A Very Sexual Train of Thought

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As I look around the subway train cart, I can’t help but wonder what I did to deserve being dumped. I was a good girlfriend. I was passionate, I helped him when he needed it, and we fucked all the time. What more could he want? Maybe someone less aggressive. Maybe he just wanted a meek little thing. Well that wasn’t me. No way.

What are the odds that everyone in this cart was a male? I guess that makes sense: it’s a man’s world. Nine business men, and one lonely female, out of house and job. Typical. Still, what’s to say a girl can’t have a little fun?

I stand up and grin, rest my hands against the nearest bar, and stretch languorously. Like a cat. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a man watching me. I stretch further back, and I feel my ample breasts press against my already-tight shirt. Were these not good enough for him? This man here seems to think they’re good enough.

As I stretch, I make up my mind: if my ex couldn’t make me happy, I’ll find someone who can. I turn to the man who was staring at me and meet his eyes. He quickly looks down to his paper, but he can’t avoid my gaze for long. His eyes slowly raise back up to mine, and he gets stuck in my stare.

I take several steps towards him, walking with confidence despite the rumbling floor, unbuttoning my top three buttons as I go. The man’s eyes bulge in his face as he gets a glimpse of the top of my lacy white bra.

I get right up to him, and bend over, my face inches from his. “See anything you like?” I ask him in a low whisper.

His only response is a slight whimper. His only verbal response, that is. His body is responding in another way. I put my hand on his knee and slowly slide it along his thigh, slowly and seductively up, never once breaking his gaze.

My hand makes it to his erection and I grasp it gently but with meaning and his voice exudes from him in a gust. I grip his shaft and slowly masturbate him through his pants, staring into his eyes. “Why are these still on?” I whisper to him. “Lose them.”

I step back and quickly and shakily gets to his feet and starts fumbling with his belt. With a single motion I am in front of him, on my knees, and his belt and buttons unto with barely a sound. I pull both his pants and underwear down at the same time, and his erection springs out. Six inches? Is that it? Well, it’s a start.

Without another word, I press my lips against the tip and take it into my mouth, engulfing his head. I swirl my tongue around the tip and rock my head gently back and forth, sucking on just the top. Then I look him in the eyes and start leaning forward, taking it into my mouth.

As I feel it slide along my tongue I hear his breath catch from the ecstasy of it all. The faint, bitter taste of precum soaks into my tongue as I take his cock into my mouth. It slowly passes my tonsils and hits the back of my velvety throat, almost fully covered. I slide my face forward a bit more, my eyes still on his, and my lips press against his short pubic hairs.

I lean back and let his penis slide out of my mouth until only the head is beyond my ruby lips and I smile around his shaft. The fun is about to begin. I grasp his slick shaft with my right hand and begin jacking it with firm, swift motions. I swirl my tongue along this smooth cockhead and revel in the way his face contorts.

The sensations, the rush of exhibition, the kink of sex with a stranger, it must all be rush to his head right now. Already, over the sounds of my hand rubbing him and my mouth sucking him, I can hear his breathing get faster. I move my hand to the bottom of his shaft and start pumping it faster now, and I take his head deeper into my mouth and suck on everything I’m not holding.

His breath gets faster yet and he grasps the back of my head and pulls me towards his crotch. I rock my head forward and back rapidly, pleasuring him with my hand, lips, tongue and throat. The sensations my hot mouth is giving him are too much and he groans and tries to speak a simple phrase, “I’m gon-gon-gonna c-c-cu-uh-“

I feel his already-hard cock harden further in my mouth and I suck as fast as I can manage, squeezing and releasing repeatedly with my hand. He grabs the back of my hair and pulls me forward, forcing himself down my throat, and I feel his dick raise up and start throbbing. I lick the underside of it as best I can, trying to work it despite being held in place.

After only a moment, the throbbing intensifies and I feel the first rivulet of semen erupt from his tip. I quickly swallow it down, moaning my enjoyment around his shaft, further encouraging him. I quickly grab his scrotum with my hands and rub his balls, moving them back and forth, as if to encourage them, as I feel another pulsation bring another load of his sperm. I noisily swallow his load and feel another palpitation of his glad immediately bring me another rope, which I swallow down as quick as I can. His hands slowly unwind themselves from my hair and I start gently bobbing my head again as the last of this load is pumped out. I suck him still, for a moment, making sure I didn’t miss any.

I release his testicles and his now-shrinking penis and stand back up, dusting myself off. “Anyone else here horny?” I ask, turning to look at the rest of the crowd.

I didn’t need their hurried shouts of excitement to tell me that they were, their bodies were doing that for me. One man was already almost completely naked, being down to only his briefs. Other were quickly following suit, not wanting to miss out.
I quickly eye up the first man in what was now a line, quite enjoying what I saw. Tall, tanned, a muscular. His abs told a story of someone who maintains personal health, but wasn’t a total meathead. Delicious.

I step forward and run a set of hands down his pecs to his abs, then down to the top of his underwear. “Mmm,” is all I say to him.

I quickly drop to my knees, pulling his undergarments down with me. His erection, much more to my liking, springs out. Long and hard, the thing must be at least eight inches long. A challenge AND a reward. All in one. Much more impressive than my ex’s.

I waste no time in opening my mouth and ensnaring his magnificent penis, sucking and tasting his cockhead. I slide my way slowly down his length, tasting and licking it as I go. I glance up at him, giving him a lustful look, as if daring him to act. He grabs the sides of my face, as if in response, and thrusts forward- shoving himself down my throat. I almost gag- I would have, had I a gag reflex- as the huge invader passes my tonsils on its way down my throat. I wiggle slightly back and lean forward, lining my throat up with his crotch.

He slowly pulls back out, then thrusts down again, this time pushing all the way down. I feel his head slide over the length of my tongue, past the back of my throat, and down partly into my esophagus. He grips the back of my head firmly and begins thrusting in earnest, using my face to his full pleasure.

I quickly move my hands down my shirt, undoing button after button. As the last one comes undone, I feel a hand grab my shirt and pull it off of my back for me. My bra is quickly undone from the back and falls to the floor in front of me, leaving my breasts open to the air.

The man I’m working on thrusts faster and faster, sliding his impressive dick along my gullet, clearly enjoying the warm moistness of my mouth. As I moan on his shaft he pulls out quickly, and steps away.

Before I can wonder about his actions, two more people step up, each trying to get in front of the other; vying for my attention.
I solve their problem for them and grab one shaft in each hand, and start pumping. The one to my right is a more plump man- not fat, but bigger- and the one on my left is an Asian. I thought Asian dicks were small. This one’s not half bad! Both penises I have at the moment were well over six inches long, the one in my right hand was wider, though.

I quickly go to work on the penis in my left hand, licking his shaft from base to tip before deepthroating it all at once. My right hand quickly pumping the the other man’s shaft, trying to keep both parties satisfied.

Feeling a penis sliding in and out of my mouth always fills me with glee, so it wasn’t long before I was humming a tune around the one I currently had. I slowly slide it out of my mouth, sucking on the head for a moment more and imparting a final kiss on the tip before moving to the next one.

This one, the wider one, was uncircumcised, but he had taken the time to roll the foreskin back. It’s my first uncircumcised penis I’ve ever had, but I’m not one to be prejudiced against a good dick. Before I could even get it to my mouth, there was a hand on my shoulder, pulling me around.

I turn quickly, still on my knees- ready to argue. But my argument falls short as I see the tanned man, barely even more than a boy in his late twenties, sitting on one of the benches, hard dick pointing straight up, with one raised eyebrow.

I stand up, quick as can be, and drop my pants and lacy white panties, cautiously stepping out of them, afraid of tripping in my high-heels. I stand in front of the man, breasts hanging about his face, and slowly lick my lips. He reaches up and seizes my breasts, squeezing them in a way he would probably assume is gently. I feel another set of hands trace down my sides from the back, and someone else cups my buttocks, squeezing and rubbing my cheeks. Another set of hands, this one from the side -belonging to the fat man, I could tell- snuck along the top of my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples.

I moan at the massive amount of stimulation. All of these men are all excited…for me! I turn around and place one knee on the bench, then the other, kneeling with myself raised above the tanned fellow. I look at all the now-still men, eyes alight and penises erect, and I slowly lower myself until I feel the head of the long dick at the entrance to my hole. I slowly and seductively trace my hands down my fit abdomen, sensuously sliding my hand down past my waist and lower.

My fingers reach my already-wet vagina, and I sneak two fingers just into the first pink fold. I slowly, painfully slowly, spread the lips, revealing my labia minora- my pink pearl. My left hand reaches down and gently takes the shaft of his penis, holding it steady as I, still slowly, lower myself slightly down.

I feel his cockhead press against the sides of my labia lips and I break eye-contact with the crowd of people to watch. I move the penis forward slowly, and watch as it slides back and forth across my pink slit, passing over my vaginal hole repeatedly. I slide it back and forth. Back and forth. Deliberately I rub his head against me, slicking his tip in my glistening juices. Then I look back up at the crowd as I line his head up with my slick hole and look into the nearest man’s, a black fellow I hadn’t particularly noticed before, eyes. As I hold his dark eyes with my gaze, I gradually push down, and I feel the pressure of the first prick of the day against my love tunnel.

A bit more force and I feel the head start to slide in, stretching out my walls around it. I push down just a bit more, and I feel the satisfying rush of the cockhead passing through my pink gateway. I sit there for a moment, a moment of suspense, with just his head inside of me.

And then I start down. I feel the head push upwards as I slide down, and I feel it spread me open in ways I love. “Mmmm” I moan as I slide part way down- at least a good couple of inches. I stop there and wait for a moment, adjusting to his size, and start down again. Moment by moment, inch by inch, I feel his penis going deeper into me. Normally I would go down all at once, but his shaft is just a bit too long and wide for that. About halfway down, I stop and tense my legs, lifting myself up slowly. I feel his head start sliding back out, dragging back along my inner walls, until only the head and a tiny bit of shaft is in me.

And then, all at once, I relax. As my leg muscles go slack I slide down, fast as you can imagine, down his already-slick shaft. The stretching is not gradual: it’s immediate. His large head pushes up and up, and I could feel it quickly pass anywhere a penis had ever been inside of me, and go deeper still. Then, much to my dismay, I find myself at the base of his shaft. I can feel pubic hair against my anus, and the tension in the air.

As I sit there, on a stranger’s lap with his penis inside of me, I beckon the group of males shuffles towards me. There’s no delay, the first two people push forward, and I recognize them from before: the rounded man and the Asian. I quickly grab their shafts and start pumping, trying to catch up with where I was before. But there are more than two penises to worry about, now.

I lift myself up again, sliding along my new favourite cock, and push myself down, feeling the shaft stretch me again, widening me out. The man behind me is not content to sit still, and soon his hands are on my breasts again, this time on the nipples.

I give a slow moan as I relish the sensation of a hard dick inside of me, and I bounce on top of him faster now, working his shaft in and out with vigour. The man’s hands work their way down until they are on my abundant hips which he grips tightly.

As I feel his fingers clench onto my hip area, I focus more on the penises in front of me. I quickly lick the head of the wide penis, circling my tongue around the hole. I taste his bitter precum in my mouth and smile, eagerly awaiting the result of this. I open my lips a little wider and plant a kiss on the tip of his penis and slide my mouth down, getting the tip just inside of my lips. I slide up and down on the man below me and feel that good old sensation building up in me. I moan around the cock in my mouth and start suck the head in earnest as the man behind me grips my hips tighter and starts pulling me up and down faster on his cock.

That very cock which I could, at the moment, feel deep inside of me, seeming to press against a wall there. While it slides out, I can feel every millimeter of it, every vein and ridge of it. More-so as it slams its way back in. I land down on his hard thighs with a loud slapping sound, and immediately slide my way back up his hard dick.

I release the penis from my mouth and give voice to a loud moan that is building up and lean back. Rubbing and masturbating the dicks in front of me, I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations in my body, which are further fueled by the two sets of hands that are now fondling my breasts.

As I lean back into this new position, my head against the shoulder of the man behind me, he lifts me up, holding me about halfway up his shaft, and starts driving into me.

I moan even louder as he furiously pumps himself in and out of me. My hands squeeze tighter on the shafts before me and I clench my body as the sensation builds further. My moan gives way to a cry as the sweet friction from the dick rapidly pushing in and out of me and the tingling from my nipples combine to form an awesome response.

As my I start arching my back and clenching myself, the man under me starts grunting and pumping faster still, slamming himself in and out of me with loud slapping sounds. I open my mouth wide and yell, “Oh gods, fuck me! Fuck me hard!”
The man under pumps as hard as he can, and I feel his shaft perk up and harden even more. He pulls me down as he pushes up and drives himself deep and I feel the first pulsation of his cock in my clenching vagina.

“Oh yes, cum in me! Cum inside of me! Fill me up!” I cry out, not caring that I wasn’t protected. I feel another few pulses from his long dick as he lifts me up. Then he pulls me down and thrusts up into me and I feel his first explosion of cum fly up into me, going in deep and soaking my insides. I moan again as the sensations continue to rack my body, and I feel another strong pulse followed by another rope of thick cum being emptied into me. “I love your cum! Give it to me!”

I feel a hardening in my left hand and snap my eyes open, looking at the Asian man as he starts to breathe faster and faster. I lean forward and place my lips around his head, sucking and licking it for all I was worth, moaning all the while. He grunts and then his whole face contracts and he shakes, and I feel the first wave of his cum enter me, and I feel myself filled from both sides. His cum comes hard and fast, flying in wave after wave. Yet, despite the speed of it, there isn’t that much, and I can’t help but be a little let down. As I suck the last of his sperm out of him and feel the last of the seed push into my vagina, I hear the grunts of the man to my right.

I quickly start jacking my hand up and down on it faster, and lick the tip. His breath comes in so fast now, and it catches for a moment. His shaft swells for a moment, then gives a might pulse and he stammers “I’m cumming!”

“Yes! Cum for me!” I encourage him, and lick around the tip of his hole and I feel another strong flexing of the muscle, and I open my mouth wide as he unleashes a torrent of cum onto my waiting tongue. His taste canlı bahis is sweet, and I moan slightly as I swallow it down. As I lick my lips for the bits I misses, his second wave fires out, and splatters along my upper lip, coating it and most of my right cheek. I give a quick giggle and take his head into my mouth, sucking it as another globule of cum makes its way into my throat. I suck on him for a moment more, draining him dry of his last drip, and swallow noisily. As he steps back, I lick my lips, taking more cum into my mouth.

“Is that all you’ve got? Who’s next?” I ask, challenging them all. I step off of the man below me, and hear a slopping sound as he slides out of me. I look the group of men, one at a time, in the eyes, and hear the slight gurgling sound as the cum drips out of me, splattering to the floor.

The black man steps forward, large dick in hand, and stares hard at me. I nod and step forward, standing mere inches from him. He is a tall man, easily a head taller than I am, and well built. I look down at his shaft and… Wow! They weren’t kidding about black men and their dicks.

I lower myself to my knees, but he just shakes his head and gently pushes me back, giving me a hint. I lie down on my back and this black man with his black monster stand over me for a moment before he lowers himself to his knees between mine. He leans forward and scoops me up by the hips, raising my lower body to the height of his kneeling position.

He presses his mighty monster against my sloppy pussy and starts pushing it in. The thing is huge, but manages to slide well because of all the lubrication. As he slowly pushes in, I moan- partly in delight and partly in pain. This thing can’t be meant for a mortal woman. His dick must be at least ten inches long, maybe even eleven, and it’s wider than any I’d ever had. And I intend to take all of it.

As he pushes in further, I can hear the cum from the last man being shunted out of me, around this new shaft. The rest of the men, including the first man who came in my mouth here, were now in a circle around me, some masturbating and some just watching.

The man above me continues his gradual adventure into the (once) tight pinkness of my insides, smiling all the while. He stops for a moment, a bit more than halfway in and rumbles out “you’re tight, girl. I’ll fix that.”

“Mmm,” I moan. “Prove it.”

My challenge is all he needs, and he slides his shaft out until he is only a quarter of the way in, then slams forward, pushing a few more inches of thick cock into me. I cry out, again partly in agony and partly in bliss.

He pauses for a moment and says, “maybe you shouldn’t be so…. cocky.” He slowly pushes in again, and I feel my body giving way to this thick explorer.

All around me penises are being masturbated as they watch in awe as I take in this monstrous piece of meat. I, on the other hand, have only the energy to lie there and accept this beautiful thing.

He slides in, slowly and surely spreading me wide, and I feel him press into a part of me I have never known. I moan slowly as I feel his head finally meat resistance, pressing against my innermost wall.

“There we go, girl. Nice and deep. Do you like that?” He smiles a wide grin, loving the feeling of me and the moaning that was my response. He pulls back a few inches, then pushes back in, seeming to want to get in even deeper. He presses against
the wall and I wince, not used to that feeling.

He pulls back, very gradually, until only his head is inside of me then suddenly, oh so suddenly, slams back in. I cry out in ecstasy as I feel his huge length spear into me, ending with his testicles slapping against my anus.

I look down and watch as he slides his now-glistening dick out of me, watching in awe as his length seems to keep on coming out and coming out, then as he slides his way back in. I notice his huge testicles swing forward and smack into me again, and I suddenly remember that I’m not protected in any way. It’s too late now, though.

Above me I hear grunting, and I look up in time to see a man point is throbbing cock at me as he pounds mercilessly away at it. A long stream of semen flies out, splattering across my right breast, coating the entire top. Subsequent streams splatter along my arm and on my stomach, and he bends over so I can suck on him.

The black man shoves into me again, faster this time, as the penis is pushed into my mouth. I suck on it gladly, and savour the last of the semen that comes from it. As the man whose penis is in my mouth step back, I look back into the black man’s eyes and hold his gaze as he pounds into me again and again. I feel his thick cockhead push deeply into me, seemingly to my womb, and pull out again, only to go back in. My walls strain around the massive size, and my outsides tingle from the stimulation. I bring one hand to my right nipple and smear the still-warm cum around, and my other one travels down to my crotch.

One hand has fingers swirling around my slick nipple, the other is placed just at the top of my vagina, feeling the intruder push in and out of my once-sacred zone. I moan again in delight of him.

He grips my hips tight and pounds into me, driving himself as deep and as hard as he can. The index finger of my left hand gently traces around my clitoris as my right hand starts smearing cum over to my other breast.

From above me I hear someone say. “Hey, bitch.” I look up to see a pulsating penis. It throbs and lets loose a gush of hot cum, which lands on my face, splashing all over my mouth and my neck. “How about a pearl necklace?” the man grunts as he splatters my smooth neck with his slick ejaculate.

“Mmm, I love cum. Give me all of your cum, all of you!” I call out. Between the intense motion in my vagina and the tingling coming from my stimulated clit, my vision is starting to go slightly blurry. But in my blurred sight I count the men around me. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen…. what?

Then it dawns on me: we’ve stopped at the next stop, and more people have gotten on. So many bodies are around me that I can’t even keep track of them all, and most importantly: there are tons of hard dick around me!

I furiously rub my clit as another man yells out his impending climax. I lean my head back and open my mouth in time to catch a thick rope of cum. As his sticky mess splashes into my awaiting mouth, I choke a bit. The angle just doesn’t work. Another man calls out to me, and I turn in time to see a huge glob of white liquid flying towards me, splattering on my midriff. Another wave drops from the man above me, landing in my hair. I feel it drip down, soaking in, and chills form on my body. More cum comes from beside me and above me, and at least one more man ejaculates onto my torso, though it’s hard to tell.

Suddenly the black man’s thrustings get more intense and he starts grunting and yells out “Hope you’re on the pill, girlie!”
I shake my head, not even meaning to, and he laughs loudly and deeply.

He hardens inside of me and his thrusting becomes much faster and more erratic. “Then…prepare for… a nice… black… BABY!” He screams out as he fucks me deep, his long thrust accompanied with a geyser of his hot juices.

I scream out loud and long as his huge piece of meat pulses inside of my vagina, feeling another orgasm rock my body. His first huge load flies into me alongside his dick and splashes in, seeming to fill me up. He presses the tip of his thick dick against my cervix opening and fires a payload of his hot, fertile seed directly into my womb. “Feel my cum inside of you, bitch! I’m gonna get you pregnant with my black dick full of cum!” and I feel another load of his fire into my slightly-opened cervix, joining with the rest. Another throb and another, I feel the rest of him being unloaded into me. In my position, with my ass higher than the rest of my body, there is nowhere for the cum to go but down into me. As he steps back he lifts me up, raising my rump even higher above me. “Who wants to go next?” he asks.

Before I can even speak, another man runs up to me, already furiously masturbating. He sticks his dick in me and thrusts hard, shoving the cum in me out to the sides around his member. It’s nowhere near as big as the last one, but it’s still a good penis. I wrap my legs around him and throw my weight forward, tipping him over. In his surprise, he doesn’t stop himself from falling, and I push over until I’m on top of him. With a devilish grin, I lean over his body, a leg on either side, and start furiously grinding him.

I feel the mixture in me slosh out, oozing around his firm prick and I lift myself from it and drop down, fucking myself on top of this piece of meat. Someone calls out to me, bringing my attention upwards. A nice, long piece of meat is in my face, with more around me. How cruel I was to focus on only one at a time.

Being bent over the cock under me, I have no free hands, so I just open my mouth and invite him with a wiggle of my eyebrows.

As I push my hips down into the man under me, moaning at the feeling of his head pushing against my walls inside of me, the man before me wastes no time. He steps forwards, shoving his penis forcefully past my open lips, pushing into my throat. I bob my head back and forward, sucking intently on the dick, while enjoy the one below me.

As the hands below me seize my nipples and start twisting, I clench myself on the penis, sloshing on top of him, oozing liquids as I go. I love these penis: so hard, and yet so soft. I pull back with my face while pushing down with my hips, feeling the testicles press into my ass and the tip of a penis in my mouth. Flicking my tongue along the underside of the head in my mouth, I bob shallowly, sucking on just his tip. He groans in pleasure, and I grind my hips forward and back on the person below me, pushing his meat into and against my mound.

The man under me seizes my thighs and starts to squeeze, pressing into the skin. I lift myself up and slam down on him, crushing my lips into him again and again. I feel the pressure building up, pushing down on my stomach and spreading its fingers up into my chest and down my legs.

I lift one hand up and seize the cock before me lasciviously squeezing the base of the penis, pulling the skin there, pumping it. I press myself even harder against the person below, whose tongue is flitting across my nipple, adding more stimulation to the whole mix. My fingers clench around on the penis before me, and I moan deeply around it, as my muscles start to contract.

Throwing my head back, I let the orgasm overtake me. Slamming up and down on my new favourite cock, clenching my cunt as hard as I can as I scream in delight of the hot waves flowing freely over my body. I feel, vaguely, the penis deep in my sloppy hole start to clench, hardening. I hear, vaguely and far off, the sound of someone exclaiming their release.
I ignore this statement, feeling only the high of my own climax, until I feel the cock inside of me begin to twitch. “Oh, God!” I scream out, “Cum in me! Fill me with your cum! It feels so good!” Pumping with my right hand as fast as I can all the while.
As I clench I feel ooze sliding out of me, along his hard shaft, and then the first of his treasure gushes up in a hot wave, splashing up into my pulsating walls, making me moan louder and more desperately. A second wave shoots up, spewing into me a wave of sweet, scalding heat.

As his penis gives its final pulsations the man beside me starts grunting and his shaft thickens more in my hand. I turn to it, straightening up to give it my full attention. I open my mouth nice and wide and pump fiercely, and he gives me my just due.
The first pulsation releases a torrential spray of semen, far more than I expected, past my mouth. I feel the thick goop splatter onto my forehead and into my hair, but I have no time to worry about that. I close my mouth around his head and pump him hard, clenching and massaging his pulsing muscle and another volley of cum is launched. I taste the salty-sweet juices roll along my tongue as he does his best to fill my mouth with his seed. I keep my mouth around him and squeeze the last of him out into my mouth, allowing the drizzle of semen to join the collection in my mouth.

I open my mouth for the group, showing the cum in it. Then I close my mouth and swallow down the hot load, moaning in delight at the feeling of the warmth spreading down my throat.

“Who else has a nice big load for me, hmm?” I coo as I stand up, allowing the cum to drip out of me onto the man below, his penis now soft.

A man steps forward, a nice big brown dick pointing towards me. I lick my lips, getting more cum, at the sight. I walk to a pole and lean against hip, hips stretched away from it, and beckon him towards me.

He walks up and traces his hands along my hips, and I look back at him, and at the train cab FULL of men with big, hard dicks. All waiting for a turn to fuck me.

The tanned man behind me presses against me, and I feel his hard cock against my leg. Pushing my ass back against him, I rub back and forth, loving the feel of his hard member against me.

He takes his penis in his hand and presses the tip against the lips of my now-looser pussy, and starts sliding it in. It’s not as wide as the black man’s, but close. And quite long. Maybe longer.

As the head slowly slides into me, one of his hands grips my hip, his right hand tracing my breast on that side. I take in a quick breath and hold it as he pushes slowly, teasingly, into me. I’m so slick, so fucking wet from all of my juices and the cum, that it’s no effort to get it in there.

His hand lightly cups my breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. He traces the nipple with just his finger tips, and I feel his head push up against a wall inside of me as his hair tickles against my mound, letting me know he’s all the way in.

He pulls back out slowly, then shoves back in with extreme speed. I feel his testicles swing into my leg, and he holds me there. His chest is pressed into my back, his dick completely inside of me, and I’m holding onto the pole for balance.
He leans forward, his mouth mere inches from my ear, and whispers, “I’m going to fuck you like a horse.”

I moan slowly, in delight at his promise, and flex my vagina, clenching it around him and eliciting a moan from him in return.
He slowly slides out- so damn slowly!- until he’s maybe halfway out, then I hear him give a grunt and feel his head rocket back into me, propelled by the strength of a bull. I clench the pole harder, my palms crushing against the cold metal. He pulls back and rushes back in, before coming back out again. Over and over he pumps into me with the force of a stallion, each hard thrust making me want to shiver and scream in delight.

His fingers pinch my already-sensitive right nipple hard I squeal, partly from pain and mostly from pleasure. His head smashes into my depths again, pulling back and sloshing in like a piston.

I push my hips back into him, and he grips me hard, fucking me like an animal. I lean past the pole, bending over more. From the new position, I can feel him hitting something beautiful inside of me, and I start to moan. Instantly, another orgasm starts building, this one different.

The pressure is so intense that I want to cry out, but my voice is caught in my throat. The pressure builds and builds under the sweet friction of him pushing his cock into me, and still it builds further. My knees start to go weak, and I start to slip down. But he moves his hand from my breast down to my belly, holding me in place against him as he fucks me even faster. The pressure seems to be too great, too powerful to imagine. And then it bursts, and a single wave of pleasure rockets from my core, making all of my muscles contract at once. I scream in pleasure, again and again, and I feel his hard cock still slamming into my cunt. I’m clenched to tight that I feel like my muscles will rip, squeezing and clenching on his dick.

He starts grunting and his grip on my hip gets so hard that I’m sure I’ll have a bruise, and he pulls almost all the way out, then shoves back in. I feel his dick twitching as it slides long my walls, and as the head pounds into my cervix, I feel the first wave of cum released right at that moment. It splashes into that seal, With nowhere to go but in. I feel the hot juices seep past there, and he pulls back. Again, he pushes into me with tremendous force, a wave of sticky ejaculation flying out right as he smashes into my wall. The he holds me there, pumping quickly and deeply, emptying the rest of his load into my waiting womb, filling me as much as I can imagine.

He stands there, holding me up, his ragged breath slowing down. The stars in my vision begin to face, but I take another minute before my legs are strong enough to hold me up.

As his penis softens, it slides of me, slapping into his leg with a slap sound. Hot, fresh cum starts bubbling out of me, dripping a steady stream down the inside of my leg. My legs tremble as I walk back to the main group, but my lust burns even brighter.

“Who bahis siteleri else? I want all of your cum! All of it!” I drop to my knees, and four or five people automatically press in close. They are all pumping their cocks furiously, and their breathing is fast and laboured.

“Mmmm,” I moan, “who’s got a nice big load of cum for my big titties?” Pressing my breasts together, I start playing with my nipples and back- chest, neck and face exposed. A man steps up- another asian- and stands with his penis above my chest, pumping and squeezing his dick. I reach up and grab his ballsack, lightly squeezing and rolling his testicles. He moans and his eyes seem to roll, and his penis throbs strongly in his hand.

A string of cum flies off and splatters onto my right breast, dripping down into the cleavage made by me holding them together. Another wave splatters down onto my hands, covering my fingers and nipple on that side with cum. The last bit oozes out and drops onto the same patch as before, adding to the small rivulet between my breasts.

Before the first man can step back, another man steps up to me from my left side, and I lick my lips in anticipation of his hard dick. I lean back as much as I can, stretching my head behind me so I can’t even see him. I hear him grunt, and grin in anticipation of a new splattering of cum.

He grunts again, this one a low steady sound and I feel a thick heat splatter onto my throat, covering the front of my neck in cum. I moan in delight, fingers still playing with my nipples, as I feel another burst of cum land onto me, this one hitting me right at the base of my neck, dripping down onto my chest.

As the cum oozes down my front through the cleavage I’m maintaining, I see a man walk up to me from behind. From my leaned back perspective, he appears upside down. As the upside down man approaches me, I open my mouth and he shoves his dick into there. He pushes in until his testicles are on my nose, then he starts fucking my throat- using it like a vagina!

I release my right breast and sneak a finger into my vagina, spreading the cum that’s on it around the lips of my slit. I hear a grunt from my chest area, and another person shoots his load onto me, covering my now-exposed breast with cum, which slowly starts dripping down. His next wave lands between my breasts, and joins the small river slowly making its way to my pelvis.

Already the cock in my mouth starts getting rock-hard, and I try to moan. I can’t moan around his dick, but the vibrations must feel good, because his breath catches in his throat.

His cock clenches in my throat, and I feel it give a might pulse as he holds it deep in my throat. I can’t breathe, but I feel no regret as a torrent of cum pours straight down my throat, going directly into my stomach. I feel full from all of the cum in my belly, but I want more! His penis pulses again, and another wave of heat rushes down my throat. He slides back so he’s just inside my mouth then out all the way.

As soon as he’s out, I take a great breath in and fall to my back. The men crowd around me, forming a circle of masturbation around my body. There’s cum covering most of my chest, and I use a hand to spread the sticky goop over the rest of my torso. I lift my pelvis into the air, above my head, and spread my pussy lips, sinking a single finger in there, making sure I’m still nice and wet. With all the juices from all the boys and from me, I’m positively soaking in there.

“Cum in me! Cum in me!” I scream, delirious with the need for them to ejaculate.

A man steps up, already looking ready to finish. He sticks the tip of his dick just into the entrance to my hole, and I feel him twitch against me. His muscle tenses and releases, opening his urethra and ejecting a load of his seed into my vagina! Again his pulsations bring me cum, and I feel myself start to fill like a pool.

“Cum into my vagina! I want all of your cum in me! I’m not on the pill, and I want all of your fertile seeds spraying into my unprotected womb!” As soon as I utter those words, the men look even more excited- if that’s even possible.

The man steps back, and two more men step forward, beating their penises with obscene vigour. They put their heads against my lips. I can feel both heads against my hole, and I know they must be touching each other.

The one to my right starts first, and I feel his strong pulsations start to bring a load from deep inside of his sperm well. His first rope of his climax hits into a vaginal wall, pouring down into the pool at the bottom. His second wave starts to emerge, as the first wave of the man next to him starts. As both gushes of hot baby-juice spray into me, I can feel them landing in the collection in my deepest reaches.

My cervix, loose from the poundings against it, can do little to keep this weight of semen from seeping through. Even as more cum splatters into me, I can feel the first bit of it start to drip through my cervical opening, landing drip by drip into my urethra.
The men step back, and I can feel the slow ooze of fertile sperm entering my urethra, mere convoluted inches from my ovaries. Men on every side of me pump their dicks with concentration, getting off on the sight of a cum whore moaning for their loads.

Another man steps up, stiff white prick pointing straight out, and dips his finger into my vagina, scooping a small amount of the goop. Before I question this action, he smears it onto my exposed asshole, and gently pushes his finger against it. I hiss inwards as his finger slips past my slippery anal ring, and slides half an inch into my unexplored hole.

He twists his finger slowly, bobbing it up and down to work it in. The sensation, while alien and new, isn’t entirely unpleasant. He pulls his finger out and lubes it up again using my dripping cunt, and sinks his finger again into my other hole. The crowd looks on in expectant silence as the man manages to get his entire finger into my ass. Then he pulls it up, towards the entrance, and starts trying to work a second finger in.

I hiss inwards again, feeling my virgin ass getting stretched by two fingers. But he works it slowly, and before long he’s finger fucking my ass with them both. An odd sensation tingles from there, the nerve bundle around the hole responding sharply to the contact.

He spits onto his hand and lathers his penis in it, getting it good and sloppy. Then, removing his fingers, he places his cockhead against my last undefiled zone. With a gentle push, he eases it past my anal ring, and starts slowly sliding down my ultra-tight passage. His face is one of pure bliss as he slides the first couple inches of dick in and out of me.

He pulls it out and spits, this time into me. The wet glob hits my ass right over the hole, and I draw a breath to cuss and protest. Before I can release it at him, though, he presses his dick against there again and sinks rapidly into me.

As he slides his rather average sized pecker into me, my breath rattles out in a whoosh. New sensations battle for priority in my brain, and I can say nothing as he starts slowly fucking my raised ass. His dick isn’t huge, not even large, but it’s the biggest thing that’s ever gone in there. I’ve never even put a toy in my ass.

He grips my upper thighs, holding my lower body up as he pushes into me in the jackhammer position. I watch in fascination as his sick slides in and out of me, but into something completely new. He grunts and closes his eyes, looking already close to finishing. He pumps in and out faster, his cock bustling against my rather dry walls, building friction and sensation.
Before anything more can happen, the door on the other side of the carriage- behind me- opens. He freezes, staring. Everyone turns to look. Slowly I turn my face, trying to see who wrought such terror.

In the doorway stands one of the most innocuous of people- a janitor. But he works for the company, and I’m sure this is illegal. Everyone in the room, all of us naked except this new man, stares. The janitor is only looking at the scene before him though.

I feel a pressure in my anus, and turn to see the man slowly start thrusting into me again, starting at the janitor all the while. He stares at the man while he plunges into my tight rectum and down into my recesses. Staring at him in challenge- or perhaps an offering.

The man above me groans again, and thrusts faster, slapping against my rump over and over. He clenches his stomach and leans his head back, pounding now. The force of each slap is enough to hurt, and my anus stings from the stretching. The man, however, quickly pulls out of my anus, and pushes my back onto the ground. He seizes the back of my neck with one hand, and half-pulls me into a sitting position. From here, our scene is profile to the janitor, and the man stares at that janitor still.

He quickly whacks off, and I lick the end of his shaft. Within moments, he clenches his stomach and his cock starts throbbing in his hands. A wave of warm cum dribbles out of his tip into my open mouth below him, running onto my tongue and down my throat. The thick, salty taste floods my mouth as another pulse brings more of the white cream to my tonsils. I swallow it all down and suck on his cockhead, suckling the last of the liquids from him.

The man above me steps back and, still staring at the janitor, points an upraised hand at me in the universal hand-sign for ‘be my guest’.

The janitor looks at me, the cum on my chest and belly, and the cum dripping from me. Then he gently eases his trolly into the room and slides the door shut. His hands fly down his buttons, taking his coveralls off in a flash. Then his white shirt is thrown into a corner, and he’s left in his underwear.

I stand up, a little peeved at being traded off, but still surprisingly horny. The cum bubbles and makes crude sounds as it drips and splatters onto the floor.

I take a moment to look down, watching the semen drip. I stick a finger in there and root around a bit, helping it to empty from me.

When again I look up, the janitor is naked, a thick erection in the air. A tube of vaseline occupies one hand, and he slowly pours some into his other. He sits down on a bench, eyes fixed on mine, and slowly applies the goop to his cock, working it up and down. He applies more, and rubs it in until it’s a thick layer, not taking his eyes off of mine for one second. And then, he cocks an eyebrow.

Grinning like a cat, I stride forward. A picture of a woman in control, even if I’m a woman covered in many men’s spunk.
The man grins back, as I move in close and turn my back to him and stand crouch over him. His cock is pointing straight up- straight towards my open ass. I slowly ease myself down, and feel his wide prick press against my anus. This might hurt, but it’ll get good.

I press myself down against his prick, keeping it snug against my ass. Looking up, I see the whole crowd of horny men standing naked before me, many starting to masturbate again.

Gently, and ever so slowly, I start easing down. His head pushes against me for another moment, but passes the loosened-up entrance well. Instantly I feel a stinging pain as I start stretching around his shaft, but it feels good, too. I can go no more than a couple of inches before I have to slide up and start again. A few more tough, hard inches sink into me before I halt again. I shimmy my hips slightly, and my ass devours another inch of dick. More than halfway down his shaft I squirm again, slowly working the goopy dick into me.

I can feel the slime against the walls, and it’s the most curious sensation. I’ve heard of pornstars take impressive dicks, but I have no idea how deep I can go.

I grind up and down on his meat pole, and he groans under me. He’s deeper now than the last man got, and there’s still some distance to go. I close my eyes as his hands rove my cum-splattered breasts, and I focus on relaxing. Breathing deeply, I let my muscles go loose, and slide slowly down until I’m sitting completely on his lap.

The feeling of his pubic hair against my anus feels odd, and I open my eyes to look down. It’s so weird seeing a dick inside of there, but there it is. His rubbing hands travel over my hips, stroking my wide curves as I start up his shaft, lifting myself from him with my legs.

I can feel his cockhead sliding down through me, sort of like having a bowel movement. But far larger. And yet, to my surprise, it doesn’t hurt. In fact, it feels pretty good. I slide down again, and back up, gradually pumping up and down on him. I’m sure I’ll be loose after he’s done, but the feeling is so worth it.

I lean back, pressing my back into his hairy chest as I ride up and down on his pole, grinding him with my ass cheeks. To my surprise he rotates sideways, bringing me with him. Then he leans back, pulling me down until I’m laying on his chest, his dick still in my ass.

It’s like the missionary position with me on top, save that I’m facing up and away from him. Now I can’t control my movement, so I lift myself slightly off of him, and brace my legs- spreading them apart.

He thrusts into me, fucking me from below. I feel his mighty dick push into me, spearing me deeply and rubbing me from the inside. Amazing sensations pulse through me, making me moan in delight.

I close my eyes and rub my head against his face, nuzzling in as he pounds me hard. He grips behind my thighs, pulling my legs up, still fucking his cock into me over and over.

I open my eyes and see another man, this one Hispanic. His hand firmly clasps his dick, masturbating just in front of my vagina, getting a first class view of it. I point one hand at him and crook a finger, beckoning him.

The man steps forward and rubs his chunk of brown meat against my soaking vagina. The once-janitor below me stills as the Spanish man guides his erection into my exposed pussy, shuffling forward until he slides it fully into me. There he pauses, eyes screwed shut in pleasure.

I can feel a dick in each of my holes, and I know I’m nearly in heaven. The tanned man above starts slowly thrusting, and one of my favourite dicks- the one below me- matches his pace in my ass. They build an alternating rhythm: one in, one out. Slowly but surely, they start pumping me towards heaven.

A man to my side caresses my face, and I turn to face another black cock. I eagerly seize it with my left hand, and pull him towards me, leading his penis to my mouth. His ebony fingers traces the curves of my jaw as I lick his head, savouring the extremely salty taste of his drip of precum.

Both men fucking me, as if one, increase their pace. Now, though, they push in at the same time. The man below me pulls me forward slightly with each thrust, pulling me down onto the two hard dicks pushing into me. I can feel them filling me up so well, and I moan as I feel pleasure start to well up inside of me.

I open my mouth wide and swallow the black man’s whole head, and reach my left hand around behind him to grab his toned ass. I pull him forward, letting him slide his dick down my throat. With guiding motions, I set him to thrusting into my throat, and feel perfect.

As one, the three penises push into me, rubbing against three unique tunnels and building three different sets of pleasure. As one, they slide back out, making me feel empty and lonely. I use my left hand, now, to cradle the black man’s balls, gently fondling them in encouragement. His hand traces through my hair in tender passion and I deepthroat him, and the man below me gently twists one of my nipples adding a third sensation to the mix.

As the three cocks pound away into me, with more slapping sounds in the background, I feel that ball of pleasure in me swell. It builds and builds, and I writhe against all of the men, feeling their hard erections stab into me again and again.
The ball of pleasure seems to swell to extreme sizes as I moan around the dick in my throat, and the Hispanic man gingerly starts rubbing my clit.

It sets me over the edge! I scream around the dick in my mouth as the ball of bliss in my stomach area explodes outwards, making my muscles clench and tighten. My back arches and the man has to hold me down as waves of pure ecstasy shoot down my body in glorious throbs, redoubling and surging back up. The penises keep pounding me, the fingers keep playing, and the waves of nearly-agonizing pleasure pulsate again and again in me.

Even as the feeling slowly declines, I feel great pleasure still. The black man fondles my other breast, making it so my mouth, both nipples, my vagina and anus are all being stimulated.

As my back relaxes and I collapse back onto the janitor, the ball of pleasure starts building again right away. A tickling, warm wave slowly slides up from my vaginal walls, in time to the beautiful Hispanic man’s thrusts. A delirious tingle jolts up through me into my core from my clitoris, while a fierce wave comes in streaks from the thrusting into my ass.

All of this I feel and more as the dicks all push in and out, each motion feeling like another bahis şirketleri step into heaven. My nipples are hard as rocks under the sets of hands, and I feel like I’m covered from every side with sexual gratification.

Again that orb of ecstasy starts building in me, faster now than I’ve ever felt. The thrusting gets faster now, and I massage the balls in my hand gently but with feeling. The three men groan, moan, and gasp, and I feel their thrusts become disjointed. The black man pulls back so only his head is in my mouth again, letting me take yet another sweet breath. He thrusts back into my throat and starts hammering, like the others.

Each man is beating as fast as he can, and If feel the pleasure filling me, inflating me like a balloon. A slow pulsing starts in my core, buiding and building with the heedless thrusts of my horny lovers. All of my men moan and grunt now, and their motions are irregular, fast, and desperate. I feel that ball in me build bigger still, threatening to overwhelm all.

Finally, it begins, and I am overwhelmed in orgasm. The feelings surge through my body like a tidal wave, and every muscle I have contracts. My legs wrap around the Hispanic man’s waist and my hand clenches fiercely onto the black man’s ass as lights start dancing in my vision. The orgasm builds and erupts outwards and I tighten every muscle I can, groan and screaming, fucking back against these men as hard as I can. The black man is the first to do it.

He slides back until only his head is in my mouth and my scream echoes out around his cock as it bursts in a wave of hot cum into my mouth. Not more than a second after the first man starts, the Hispanic man slams hard enough into me and I feel his cock give a powerful pulse in its confined space and spray a torrent of cum, splattering against my loose cervix in a thick gush. The cum floods my mouth again as another wave pulses, and I feel the cock in my ass push its first boiling hot load of cum into me.

My orgasm seems to ripple back and go on forever as my body is pumped full of cum. The Hispanic man is pounding like a wildman, his cum spewing and dripping out my sides as I overfill. The man below me has time thrusts, pushing his hot mess as deep into me as he can go. I furiously suck the black cock, swallowing his sweet ejaculate as I ride my orgasm.

Finally, it slows. My muscles unclench as I suck off the last of the man’s cum- swirling my tongue around his cockhole- and the fellow above me shudders and sags. The cock in my ass gives another pump as he pulls me down, spewing it deep into my intestines. Another weak twitch from the penis gives the last of its semen, and I feel him fall loose under me.

My eyes slowly open, stars still dancing, and I see the black man give a solemn smile and a nod before walking away.
With some effort I disentangle myself from the arms around me, and get to my feet. All around, eager male faces are looking at me, waiting to see if I’m going to continue. My legs are shaking from the strain of orgasm after orgasm, but somehow I’m not quite satisfied, yet.

Thick globs of fluids drip out of my two holes, splattering down my legs. By now, after so many fucks, my thighs are completely covered with semen, as is most of my torso and face. But I’ve got enough in me for another go or two. As I scan around the room, I notice another girl in the corner, bouncing up and down on a cock, moaning and enjoying herself. I guess I’m inspiration.

As I look around the room, looking for my next body to explore, I lock eyes with the same black man from earlier, the one who told everyone I wasn’t protected. I raise a hand a gesture him towards me with a finger.

Obediently he approaches, his massive dick swinging back and forth as he walks. I wait for him to be in front of me, then I reach out and take his penis in hand. It’s hard again, and I caress the shaft for several moments, grinning. Then, “Lie down,” is all I tell him.

He settles himself on the floor, not even briefly caring that it’s a dirty train floor, and I stand astride his hips. Slowly, I ease myself down until my knees touch the floor on either side of his pelvis. I sit down on his upper thighs, with his penis resting against my mons pubis. It reaches all the way up to my stomach. I give a slight shudder, remembering how good this had felt.
Slowly I raise myself up, and line myself up with him. I sink down slightly, until his head is just inside my lips. My eyes slowly slit themselves closed as I enjoy the warmth of him. I rock my hips side to side. With each motion, I work myself slightly lower. Bit by bit, I feel his massive snake slithering into my sloppy hole. Despite all the fucking I’ve had today, he still makes me feel tight.

Midway down, I stop suddenly. Opening my eyes I stare into his, and see that they are full of desire, begging. And so I relieve his anxiety.

With a sudden motion, I press myself all the way down. His long shaft impales me, suddenly spearing straight into that back wall. His breath catches, and for a moment we both just savor the sensations. He seems to fill my entire body, making me warm in a straight line, all the way up. I give a casual glance down, enjoying the view of that last little bit of him poking out, and his great big balls. Surely there must be at least one more good load in there for me.

I slowly ride my way back up his shaft, feeling that thick heat slowly worm its way back out, tickling and tantalizing me the whole way. Then I drop down again, moaning slightly at the quick motion of him entering me, sliding into my depths. I start moving up and down at a decent pace, not wanting to be slow any longer. As I’m making my way back down his thick meat, I realize that I can once more hear the sound of pounding meat.

I look up, and two men step forward, both eagerly masturbating. I put one hand on my own hip for stabilization, and reach out my other hand to help out. I take one cock in my hand and start pumping it, and the other man presses close.

I open my mouth and close it around that second piece of cock, sliding my moist lips down his smooth shaft.

Already the man in my right hand is getting agitated, and I start pumping him faster as I grind myself up and down on that warm body beneath me. I close my eyes to savour the sensation of the penis pushing into my depths, pushing aside cum from the last man. The ridge of him presses along nerves all the way down as I slide up, and sends shivers up my body as I drive myself back down against him.

I moan as I eagerly suck on the man in my mouth, savouring his taste. I lean forward and bury my nose in his pubes, his penis sliding down my throat. As I focus my efforts on him, I grind myself against the black man, feeling him press deeply inside of me.

The man under me gently takes my breasts in hands, playing with my cum-splattered nipples. My eyes close automatically as I focus on grinding forward and back, sucking, and jerking.

Releasing the dicks from my mouth and hand, stretch myself out languorously, draping my body over the man under me. As my position shifts, I feel him slide into me from a different angle, and moan lightly as he holds me by the hips and thrusts into me again.

Rocking from the motion of him, my nipples rub along his firm chest as he holds me tight.

A man, probably the one I was blowing moments ago, gets to his knees beside me, bringing that tasty cock of his back to me. I eagerly take it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it in rhythm to his jerky thrusts. Under me, my new favourite piece of meat in the world slides deeply into me and back out. Even while sliding along the man’s hard cock, I manage to give a fairly decent blowjob, working another cock with me hand.

Gripping my hips tightly, the stud under me holds me still for a second, making me jerk and writhe, wanting the feeling of him moving in me again.

In my distraction, I don’t even notice a man approach me from behind. Apparently my behind makes a very nice target, and I feel hands appear on my hips a moment before he presses his penis against my anus. Relaxing my body, I let myself loosen out so he can enter more easily, and I feel the third cock in my life start sliding into my anal depths.

The man pushes in quickly, spearing my ass. It stings for a moment, but the sensation is almost instantly lost among all the others swirling around me. He pulls back and drives into me again, making my body quake from the force of his entrance. He spears me again, his pubes tickling my anal ring as he shoves his body into mine, making me bounce on the black man in me.
I can feel pressure building up in me as I let the two men above and below have their way with me. The black man does slow motions, lifting himself up towards, and sinking into me, enjoying my body. These contrast with the rapid thrusts into my lubed anus, making a slopping sound as my body shakes.

I bob my head up and down, slurping on the cock in my mouth. He grunts, a deep sound, as I deepthroat him again, swallowing down his meat. My right hand makes fast motions, pumping the fourth man, who moans in pleasure. As the long penis slowly sinks into my vagina once more, the man in my mouth suddenly grips my hair and starts thrusting wildly. I relax my body as the sensations pulse through me while I’m bucked up and down from below.

I release the cock in my right hand and grip the man in front of me by the leg, holding tightly to him.

The penis in my mouth is rock hard, and I swirl my tongue madly as he shoves himself in and out of my mouth. He tenses once more and his body goes rigid, save for his penis which starts pulsating rapidly. He makes a grunting “uh-uh-uh” sound as I bob on him again and again. His twitching member spews the start of its load into my mouth, coating my tongue in the warm, salty-and-sweet taste of cum. As I drink down his musky fluid, I feel its next spurt start flowing into my eager mouth as I open my eyes-

Right in time to see the fourth man eagerly jerking his cock. I open my mouth wide, and a thick stream of his cum splatters across my cheek and onto the penis of the other man using my mouth. Twin rivulets flow into my mouth as both men masturbate their pleasure into my waiting lips. The last of the salty fluid dribbles down my lips as they both end their climaxes, in time for me to notice the desperate thrusting of the man in my ass- who I have yet to even see.

I ponder for a moment the idea of turning to look at him, but decide against it. The thought of a completely anonymous man viciously using my body is incredibly kinky. It’s the last straw and sends me over the edge. I moan loudly and clasp my lips around the cum-splattered cock before me. I suck on it violently, cleaning it and draining it of its last few drops of sticky goodness while he thrusts jerkily into my throat.

The waves of pleasure surge through me and I heave myself forward and back, muscles spasming and jerking in ecstasy. My screams of pure sex send the unknown man into a frenzy, slamming himself into me as fast as he can, his fingers gripping my ass cheeks hard enough to bruise. I feel a deep pulsation coming from him- a warning and a promise. All at once, he buries himself deeply into my bowels, unloading a burst of his heat into my body as I clench and twitch around him.

A deep groan comes from him- all I have for his identity- as he thrusts his invader into my ass once more, pounding away for all he’s worth as another gush of his lust pumps into my trembling body.

His fast and hard thrusts are the opposite to the long thrusts from below, and I moan loudly as he squeezes out more of himself into me. At last his flow ceases, and he gives a few more short thrusts, shuddering against me. Then, with a swift motion, he removes himself from my ass, as I finally release the third man from my mouth.

Getting back up to a riding position, I look down to regard the black man, now impaled fully in me. I feel hot sperm start trickling from my used ass, trickling out of the stretched hole. My body clenches as I drop onto him, sensations writhing through me. I feel cum bubble from my tensed ass, no doubt dripping down his balls as I grind my slick mound on him.
I gently work myself up, feeling him slowly unfurl from my depths, then move him into me again, as slowly as I can. Slowly, teasingly I work him, wanting to make him last longer- last forever.

His breathing is getting faster as I slowly pump myself on him, his enormous piece filling me, then leaving me empty. As his eyes start closing to show his proximity to the ‘edge’, I stop, with just his very tip in me. For a moment, he lies there, breathing, then his eyes snap open.

He stares at me with a combination of longing, desperation, and confusion. “Why- why are you stopping?”

A grin crosses my face as I drop down by a mere millimeter, a tickle of movement inside of me, before I slide that small distance back up. “Do you want to cum in me?” I ask, in my sultriest whisper.

“Of course I do,” he manages to moan, his eyes full of pleading.

“Yours is the last dick going in here tonight. Do you want to shoot in me a second time? Do you want to be the one who shoots the final load into this hot, fertile body?” He nods, rapidly, crazily. I descend by a fraction of an inch on him. “You want to be the one whose cum will seep the deepest into me, into those furthest places? The one who gets to put his sperm onto my little egg?”

His eyes nearly roll, and his fingers clench my thighs. “Y-yes. Oh, yes.”

“You want to cum in me, maybe make me pregnant with your baby?” Another nod. “Then I want you to beg.”

He looks confused, has no response. So I lean closer and whisper to his face: “Beg. Beg me to let you cum.”

He holds tightly to my knees and obliges me, saying “Please! Please let me cum in you! Let me finish.”

I slide down him pole, letting the meat spread wide those walls and hold him there. At the bottom, I tell him again: “Beg me to let you shoot your load in me.”

He whimpers and grinds slightly against me, an automatic reflex. His hips buck, and he presses even deeper for the merest of moments, pushing against my wall. “Please, oh please,” he pleads. “Let me cum in you. Let me shoot my load into your body!”

At this I reward him, sliding up his long, veined stick of pleasure. “Oh, let me fill you, let me shoot off in you,” he continues as I drive myself down again.

Again and again I skewer myself on his amazing body, driving his cock deeply into my body, as if to push it past my cervix. “Then do it!” I shout. “Cum for me! Shoot your semen into my body, you black stallion!”

He throws his back and gives a shout, almost a roar. His shaft shakes and trembles in my body as I pound myself on him. “Get me pregnant!” I shout as I pump my quivering mound onto his invader again and again. “Give it to me, give it to me, oh, give it to me,” I moan and chant.

He twitches stongly inside of me and drives himself towards me as I move down. His body slams into mine, lancing his cock into my body as his hot ejaculate spews from him. “Take my sperm!” He shouts to announce his arrival. His head wedges deeply into my wet hole as the first wave of hot cum soaks my wall and bathes me in his warmth. Still telling him to cum for me, I buck and slam down onto him in time with his next thrust, feeling his hot semen spraying all the length of me as he presses his black cock into my willing body.

I feel a stinging pain as some part of me slides open against the force of his intruder, and he shoves that last, glorious inch into my deepest parts. Another mighty twitch from his long muscle sprays yet more of his seed. The hot fluid gushes up and flows into this newly opened space, soaking those walls and driving forth into those tubes.

I scream out, a primal sound, and his hot spunk gushes into places I’ve never felt, coating my innermost body, flowing into my very womb and ovaries. Again he pulls back and impales me, pushing his slimy tip up into my uterine cavity. Hot, virile semen sprays in time to his penetration, sending thousands more of his fertile swimmers into my tubes, towards those eggs. His twitching and throbbing seems to continue forever, pouring more and more into me as our bodies- and voices- become one.

My scream carries on, becoming a moan. A loud moan, loud enough to shatter the world, making it crumble into darkness. Light pierces the darkness, and I groggily come up from my dream.

I blink fast and hard, looking around the train. I have a moment to wonder to myself if I actually moaned out loud in my sleep before seeing the face of the woman across the cart from me, holding both of her hands over her daughter’s ears, and know I did. The look of horror on her face was joined with indignation, and her jaw looked like it was almost down to her chest.

Quickly turning my face from her, to hide my embarrassment, my eyes pass over a dark-skinned man. My breath catches as I notice him, the ebony stud from my dream. One of his eyebrows is arched way up, and his lips are curled slightly.

I stare hard out the window, trying not to notice anyone else. Looking around the city as it spreads out around us, I can’t help but realize…
“Shit, I missed my stop!”

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