A Visit to the Spa 02 – Nick Pt. 01

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Author’s note: While it’s set in the same spa as the other chapters of A Visit to the Spa, these stories are focused on Nick, a spa employee, rather than Sammy and Brandon!


“So, you’re one of our new massage therapists?” Ryan, the big blond member of the security team looked up from his clipboard.

Nick nodded. He was feeling a little nervous, which was ridiculous, because he had already gotten the job. He’d officially start tomorrow, and today would be about showing him around properly, telling him everything about the spa they hadn’t already covered during the job interviews. “Yep.”

“Hmm.” Ryan looked down at the clipboard again. “And you’ll be doing full body wraps too… the ones that come with our special brand of aromatherapy.” His blue eyes met Nick, and Nick felt his stomach squirm again.

Nick knew exactly what kind of spa it was. He’d heard the stories, the rumours flying around. It had been one of the reasons why he had applied for a job at this particular spa. He loved the thought of helping sugar daddies treat their boys, and making them look more appealing and behave as their sugar daddies wanted.

He also loved the thought of getting his hands on some big, beefy, muscular guys. Guys like Ryan, who towered over him, with a broad chest and thick biceps. The thought of more men like that walking around wearing nothing more than tiny towels or a bathrobe was doing nothing to ease Nick’s nerves.

“Yes, sir,” he replied, giving Ryan a polite smile.

Ryan laughed. “No need for that, Nick. You’ll find out that we’re pretty informal around here amongst ourselves.” He gave Nick a friendly clap on the shoulder. “Come on, I’ll show you around. I can’t promise that I can answer all your questions – the other massage therapists will probably know more about the details of the treatments than I do.”

Nick nodded, and followed Ryan down the hall. He saw a few more massage therapists walking around, and they nodded and smiled at him when they noticed he was also wearing the tight white t-shirt with the spa’s logo, and the white trousers that hugged his ass. It was the mandatory outfit for the massage therapists, who were all young, slender men, just like Nick.

Ryan, meanwhile, wore a dark suit, and the jacket fell down far enough to hide his ass from Nick’s eyes. What a shame.

Ryan pointed out each room, explaining which treatments were giving where. “Don’t worry about remembering everything,” he said, noticing Nick’s slightly panicked expression after the tenth room. “You’ll get a detailed schedule every morning, and there’s a map of the beauty centre in the staff lounge.”

Nick nodded. “I’ve never worked at a spa this big,” he admitted.

“I’m sure you’ll do fine. You definitely look like you’ll fit right in.”

Nick smiled, flushing slightly when Ryan looked him up and down. “Thanks.”

Ryan headed further down the hall. “Right, let’s show you around the various saunas, swimming pools and whirlpools, and then I’ll show you around the restaurant.”

Nick kept following dutifully, trying to remember the different kinds of saunas and where they were. A client might ask him about it after a massage, after all. He looked around as he followed Ryan to the restaurant. It was a quiet morning, but there were still about a dozen men milling about, some talking to each other, some taking it easy in a whirlpool. There were probably two dozen more in the various saunas.

“Do most clients come here alone, or with… friends?” Nick asked. He had noticed that most of the men there were tall, muscular and older, and that only a few had a possessive arm wrapped around a younger, more slender man.

Ryan glanced around as he opened the door to the restaurant. “It depends,” he replied. “We sometimes have special days for couples, but sometimes we organise days for our older clients, sometimes for our younger clients…” He shrugged. “Today is just a normal day, but a couple of these guys are regulars. They’re probably waiting for their partners to finish a treatment.”

“Of course,” Nick said. He should’ve realised that, considering that some of the rooms in the beauty centre had been closed.

“Now for the most important part, the buffet,” Ryan said, smiling as he gestured at the various buffet tables.

Nick laughed. Of course a big guy like Ryan thought the food was most important. “It looks delicious,” he said. There were plenty of healthy options, with a salad bar in the middle, but he could also smell bacon and heard the sizzling of meat on the grill. “Something for everyone.”

“Exactly.” Ryan put an arm around his shoulder, and steered him towards a corner of the lunch buffet area. It was a stand with five empty carafes. “This is what makes our buffet so special,” he said.

“Oh?” Nick asked, hoping Ryan would leave his arm around Nick’s shoulders for a little longer. “Why?”

“This is our special smoothie bar. It’s a shame they’re still making the smoothies right now, or I’d invite canlı bahis şirketleri you to try one.” Ryan grinned down at him.

“What do they do?” Nick asked, smiling back.

“We have five them, as you might have guessed,” Ryan said. “First one increases the effect of any treatment you’ve had that, at least, for the mental ones. So if you’ve given someone a mud wrap that removes their body hair, it won’t make them any smoother, but if you included the aromatherapy to make them obedient, it’ll make them even more obedient.”

Nick felt Ryan’s eyes on him, watching his reaction. If Nick started freaking out, or arguing that it was wrong to make smoothies like that, Ryan would be here to deal with him and throw him out.

“Useful,” Nick replied. “How long does that effect last?”

“About six hours, depending on how fast the client’s metabolism is,” Ryan replied, patting his shoulder. “The other four are a little simpler. There’s one that makes people more aggressive and dominant, there’s an energy drink, of course, there’s one that makes you incredibly horny, and there’s one that stops you from coming at all.”

Nick gasped at that. “Oh, that is cruel!” He bit his lip when he realized what he had said. Oh no, he hoped that hadn’t sounded too disapproving. “But that one also lasts for six hours, right?”

“Usually, yes.” Ryan smiled, but there was an evil twist to it. “But it isn’t always cruel. It’s very convenient for some of our clients who have, shall we say, trouble with a second round.”

Nick nodded. He hadn’t thought of that, but of course it was also very useful for people who just wanted to be able to stay hard for a long time without having to worry over getting it up again. “And when it is cruel?”

Ryan shrugged. “Usually, the boys who drink it, deserve it. They know they’re being punished.”

Nick wondered what it was like, to be hard and yet unable to come, even if you were jerking off the way you liked it.

“You know,” Ryan said, leaning closer, his fingers rubbing up and down Nick’s shoulder, “as a new employee, I really think you should be familiar with our treatments. Maybe experience a few. If you’d like.”

Nick felt his cheeks redden. Has his fascination with the smoothies been so easy to spot? He glanced up at Ryan. What kind of treatments did the older man have in mind? Would he want Nick to be more obedient? Or more aggressive? “What kind?” he asked.

Ryan looked him up and down. “Why don’t we go somewhere more private before I decide?”

Nick nodded. He felt his dick jerk eagerly in his trousers. “Sure,” he replied.


Ryan led him back to the beauty centre, and one of the empty rooms for massages. “Strip,” he said, sitting down on one of the massage tables. “Let me see what I’m working with.”

Nick pulled his shirt over his head. He regularly got his chest waxed, since he liked feeling and looking smooth. His fingers trembled as he removed his shoes and socks, then he unbuttoned his trousers. He hoped Ryan didn’t notice that his fingers were trembling. He pulled his G-string down along with his trousers, standing in front of Ryan fully naked.

Ryan got up, standing about a foot away him. “I can see why you were hired,” he murmured, looking Nick up and down slowly. He put his hands on Nick’s shoulders, then ran down his chest. “You clearly work out. Let me guess, treadmill rather than strength exercises?”

“Yeah,” Nick replied, unable to stop himself from leaning into Ryan’s touches. “Or the elliptical, you know, stuff like that.”

“And you wax, but not your legs?”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“Well, you can try a mud wrap that removes body hair some other time,” Ryan told him, stepping back and moving over to the counter. “I don’t actually know how to exactly apply that stuff.” He held a small bottle. “But I know about our oils and body lotions.” His smile widened. “And our aromatherapy.”

Nick’s stomach squirmed. “What, er, do the oils do exactly?” he asked.

“They make your skin feel smoother,” Ryan replied. “Fairly standard moisturising stuff, really.”

“Oh.” He couldn’t help the slight note of disappointment.

Ryan laughed. “Trust me, after having your hair removed with that mud wrap, a regular body lotion can be really nice.” He patted the massage table. “Why don’t you lie down. I’m not a massage therapist, but I should be able to use it on you. And what about the aromatherapy?”

Nick lay down on the table, lying down on his front. He knew he’d get hard just from having Ryan’s hands on him. He also appreciated that Ryan gave him the option. “Sure,” he said, aiming for casual. “Let’s see what it’s like.”

Ryan smiled down at him, taking some incense sticks from the cupboards. “Seems like you’re kind of obedient already, Nick.”

“I guess,” he mumbled.

“Which is good at this spa. It means you’ll listen to clients and do your best to satisfy their requests,” Ryan told him. He lit the incense sticks.

Nick took a deep canlı kaçak iddaa breath. It was a light scent, something musky. “That’s what I’m here for,” he said.

“Exactly.” Ryan continued lighting incense sticks, adding a few candles too. Then, he moved back to the counter to grab the oils. “You’re here to please our clients, aren’t you? You’re here to make them happy.”

“Yeah,” Nick agreed. He tried to relax when he felt Ryan’s hands on his back, spreading the oils. It was weird, lying here like this, receiving a massage. He tried to turn off the part of his brain that was criticising Ryan’s technique.

“You like making people happy.”

It was a statement, not a question. “Is that, uhm, part of the aromatherapy?” Nick asked. “Having to prime clients for obedience?”

“No,” Ryan replied, his fingers digging into Nick’s upper back. “But in your case, I’m not wrong, am I? Isn’t that kinda why you trained to be a massage therapist? Seeing to other people’s needs?”

“Yeah, and making them feeling better,” Nick agreed. Ryan’s words sent a shiver down his spine. Ryan sounded so sure of himself, and Nick kept thinking about how he could see to Ryan’s needs, how he could make him happy. Was that the aromatherapy, or just Nick’s own desires?

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be doing lots of that.” Ryan’s hands slipped down Nick’s back, and stroked and squeezed his ass.

Nick whimpered slightly, squirming under those stronger fingers. He bit back a moan when Ryan spread his cheeks. Oh God, Ryan could probably see his asshole.

“Hmm, I can think of a few clients who will take a shine to you,” Ryan said. “With a cute ass like yours.” He gave Nick’s ass a friendly pat, then let more oil drip onto his fingers. He went back to stroking Nick’s ass, then moved down to the back of his thighs.

Nick bit his lip when Ryan forced his thighs further apart.

“Oh, you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Ryan asked, his fingers sliding up Nick’s inner thighs, stopping just below his balls. “Good boy. Take a few deep breaths, Nick, and relax. It’ll all go easier once you relax.”

Nick did just that, breathing in deep and slowly breathing out. He was starting to feel a little lightheaded, although that might just be because of Ryan’s hands on his thighs. He was aching with the need to have Ryan touch his cock. And the need to touch Ryan’s cock, if the other man would let him.

He really hoped Ryan would let him, that this wasn’t just some prank he always pulled on new employees.

Ryan moved down to his calves, then his ankles. “Turn over, Nick.”

He was already moving before he realized how embarrassing that would be. There would be no hiding his erection. Nick lay on his back, and flushed when Ryan looked at his hard cock. “I was just -“

“Enjoying yourself,” Ryan replied, moving to get more oil. He let it drip onto Nick’s lower legs, and he continued spreading it with his hands. “Just as I hoped. Now, I’ve been thinking, Nick, and I’m pretty sure that the smoothies will be ready now. I wonder, which one should I let you try first? I don’t think you’ll need an energy drink.”

Nick whimpered as Ryan moved up his body, stroking his thighs, then moving further up. He groaned as Ryan’s hands avoided his cock entirely, caressing his hipbones instead.

Ryan was rubbing more oil across Nick’s stomach. “And you’ve been very well-behaved, so you won’t need the smoothie that stops you from coming. Maybe some other time. I think it’d be fun to watch you squirm as you are close.”

“Sure,” Nick managed. “Please, can you touch my cock?” He looked at Ryan desperately.

“Not yet,” Ryan told him, and leisurely rubbed the oil across Nick’s chest. “Now, you’re definitely not getting the smoothie that makes you more aggressive, which leaves me with hornier, or more obedient.” He looked at Nick’s cock. “I think you’re horny enough already.”

“Uh huh.”

“Then again, you’re pretty obedient too…” Ryan mused. “Still, it’ll be fun to see how obedient you can get. How eager to please and obey.”

He groaned at that. He already wanted to please Ryan, so what harm could it do? “Sure, I’ll drink that one,” he said. He already wanted to touch Ryan, to sink to his knees and suck the man’s cock, and he also wanted Ryan to fuck him hard. A man as big as Ryan had to have a dick to match, right? Nick hoped he’d get to find out.

“Good boy,” Ryan told him, patting his cheek and smiling down at him. “I’m sure our clients will agree.”

“What?” Nick asked, blinking. What did the clients have to do with it?

Ryan’s smile widened as he stroked Nick’s cheek. “What, you didn’t think that smoothie would have you only obeying me for the next six hours, did you?” He stepped back and grabbed a white bathrobe from one of the hooks by the door, and held it out to Nick. “Here, you can wear this.”

Nick sat up and got off the massage bed, and allowed Ryan to put the bathrobe on him. It was short, coming down just past his ass, and Nick tied the canlı kaçak bahis cord around his waist.

“Follow me,” Ryan said, and Nick did, trying to arrange the bathrobe so his erection wouldn’t be too obvious. “It’s time for lunch anyway.”

They went back to the restaurant, and Nick’s erection subsided at the sight of other clients, and his own embarrassment at them possibly spotting his arousal. He wasn’t into exhibitionism or showing off like that. Even the short bathrobe already left him feeling exposed.

They helped themselves to some sandwiches, and Ryan got him a purple smoothie. A staff employee was standing behind the cart, a young man a little taller than Nick. “He’s new,” Ryan said, nodding at Nick, “so I figure some first-hand experience is good.”

“Excellent choice,” the staff employee said, giving Nick a little smirk. “Enjoy.”

Nick felt his cheeks turn red. Oh God, that was a new colleague of his, and he was probably already thinking about what Nick and Ryan would be getting up to. Or Nick and other people.

Ryan found them a table, and put the smoothie down in front of Nick. “You look nervous,” Ryan commented.

“Yeah, uhm, I just – I mean, that guy’s one of my colleagues, isn’t he? I don’t want to make a weird first impression,” Nick said, picking at his sandwich.

Ryan just laughed. “Oh please, Simon’s got his own first-hand experience with that smoothie bar! You can ask him about it later.” He smiled at Nick. “Much later. Now, drink up, boy.”

Nick picked up the smoothie glass, and hesitated before bringing it to his lips. Was he obeying Ryan because he wanted to, or because of the aromatherapy? Did it matter? He took a big gulp. “Mmm, this is really nice!” he said, sounding surprised. It was sweet, but not overly so, and tasted like blueberries.

“Of course,” Ryan replied. “Only the best for our clients.”

Nick drank another big gulp, then finished his sandwiches before drinking the rest of the smoothie. It had been a good meal, and he sat back, feeling sated. “How long before the smoothie starts working?” he asked.

“Oh, not too long,” Ryan replied. “You’ll know.”

Nick sat quietly as Ryan finished his meal. He felt sated and happy, and slightly lightheaded. Was that the smoothie? Or just happiness at being able to work in such a nice spa? What would Ryan have him do next? His cock jerked against the fabric of his bathrobe, and Nick hoped it would involve sex. He wanted Ryan’s big hands on him again. “What about drinking two smoothies?” he asked. “Or two different ones?”

“What, like an energy smoothie and one that makes you more aggressive and dominant? It’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend drinking two of the same. Two of the energy smoothies can make you really hyperactive, and the one that makes people aggressive turns some people into real assholes,” Ryan explained. “That’s why there’s always a staff member at the smoothie bar, making sure people don’t take too many. Some clients can handle two of the same, some can’t.”

“Sounds sensible,” Nick agreed, smiling at Ryan.

Ryan finished eating. “Okay, let’s go back to the central room with the saunas. There’s a special VIP area that I haven’t shown you yet.” He smiled at Nick. “You really should learn about what goes on in there.” He got up, and Nick immediately got up with him. “Follow me.”

Nick felt a buzz of happiness as he followed Ryan. Ryan was so nice, showing him around and explaining things.

The VIP area was in a corner of the spa, just past a row of three whirlpools. The door was tucked away in an alcove, and Nick would’ve easily missed it if Ryan hadn’t shown him.

“It’s hidden?” he asked.

“A little bit, yes,” Ryan replied. He held his personnel badge to a security panel next to the door, and it bleeped once. He opened the door, and ushered Nick in. “We don’t want to make our regular clients feel like they aren’t special, and our VIP clients like the exclusivity.”

Inside, there were several comfortable looking couches and chairs, and a coffee table with clean wine glasses and an unopened bottle of red wine. Nick looked around, and was surprised at the size of the room. He saw two glass doors with saunas behind them, a shower cabin and a whirlpool in a corner, and two massage tables with cupboards lined against the wall. “This is pretty cool,” he said.

“Yes, it gets used by regular clients who want some peace and quiet on busy days, or men wanting to spoil their boys,” Ryan explained. “But right now, it’s pretty boring since we’re the only ones here. Stay here, I’ll look around if I can see some clients who have the VIP package.”

Nick had been about to say that he didn’t think it was boring here at all, not with Ryan here as well, but he remained quiet. Ryan hadn’t asked him for his opinion, after all. He sat down on the couch, relaxing in the soft cushions. This really was very nice.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been waiting when Ryan returned with two men. Like Ryan, they were broad and muscular, and older than Nick. Nick immediately stood up. He wanted to make a good impression on them. “Hello,” he said.

One of the men stroked his beard, and grinned. “You were right, Ryan. He is a pretty one. And obedient, you said?”

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