A Terrible Time

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If you want a real story, you should probably move on… this is sort of a venting complaint and isn’t too erotic.


I think it was March… I was feeling particularly horny. As I’ve mentioned in other stories, it was a rare occasion that I’d suck a cock. Once a month at most, maybe once every other month.

I’m a straight-leaning bisexual guy. 23 years old. 5’9, 190 lbs. I’m not as in shape as I’d like to be, I have a bit of a gut. White… you know, totally average… but with a thirst for cum.

I was sitting at work, checking my secret email under my fake name, trying to chat a girl into meeting up with me. I ket trying but I just wasn’t able to cover that last mile. I decided to start on plan B to make sure I got something that night in case my efforts failed.

I opened up my web browser and then started to type in ‘craigslist’ but stopped and turned back. I looked around to make sure that my coworkers weren’t standing around me. I was in the clear. canlı bahis I continued to the site and went to the men seeking men section. I had been thinking about my last dick for a month. My 58 year old daddy who called me son. I looked around on craigslist and couldn’t find anyone over 35 looking for a blowjob. They all wanted to fuck or to suck themselves. That sounds great, right? Well not for me. I hate being sucked by men. I don’t know why. I love a woman sucking my dick more than anything but I hate the feeling of an eager older man sucking on my dick showing me all the tricks he’s learned over his years. It’s like hanging out with a chef… it’s great they can do all that fancy shit, just make me a burger.

I would have to create my own ad. I asked for an older daddy who wanted to be sucked with no reciprocation. Older the better. I got a lot of responses right away but soon they all dithered out (either they wanted too much or they just disappeared). All I was left with bahis siteleri was one man… 41, 6’10 and staying in a hotel in Burbank. I wanted to just post another ad but the coworkers never allowed me another opportunity, so it was this guy or nothing.

He was nice enough… told me about his real son and how he’d always wanted to suck his son off. I reminded him that I wanted to do the sucking and he said that’s fine with him. He’ll just sit back and enjoy it. He might sniff my feet, he said… I asked him not to. Gross.

Well, that evening I got into my car and drove thirty minutes out to Burbank and walked into the hotel. The front desk guy tried asking me where I was going. I just said “a guest up on 14”.

“And the guest’s name, sir?”

I just shrugged and turned for the elevator. I’m sure he figured out what was going on.

I went up to the floor and reached this guy’s room. I knocked on the door. He answered. Shit he was tall. I walked in. I called bahis şirketleri him dad, as we had talked about online, but he said ‘call me Mike’. Oh… okay… not what we agreed to.

He sat on the bed and had me come close. He hugged me. He took my shirt off and then took my pants down. I undressed him as well. When he was in his boxers, I pulled them down to see it… a two inch dick… a two inch hard dick.

I put my mouth around it okay but there was nowhere to go. You move your head up at all and it pops right out. I couldn’t keep it between my lips to apply any pressure… i could lick it, but that didn’t do much. How did this guy get this into a woman to make a baby?

I couldn’t do anything at all. Meanwhile, he starts fondling my dick and as soon as I give up on his, he starts blowing me. EXACTLY WHAT I DIDN’T WANT. I sit there and I wait and I try to think of some tits and then finally I shoot. I told him this wasn’t what I wanted and that I was really upset. He said he wanted me to watch him finish first. I did… he put two fingers on his dick and tugged it vigorously until he shot a tiny load from his tiny balls. I put on my clothes and took off.

What a shithead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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