A Traveling Salesman

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Lana married her boyfriend of six years, he was successful, and was a sales manager for a medium size company. He was smart, dedicated and worked hard. He came home every night and their marriage was strong, she was loving and he was thoughtful, if she wanted something he found a way to get it for her. After a year, he won a promotion, he would manage the east coast sales force, this promotion was unexpected. His current sales team lead the country in growth and sales, he was great at motivating his team and an organizational master.

Lana was ecstatic when he told her, she didn’t know that the job meant he would travel to a different sales office every week. The first two months he was home only three weekends, this was devastating to Lana, she hated being alone and she missed him next to her in bed. Lana had to find ways to stay busy, the gym, volunteering at two different groups, SPCA and a daycare. She loved animals and children, so she enjoyed the time she volunteered.

Her husband would come home from his trips mentally exhausted, she did everything she could think of help him wind down, she tried to learn about his job and the problems, she was a good listener, and a good sounding board. The first day back was always the worst, she would pick him up at the airport, drive him home, unpack for him, wash his clothes and make him homemade meals. His time home with his wife, made all the hard work worth it.

Lana always tried to catch up on their lost sex, in bed she used every trick she knew, usually her mouth worked the best. She always initiated the sex, she would reach for his cock and play with him until he was hard. She liked his cock, it was more than a mouthful so she learned to deep throat him. His cock would hit the back of her throat, she sucked and used her tongue to massage the base. The first blow job didn’t take long, when he came, she could feel the load shoot up his cock and into her throat, Lana swallowed and sucked while her mouth slid up and down his cock. Lana rarely was fulfilled sexually, she didn’t care, she wanted a happy husband.

Lana wanted to become pregnant, so while her husband was home she never wore panties around the house, just a short skirt. Her husband knew he could take her anytime he had the urge, it was easy to come up behind her, lift the skirt and put his dick in her. She would bend over for him anytime he had the urge. His weekend trips home became more infrequent, Lana missed him.

Lana met a new group of friends, she got along with everyone and was easy to talk to. At the shelter she walked the dogs, cleaned up and did work in the office, the end of the month was always busy, tracking donations and making sure all the animals were accounted for. The office had five regular workers, Lana was the only volunteer that did clerical work. She became an important part of the team, she filled in when anyone was sick, she learned everyone’s job, they could call her anytime and she would come to work. All the guys liked her, very pleasant and very easy to look at.

Ron was one of the workers, he was a young black man, friendly and very helpful. Lana did not talk about her personal life, she just worked and liked being busy. Ron was a couple of hours late one day, so he stayed late to fill his eight hour day. Lana was walking one of the dogs, and tripped the big dog drug her down and she scuffed her knees, she had to go to the office to get cleaned up. When she walked in to the office, Ron saw her knees and asked her what happened, she sat down and Ron pulled out the first aid kit. He propped her legs up on another chair, he started cleaning the wounds, Lana grimaced but let him finish cleaning and bandaging her. Lana like the feel of his hands on her legs.

This was their first encounter, Ron put the first aid kit away, as he walked away Lana took note of the muscles in his calves, it put a smile on her face. She sat there and watched Ron, she was attracted to Ron, and made him part of her fantasies when she was alone. Ron started talking to her, he told her she might be sore and asked if she hurt anything else, she stood up and said her left hip was a little sore, Ron looked at her, and said maybe a little cold would help. He pulled a cold pack out of the freezer and brought It to her, he held it on her hip, she liked him being close.

Lana went home that night and started thinking about Ron, she really needed to cum. She wondered what the rest of Ron’s body looked like, she stared at crotch a few times, she thought she saw his dick swinging. Lana took a glass of wine and ran a bath, she sipped the wine and relaxed in the hot water, she let her hand slip between her legs, her finger slipped between her lips, she rubbed her clit, and quickly came, it took the edge off, but she wish she needed a cock to really satisfy her.

Two days later she was at the shelter, in the office helping Ron, it was after closing and they were alone, she asked Ron what his hobbies were, he said cycling, it was his passion. He bahis firmaları said he liked to ride early in the morning, that’s why he is sometimes late. Lana asked him why he didn’t bike to work, he said he needed a shower after he rode, and working in the office after a ride would not be fair to his coworkers. I laughed said he couldn’t be that bad, he laughed and said he’d stop by after a ride sometime and let me be the judge. Lana had Ron’s cell phone number, when he was late he would call her and she would fill in for him.

One day Ron called her and asked her to fill in for him, he hit a curb while riding, he had to walk his bike home. Lana said she could pick him up, she had an SUV, he gave her an address and she took off. Ron’s tire was bent, he put the bike in her car and she put his address in her GPS. Ron was sweaty, she remembered what he said, she leaned over and took a whiff, you don’t stink she said, he laughed.

He took a spill when he hit the curb, his knee was swollen. She looked at it and said your knee should be iced, we’ll stop by my house and I’ll get a cold pack, he said whatever. She pulled into her garage, he followed her into the house, she pointed to a chair, he sat down. She gathered up the cold pack from the freezer and an ace compression bandage. She pulled up another chair and placed his foot on it, she had to roll his biking shorts up, her hand was half way up his thigh. She put a towel around his knee, then the cold pack and then she wrapped it with the ace bandage. Her hand was on the inside of his thigh while she wrapped the ace bandage, she looked up, he was smiling, she looked back down and saw the outline of his cock, it looked like it was growing.

Lana didn’t move, she knelt beside him looking down at his cock. Ron said, what do you think, she looked up and didn’t speak, her hand was still on his thigh, she wanted to rub his cock, she put her other hand on the top of his thigh, and rubbed his leg. Her fingertips moved far enough to touch the bulge in his pants, her hand covered the tip of his cock, it’s swelling she said.

Ron liked Lana and liked looking at her tight body, she always had shorts on and her legs were tan and slightly muscled. That won’t help with the swelling Ron said, Lana stared at the bulge and kept rubbing, Lana wasn’t sure what was happening, her hand was on autopilot, she squeezed it with one hand then moved her other hand to the base. Ron had a snake in his pants and Lana wanted to see it, she asked him to stand up, she was face to face with his cock. She leaned into his crotch and started kissing the bulge, she wrapped her arms around his hips and started kissing and nibbling a little more.

Ron unzipped the side of the shorts and pulled them down past his cock, it sprang out from his crotch and hit her face, wow she said and wrapped both hands around it, she let hand slide down to the head and squeezed it. She stroked it, Ron took the head and put it against her lips, she kissed and licked it. He pushed his hips forward and Lana had a mouthful of cock, she sucked him into her mouth, she had to open wide. Ron’s hand went to the back of her head, she made a humming sound and tried to take the cock into her throat, she didn’t choke so she let him fuck deeper, her eyes watered.

Lana sucked and stroked, his balls were swinging as he pumped into her mouth, she didn’t know if it made him uncomfortable, so she cupped and massaged the big balls. Lana wasn’t sure if Ron wanted to cum in her mouth, she would like to be fucked but wasn’t sure if she could take his cock, she was a pleaser and would do anything Ron wanted. Lana was surprised when Ron pulled her mouth off his cock, it made a slurping noise, spit dribbled down her chin and off his cock, she leaned back and looked at the cock, it was black, long and thick, the knob on the end looked like a plumb. She looked up at Ron and asked him if he wanted to cum in her mouth, he lifter her by the arms and asked her to pull off her shorts, she smiled and the shorts and panties were off.

There was a stool near the counter, he told her to bend over the stool, she walked over to the stool and bent over, her stomach was on the flat part of the stool, her arms reached out and she put her hands on the counter. Ron bent over and put his mouth in her crotch, he licked her and then spread her lips with his fingers, his tongue licked deep into her pussy. Lana rarely had her pussy licked by her husband, she liked Ron’s tongue, her juices were flowing, Ron licked the length of crotch and hit her ass hole a few times, she was startled but enjoyed it. She reached behind her and pushed Ron’s face harder into her pussy, he grabbed the legs of stool and buried his face and his tongue deeper into her pussy, she moaned and had her first orgasm of the day.

Ron stood up and put the head of his cock between her lips, he spread her open with his hands, grabbed her hips and the head of his cock was in her. The pressure from his big cock was more than she’s ever felt, kaçak iddaa she braced her hands on the counter in front of her and he fucked into her, only an inch or two but it felt huge. She tip toed to give him better access, he stopped for a moment to let her pussy adjust, this was not Ron’s first rodeo with a tight pussy.

He pushed in Lana grunted and pushed back into him, his black cock felt good, she said I’m ready, Ron started fucking her. Lana was tight, she braced her hands against the counter, and got ready to be fucked. Lana lifted her knees and put her feet on the bottom rung of the stool, this lifted her pussy and spread her lips, Ron was fucking into her, deeper with every stroke. Lana was breathing hard, the stool was rocking, the top of her cunt was rubbing on the edge of the stool, she started cumming, she held onto the on the edge of the counter and had a long orgasm, Ron kept fucking her, he was deep, yet not all the way in her, she felt another orgasm building.

This was more than she could take, she came again, she was very vocal, Ron slowed down, she asked Ron if they could stop for a minute, Ron stopped fucking her. Lana was hanging on the stool, Ron pulled out with a loud slurp. Lana slid off the stool, stood straight up and then knelt in front of him. Her mouth was on his cock she shoved it down her throat, wrapped her arms around his waist, pushed her head forward and started rocking her head on his black dick. She used her mouth, throat and both her hands, she wanted to make Ron cum, but she didn’t think her pussy could take anymore.

She clamped her mouth around Ron’s cock and sucked it, it was pounding into her throat and she liked it. The black cock got a little stiffer and she felt his cum in her throat, she swallowed. There was too much cum, Lana pulled the cock out of her throat, cum spurted into her mouth, she stroked and sucked and got all of the cum. A stream of cum shot down her throat, she choked and coughed a mouthful of cum on the floor. She put the cock back into her warm mouth.

Ron’s cock started deflating, she kept sucking and using her tongue, he stayed half hard. Lana stood up bent over the stool again, keep fucking me Ron. He put his half hard cock into her, he felt good, he had to guide it into her pussy with his hand, it was slippery from spit and cum.

He forced it into her and started fucking her, he didn’t hold back, her pussy walls felt great on his cock, he grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as he ever fucked. Lana was rocking on the cock forcing back into Ron, wanting to cum again, uhh she moaned and took the pounding. She came again, and collapsed on the stool, Ron lifter her off the stool and laid her back on the table, he opened her legs and pushed into her, she lifted he knees to her chest, she wanted to give him her cunt.

Ron fucked into her, he finally gave her a load of cum, she felt it and had another little orgasm. Lana had never been pounded so hard, Ron’s half hard cock was bigger than she’s ever seen or had. Ron leaned over and kissed her, his face smelled like pussy, it was nice. Ron pulled his dick out of her, and helped her off the table, thank you said Lana, Ron said I hope you’re not upset, it just happened. Lana smiled and told him he was her fantasy fuck, he laughed. Dreams do come true said Ron, Lana said this was better than my dream.

Ron cock has hanging down between his legs, soft but still really big, Lana reached for it and grabbed the head in her hand, it was shiny from their cum. She bent over to kiss it, and sucked it into her mouth again, she remembered the taste of his cum, she cleaned his cock, and licked his balls. He started firming up again, Lana said do you want my mouth or my pussy, Ron said we are really late, we’d better go. They dressed, Lana went to bathroom to clean the mess dripping from between her legs, Ron shot a lot of cum into her, she would be dripping all day. He drove him to his house, he took his bike out of the car, she waved goodbye.

Lana did not volunteer that day, she was tired and needed to rest, you don’t get fucked like that every day, actually, she’d never been fucked like that. Her outer lips were sore, maybe it was the size of Ron’s dick, or maybe from the amount of fucking, either way she needed to rest her girl parts.

She thought about how much cum Ron shot, did he cum that much all the time or was it stored up in those huge balls because he hadn’t been laid in awhile. Then she remember the cum she choked on and she spit on the kitchen floor, I’d better remember to clean it up before I slip on it. She walked into the kitchen and saw the glob of cum, it was thick, she picked it up with her fingers. She smelled it and smiled, she would be seeing Ron regularly.

Lana wasn’t thinking about her husband, this was a new chapter in her life, one she never thought would be in her diary. The next day she was at work early, she wanted to be sure she wouldn’t fall behind. Ron showed up early, she stopped him in the yard, no bike ride kaçak bahis today, I had to buy a new rim Ron said, the bike store is putting it on as we speak. Lana was careful not to touch Ron or get too close, she did not want gossip to start. She spent the day taking care of the dogs and working in the yard. Lana decided to take her favorite dog home, it was a Great Pyrenees, his name was Pudgy, a big male, he loved Lana and was well trained.

Lana spent the day in the yard, she let Pudgy stay with her, he was friendly towards dogs and people. Lana was a mess, her hair, her face and her legs were sweaty and dirty, she walked into the office, Pudgy was by her side, she had to sign him out. She saw Ron, I’m taking my buddy home, he needs a break, Ron laughed, he admired Lana, she was good hearted and a loving human being.

They were alone in the office, Lana spoke first and said thank you for yesterday, Ron was surprised at how open and giving Lana was. You saved me Ron said, I was stranded, I would have had to carry my bike home. Lana looked at Ron her eyes met his, I can’t explain what you did for me, yesterday was the best day I’ve had in months, it got me out of my funk. Ron said you’re too perky, I would have never thought you ever to be down, Lana said, we’ll have to talk someday.

Lana moved next to Ron, maybe we’ll have some time together, she reached out and touched his belt buckle, we’ll have more fun next time. Is that possible said Ron, Lana said I’m hoping I can do more for you, I don’t have a lot of experience but I try real hard. Ron said, I really want to kiss you but we should save it for later, Lana said I’m too dirty right now, I’ll go home and clean up, I’ll be soaking in the tub, I’ll leave the door open, you know where I live.

Lana opened the car door and Pudgy jumped in, she was anxious to get home, and open a bottle of wine, she didn’t know if Ron drank, she knew she did. The ride home was quick, she drove into the garage and let Pudge out, she closed the garage door, went in and opened the sliding door to the back yard, Pudge knew where he was. She put water in his dish, opened a bottle of wine and went to soak in the tub, she brought two plastic wine glasses with her.

She washed her hair under the shower, and cleaned her body, I hate washing the funk out of my crotch, Ron seemed to have enjoyed it. Pudgy came into the bathroom sat down and watched her, she sipped her wine, and relaxed, Pudgy turned his head, and stood up, he trotted off, a minute later he followed Ron into the bathroom. Lana stood up, naked and dripping, get naked and get in, Ron said give me a minute, Lana said, I’m not putting my face in your funky crotch, it was okay yesterday but I want you fresh and clean tonight. He laughed and stripped down, he stepped into the tub and sat down.

She looked at his black cock, it was droopy, not yet full of blood, but it still was big. Ron said quit staring, she laughed and said I doubt I’ll ever get over how big it is, I like looking at your dick. Lana said, I thought it would float, Ron said I never took notice if it did or not. Lana slid closer to Ron and started soaping his body, chest, back, arms neck and legs, she looked down at the black cock, it was sticking out of the water, it lives she said. She rinsed Ron’s body and asked Ron if he wanted a little wine, she leaned into him and kissed his lips, here’s a taste. It was a short kiss, Ron asked if he could have his own glass, I laughed and said of course.

I poured him a glass, he sipped it, I asked if it was ok, he said light and fruity, perfect. We both lay back and relaxed, my feet were between his legs, I pressed his dick between them, careful Ron said, if you hurt it you’ll kiss have to kiss it and make it better. My hands were on his legs, I squeezed, Ron said let’s get out and dry off. I stood up, grabbed a towel and patted my body, stand up, let me dry you. He stood up I dried him off, his cock was poking my belly button, how long will it stay hard I asked, Ron answered usually until I cum. We stepped out of the tub, Ron turned me around and dried my back, I had a cock poking me in the back. I grabbed the cock poking me in the back and led Ron to the bedroom, he laid down, the black cock was straight up, I sat beside him, mouth or pussy?

Ron put his hand behind my head and pulled my mouth down to his cock, I opened my mouth, the big head pushed past my lips. I loved his cock in my mouth, it was warm and it filled my mouth. I stabbed the slit with my tongue, noises started coming out of his mouth. I wrapped one hand around the base the other rubbed his chest, I was going to tease him until he begged me to let him cum in my mouth. I sucked and pushed my mouth farther down his black dick, he was in my throat, I tried to get it deeper, I wish I had my phone so I could take a picture of a black dick in my throat. I pulled my mouth off and told Ron to hold on, I ran to get my phone, I found it and gave it to Ron and asked him to take pictures of me sucking his cock, he laughed. I put the head back in my mouth, into my throat, I wasn’t sure how deep I could get it, Ron took a picture and then another, I pushed my head down as hard as I could, it wasn’t going any further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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