A Wife’s Fantasy

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Igniting passion in her husband for the first time

This is my very first attempt at writing, I hope you enjoy it!


It started the way it always does.

My hand moves to your thigh and I gently kiss your neck. You’re distracted by your phone as the hand on your thigh travels towards it’s intended destination. All too soon, you stop my wayward hand and pull away from my gentle kisses, barely glancing away from your phone as you say “No, I don’t feel like it.”

I try to cover the hurt on my face, but it’s been more “no” than “yes” lately as I’ve been feeling particularly insatiable. I don’t mean to say anything, but before I can think I hear the words coming from my mouth. “Why don’t you want me?”

You sigh, it’s the same conversation we’ve had over and over again. The ‘I do want you, I just have a low libido” conversation. The ‘I promise I’ll try harder, but you’ve gotta give me time’ conversation where you try, but it’s not enough for me. Before we push full steam ahead into that mood killer, I continue. “Why don’t you want me the way I want you? Because I want you all the time. I imagine you fucking me everywhere, doing whatever you want to me, pushing my boundaries, just full of passion. When was the last time you lost control with me? Never? Have you every wanted me so badly, you can’t stand it? Because that’s how I feel constantly. And I’m constantly left wanting more because you’re not giving me everything I know that I can take. Are you passionate at all about sex? Do you feel these things?”

As I rambled, I see your eyes grow larger. I’m expecting more useless talking when I’ve finished my say-which is why I’m in complete shock when you lunge yourself at me, breaking into a full kiss, your hands tangled in my hair, lightly pulling.

My heart rate accelerates as I’m matching your fevered kissing, knowing to take full advantage before you pull away and the moment is over. I’m again surprised as one hand trails down, exploring my curves and the other tightens the grip in my hair. You pull my head back and begin assaulting my neck with kisses, I feel your breath as labored as mine.

“Not passionate?” You breathe in between kisses. “Fuck that. I’m going to show you how passionate I can get.”

“Fuck,” I whisper, beyond turned on.

I feel my underwear dampen at your words. 10 years together and I’d never felt you so rough or vulgar and I love every second.

You lead me toward our bed as you continue your rough kisses. I feel my breath leave me as you toss me on the bad, face up. We stare at each other for a moment, breathing heavy.

“What do you want?” You ask, not taking your eyes from mine.

“You. Giving me as much as I can take, maybe more. There are no rules, no anything. If you have wanted to try it, I want you to do it.”

You exhale as if you had been holding your breath and close your eyes, finally breaking eye contact. casino siteleri I can tell you’re formulating a plan in your head. I would normally laugh, knowing you always have to have everything perfectly planned, but my body is so hot with want. You open your eyes and the look of lust on your face matches what I feel for the first time, maybe, ever.

“If I do something you don’t like, tell me right away sweetheart.” You finally say.

I bite my lip and nod my head, my body tight and begging for your touch. Amazement flashes through my mind as I realize how turned on we both are and yet, we still have all of our clothes on.

You reach toward me on the bed sitting me up as you slowly yank my shirt off. You smile appreciatively as you see I’m wearing your favorite lace bra, nipples tight and waiting for you. You gently push me backwards without touching my skin so I’m flat on my back. You tug at my button and zipper and I lift my hips up to help my jeans come down easier. My body is tight with need. You haven’t touched my skin since we kissed and I need to feel you.

I start to sit up so I can take my bra off and your glare and curt head shake tell me that’s not your intended direction.

“Not yet,” you say. “You’ve been such a bad girl baby. You don’t deserve to be totally naked or feel my touch just yet.” I feel myself whimper. Fuck, have I every been this turned on?

“You’ve been so impatient waiting for my cock that it’s turned you into this hot little slut, so eager and willing to do anything for me,” you continue and I moan at your crude words, soaking them up needing to hear more.

“Is that true? Have you been such a bad girl and now you need me to fuck you like the slut you are?”

I feel like I might come just from your words. Your eyes pouring into me are pure sex.

“Answer me.”

“Yes,” I whisper. “God, yes”.

“Fuck, you’re so hot right now baby. I know something to make you ever hotter. Don’t even think about moving.”

I blink at you as you walk into our closet. Hot and bothered. You’re walking away and you haven’t even touched me. I want to touch myself out of need and spite, but something tells me waiting will be even better.

You come back out of our closet with a black tie. As I raise an eyebrow at you, you give a mischievous grin that I haven’t seen on your face before. I should be mad, but it’s so hot knowing you’re full of surprises after 10 years.

“Put your hands together above your head, baby.”

I do as you ask and feel you wrap the tie methodically around my wrists, silently thanking the Eagle Scouts for your knot tying abilities. We’d never done this before, but I had thought about it many times. The silk tie threaded around my wrists feels even better than I thought it would.

“Keep still, love. Don’t move your arms or I’ll have to start over.”

My head swims. I’m imagining this, canlı casino right? But I feel your warm breath on my neck as you start slowly kissing my neck and I forget everything else. My chest rises to meet your hungry lips as you make your way down my body. You reach behind my back and unclasp my bra. I’m finally totally naked and I feel liberated.

You massage my waiting breasts once you’ve discarded my bra. Slowly you lower yourself to my perky nipple, lightly flicking your tongue across it as your hand roughly massages my other breast. My hips rise to meet your still fully clothed body.

“Keep still or I’ll have to start all over,” you warn me. I moan in protest and just hear you breathe the words “fuck, I love your tits.”

Your mouth greedily begins to take more of my breast and it takes all of my self control not to move into you. I can already tell that my chest is going to be covered in hickies and I don’t care. I had never enjoyed them before, but this was all new.

You give up on my breast and continue working your way down my body. You reach my hips and I am physically shaking from trying not to buck my hips to you.

Your mouth reaches my hip bone and you can feel my tremble. “Good girl,” you murmur.


I never knew I needed your dirty talk, you calling me a slut or a bad/good girl, but I do. Everything you’re doing to me right now is so hot and I’m ready to explode.

You make your way from one hip bone to the other with light kisses, driving me absolutely insane.

“Have you been good enough for this sweet girl?” You say, looking up at me as your kisses continue.

“Good enough for what?” My voice shakes.

“For me to put one finger in your tight pussy. Then as you beg for it, another. Just when you don’t think you can take more, I’ll finally taste you. You’ve been such a naughty girl though, baby. I don’t know if you deserve this. I should just let you suffer a little longer, shouldn’t I?”

“No!” I gasp. “I need you so much. Please, I want to feel you. I’ll be so good.”

I faintly hear “I bet you will be” right before you thrust your finger deep into my waiting pussy. I can’t remember the last time it felt this good to be fingered.

“God damn, you are so wet. Wet just for me you little slut.”

Suddenly, I feel your mouth around my clit and I’ve never moaned so loud. You never do this. You never lick my waiting pussy and when you do, it never feels this good. My mind is overloaded with emotion and my orgasm is so close. Vaguely, I’m aware that a second finger has found it’s way into my opening and it’s my undoing.

My release is long and hard. I’ve never come this hard before. I hear you moan “fuck yes” into my pussy as you continue licking and fingering. The waves of pleasure keep coming and I feel tears on my cheeks, unable to keep my emotions together because you’ve completely undone me.

You kaçak casino ease your fingers out of me and stand up. Your shirt quickly comes off and so do your pants. Your cock is so hard for me. I see some moisture at your tip and I want to lick it. The thought surprises me as I’ve never liked the taste before.

You reach over me and untie my hands.

“You did so well being tied up, baby. Are you ready for more.”

“Yesss,” I sigh softly in post orgasmic bliss.

You grab my hand and pull me up off of the bed. I have no idea where we’re going or what we’re doing if we’re not in the bed.

Once I’m up, you roughly shove me up against the wall. It should hurt, but I’m so shocked and turned on that I maybe even like it.

Your body closes over mine in an instant and your mouth takes mine. Tasting myself on you makes me even wetter. Your hands roughly massage my boobs and I feel your knee push apart my legs and your hard cock is at my entrance. I’m so ready to take you.

Suddenly, I’m lifted up slightly against the wall and I realize your hands have made their way to my ass, holding me up with your penis at my warm entrance.

“You want this? You want me to be passionate and fuck you and lose control?” You growl into my ear.

“Yes. Yes. It’s what I’ve always wanted. Please. Please I want everything. I need you so badly.”

I hear you moan loudly as your cock sinks deep into me. You never moan during sex. Hearing it now turns me on even more, which I didn’t think was possible.

You start to move, fucking me up against the wall. I’m so turned on and wanting that the cold uncomfortable wall doesn’t even bother me. You’ve never fucked me this hard before. With each thrust, you grind into my clit and I am so close to coming again.

Sweat starts to sheen on your brow as you bite and lick my neck in between a constant stream of dirty talk driving me wild.

I’m close when you say the magic words.

“I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum. Every inch of you will be filled until it drips out of your greedy little pussy. Once you’re filled, I’m going to come all over your chest because you just can’t get enough. Come for me, baby.”

At your words, my world crumbles. I have no sense of anything but the pure ecstasy radiating throughout my body. As my body clenches, I hear “fuck yes, baby, you come so good on my cock.” And then you start dumping your load into my clenching pussy.

You’ve never done that before and it only makes me come harder and fuck, you’re still thrusting and coming.

When we finally come down, you stumble us both over to the bed where we collapse. My brain is in a total haze, but I have just enough of my wits about me to say, “where the fuck has that been hiding. You’ve been holding out on me for a decade!”

A sleepy grin slides onto your face. “I wanted you to earn it, to need it baby, and boy did you ever. Come here.”

You take my head in your heads and gently kiss me on the lips, nothing like before. For the first time ever, I’m absolutely satisfied. I can feel the smile on my lips even as I drift into sleep still in your loving arms.

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