A Walk In The Country

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I was out enjoying a walk in the peaceful countryside when a blue car pulled up alongside and a guys voice from inside called for my attention.

“Can I help you?” I asked as I leaned down to the open window.

“We are new to these parts and I think we are lost.” He smiled. “Jean give the boy the map.” He ordered his rather buxom wife.

He said they had been invited to a birthday party at a local hotel and asked if I could give him directions to it. I knew where the place was and I took the offered map from him and spread it out on the roof of the car. Getting out of the drivers side he walked round to join me. They had the archetypical grandparent kind of look about them, with silver hair and kind demeanour so I was more than happy to help out. As I began tracing my finger across the map to show him the way that he should drive I felt something brush against the front of my jeans. When I looked down I saw his wife smiling back up at me, I brushed it off as just a figment of my imagination and went back to the map.

I felt it again but this time the rubbing was more insistent. I was surprised and went to step away but I was prevented from doing by his wife’s firm grip on my belt. Before I knew what was happening I felt my zipper been tugged down.

Looking towards the old guy I saw he had a big smile on his face. But before I had chance to say anything my stiffening cock had been pulled out into the open air. I looked down at the top of the old woman’s grey haired head and saw her licking her lips as she stared avidly at my twitching knob as it rose to full erection. I had never thought sexually about old people before and I don’t know whether it casino oyna was because it was so unexpected and right out in the open air for anyone to see if they drove past, or because I hadn’t emptied my balls for about a week, but either way I began to feel very aroused. Her soft hand caressed gently up and down my stiff pole encouraging it to become harder than I had ever known it to be before.

“Move a little closer to the window if you want lad.” The guy said as though it was all very natural and continued looking at the map.

I thought about it for a couple of seconds then did as he suggested. I had no sooner moved before I felt a hot wet tongue lap up my shaft and across my bell end before a hot sucking mouth engulfed it. “Oh fuck…” I gasped and grabbed at the roof of the car for support.

“Good isn’t she.” The old guy stated with a laugh. It was then I noticed he had his huge hard cock in his hand. “Sorry lad but it always turns me on to see her sucking a cock. Especially when it belongs to someone who is young enough to be our grandson.”

His wife clamped her lips tightly around my bulbous end as she struggled to undo my belt, not one to turn down an opportunity I helped her with the task and soon my jeans were around my knees.

I glanced down once more to the old mans crotch and was amazed. For some reason I thought that old guys had small withered pricks but not this guy. I would say his club was at least 11 inches long and also very thick with a plumb sized bulging tip. He squeezed his fingers up and down the shaft a few times and a pearl of fluid rose out of the slit in the top of it. I couldn’t help but stare as he smeared it around canlı casino the shiny purple bulb.

Suddenly his wife dipped her head and deep throated me at least ten times in quick succession. My knees buckled with the incredibly intense pleasure and I felt like I was going to collapse. The old guy let go of his fat tool and quickly got behind me. Placing his arms around my chest to steady me he wiggled his hips so that his turgid member slipped between my legs so that my balls nestled on his shaft. “Can’t have you falling over lad and hurting yourself.” He giggled.

Little murmurs of pleasure escaped from his wife’s lips as she continued to suck feverously up and down my throbbing prick. The guy began to slowly rock his hips back and forth as though he was fucking me. Normally I would have run a mile if someone even suggested something like this to me but this was something completely different altogether. Instead of my urge to flee I found it added to my pleasure and excitement. He ran his hands all over my chest and nuzzled my neck then his fingertips found my nipples. He squeezed and gently tweaked them, which sent little jolts of electricity shooting down to my groin.

“Oh… oh… oh fuck I’m going to cum.” I gasped.

“You’re not the only one lad I’m nearly there myself. Go on fill her belly with your young seed son.” He panted as his strokes between my thighs speeded up.

With his wife slurping on my tool and with the friction of the old guys prick rubbing my aching balls I couldn’t hold out any longer and with a loud moan my cock end erupted with a torrent of thick hot creamy spunk into her greedy sucking mouth. His wife gagged at first with kaçak casino the first strong burst but began to gulp noisily as she drank my offering down. The old boy was also grunting loudly now and I looked down just in time to see his spurting seed spray all over his wife’s throat and chest.

We stood there panting and gasping for air and after a minute or two she released my softening prick from her lips and sat back in the seat with a contented smile on her lips. Her husband, gathering composure, pulled his own deflated cock from between my legs and tucked it back into his pants. Stumbling to one side I rested on the wing of the car and watched as he bent down and tongue kissed his wife.

“You were right Jean he does taste strong and fresh.” He grinned as he looked up at me. He opened his mouth to show me that his tongue was coated in my spunk before he closed it and swallowed.

“Am I ever wrong.” She giggled as she scooped up her own husband’s sperm from her chest and licked her fingers clean. When she was done she smoothed the final stray drops into her ample cleavage

The old boy collected his map and walked around to the other side of the car, “Can we give our new favourite grandson a lift somewhere?” he asked with a beaming smile spread across his face.

I could hardly believe what had just happened. As I looked down to the front of my jeans I realised my now flaccid dick was still hanging from my jeans to prove that it had indeed happened. “Yes… yes please… just to the next town would be fine.” I stammered as I tucked myself away.

“Oh that’s good we wont have to go to far because that’s where we live too.” He laughed.

We chatted and joked with each other until the car reached my destination. “Lets hope we cum across each other again.” His wife said as the car pulled away.

“So do I… so do I.” I smiled to myself as I waved them off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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