A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 16

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[This story contains a good deal of content relating to bodily functions. If that offends you, please read no further. All characters are well over 18. ]


Plans proceeded for Eleanor and Annette to be married. Because of her previous notoriety, Eleanor did prefer to keep her activities out of the public sphere, as did Annette, who recognized that her career as a correctional officer would not be helped by any kind of publicity for her personal life, especially with Eleanor.

However, the intrepid reporter for the Women’s Republic Transcript had a note in her diary to check up on what was becoming of Eleanor. She decided to contact Janet, Eleanor’s mentor at Goose Cookers, the highly successful women’s clothing and products company where Eleanor had been succeeding with creative energy applied to coming up with new products.

Janet was well-connected to the highest levels of the women’s republic government and private sector. She was very restrained when telephoned by Anne-Marie Criswell, the reporter who had covered Eleanor’s trial and subsequent developments. When asked about Eleanor, Janet restricted herself to laudatory remarks about how many terrific products Eleanor had created for the company and how successful both she and the company were.

The reporter asked about Eleanor’s personal life and Janet merely confirmed that she was married to Jackson, who had brought her to this second city of the republic where Goose Cookers happened to be located. She refused to discuss Eleanor’s affairs beyond that. Anne-Marie sensed from the tone of her response that there was something else but she politely thanked Janet, not wanting to get on her bad side, and concluded her call.

She then took a chance and telephoned Jackson. He was home from work and answered the phone quickly. It happened that he was not in a happy frame of mind because he had become annoyed by Eleanor’s having had Annette give him a caning merely to establish her position in the household.

Marriages between women were now legal in the republic and if a woman were already married to a man, the new wife became the primary spouse in the now three-party marriage. This meant that if the head of household—in this case, Eleanor—gave her assent, the new wife would have disciplinary authority over the husband; she might also have a sexual relationship with him if Eleanor allowed that.

Jackson had borne up fairly well in his new more subordinate position, but he was not a happy camper. Anne-Marie said she was working on a feature about Eleanor’s successful career and asked him gently how life was with her. Forgetting Eleanor’s aim to stay below the radar, Jackson blurted out that she was going to take Annette as primary spouse and that this was causing a strain on his relationship.

Anne-Marie asked a few more innocuous questions but realized she had a nice scoop for her next article, which would be about the marriage more than Eleanor’s career. The next day, the Transcript had a feature article on its front page:

“Woman Who Had Been Punished Severely

Now to Wed Her Correctional Officer

“By Anne-Marie Criswell

“The woman who was wrongfully and severely punished for a crime she did not commit has been putting her life together in our second city and achieved significant success as a creative spirit at the well-known Goose Cookers women’s products company. Now she is marrying her correctional officer, who had been involved in the proceedings that resulted in her punishment.

“Eleanor had been convicted of adultery in District Court here and sentenced by a three-judge panel to be infibulated for a year. After the punishment had been imposed and she had served the full term, it came to light that the prosecutrix, Gail, had not been married to the co-respondent, Graham, and thus there had been no crime committed.

“Subsequent proceedings had resulted in Eleanor’s conviction being quashed and expunged. Gail and her counsel, Rose, had petitioned for further punishment of Eleanor prior to all becoming aware of the facts that upset the original conviction. Both Gail and Rose were disciplined by order of the court.

“It has been rumored that the three judges were sufficiently contrite in their willingness to make amends to Eleanor that they subjected themselves to being disciplined and that the discipline had been carried out by Senior Correctional Officer Annette, who now is the fiancée of Eleanor.

“This will thus be a three-person marriage, with Eleanor now taking Annette as a wife to join her and her husband, Jackson. Neither Eleanor nor Annette were available to comment, and the executive vice president of Goose Cookers, Janet, declined to discuss the matter.”

When he saw the story, Jackson realized the result of his indiscretion. He knew Eleanor would be furious. The last time she lost her temper with him, he had been dispatched for a two-week program for men at the Men’s Re-Education Camp, which he had found highly humiliating. Since then, canlı bahis Eleanor and he had been reconciled but he had feared that things would turn bad with the addition of Annette to their marriage.

Eleanor saw the story and looked at Jackson that morning over breakfast.

“Did you speak to this reporter?” she asked calmly.

Jackson then confessed and admitted that he had and that she had caught him at a bad moment when he was not feeling good about things.

“I hope you are sorry for causing this unnecessary attention to be focused on me and which will maintain my notoriety in the Republic,” she said firmly.

Jackson hastened to apologize and tell her that he did love her, was getting used to Annette being in their household, and would do whatever he could to make this right.

“Well,” Eleanor said, as she tried to cool down, knowing that getting upset would not make matters better. “You should be pleased that I will not send you back to the Re-Education Camp,” she responded.

Jackson let himself take a deep breath but maintained a straight face and did thank Eleanor for being so understanding.

“I’m actually not so understanding,” she snapped, “and you should know that I’m mightily angered about this.”

“Normally, I might discipline you myself,” Eleanor continued, “but this is a serious matter and you know it. And I won’t have Annette punish you because you injured me the most by your carelessness.”

Eleanor said nothing for a minute while Jackson pleaded for mercy and said he would do everything possible to make up for this misbehavior.

“I’m going to enroll you in a maintenance program at the Training Center in our district of the city,” she declared. “You will report there with Annette this afternoon.”

Part of the humiliation involved when a disobedient male spouse was sent to the Training Center was his being required to present a letter from the head of household, always female, outlining his offense(s) and sometimes requesting specific re-training steps.

Eleanor sat down while Jackson knew enough not to challenge her or leave the room while she was preparing this letter. She quickly wrote a few lines on a crisp sheet of her stationery and folded it neatly into a pink envelope and handed it to him.

“You’ll deliver this to the receptionist with Annette,” she said calmly, “and I do hope this will make you aware of the consequences of your carelessness.”

Annette had absented herself during Eleanor’s questioning of Jackson but now appeared as Eleanor asked her very quietly if she would accompany Jackson to the Training Center. She knew that Annette probably was familiar with some of the staff from her service both in corrections and in the Reserve.

As Annette and Jackson walked to the nearby Training Center—there was one in most neighborhoods now of most cities—she conversed with Jackson in an effort to put him in a more positive frame of mind, knowing that going to the Training Center would bring back the unhappy experiences of the Re-Education Camp.

“I know this is upsetting for you and it should be,” she said, but trying to be warmer, she added, “I do know many of these people, so I will try to see that they treat you with respect.” She smiled at him and Jackson felt strongly that she was being sincere, so he asked if he could hug her.

Annette was happy he had responded positively, and she nodded affirmatively. Jackson took her in his arms and gave her a big hug and the two held hands until just before they reached the Training Center.

Once they entered, Annette walked up to the receptionist and introduced herself as coming to the Center with Jackson, who was Eleanor’s husband. “I am engaged to marry her,” she said quickly, “and I am a Major in the Reserve.”

Telling the pleasant female receptionist this fact prompted the latter to salute her which Annette acknowledged and thanked her. She gave her Eleanor’s letter and asked if she could speak with the assigned trainer. The receptionist looked the name up in her listing, as Eleanor had telephoned to advise that the two would be arriving for training.

She told Annette that the trainer would be Sgt. Denise, who, she said, had recently been transferred to this Training Center from the nearest Re-Education Camp. Jackson heard this and decided it was better to have a known quantity than someone new, although he didn’t know how Sgt. Denise would react to what she would see as his re-offending.

They sat down in the waiting area and when Sgt. Denise appeared from the security door, Jackson knew to stand and snap to attention. He was overwhelmed by the sergeant’s attractiveness but felt that Sgt. Denise had blonder hair now as he recalled her being a redhead.

Sgt. Denise smiled, and then looked at Annette. “I’ve received the letter from your fiancée, Major,” she said crisply, “so let’s go back and discuss this briefly.” She nodded to Jackson to follow them.

She led them to a small room and told Jackson to wait outside. bahis siteleri When she was alone with Annette, she asked her point-blank what the Major thought as needed here. She also mentioned that she had been Jackson’s platoon sergeant at the Re-Education Camp, so she was somewhat familiar with him.

“He obviously needs to do some more thinking with his brain instead of, in this case, his asshole,” Annette said bluntly. “But I do think Eleanor would be very pleased if you did work on his overall attitude. He has not in any way showed resentment at my impending entry into the marriage but obviously it was a major blow to him,” she said calmly.

“You will have him for a four-week term, every Wednesday afternoon,” she observed, “so obviously some discipline is needed but I think your having had him under your orders previously will make it easier for you to get through to him.”

She smiled at Sgt. Denise and mentioned to her that Eleanor was definitely an up-and-coming figure in the Republic because of her growing prominence at Goose Cookers. Denise responded that she had been aware of Eleanor’s previous “problems” and did sympathize with her.

Annette thanked her and said she was truly appreciative of what she could already see was Denise’s ability to tailor her training to the trainee’s needs, “along with those of the family affected.” She asked if Denise had any more questions for her and Denise said she had been most helpful in giving her useful background.

She then showed Annette the confidential note from Eleanor, which read as follows:

“To the Training Center,

“I am most appreciative of your abilities to correct the misbehavior of errant husbands and would note that my husband has previously completed a program at the Re-Education Camp. He has violated our confidences and needs to be made aware of the need for discretion on his part. I am sending this with MAJ Annette (Reserve) who will be available to expand on this request at your convenience.



“That sounds pretty straight-forward to me,” Sgt. Denise observed.

“I do agree,” Annette replied.

“I now remember him,” Denise said. “He was quite cooperative, and I think he was turned on by me, so he was quick to comply with my orders,” she added, with a grin. “I’ll have to dress him down—in all meanings of that—to get his attention,” she added.

Annette already liked the attractive trainer and told her that in this line of work, she felt that attractiveness was a help in getting the attention of males sent to the Center for re-training. “I do hope you can impress on him that he better try harder during this second encounter,” she said.

“Yes, indeed,” Denise answered, “because if he is sent back again, he will be subject to enhanced attention. It would be wise for you to explain that to the complainant. As it is, I’ll likely have him perform some body worship so long as you feel Eleanor would be o.k. with that?”

Annette responded that Denise should use whatever she felt was needed to change his attitude. “I’m glad it’s you dealing with this,” she said frankly, “because I’m way too personally involved and might just whip him way past reasonable limits.” She then thanked Denise for reminding her of the prospect of enhanced attention and asked if Denise needed anything further from her.

“No, thank you, you’ve been a help, Major,” Denise said with a smile, “and I appreciate the privilege of meeting you.”

“Pleasure was all mine,” Annette responded, also smiling, “and I’m sorry it was under these circumstances. I do hope we can get together soon – the two of us – now that you have been assigned to this Training Center. Eleanor and I would enjoy having you over for tea.”

“I look forward to it,” Denise said with a good deal of feeling.

Annette went out and told Jackson that she felt the trainer would take a positive approach to his program. “You will have to accept that there will be some discipline involved,” she said, “but I do believe that she has your best interests at heart and it seems to be a good thing that she already knows you. Just don’t screw up, Jackson.”

With that, she departed, and Sgt. Denise came back to the waiting area and summoned Jackson with her finger to follow her to the training area.

They reached a fairly spacious room with three chairs, one more comfortable that was clearly intended for the trainer. The others were metal and looked decidedly less cozy. There was a plinth similar to those used for massage and exercise in many gyms. Denise chose to sit on the desk on one side and sat up on it. This did expose her lovely legs and a good deal of thigh.

Jackson awaited whatever would come and he did not have long to wait.

“I had hoped that your term at the Men’s Re-Education Camp would have set you straight,” the gorgeous red-haired sergeant began. “But it seems that you have misbehaved again. Consider yourself lucky that your wife did not send you back to the camp.”

“I bahis şirketleri know that I behaved badly,” Jackson said quietly. “I’m willing to accept what is decided for me here.”

“Stand up, pull down your trousers and undershorts, take them off, as well as your socks and shoes and get across the trestle there,” Sgt. Denise ordered as she pointed to a fearsome looking wooden platform.

Jackson complied with what he was told to do and found himself holding the far end of the trestle and that by putting his feet in the holders for them, he had spread his legs well apart, exposing all of his private area to the punisher.

Sgt. Denise picked up her small martinet and began flaying his bottom with it. She gradually increased the strength and speed with which she delivered the strokes. Every so often one of the tails must have slipped between his open legs and nicked his scrotum, which caused him to scream. This occurred, of course, in the sound-proof punishment room they were in.

Finally, the sergeant stopped hitting his bottom. She then reached down and inserted something into his anus. It felt like a large pill but was a glycerin suppository. Then Sgt. Denise handed him a pair of pink panties and told him to put them on. “They will be your training panties,” she said plainly.

She then sat him down and started discussing how he had angered his wife.

“Your wife is making her way toward what will likely be a distinguished career,” Sgt. Denise said to him. “It will not help her if you mouth off to reporters about things she would much prefer not be mentioned,” she added.

Jackson was able to take his feet out of the holders, so he could put on and pull up the panties. Sgt. Denise told him to lie on the plinth on his back.

He hadn’t noticed that the panties had a mesh front. If he had he would have regarded it as the kind of feminine lacy adornment that was often added to make panties more attractive to their feminine wearers. Sgt. Denise now stood next to him on the plinth and began softly running her nail from his scrotal sac up his shaft through the mesh.

He was already hard, and her gentle stroking excited him even more. It wasn’t long before he spurted into the panties.

Jackson was ashamed that he had lost control, but Sgt. Denise did not seem disturbed. She had purposely “milked” him so that he would not show quite as much arousal for the next stage of her training.

For now, she left him in the wet panties and told him to stand. Then she bent over the edge of the plinth and had him get down on his knees right behind her and get his head under her uniform skirt.

She told him to get his nose right into her crack over her panties and after he had been in that posture for a few minutes, she reached down, lowered her panties, and told him to put his nose back in her crack.

Jackson now experienced being intimately close to her anus but was afraid to move his nose or anything else. Then Sgt. Denise told him to start licking her anal opening and when she felt it opening to his tongue’s ministrations, she said he should try to get his tongue inside her hole.

Her anal area had been scrupulously clean, he had found, but now that the tip of his tongue had managed to pass the anal ring into her passage, he tasted the muskiness of her back channel. The taste grew stronger and became bitter as he realized he was picking up traces of her excrement inside her anal ring.

Sgt. Denise enjoyed the oral attention to the erogenous area of her anus. She did not go in for anal intercourse with anyone, but she loved anal stimulation. So, she had had butt plugs in there and some of her female partners had aroused her by inserting tampon applicators in there and leaving them sticking out of her anus without pressing the tube to insert the tampon.

She knew that this activity would get her system moving so she was pleased that she felt a large fart coming on and expelled it right into Jackson’s mouth as he laved her anal opening and the passage inside.

Jackson was surprised by the strong blast of fetid gas from the sergeant’s asshole, but he did not stop licking. However, he was afraid of two unpleasant prospects he began to worry about: he hoped she would not defecate into his mouth and he was afraid that the suppository would soon cause him to lose bowel control into his panties.

These fears made him start thinking that he should have been far more careful in discussing anything about his wife’s situation with anyone, and especially with a reporter. He actually had a warm feeling toward Eleanor and felt really bad that he had caused her such anguish that she had felt moved to send him to this Training Center.

His mind wandered and for a moment, he totally neglected to maintain control of his anal sphincter as the pressure caused by the suppository mounted. Suddenly, he realized that he had stopped pressing his anal sphincter and it opened and he had that horrid feeling as the movement slid out of his anus and coiled into the crotch of his panties.

“Sergeant,” he said in a pleading voice, “I think I just had an accident in my panties.” He did not say more, such as blaming the diabolical suppository she had inserted.

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