner of our bedroom, so Zara was welcome to make hurself comfortable and watch us whenever she liked.

Ellie and I did some sleepy lovemaking during our first night. I would cuddle up to her. She would dreamingly reach for my cock and rub it against her moist cunt lips. Then I would slowly slide inside her, guided by her elegant manicured hands.

“You feel so good inside me,” Ellie moaned, so Zara could hear. In a lower voice, she asked me whether it was ok to let her join us.

“Of course,” I replied with a kiss. “We are both here for you to make you happy.”

“Come here,” Ellie gestured to Zara who was cuddled up in hur pillows.

“Oh my, your little cocklet is all hard and dripping again.

“Be a good gurl and lick yourself clean while Wolfie and I are making love.

“If you are a good gurl and don’t have an ‘accident’, he will fuck you tomorrow in your arse. You are welcome.”

The tension was palpable. I was slowly fucking Ellie from behind in a spooning position. Zara was watching my cock slowly sliding in and out of Ellie’s cunt. She could barely contain hur excitement. Suddenly she burst out in tears.

“I can’t hold my cum anymore! But I want to be a good gurl and getting my ass fucked. Can I please … wear my chastity cage?”

“Oh my,” Ellie sighed as she saw Zara’s semi-ruined orgasm.

“It’s a good thing you caught it all in your hands. Now, clean it all up, and then bring me your cock lock.

“Wolfie will put it on you. Look, he is fucking me for 20 minutes and he is nowhere near cumming. Watch and learn.”

I must admit it was easier for me to hold back my ejaculation during a slow, tantric güvenilir bahis şirketleri fuck, especially since I had an epic orgasm inside Ellie the afternoon before.

Cumming inside a woman’s cunt feels so different from an orgasm induced by frantic masturbation. There is no nervous excitement, just letting go. It makes me feel spent but not drained.

I remember a glorious moment years ago. It was the first time with a former girlfriend who had teased me all night and then spontaneously invited me to stick my cock into her pussy. I came almost immediately, but surprisingly I was able to go on for 10 more minutes.

I wished for Zara to be able to experience this feeling once. To be able to cum and not be disappointed. For that she would need a very tight cunt around hur petite cock. Or perhaps a good arse-fucking. But for now, the cock cage would have to do.

It was challenging to fumble with Zara’s lock and at the same time make sure that my own cock would not slide out of Ellie’s cunt. The stickiness of Zara’s pencil dick didn’t make it any easier. Thankfully, Ellie helped with her experienced hands.

“There now,” Ellie smiled as she turned the key.

“Hush now, sweet dreams, my little one. I need Wolfie to focus on fucking me.”

While Zara curled up in hur corner, Ellie whispered in my ear: “You can come inside me again, if you like. If Zara wants you to arse-fuck hur in the morning, she will have to work for it.”

“True,” I agreed. “I am sure hur talented tongue can make it happen. Especially licking my ass will work wonders for getting me hard again.”

“Good to know,” Ellie smiled. “But before you get your hopes up for oral attention: I expect you to lick me to orgasm first thing in the morning.

“Now give me your spunk.”

And I did.

It felt deeply satisfying to release my seed into Ellie’s welcoming womb. I was also thrilled at the thought that it would marinate there for hours while we slept and slowly absorb into her body.

I felt happily asleep in the arms of the woman I made love to. I was looking forward to tasting the memory of our lovemaking the next morning. Ellie would want me even before she was fully awake, and she would taste of me. These thoughts made me feel honored, appreciated, and very much in love.

It was shortly before dawn before I put my thoughts into action. Having spent more than 12 hours alternating between sleeping and having sex, I felt very refreshed. Of course, Ellie and Zara needed the rest to fully adjust to the Pacific time zone.

I wondered whether Ellie was still asleep or aalready awake, but there was no doubt about her being ready for me. Her beautiful form was sprawled out over the bed, and her legs were open and inviting.

I started slowly by kissing her feet, letting her know that I was about to begin my ascent to paradise.

Ellie’s legs were smooth and hairless. It was a pleasure to lick her calfs and between the bend of her knees. Then I arrived at her inner thighs, which were so soft and delicious.

Ellie moaned softly, sounding like she was having a sweet dream she was not about to wake up from. However, as she opened her legs even wider and her hand grabbed my hair to pull me up, I realized that she was fully awake.

Even though she placed my head squarely in front of her clit, I resisted licking her love button right away. First I wanted to lick her lips and bathe my tongue between her folds, tasting the remnants of last night’s orgasm before it would be washed away by a new climax on a new day.

I think she enjoyed the struggle, doing that little bit of extra effort to make me surrender and fully focus on her clit. Of course, we both knew that I had surrendered to Ellie the moment I kissed her toe a few minutes earlier. Nevertheless, having teased her, I was rewarded with her being extra hungry for a release.

No words were spoken. Ellie’s rapid and shallow breathing told me everything I needed to know. She fucked my tongue with her clit. I sucked her clit like a cock. I swallowed the drops that liberally emanated from her urethra and from the mysterious glands that produce female ejaculation.

Orgasmic squirts and morning pee, all mixed into one intoxicating cocktail, pouring into my mouth. Ellie kept the faucet open for as long as possible, and I eagerly drank all she had to offer. I hope she somehow noticed that I was mouthing “thank you” between sips.

Almost unnoticed, Zara had woken up and watched us. Of course I didn’t see hur at first, being fully immersed in Ellie’s pleasure zone. But when I finally looked up, Zara was franticly alternating between licking hur fingers and sticking them into hur boi cunt, to get ready for hur long waited ass fucking.

Of course, Ellie had observed Zara all the time, and it was perhaps not only due to my hard working tongue that Ellie had enjoyed such an intense orgasm. In fact, I must admit that it was very exciting to see the little sissy slut working herself up, even though I am only very mildly bisexual.

“Take that cock lock off you and get your arse over here!”

These were the first words spoken today.

Poor Zara fumbled with the lock at first, but then she managed to free hur cocklet which went stiff immediately.

“Bring your pillows and put them under my ass!” Ellie commanded.

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