Adventures With Rose Ch. 07

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın

Rose and I had lots of fun adventures throughout the school year. It was an amazing experience that finally led up to the night that school let out. I respected Rose’s decision to wait to have actual intercourse until she was ready. It was another level of intimacy that she wanted to refrain from until things were a little more serious.

Anyways, she mentioned she wanted to go out to celebrate the completion of the school year by going to a new pizza joint downtown. When we arrived, we grabbed a ‘L’ shaped booth in the corner of the restaurant. We sat at a 90 degree angle from each other in the corner which turned out to be the perfect opportunity to mess around. As we were waiting for our pizza, I slipped my hand onto Roses leg. We both gazed into each others eyes as I teased my hand up her leg. She had on a really short skirt. So, I was able to get my fingers up to her G-string and pull the fabric to the side, just a little, to tease her pussy. Of course soon after our waitress came to the table with our food, interrupting the moment. We quickly snapped back into our normal positions and dug in to dinner.

We had a great dinner and enjoyed some more foreplay, on and off, while we ate. We walked to the car and Rose mentioned she wanted to drive and take me somewhere. To my surprise, she booked a hotel a few blocks away. We headed inside, checked in, and went to our room. When I walked in, I discovered the room had a hot tub in the corner with a fire pit next to it. Rose immediately started making out with me. We started shedding clothes left and right. She guided me to the shower, and we made out heavily as the water sprayed all over us. She picked up the soap, stood back, and poured a bunch all over canlı bahis her breasts. It was like I was watching her in slow motion as the soap splashed on her tan perfect body. She knelt down and I started grinding my cock between her slippery smooth breasts. My cock slipped back and forth over and over again. Just watching my shaft slip in and out from between her breasts was breathtaking. I enjoyed this for awhile until she got up and asked that I hold off for what was next. We rinsed off and she asked me to wait out by the bed so that she could “slip into something more comfortable.” I decided to get the fire going and checked out the view off the balcony. Moments later I noticed that she had opened the door and walked onto the balcony with a robe on. We both took a moment to enjoy the view together and then returned to the room. Then, I laid on the bed, she sat on top of me. She opened up her robe to show off the black lace teddy she had bought on spring break. It was so hot!

She started grinding on my cock while I took in the view of her body. Eventually she leaned over, lifted one of her breasts from the soft fabric. She brought her breast to my lips to let me start sucking on her nipple. She quickly got aroused and I turned her over onto her back. I slowly kissed all over her body. I took some time kissing and sucking on her neck making small red hickey marks while the shaft of cock rubbed over her pussy and teased her clit. I loved hearing her moan every time I would grind over her. After some time, I made my way to her waist and kissed the left and right side of her teddy just inching my way to her pussy. After that, I pressed my lips to her pussy; over her teddy. Then, I moved to her inner thigh, she bahis siteleri always got so antsy when I did that. After a few sucks and kisses she couldn’t take the teasing any longer. She grabbed my hair and brought my lips back to her pussy. I moved the fabric of her teddy to one side and started sucking on her left and right pussy lips. Every once and awhile I would quickly suck on her clit, then move back to her lips. Later, I moved on to tongue fucking her. Her pussy was already wet from all of the foreplay, she moaned heavily each time my tongue slipped inside her. She started to tease her clit with her fingertips while I got busy. I used my thumb and pressed it against her ass hole. Her body started grinding my face as I teased her over and over again. She brought my face up to hers and looked into my eyes.

“Fuck me with your cock. I need you inside me.” Rose demanded.

I decided to comply with her request immediately. I slowly put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She grabbed my ass unexpectedly and pushed me inside of her, fast. I could see the delight on her face; feeling a real cock in her pussy.

Her pussy felt so amazing and it was so wet. I started moving my cock in and out of her slowly. Then, I started making out with her. Every time I moved from her lips to her neck I could hear her breathing heavily. Her hands were gripping my back as she gasped with pleasure. With each thrust of my hips, she let out a cry of pleasure. We continued in that position for approximately 10 minutes. Then, Rose flipped me onto my back. She turned herself around so that her ass was facing me, reverse cowgirl style. She still had her teddy on so the view of her ass in a teddy with my cock buried bahis şirketleri in her pussy was an amazing sight to see. She handed me a butt plug, I hesitated at first, then I slowly touched the tip of it to her ass hole. I pushed it in slowly, allowing her body to become used to the sensation of having both of her holes penetrated at the same time. Finally, I pushed the thickest part of the plug inside of her, I watched as her puckered hole spread out to accommodate the width of the plug. Rose moaned and grunted as her hole struggled to accept this invading object. Once the thickest part was inside, the rest seemed to be swallowed up by her collapsing butt hole. As it slipped inside, I held onto the base of it like a handle on a ride. Rose pounded her hips against mine, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her warm, wet pussy. She went one step further and grabbed a vibrator and pressed it against her clit as she slammed into me.

She began crying out, “yes, yes, that’s the spot, fuck yeah. Your cock feels amazing.”

By then I could see her juices covering my cock as she started to scream “Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me!”

I was so aroused that I could feel my orgasm getting close to exploding. She was bouncing as fast as she could, grinding her pussy against me. I heard one last loud moan of pleasure that sent me over the top, we both orgasmed together, at the same time. She sat on top of me and her body shook as her orgasm continued to rip through her entire body.

We enjoyed the sensations of our orgasms overwhelming our bodies. Then, we laid side by side and fell asleep. I may have fallen asleep inside of her. We slept together through the night. We enjoyed breakfast in bed the next morning. Before we left, we had sex again. Only this time it was out on the balcony. The chance that someone could watch our bodies joined together was so incredibly thrilling. I couldn’t have asked for a better year.

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