A Touching Tale Ch. 01

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This is a story based on fact and fiction. How much is fact and how much is fiction? I would leave that to your imagination. . This is my first submission and I dedicate this to my favorite author ‘Catmoore’ who is a big inspiration.

It all started on a November evening on a Bus. We were a party of four going to a town about 100 miles from our city to attend a family function. We were – I , my wife’s sister Sujatha, my mother-in-law and sujatha’s daughter Swetha. My wife Aarti had to drop out in the last minute due to some urgent work at office.

The Bus left around 6pm and took considerable time to clear the city traffic and get on to the highway. Let me explain the layout of the Bus. It had a central aisle and two seats on either side of the aisle. We were seated somewhere in the mid section, Sujatha and her mother together in one row and I and swetha in the row immediately behind them. Swetha loved to sit next to the window and I sat next to her on the aisle seat.

I was a 28 year old Engineer running my own business and my niece ‘Swetha’ who just turned 18 is a college going girl. She was about 5’3″, very fair and beautiful girl. She had a nice laugh , a great figure and a bubbly character. She had known me from her childhood because our families had known each other for long , and she was fond of me. I was also quite fond of her in a genuine uncle- niece way and there were never any other thoughts. I would swear to that.

Soon it was dark and the lights in the Bus were switched off and people started dozing. Swetha was very fond of thrillers and asked me to tell her a story. So I started telling her a Ghost story . As the story got more and more scary, she moved closer to me and held my hand. Even as the story finished she wouldn’t let go of my hand and continued to hold it. In that position, her left hand holding my right hand, we dozed off.

After a while, I woke up with a start when the bus braked sharply. I became conscious of the fact that swetha’s hand was covered by my palm. Her skin was very smooth and warm and her long, slim fingers tender to the touch. Without meaning to, I just started running my finger tips on the smooth back of her hand and it felt good.

As my fingers caressed her hand very gently from the wrist to the tips of her fingers, she gave a little shiver and moved closer. She was still asleep and now her left thigh was touching my right thigh. I became aware of It’s warmth through the thin material of her clothing and it was very erotic. I knew it was wrong to entertain such thoughts but the feeling was over powering and I had no control on that.

She was wearing a red langa ( petticoat), blouse and voni ( something like a half saree / dupatta ) a typical dress of teenage girls those days in south india. Her belly and mid riff was bare between the petticoat and blouse and was only covered by the thin voni through which I could see her flat, white and smooth belly.

I slightly turned in my seat towards my right and put my left hand across my right hand. I started moving my fingers slowly in the air till my forefinger brushed lightly against her waist. As my finger tip touched her smooth , warm waist, an electric current ran through me and I felt her shiver a little. I looked at her face and her eyes were still closed, breathing even and she continued to sleep.

I let my fore finger remain in that position of contact for a few minutes and then, slowly allowed my middle finger to join it. My two fingers were now lightly touching her silken smooth waist. I now lifted my fingers from there, moved them forward a little in the air and then brought them down very slowly till the tips lightly brushed against her smooth belly.

I allowed them to rest there lightly and the movement of the bus caused them to make the contact with ever changing pressure — now lightest touch, now with a bit of pressure. I was enjoying it so well that I allowed all my fingers to touch her silken smooth belly and exerted a very light pressure.

Eliciting no adverse reaction, I now allowed canlı bahis my left palm to come into total contact with her tummy and rested it there. I looked at her face to make sure that she was sleeping and also looked around to ensure that I was not being watched by anyone. Any case, it was totally dark in the bus.

After a few minutes, I slowly started rubbing her tummy with my palm and using my finger tips to caress her smooth skin. The feeling was exhilarating. By shifting my self ever so slightly, I was able to cover the entire surface area of her bare tummy with my loving caress. My thoughts now moved to those lovely, full, rich, young globes that were just a few inches away in her tight blouse. Suddenly, I had qualms about what I was doing and felt guilty.

Here was a girl who was my niece. I had known her even as a five year old kid and she sat in my lap and played then. Now she is an 18 year old young girl and I was touching her with erotic thoughts. The good guy in me started howling that I was being a bloody lecher. That was when I started to rationalize. I said all that I was doing was a very gentle harmless ,tender touching.

She doesn’t even know about it and is sound asleep. If she suddenly wakes up and finds my hand on her, she would assume that it was accidental and not deliberate. At any point if she shows even a slight negative reaction I would just stop the whole thing immediately.

Having thus decided to proceed, I slowly lifted my palm from her tummy and let my two fingers go vertical and moved them north. They came into the lightest contact with her blouse ensconced full left breast in the lower half of the globe. I allowed my two fingers to touch her breast in complete harmony with the movements caused by the motion of the bus.

There was no reaction from her. I then pressed her breast ever so lightly with my fingers. It was an incredible feeling, touching the young , rich, full breast which was like a soft rubber ball. I let my fingers move ever so lightly on her left breast , slowly covering the entire surface area. As my fingers moved to the top half of the globe the feeling got even more incredible.

I let my two fingers continue the north bound journey along her globe till they reached the top edge of the blouse. Bracing my self, I let my fingers move over the edge and brush the bare swell of the of her full left breast lightly. I heard her take a sharp breath and I froze.

After almost a minute, I let my finger tips move and roam on the swell of her young , full left breast. The feeling was heavenly. I made a little haste now. I let all my fingers come into contact with her breast top and allowed my palm to cup her breast lightly. Swetha turned ever so lightly to her left, and this movement ensured that more of her breast now moved into the possible grasp of my palm.

I knew that I now reached a point of no return. What I was going to do can never be justified as accidental brush. It would be a deliberate sexual move and I would be guilty without doubt, if caught at it. But, I was so lost in my erotic adventure that I thought no more. I cupped her full left breast in my left palm and pressed it once, slowly and waited for a reaction. There was none. I pressed it a second time, slightly increasing the pressure. Still, no reaction.

I now allowed my palm to take full possession of her young , full, rich ,breast in my hand and started pressing continuously with light pressure. Squeeze- release, squeeze-release. I kept doing this for a few minutes. I also let my fingers try and reach more of bare flesh by inserting them inside her blouse top. My finger tips were now moving south seeking the center point of her magnificent breast.

It was during this crucial phase that the bus started slowing and the lights came on. I was lightening quick in removing my hand and everyone woke up as the bus stopped at a town . We all got down along with everyone else to use the rest rooms and have a cup of tea. During the entire break , I was desperately looking for any signs / reactions from Swetha bahis siteleri .

But there were none. She told her mother that she had a good nap and was fine. After a fifteen minute break, we were back on the bus. As we reached our seats, Swetha asked me if I could sit by the window as it was getting cold there and I said that was fine.

So I took the window seat and Swetha took the aisle seat. She took a shawl from her mother and covered her self using the shawl like a blanket. After a few minutes of harmless chit chat she again dozed off leaving me wide awake. I now took stock of the situation. I was sitting by the window. She was sitting to my left and covered herself with a shawl , so nothing underneath was visible. She was obviously asleep again.

The Bus was back on it’s journey and the lights were off. I thought I should get started too. First I turned slightly to my left away from the window. I then put my right hand on the seat and located the edge of the shawl. Fortunately ( for me), she did not wrap it around her tight but threw it over her front like a blanket.

So my hand could easily lift the shawl a little and go under that , now completely invisible to anyone. I thought that was a big plus now. My hand slowly reached her flat , smooth belly , rested there a little and then started rubbing it’s softness again.

Her belly was flat , smooth and warm to my feverish touch. It suddenly occurred to me that I now have access to her right breast, where as before the break I fondled her left breast. This was another big plus I thought. As my fingers advanced and found the bottom edge of her blouse, I had a very pleasant surprise.

Her blouse was partly open at the bottom. My exploring fingers found that the last two hooks of her blouse were off. As a result of which my probing fingers went easily under her blouse at the bottom edge and came into contact with her bra. I was literally in heaven.

Even as my fingers started moving up northwards over the bra , I had another surprise, even more pleasant . The bra was loose and started going up along with my moving fingers .

How was this possible when the job of the bra was to hold her young, full breasts tight? Flash came the answer — the bra was unhooked.

With a shock I realized that Swetha’s blouse was open at the bottom with two hooks off and her bra was also unhooked. It meant that my hand could now access and fondle both her bare breasts — if I wanted to . And at that point of time, nothing else in the world was more important than taking possession of those glorious globes and fondle them.

My mind also told me that this was no accident. The two blouse hooks and the bra hook have not come off on their own. Someone took them off. That someone can only be Swetha and she did it during the break. That meant she wanted to make them accessible for my fondling.

It also meant that she was not asleep earlier and was aware that I fondled her before the break. Finally, it all boiled down to one thing. Swetha enjoyed what I did and wanted more of it. As these thoughts coursed through my mind , It was a quantum jump and it’s immediate reaction was I had a big hard on.

I knew that she had now become willing partner in this erotic game. I realized that, perhaps, I was the first man who had access to those glorious virgin breasts and the rest of her glorious young body, if handled with tender care. And I had her unstated permission to fondle them and play with them. These thoughts filled my heart with tender love for her.

I slowly put my right palm inside her blouse, under her bra and gently squeezed her full, naked breast.

Swetha reacted with a shudder and sharp intake of breath, her eyes still closed. As I continued to gently squeeze her tit , my forefinger roamed and zeroed in on her small virgin nipple. At the touch of my tender, caring finger tip, it hardened. I gently rolled it between my thumb and forefinger and it kept getting bigger and harder. I let my finger tips gently massage he aureole and squeeze the base of her bahis şirketleri nipple. She gave a light gasp.

She was breathing quicker now and my hand was squeezing her young breast with some pressure while playing with her proud and stiff nipple. She turned a little more towards me and my right hand now moved to her left breast. I worked on her blouse and bra and pushed them up thus releasing both her boobs from their constraints.

Under the shawl my right hand was squeezing and fondling those magnificent breasts alternately and her breathing was getting quicker and quicker. I took one final look around to ensure that all is well and no one is watching and put my left hand too under the shawl.

Now both my hands were busy and my left hand had the full possession of her right breast and the left breast was in my right hand. I was now squeezing both her boobs vigorously and her hard nipples were pressed to the center of my palms. She turned around so much that she was now virtually facing me. I had a big raging hard on.

Swetha put her right hand over my left hand that was fondling her right breast and pressed her tender palm on my hand, as if asking me to squeeze her breast even more. I was in heaven with this act which symbolized her direct participation.

I removed my hand from her breast for a second and holding her right hand put it back on her breast such that her right palm was cupping her right breast. I now applied pressure such that both our hands together were squeezing her right breast. Our entwined fingers were rolling her nipple together. It was as if, she and I together were doing it to someone else. I really got a kick out of that.

I let my right hand leave her left breast for a few seconds and took hold of her left hand. Palm in palm I entwined her fingers with mine and they were long, smooth and tender to my touch. I took her left hand and let it rest squarely in my lap , palm facing down , such that it was in contact with the big bulge in my pants. I did not want to rush her, so my hand left hers there and went back to her left breast and nipple.

Swetha’s eyes were still closed, but ,I could guess that she was wide awake but was pretending to sleep. It was perfectly understandable for a young girl getting fondled for the first time, that too by her dear uncle. She let her palm rest for a few minutes and did not make any move. I suddenly realized that she needed a bit of coaxing to take the next step.

So I put my right hand over her left hand again and pressed it down a little more on my bulge and then slowly curled her fingers around my stiff cock ,still fully clothed. I left her hand like that and went back to more breast fondling, nipple teasing and belly rubbing. Her fingers curled around my cock and gently squeezed it. Even with all the clothing there, this was such a delectable move that it sent me into raptures.

We kept on doing this for a while. I was now as much full of love as with lust, if you know what I mean. Here was this beautiful young maiden letting me do things to her beautiful, youthful body. Wanting to show my appreciation, I let go her breasts, took both my hands out of the shawl and tenderly touched and caressed her face, her cheeks , her forehead and her chin. It was a gesture so full of love and my finger tips lightly brushed her rosy lips.

It was then, for the first time, she opened her eyes and looked into mine. In spite of the darkness, due to our proximity, I could see in her eyes, a little shyness and embarrassment, a lot of tender love, and , yes, a desire and passion too.

It was one of the most erotic moments of my life and it was imprinted on my memory. I would never forget its tenderness. All I wanted at that moment was to give her a very light and tende kiss.

Alas ,the bus started slowing down and suddenly the lights were on. We quickly moved apart and resumed our normal positions . We arrived at our destination.

Note :

Dear reader,

This is my first submission . If you like it and it is well received , I will publish the second chapter very soon with a lot more to come . After all, there was a return journey in two days time!!!!!!!!. But, please do give your feedback- public comment here or mail to me or both.

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