A Very Handy Man

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Meredith Willows sipped her coffee as she poured a cup for the young man who was outside staining her deck. It already looked miles better than it had the day before, no doubt due to Jimmy “Mack” MacKenzie’s diligence. Any job he tackled, he gave it his all and he was never satisfied until it was absolutely perfect. As a matter of fact, Meredith had often teased him that he was too much of a perfectionist and he would just smile that endearing, crooked grin of his and say “probably”.

It was his good work ethic that had caused her to hire him in the first place. Had he really been doing odd jobs for her for the past ten years? It seemed hard to believe and yet, the evidence was just outside her back door, his shirtsleeves rolled up to reveal arms as thick as steel cables.

She had known Mack for a long time, long before he had worked for her, even before she had been married. He was a high school friend of Julie, Meredith’s sister and he had always been buzzing around their home. Mack had a thing for Julie, which he was poor at hiding, but her redheaded sister was completely oblivious to his antics. Merry thought he was a nice young man and sweetly charming. A few years later, after Merry had married Ryan, he had come around looking to do odd jobs to earn money to help pay for his college tuition. Ryan was a savvy businessman, but he could scarcely change a light bulb. Merry put him to work painting the garage and he did such a fine job of it, she kept hiring him for other jobs that needed doing. He tackled each and every one of them with gusto and if Ryan thought she was needlessly spending his money, he never said so.

She brought Mack his coffee, after all these years, she knew exactly how he took it. She knew a lot about Mack, his hobbies, his home life, the women he had dated. He wasn’t currently seeing anyone, which pleased her. She stood outside and chatted with him for a bit before going back inside. Too much time spent in Mack’s presence was too much of a temptation for her.

She knew her marriage was on very shaky ground. It had been for the past year. She and Ryan were moving in opposite directions and nothing seemed to bring them closer. Just last week, Ryan had moved out, supposedly to a hotel. Merry knew better, she was sure that he was staying at the home of Ivy Caine, one of his co-workers. The much-younger blonde was the kind of pretty little thing a man in his late 30’s with a failing marriage might pursue. Oddly, it didn’t bother Meredith and she knew why. She had strong urges for someone else, a younger man busily working away just outside her back door.

Meredith knew that she shouldn’t even give thought to becoming involved with Mack, yet she couldn’t help herself. He was so handsome and intense, with dark, wavy hair and deep, almost brooding good looks. As she had noticed on several occasions, he had muscles that filled out a shirt nicely. She had often wondered what he might look like in a suit and tie? Probably like a movie star, she surmised. He was also a success in business, earning almost as much as her husband. After his college graduation, he had started his own handyman business and now employed 5 other contractors. Yet he still insisted on doing any job Merry needed doing personally. She was his first customer and it needed to be done right, he always insisted. As she knew she was crushing on the attractive, 26-year old contractor, Merry wasn’t about to belabor the point.

Meredith couldn’t believe she was even contemplating her next move. She would never have thought of herself as the type of woman who would cheat or have an affair. She had been married for a little over ten years and although there had been temptations, she had not succumbed. The attractive brunette had honored her marriage vows until this time. So why was she so caught up in the thought of taking Mack as her lover?

She knew why. Working from home all of these years, she had neglected her appearance somewhat. Administrative work for an online business did not require her to be glamorous and she had taken advantage of it. Meredith had gained a bit of weight and let herself get a bit dowdy. Most of the time, she did her work with her hair curled up in a bun or in a pony tail while she wore sweats and running shoes. Unless she and Ryan went out to dinner or a social function, she didn’t worry much about her outward appearance.

That changed instantly one afternoon as Merry passed the mirror in the hall. She saw her reflection staring back at her and she did not like what she saw. The frumpy, dowdy woman looking back at her was not the image she wanted to present to the world. It was time to take action.

She marched immediately to her bedroom and threw open her closet doors. Rummaging through the closet, she tossed out all but her newest pairs of track pants. She went into her bureau and did likewise until she had two good-sized boxes, one that she could donate to charity and another that casino oyna was going in the trash. She looked at herself and saw that there was still an attractive woman under all the frumpery. She called her friend Marcy and asked where Marcy worked out. She thanked her friend, hung up the phone and made an appointment. After that, she called the salon where she used to go when she was dating Ryan. She made an appointment for later on in the day and plotted her course of action. Dowdy was out, dazzle was in!

When she got home at 6 that night, every muscle ached. She had not done that much in the way of physical exertion in the past 5 years, but if it yielded the results she wanted, the temporary anguish would be worth it. She was wearing a new, attractive black dress and heels and she’d had her makeup done and her hair styled. She wasn’t quite where she wanted to be yet, but it was a vast improvement. Sensibly, she had picked up a pizza on the way home as she would not have had time to prepare a meal for Ryan before he got home from the office. She could hardly wait to see his reaction to her makeover.

That was the point where Merry realized her marriage was in deep, desperate trouble. He barely noticed her new look, although he did comment on how good the pizza smelled. She went to bed angry that night and when her husband reached for her, she pretended to be asleep. A part of her metamorphosis had been for his benefit and he had barely noticed. He wasn’t about to reap the benefits now! Although she was unaware of it at that time, the seeds of discord in her marriage had already been sewn. Over the next several months, the two of them became estranged and no manner of counseling or discussion was able to fix things. Right now, Merry wasn’t even sure that she wanted them to be fixed.

A good reason for that went back to Mack. Almost from the outset, he noticed Meredith’s transformation and he was encouraging every time that she saw him. If she happened to see him with another younger, prettier girl, she felt pangs of jealousy. She used those as motivation to work even harder and by the end of her first year, she had a body any twenty-something would envy, complete with a six-pack. She had achieved dazzle and her only question now was – did she want to go the full nine yards?

Now that she was once again a sexy, vivacious woman, certain – urges – had come to the surface after lying dormant for over a year. Mack had been a cute young guy, but as a man, he was magnificent. Even Julie had commented on one occasion that had she known how he’d turn out, she might have given him a second look. “Too bad, Jules,” Merry had thought to herself. “You wasted your opportunity and I’m sure as hell not going to let you have a second one!”

There was only one minor flaw in Meredith’s little plan – she had absolutely NO idea how to go about seducing someone, especially a successful and attractive man like Mack. She had seen him around town with several stunning specimens and he didn’t lack for female companionship. How was she going to lure him in and did she even want to do something so ludicrous?

That was the old Merry intruding on her new mindset. What was ludicrous about being thought of as desirable? She knew that she was, she had seen some of the men – and even some of the women – at her gym giving her admiring looks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. For at least one time in her life, Meredith Willows wanted an adventure and she wanted to share that adventure with the gorgeous stud laboring outside. She went into her bedroom and knew what she had to do. She stripped out of her clothes and went into the bottom drawer of her bureau. If this didn’t do the trick, nothing would. She allowed herself a secret smile as she put on the skimpy garment that she had purchased with one sole intent – seducing Mack. She looked into the mirror and applied a bit of makeup, then messed her hair a bit. She liked the wanton look she now presented and she hoped that Mack would see the sparkle in her green eyes. If he went for it, she was going to show him the time of his life. By the time he went home tonight, he was going to be exhausted and not from yard work.

As an afterthought, Meredith donned a very sexy, very spiky pair of silver high heels. In high school, she often cursed the fact that she was the tallest girl in her class. With the heels on, she was over six feet. Mack would still tower above her, men liked to be taller.

It had gotten hot, so Mack was working without his shirt. A nice view for Merry to ponder. He was putting the finishing touches on the deck when the sliding of the patio doors and the clicking of heels drew his attention. What Meredith was wearing kept his attention focused squarely on her. He had always thought Merry was gorgeous, but in a snug, silver Lycra bikini that left very little to the imagination, she was a goddess! He thought to himself it was a shame that she was married – and to such an ass – canlı casino because this was the kind of woman a man did everything in his power to keep!

“Wow,” Mack finally managed to say as he appreciated Meredith’s stunning outfit and good looks. “If your husband saw you in that, he’d probably race back home.”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Merry said drily. “These days, his attention seems to be focused somewhere else. I think I’m too old for him.”

“He’s got to be out of his mind,” Mack said, putting his shirt back on. “You’re only 31! Even before you went on your self-improvement kick, I thought you were perfectly gorgeous. You’re one of the most beautiful women I know. In fact, you are the most beautiful woman I know. I don’t understand men like your husband, I really don’t.”

“I don’t either,” Meredith said, spinning her little web of seduction. “I do all this work to get myself looking like this and he doesn’t pay me the slightest bit of attention. I should just call it a day and find myself a lover.”

Mack looked shocked at her words and then, totally non-plussed when she winked at him and said “Care to volunteer?”

Mack’s eyes went wide with surprise and he stammered. Meredith wasn’t letting him off the hook quite so easily. “I’ve long thought you were a handsome specimen, I’d love to find out what a man like you can do for a woman. I know that I’m not Julie, but I …”

Mack looked at her with confusion. “Why would you bring up Julie, what does she have to do with this?”

“Oh Mack, you used to have a terrible crush on her, you know that. You were always coming to our house so that you could spend time with her,” Meredith said to him.

Mack laughed. “Julie was a friend, yeah, but she wasn’t the reason I used to come to your place when we were kids. I came over hoping that her hot-as-hell older sister would be home. I was always so jealous of your boyfriend, I never thought he was good enough for you. He was too old and too worried about his career to give you the attention you deserved.”

You could have knocked Merry over with a feather. She’d had no idea the younger man she admired had felt this way for such a long time. “Okay then,” she said once she had gathered her wits about her. “I think my husband’s an ass. You think he’s an ass. I need to get laid and you’ve sure got the equipment. Do you want to call it a day and show this horny lady a good time?” She said bluntly.

Mack shook his head in total disbelief. Somewhere inside of him, a sixteen-year old kid was jumping up and down. “Are you really sure that you want me to …?”

“… fuck me?” Meredith said and gave him a quick peck on the lips. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed close, impishly squeezing his penis through his work pants. “Oh yes, very sure! I’ve wanted to feel you inside me for a long time now. Come on handsome, this is a limited time offer. We have as long as we need and no one is going to interrupt us, but I really don’t want to wait all day.” With that, Merry turned on her spiked heels and slid the glass patio door open. She turned her head to see if Mack was following her. He was.

Had anyone questioned her, Merry would have admitted to being extremely nervous. Mack was the first man besides Ryan she had been with in over ten years, only the third man in all her 31 years. Despite all that, her nerves were allayed by one more important factor – the desire to make love with this gorgeous specimen that she had so long desired. She somehow sensed that he would be a magnificent lover and the gains would far outweigh the negatives.

She reached her bedroom and spun around, this time, it was Mack who took the initiative. With arms that were both strong and tender, he pulled her into a loving embrace. His kiss was fierce and demanding, his lips sought hers and he claimed his prize. Merry almost melted with the heat of it all, yet still managed to keep her wits about her – although just barely. She had not been this nervous on her first time, nor on her honeymoon. There was something about Mack that put her at ease. His shirt was quickly removed and she touched him as a lover for the first time. All of him was solid and beautiful, if indeed a man can be thought to be beautiful. Playfully, she tugged at his pants before scampering to the bed to watch him further undress. When the sum total of all of his parts was displayed, Meredith wanted to cheer. Every inch of him was magnificent – every inch.

“Do you want me to undress or do you want to …?” Merry asked, sure that a bit of nervousness had crept into her voice.

“Neither,” Mack said to her with a reassuring smile. “You look so sexy, I just want to take in the view for a few minutes. Let me appreciate you and burn this into my memory, okay?”

Meredith loved hearing him talk this way. Ryan had very little sense of romance beyond the occasional bouquet of roses or box of chocolates. True to his word, Mack did just look kaçak casino at her as if he couldn’t believe she was real. When he joined her on the bed, he took his time undressing what little she wore and lingering over all of her body. Merry wasn’t quite sure whether or not she was melting into the bed because she felt so sensual and adored. Her desire for more was driving her crazy and that was a very good thing for the new lovers. Mack had made love to several young women over the years, none of them measured up to Meredith. Many was the time he had been making love to a woman and he had imagined that woman was Meredith. This time, he had to imagine nothing. The real thing was here, right now and more beautiful than anything he could ever have dared dream.

“I can’t believe you’re in front of me, naked and all mine,” Mack said, feeling as if he was going to wake up from an erotic dream. “Will you allow me the honor of making love to you?”

“Only if you promise to fuck me when you’re done,” Merry growled. “I want to be desired and lusted after, I want to be exhausted when we’re done – whenever that is!”

“There will be no problem with that, I can assure you,” Mack nodded. It would be a bit difficult to rein in his urges, fucking her was high on his list of priorities. Still, it had to take a back seat to some sensual lovemaking, at least at first. It was time for Merry to see that she was a true treasure, so that’s how he treated her. He took her in his arms and showered her with affection as she dug her manicured nails into his back. They were wrapped around one another for a good 20 minutes before she let go of him.

“I’ve never cum from foreplay before,” Merry panted. “You sir, are quite the lover.”

Mack wasn’t about to tell her that he had never made a woman cum that way either, why ruin the moment? He was going to continue, but Merry had other plans. “You have a fucking huge cock,” Merry giggled. “I wanted to go down on this monster the moment I saw it, so that’s what I’m going to do!” She took his cock in her slender hands and marveled at its length and girth, he had her husband beat. “What a fucking great tool!” She exclaimed before going down on Mack. She saw the expression on his handsome face and noticed her dirty talk was arousing him. That was a kick, because Ryan didn’t much like it when she talked in bed.

Mack watched with awe as his new lover throated his cock. No woman had been able to do that before, yet Merry was going at it for all she was worth. Her mouth and tongue were magic and he finally had to stop her before she made him cum. “I probably could have gotten it up again, you’re so fucking amazing,” he panted. “But why ruin a good thing? Are you ready for the next round?”

“You bet your ass!” Merry giggled, loving the way the two of them were playing together. A thought struck her and she decided to voice it. “Would you mind it terribly much if I did something I’ve always wanted to do?” She asked.

“This!” Meredith grinned as she straddled his midsection and began to ride him. Julie and several of her girlfriends had told her “cowgirl” was the way to go, but Ryan said it made him feel like less of a man. From the delighted look on Mack’s face, he sure as hell didn’t have the same reaction. Now that she knew all was right with the world, Merry threw herself into the lovemaking. For the first time in a long while, she was fucking and she let all hell break loose! Mack was keeping up with her, his mouth and hands were bent on exploring her body as she screwed him. Their movements seemed to match each other nicely and she rotated her body more so to take more of Mack’s cock deep inside of her. “Oh God, this is fucking wonderful!” She groaned. “Give me more of that wonderful cock, you big-dicked bastard!”

“Fuck, fuck, oh God, fuck my pussy!” Merry cried out as she threw herself against Mack. She was intent on keeping him in her bed for as long as she could because the sex was out of this world. Not only was he a good lover, despite his strength, he was surprisingly gentle and wasn’t just “putting it to her” the way Ryan did when fucking her. He was using his brain as much as his brawn while they made love and that was a real turn-on for Merry.

“Want to mix things up a little bit?” Mack asked, feeling bold enough to make a suggestion.

“What did you have in mind?” Merry asked. As far as she was concerned, she was up for anything. It was a real thrill to try new things with Mack because she knew she had a certain degree of say in things.

With continuing tenderness, Mack helped his partner get on all fours. He then got behind her and smiled. She nodded and for the first time in her life, she was taken from behind in what she knew was called “doggy style”. It was another position Ryan thought emasculated him, but from the way Mack was fucking her, he did not share that view. Neither did Merry, she loved the deep penetration and his hands on her ass. “Spank that ass!” She commanded playfully, so Mack did just that. He also played with her tits for a while and she moaned in satisfaction. She would never have believed that sex could feel this amazing.

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