Adventure With Arti Bhabi Continues

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The next day as agreed I reached Arti Bhabi’s house & rang the door bell. Bhabi opened the door & put her arms around me and gave me a hug, as she hugged me I could feel her breasts pressing against me & could smell the perfume on her neck which instantly turned me on. She let go of me after a brief hug and we walked in the house as I closed the door.

Bhabi toady was dressed in fancy salwar-suit and nice make-up. With No chunni her Boobs were protruding out & once she turned & walked her ass swayed, The warmath of her hug & her looks made my cock stood up making tent in my shorts. Once in drawing room Bhabi said “Kyon, Naveen, Kya soch rahe ho jiski vajeh se yeh ho raha hai (What are you thinking about to have this happen to you)?” pointing towards my bulge. “Bhabi seeing you it is happening like this, I now can not live without you I said.

Bhabi smiled & pulling me & pressed her lips tightly against mine. We kissed passionately, Bhabi’s arms circling me and drawing me against the softness of her boobs. My chest was pressed against her full, yielding breasts, and the luscious globes flattened as she held my body tightly against hers.

Pulling away Bhabi said “Main tumhare hi bare mein sauch rahi thi, (I was just thinking about you)”, “Kuch piyoge (would you like something to drink)

I said Doodh (Milk) from source. Saying this I took charge & pulled Bhabi close to me. My hands massaged her back and I leaned Bhabi back over the dining table and my tongue licked her neck down to her cleavage. My hands undid the hooks of her kurta & she helped me to take it off. As she was taking her Kurta off I pulled the nada (string) and pushed her salwar & panties down in one action. Bhabi drew up her legs one by one, enabling me to pull the Salwar & panties off her one leg and then the other. I stood up & unhooked her bra, pulling it to release her large boobs.

Bhabi must have noticed the hunger in my eyes as I gazed on her nipples. They were only a couple of feet from my mouth now. I was about to punce on her, she ducked & entered her bedroom naked. I moved behind her to find her spread on bed. Seeing me she took her hands to her breasts and squeezed them, “Naveen would you like to drink milk now”? I wasted no time in answering and moved toward her nipples quickly & began licking, kissing and sucking on them.

Continuing my sucking I raised my head & said “Bhabi, you are beautiful.” I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

Bhabi pulled me up and her tongue leaped into my mouth, twisting and turning. My jaws opened wide, allowing her to explore.

When we parted, Bhabi said “this is pre board exam (practice) for you”. “I want you to enjoy it so that you like having sex and treat women with respect”. Kissing while taking pause she continued “women need love, be gentle and respond to the woman, sex is a joint venture and not just like masturbation which you have been used to till date”. “A man who can generate erotic surges within a woman casino oyna is a real man, always remember this”. Saying these beautiful words,(which till date are embedded in my mind) she gave me a long kiss using your tongue”.

I rose back on my elbows & my lips moved to her neck as my tongue worked its way up to play over the delicate lobe of ear lobe.

Bhabi’s words were echoing in my mind so I didn’t rush. My lips and tongue slowly touched every inch of her neck and shoulders. Then I worked my way down, my mouth moved slowly as though each spot of her body was to be fully tasted and explored before moving on to the next.

Bhabi closed her eyes & moaned while I kissed into the valley between her breasts.

Bhabi opened her eyes & held me tightly there as tip of my tongue tickled her boobs inch by inch.

Bhabi was now moaning loudly & I knew she was enjoying it.

“You are too gooddddddd & a fast learner,” Bhabi whispered, her back arching up, trying to stuff her boobs into my face.

My hands joined my mouth. I sucked and squeezed, licked and rolled, nibbled and tugged & her moans were getting louder now.

“Lick them and suck them,” she commanded. “Bite my nipples gently and run your teeth over them. I did as asked

She moaned Aaah! That’s so good.

“Try to do it just like this,” she breathed, Ï like this way.”

I continued pleasuring her boobs & after some time she pulled me beside her & said “Come on, lie here, and took me in her arm and started to kiss me and with one hand she started to unbutton my shorts & pushed them down with her feet. I was only in my underwear and my shirt, she than pulled my shirt and started to kiss my chest and with other hand, started to rub my cock inside my underwear.

I was mad & my mouth moved down to her nipples which were already hard and began biting and sucking them. She began moaning and yelling and rubbing my cock harder and harder.

Releasing her boobs from my hand & pushing me up, Bhabi slipped down so that my fully erect cock stood up in her face. She ran her hands up the sides of my legs. She tilted her head and took one of my balls into her mouth. She rolled it around before releasing it from her mouth. Then she flicked her tongue between my balls. She licked up my shaft, tickled under the head, and went back down to the bottom. Then she grasped my cock at the base and pulled it down to her lips. It was incredible watching her mouth close and engulf my dick. Her head started bobbing back and forth. I was so aroused by all the foreplay that I came almost immediately. She held her mouth over my throbbing cock drinking in every spurt of my cum.

Once finished she went to bathroom. I followed her & we washed & dried each other off. I went into the bedroom & bhabi went to kitchen. She made tea and sandwitch & we ate them quietly.

After removing the plates Bhabi came back & we lay together on bed, I turned and kissed her lips softly canlı casino first and then French kissed her. Our tongues met in the middle and the kiss lasted for 5 minutes. All the time my hands worked on her boobs. The nipples were hard again, She pulled my hand down to her thighs & I started to massage them. She pulled my hand & placed right over her pussy. It was wet.

‘What’s this?’ I asked. ‘Why is it getting wet, have you discharged?’

‘It’s precum. Same as yours. I get it when I get hot.’

She smiled at me, & said ‘go ahead, rub it around.’

I slowly massaged her pussy & then insterted my middle finger inside her pussy. She gasped and whispered, cover it with your other hand and rub. I continued doing for a while. After a while she moved & picked up the pillow lying on side. Sliding it under her waist she said spread my pussy with your fingers & then push your two middle finger into my pussy & massage the top with your thumb. I did as instructed & started fucking motion with my fingers. Her eyes were closed & she was pinching her boobs. By her looks I made out that she was enjoying it so I increased my speed & my slipped third finger.

She moaned loudly and thrust her hips forward to meet my touch. I began stroking her lightly up and down, My fingers were covered with her juices. Bhabi eyes were closed and was squeezing her nipples. I slid my left hand up and, pushing her hand aside, cupped her boob and pinched her nipple.

“Ooohhh!” She groaned. As I moved my fingers in fucking motion, some time rotating, she cried & shaked her hips with every movement. I was thrilled seeing her & increased my intensity. I guided the forth finger inside with the others & became almost rough. She let out a sharp cry & gripped the bedsheet pushing her pussy towards my hand. I could see the juices seeping down as I penetrated her deeper and harder with each stroke. I wanted to please her & Bhabi was now rocking her hips violently crying ohhhhh Ahhhhh & AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Suddenly she grabbed my wrist and pulled it away. I looked up at her with confusion. Bhabi smiled & said “now time for your final test”.

She was holding my wrist & moved it slowly towards my mouth. She asked me to smell it. “How does it feel”, before I could answer she thrusted my fingers in my mouth. I tasted her. It tasted better then yesterday & I enjoyed liking my fingers.

Sliding back & resting on bed’s head board she pulled me near her & kissed me on lips. Then slowly she lowered my face between her legs, positioning it at her opening, which was glistening with her juices. She took my head in her hands and pulled me in slowly. My lips made contact with pussy and the taste of her juices flooded into my mouth. I touched her lightly with my tongue. “Oh, yes,” she murmured. “Yes, moving it all around”.

“Ahhh! Oh yes. Yes, lick out my pussy. Lick up all my juices.” “Move your tongue over my pussy and make it harder”. “Use your tongue like you used kaçak casino your fingers in my pussy”, she kept on whispering as I worked on her pussy.

I moved my tongue into her heated pussy as my fingers ran over it gently. I instantly knew I was going right since her breath was coming a little faster, her hips bucked up pushing her pussy in to my face. Her juices were now flowing out continuously; the flow was getting thicker and trickling down on to the bed. My face was full of her juices. I tried to move back as her juices were troubling me in nose but she would not allow & holding my head pressed it back.

I once again rammed my tongue up into the soft-rimmed flesh & began to suck her. Her head was tossing from side to side and then she screamed my name and her hips arched into. More, please. Aaaangh Oohhhh!!”. She collapsed on the bed with her hips still making small jerking movements. Her pressure on my head eased & with one big moan she pulled me up.

“Navven, oh Bhagwan (God), that was incredible.”

I moved next to her, kissed her, and she tasted herself on my lips. She wrapped her arms around me & said “Make love to me.”

I lay back and Bhabi moved over my cock, so that tip of my cock brushed merely with her wet pussy.

“Lie still,” she ordered, “move only when I put it there.”

She began to lower herself and I watched my cock slowly sink into her pussy. She started to move. I wanted her to move faster but she will not listen. I today realize Bhabi knew how to control her partner, she moved slowly, rotating her hips, squeezing and leaving me hanging on the edge.

Overcome with emotion I tried to move with her but her weight made it hard for me to move. As I tried to pick up pace Bhabi whispered “Slow down,” “there’s no hurry,” “I want to enjoy you first”.

She started bouncing up and down, deeper and deeper, grinding on my cock, feeling on every inch of her inner walls. We weren’t much for hard banging, but more for hot passionate movements, feeling each other intimately.

She wanted me to be on top. We flipped over, my dick still in her, and I took control.

My hands grip her waist firmly. I worked her hole with hot male passion.

“Haaa” I hear her moan with each stroke

Sensations and emotions well up in my body, I started to pump hard, she met my thrusts with equal force and after few stroke I emptied my load inside her.

I collapsed over her with my penis in her heavenly pussy. I feel her muscles work around my member. I feel like I am being milked for my cum. I run my hands all over her pinching her nipples & thighs.

Taking controls of her breath Bhabi whispered you are a good lover and we will have wonderful times.” I kiss her back & we just lay there for a while.

She got up & asked me to clean myself & leave as it is time for her maid to come in. I said “can I come tomorrow afternoon”, “No” she said. I will call you when it is right time.

Kissing her for one final time I gathered my clothes & move to bathroom to get ready.

More to come on my experiences with Arti Bhabi.

I am looking forward to your comments on my way of expressing my experiences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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