Affidha Affindi , Harlina

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Affidha decided to meet aunty Sutinah at her home and talk to her about her ticket as she heard her moans over the phone. Affidha was also a Singapore Malay women a close friend of Harlina. She was 35 yr. old with a nice body. She was those modern type Singapore Malay women who loved to wear modern western clothes. She had shoulder length black hair and 34C big boobs and a big butt. Her face was sexy and her skin little tanned. When she pressed the doorbell Harlina answered it. They both sat in the ringing room and spoke for a long time. Affidha told Harlina what happened when she called aunty Sutinah. Harlina told her all about Reymon and his big fat dick.

“Oh I see, aunty Sutinah was getting fucked by him when I called” said Affidha.

“Yeah right, he really has got a huge one” replied Harlina.

Harlina told Affidha how he went on fucking all of them and the size of his cock and all other stuff. Affidha was getting turned on when she heard about the size of Reymon’s huge cock.

Affidha has never been fucked with a huge cock so far.

“Hey Affidha did I turn you on or something?” asked Harlina as she saw Affidha closing and opening her legs.

Affidha was in her short sleeved T-shirt and a black polyester pant. Her arms were creamy and fair complexioned.

“Tell me frankly are you horny?” asked Harlina.

“Yeah a lot ever since I heard aunty Sutinah’s loud groans over the phone” she said.

Seeing her friend’s situation, Harlina decided to tease her to the limit. That would be more pleasurable, to see her sexy friend Affidha moan with desire. Harlina let Affidha to the canlı bahis bedroom and removed her clothes, while Affidha removed Harlina’s Baju Kurung. Soon both the sexy Malay women were naked, standing with their bodies entwined, kissing and touching each other.

Affidha was so sexually pent up, that at Harlina’s kisses and touches. She had her first orgasm, standing and trembling as her body was swept over with a shattering orgasm. She clenched Harlina tightly as she wailed loudly and climaxed.

“Is this how aunty Sutinah moaned?” asked Harlina.

“Yeah…more than that…yeah…”panted Affidha.

Harlina then proceeded to touch those lovely boobs of Affidha’s. She immediately started sucking them one by one and marveling at the thick stubby nipples. Affidha was moaning with desire and wanted to taste Harlina’s cunt juices. Harlina could see that Affidha had trimmed her cunt hair. Affidha’s bush was not as thick as hers. Harlina hungrily brought her mouth to the prominent clitoris and sucked it. Harlina then nibbled at it gently at first and then hard.

“AAAAAAAAAAAIINNN” groaned Affidha feeling tons of pleasure. Harlina then began gently pushing her tongue into Affidha’s throbbing cunt.

“HHHAAAIINNNNNNNNNNNN…SUCK…ITTTTT!!!” cried Affidha now lifting her big butt to meet the thrusts of Harlina’s tongue.

Seeing Affidha’s horny state Harlina hardened her tongue and slurped it inside Affidha’s cunt.

“HHHHHHHHHHLLLII” wailed Affidha when she was engulfed with a shattering orgasm after orgasm. Seeing Affidha in the throes of orgasm, Harlina clenched her soft but big butt and pushed her bahis siteleri two fingers into her anus to increase her pleasure even more.

“UUNNGGGGG…AAAAA!!!HHHHHHAAAAA” moaned and screamed Affidha as she was struck with another orgasm even before the first one could fade away.

Harlina brought aunty Sutinah’s dildo from the dresser to excite and pleasure her friend even more. She pressed the vibrating dildo on Affidha’s clit and moved it all over. Sensing the vibrations on her clit, Affidha began whimpering louder with pleasure. Harlina next shoved the dildo into Affidha’s gaping cunt and began to push its vibrating and humming head inside. The dildo was big and Affidha felt her cunt walls being stretched. She had never experienced a dildo before and found the sensation pleasurable. Harlina now started fucking Affidha’s cunt rapidly with it, seeing her friend getting excited again.

“OORRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLE” Affidha moaned as she raised her big butt to meet the thrusts of Harlina’s dildo.

Harlina then paused, wanting to prolong Affidha’s pleasure and saw her raise her big butt rapidly, wanting the dildo to move fast and hard in her cunt.

“HHHAAARRLLLIIIINNNNNAAAAAAAAA…Faster…Faster…” Affidha wailed as she was nearing her orgasm when Harlina pulled the dildo out of her panting cunt.

Harlina was excited to see Affidha writhe and moan in pleasure. Harlina put the dildo on the bed and raised Affidha’s one leg high up. Harlina got in between and raised her leg too of Affidha’s. This was their two dripping cunts came in contact. Affidha moaned as Harlina grounded both their hairy cunts together. bahis şirketleri Affidha was so horny that she wanted a rough one with her cunt that could get her to her orgasm. Harlina lay on Affidha and licked her face all over. She then asked Affidha to lie on her belly.

Harlina concentrated on Affidha’s big and soft buttocks clenching the butt cheeks tightly and then lightly slapping them to see them jiggle like a jelly. Once in a while she would purposely brush her finger against Affidha’s clit or thrust them in her sopping cunt, just to keep her on the brink of orgasm. Harlina then started nibbling Affidha’s inner thighs.

They quivered at her touch and Affidha wailed in passion. By this time Harlina too wanted to climax and asked Affidha to suck her thick haired cunt. Affidha hungrily licked all over Harlina’s cunt and pushed her tongue deep into it as Harlina did to her. Harlina was moaning with pleasure and had gripped Affidha’s head with her hands as she forced it harder on her cunt. Affidha’s face was smeared with Harlina’s juices and she sucked and licked all over Harlina’s cunt bringing her to orgasm.

After her orgasm has subsided, she released the grip on Affidha’s head and watched her raise her face that was covered with saliva and her cunt juices. Harlina strapped on the dildo and pushed it hard into Affidha’s cunt from behind. That was enough for Affidha. She climaxed very soon. But Harlina kept the onslaught on, till Affidha came again and again and again.

“OOOHHHAREENENNENENEAAAA” she wailed loudly as multiple orgasm gripped her for a long time.

Affidha lay on the bed with her legs wide spread for a long time until the orgasm ebbed off her body.

“Harlina that was lovely and would love to do that again” she said and dressed up. Both of them came to the living room and enjoyed a cup of tea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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