A Walk in the Park…

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Mary would never describe herself as an exhibitionist. She wouldn’t but other might. She would describe herself as a free spirit who liked to explore her wilder side. Part of this exploration had led her on a short walk to a small park some weeks ago. It was about a mile from where she lived and was surrounded by hedges all the way round. There were a couple of gates into it but it never seemed to be used very often, the odd dog walker or runner and that was it. Mary had gone to the park at various times and found that in the middle of the day it was almost always deserted.

Mary had then taken to wearing a long grey coat with initially just a skirt and boots. She would walk to the park and see who was there, if the park was empty she would take her coat off and walk part of the way round with her naked top showing. Then if it remained empty she would unzip her skirt and take it off, walking round naked except for her boots.

For anyone that saw her Mary was 25, slim, attractive with dark brown shoulder length hair. She had small boobs and even she acknowledged that, they were 32a in size and often she wouldn’t wear a bra for work because really, she didn’t need to. Her pussy was shaven. Originally she had been against shaving her pussy but an ex-boyfriend had talked her into trying it and she had to admit she liked it and had never looked back.

Mary’s walks to the park progressed to her sitting on one of the six benches dotted round the perimeter. Naked of course as that’s what she liked to do. She had however, wanted to try something a bit more daring. Sitting over a steaming cup of coffee one morning she decided that she wanted canlı bahis to go and see if she could have a play in the park. Now this was pushing herself. She had never masturbated in public before but the more she thought about the idea, the more it both intrigued her and turned her on. Then a banana caught her eye, now she had used these before as toys to pleasure herself with, it was nothing new. But now, she looked at the ones she had and decided that the straightest, thickest one she had would be the one she took with her. It was duly picked from the bunch and Mary looked at it, it was pretty straight for a banana and was thick and firm. She left it on the work top and went and changed. Instead of her skirt, Mary decided that as her coat was knee length it was just about long enough to get away with having nothing on underneath. She pulled on her black boots and zipped them up. She then went back into her kitchen and picked up the banana, slipped it into her coat pocket and walked down her house steps to the street.

The sun was out and despite it being spring it was very mild, the sky was blue and there didn’t seem to be many people about. Following the path she walked to the park, pushing open the metal gate which creaked as she pushed it. Walking into the park Mary saw a dog walker in the top corner of the park. She was annoyed as she had worked herself up to this moment and it may now be ruined. She needn’t have worried as the dog walker exited by another gate, not even looking back.

Walking on the path round the park Mary looked again and again, keeping her eyes open for anyone else. There was no one. about and she walked over bahis siteleri to a bench. As she neared the bench she undid her coat and opened it, feeling the warm sun on her naked skin.

Looking around again she checked and no one was about. She took her coat off and sat there, looking around, feeling her nipples swell as she felt in control, almost in command. It was a strange feeling but one that seemed to turn her on even more.

The park was quiet, only the sound of cars driving by on a nearby road broke the silence.

Mary stood up and started to walk from the bench onto the grass. She trailed her coat behind her and felt the sun all over her. She lay down on the grass and stopped to check that no one was about. The she reached into the pocket of her coat. There it was the banana that she’d picked and out it came. Mary licked its skin feeling it against her tongue. She then looked at it as it now glistened in the morning sun as it was coated with her spit.

Laying back on the grass she could feel its coolness against her back. Her freshly shaven pussy was now on show for anyone who cared to look but there was no one about.

Mary pulled her knees up so that she could feel the morning air on her waiting pussy lips. Taking the banana in her left hand she moved it down towards her pussy and started to push it in. Glently she started to push it in and out of her pussy, she gasped at how good it felt. This she thought was just the way to start the day. She then slowly took it out of her pussy and rubbed its length against her pussy lips and her throbbing clit. Fuck she thought, why can’t this be a real cock.

Pushing bahis şirketleri the banana back inside herself she started to really pump away at her pussy, she was getting wetter. Then she pushed it as far as she could inside her hole, feeling it fill her. Then she took it out and used the end to rub on her swollen clit and then she slapped her lips with the thick banana.

Oh yes she thought this was how you should use fruit. Then it was back to gently sliding it in and out of her now wet hole. Slowly backwards and forwards teasing herself, with no care if anyone could or had seen her. This was her moment to fuck herself outdoors. The more she fucked herself with it the hornier she became. She thought of a group of good looking guys standing over her and wanking themselves until they came all over her skin, covering her in cum. She could imagine the hot cum landing on her skin, oh how that would be something special.

She moved back to thrusting the banana in and out of her pussy, her lips now swollen and tingling. Then she took the banana out and using her left hand she rubbed her pussy and clit hard, feeling the desire to squirt. Soon she was squirt as she lay there, her fingers covered in her juices and she rubbed them on the lower part of her stomach. Oh for a man to place his head between her legs and to taste her, to cover his face in her wetness.

Having squirted she went back to using the banana for a short while and then, content she just lay there feeling the sun and wind on her skin.

In the distance she heard a gate creak and she sat up, she could see a lady with her dog so Mary quickly put her coat on. Standing up she started to walk towards the lady, slowing peeling the banana. Taking the skin off she started to eat it, smiling as she passed the lady and walking out of the park. Now thats how you get one of your five a day she thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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